Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways Away

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hulk Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways Away

Kevin Feige, President of Production for Marvel Studios spoke with MTV News earlier this week about the success of this summer’s The Incredible Hulk.

Feige discussed the risks in doing another Hulk-centered film and how it paid off financially and critically compared to Ang Lee’s Hulk of 2003. Although, not even close to the success or critical acclaim of The Dark Knight or Iron Man, Feige says they now have a Hulk they are proud of and that fans can enjoy going forward. He details the two objectives Marvel had with the new adaptation of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego:

“One was to make even a dollar more than the first one did, so we could justify that we had done it from a financial aspect, and the other one was to bring a Hulk to the screen that a broader fanbase could enjoy. The good news is, we accomplished both.”

I agree with that. I really enjoyed the Incredible Hulk while I hated Ang Lee’s version. I thought the movie did everything right and was very story-driven. I also liked how they turned Hulk into more of a hero and focused on Bruce Banner learning to control his inner demon to use it for good.

Feige also discussed the increased revenues from this new Hulk and the future of the character:

“We made more [than the first ‘Hulk’]…. We made 3 or maybe 4 million more domestically, and I think 10 or 12 million more internationally. That was one feather and a big deal! Now we have a Hulk that we can be proud of and that is a better match and fits more with the tone of what had been in our comics and what we want him to be in our films going forward.”

banner Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways AwayThe thing is, they’ve made no plans or announcements on a Hulk sequel while making as much noise as they can about Iron Man followups and films for Thor, Captain America and the Avengers. Why is there no Hulk sequel in there? Screen Rant reported last month that Edward Norton had not been contacted at all or been part of any dicussion about him or the Hulk being featured in a sequel or the Avengers film.

Well, it’s pretty clear that the profits for Hulk don’t even come close to Iron Man or what’s expected of Thor or Cap. Since Marvel can only self-finance two films per year at the moment, why waste that opportunity on a film that doesn’t seem to have room to grow significantly? Feige explained that Hulk has had two films in the last five years and that it’s time to give other characters their chance. He did clarify however, that characters could be popping up in other characters’ stories much like in the comics. Feige concludes:

“I would expect that people may see the Hulk again soon before he is again carrying his own film,”

hinting at the possibility of Hulk appearing in the Avengers.

If Marvel has officially confirmed the Avengers film, in my mind they should have contacted Mr. Norton immediately. I really dug him as Bruce Banner and I think he would be a cool element of the team. Just over a week ago, we discussed the possibility of the Hulk being the villain in the Avengers movie. Personally, I don’t like that idea and if that is some way of not including Ed Norton, then it’s even worse an idea in my opinion.

My ideal Avengers team would have Hulk as a good guy with Banner played by Norton. His intellect and reluctance of transforming into the Hulk would be a really cool aspect and addition to the team. I would also like to see the film focus on a true villain and not take away from what was developed in The Incredible Hulk with Banner learning self-control.

What do you think? Should Marvel be signing Norton to play Banner in the Avengers? Does Hulk deserve another solo film?

Source: MTV

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  1. My thoughts are bring back EDWARD NORTON because he was so great he brings a fine performance of bruce banner. And in the avengers movie make THE HULK a good guy and make a very tough villain and also please make a sequel to THE INCREDIBLE HULK because for me it really deserves a sequel. Thank You….

  2. I don’t care anymore about all the negative talk towrds Hulk…we got an amazing movie this summer that a few years ago we never thought we’d see! I am quite sure Hulk will be a major part of the Avengers movie…he has to be or I will not be impressed.Ed Norton was great as Banner but he let the movie down by going in the huff for some reason..and did nothing to support it/promote it etc…that’s pretty bad and so move on Ed and give the role to someone who can do as good a job!

  3. Just another quick thought here folks…who’s to say Hulk won’t show up in the other Marvel movies still coming before Avengers?Like Thor…Capt America the same way Tony Sark showed up in Hulk…and all the way through Hulk there were so many hints and clues towards other Avenger characters…even that thunder storm had more in it than just what we saw…

  4. Thanks for the link Sabin,

    That’s good news that Norton is in fact signed on for more – However I don’t like how Marvel is not organized and communicative towards him.

  5. I just want to say that THE INCREDIBLE HULK was a very good movie I have it on DVD and I watch it everyday because it keeps me entertained and enjoyed. And also the 2003 version is not that bad but when it comes to comparing I say that THE INCREDIBLE HULK was the best one it has plenty of non-stop action I am really looking forward to see Edward Norton again and all I can really hope is that there would be a sequel I would love to see Bruce Banner/Hulk again..Man I cant wait for the sequel….Thanks…..

  6. Have to agree with Jose gillera…we can now look at the first Hulk movie and see it from the angle Ang Lee took it from…the effects in this movie are still superb…all the scenes with Hulk are incredible…but the new movie gave us Marvels Hulk…and I just loved it!!

  7. Edward Norton should be Bruce Banner.

    Here’s my quick take on how the movie should go:
    The main villain should be Loki, or Zemo, or both (interesting thought), using the Hulk as a pawn. After the preliminary bouts (Hulk vs. Avengers one, two at a time) comes the Main Event (Hulk vs Thor), leading to one of two things happening:
    -a) Tony Stark and Henry Pym find a way to convert Hulk back to Bruce Banner for a short time, or
    -b) Hulk sees Betty on the sidelines, listens to her plea to stop, realizes she is not in trouble, stops battling (contrite, I know, especially since it happened at the end of Incredible Hulk). Then it becomes clear that Loki, or Zemo, or both (see above) is behind it all, and the group along with Hulk battle him/them, and possibly, some others from Asgard (hint, hint: Enchantress, some frost giants, etc…).

    I think the main problem will be how to give them all some screen time.

  8. @Sal,

    ya, screen time is the key issue. Especially for the actors and their contracts.

  9. the sequel is bound to happen. Why would they stop? Norton is by far the best choice for the role.

  10. Xmen, deadpool, gambit, etc. are not owned by Fox. They’re owned by marvel, licensed to fox because They want the Xmen franchise to still be going strong and they cant afford to make them until they pay off the loan that allowed them to make a movie studio. Same thing with spidey and Sony.

    Now that that’s clear, There could be a lot done with avengers fighting hulk. I’m sure Cap Vs. Hulk would be reminiscient of Blonsky Vs. hulk. Wasp would be like in the ultimates. Fly in his ear and zap his softer insides with her wasp’s sting.

    Where is everyone getting that Zemo is Cap’s villain? His main villain has always been the Red Skull, IMO. It was him that cap was fighting when the rocket launched. I’d rather see him in the Avengers than Zemo.

    And to avoid copying the last hulk movie, instead of having her yell stop, he can just see one of the avengers save her from some falling debris, or something. lol. If Cap does it, it could even create a little love triangle.

    I think Van Dyne and Pym should both be introduced in Iron Man. Maybe even meet each other in the movie. Van Dyne could be an acquiaintence or ex of Stark, due to being rich, and Pym could be a college buddy or colleague, being one of the few people smart enough to talk with stark on his level, rather than him having to put things in layman’s terms for everyone.

    How Thor can be worked in Depends on his movie. I’ve got several ideas, but I’m not really sure how probable they are until more info is revealed.

  11. How did a bank of america link end up in my post? I didn’t put that there.

  12. @tremerefury
    Those are just text link ads that appear randomly on the site.


  13. I don’t mind the leader being a villian in a new Hulk movie. I just hope he has a cool lackey to go toe to toe with ol’ jade jaws. I really dont just wanna see the Hulk smashing pink plastic men. Maybe the Rhino could work for the Leader. I don’t know how well he would translate to film though. I’d also like to see Doc Samson introduced. As far as the Avengers movie, here’s my vision. The Avengers are hunting the Hulk. After an intense super battle they manage to subdue him due to sheer numbers and team work. Stark and Pym start working on a cure for Hulk and have some measure of success with Banner’s intellect influencing the Hulk to a greater degree. He’s still a bit of a powder keg but can somewhat be reasoned with and hopefully speak some. I don’t picture a blabber mouth but can speak if and when he feels the need. Trouble arises and in a desperate way the Avengers are forced to free Banner so he may help avert the crisis. Sort of like the first Ultimate Avengers movie. Except he doesn’t go berserk and beat the snot out of everybody. Maybe he will escape after the crisis has ended and they will decide to let him be. Just my thoughts.