Hulk Smash Iron Man 2 Rumors!

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iron man 2 edward norton bruce banner Hulk Smash Iron Man 2 Rumors!

At the beginning of August, rumors surfaced about Ed Norton that said he might be making one wish of many Marvel fans come true in having an appearance in Iron Man 2 as Bruce Banner and possibly The Hulk.

This would have confirmed Norton’s involvement in Marvel’s upcoming slate of films and Hulk’s position on the roster of heroes in The Avengers.

Unfortunately, Norton doesn’t seem to know much about that nor does he have that much to say about it…

MTV News caught up with Ed Norton at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and asked him about the rumor and if he’ll be in Iron Man 2.

“I heard that. I don’t know where that’s coming from… I am not in ‘Iron Man 2′ to my knowledge.”

Maybe he just doesn’t know yet…

Damn. That sounds like a big “no” but if he was, I doubt he’d be allowed to talk about it yet. Every time I think about this, I wonder how he couldn’t be in The Avengers or have a cameo in IM2. Robert Downey Jr. had a cameo in his Hulk movie after all – He’s gotta repay the favor!

On that note, we will get to see at least one hero make a cameo and that’s likely Chris Hemsworth who’s of course playing Thor. He and Downey have screentested together and all the upcoming movies will likely have the other main characters make an appearance, building toward their epic team-up.

On the other hand, I wonder if Mr. Norton really wants to be a part of Marvel’s future after the little issues surrounding the production of The Incredible Hulk. He didn’t seem to enthused about the idea of The Avengers when asked about it last summer (actuallly, a year ago yesterday). Here’s what he said back then on the topic:

“The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque,”

“I won’t say [they’re] obtuse, but I don’t have any idea what they want to do.”

“They’ve got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters”

“Who knows where they’ll go?”

That didn’t sound promising at all, at the time, but since then, things haven’t sounded so gloom with all the speculation about a Hulk sequel and his possible appearances in the other Marvel films.

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  1. “In the spirit of the Kanye situation”. Wtf???

    “Kanye can go sit on a… you know what, Pink said it best on her Twitter:”

    “Pink said it best on her Twitter” ??
    Wtf,,, I can’t believe our society is so completely retarded that this is news ???
    Man people clearly don’t have a clue how screwed up things are. We have huge problems going on in the world and Pink called somebody a name on her Twitter page.

    We are so screwed,,,

  2. @ Salinger,

    No kidding, I can’t wait to report on some good news surrounding this issue!

  3. How exactly do you KNOW Norton is such a person? Do you know him personally?

    Again, I agree with you about rules. But then how do you look on the Terminator Salvation situation? A script was given to Bale and he said he’ll only do it if it was rewritten by Nolan. That’s also a rule broken. A script is a script. If an actor doesn’t like it he shouldn’t have the power/influence to change it? But I’m sure Nolan rewriting it made it at least a little better (sorry, but I just don’t think the brilliant McG and his writers could do a better job than Nolan).

    Yes rules are there and they are rules. But you can’t generalize like that. Case by case basis. Above are 2 cases where it most likely worked out for the best and saved AHx from being average and T:S from being a complete disaster.

    Well at least we see eye to eye on the Kanye thing. I will say that I’m glad it happened. Some ppl just wouldn’t listen to me when I was calling him a prick years ago. Now they see for themselves. And the Kanye “interrupting” photo shops are also damn funny and entertaining.

  4. Ogb, says,,,

    “How exactly do you KNOW Norton is such a person? Do you know him personally?

    Ogb, then says,,,
    “A script was given to Bale and he said he’ll only do it if it was rewritten by Nolan.”

    Ogb, how do you know Bale said that? Do you know him personally or was that on Pink’s Twitter page?

  5. The way I see it, there’s still a chance of a Hulk cameo in Iron Man 2.

    Since Hulk is CG, we don’t need Norton for a short cameo. Come Avengers, it would be best if we could get Norton back, but even then, TIH showed us that Banner had taken control of Hulk by the end of the movie.

    Hulk could appear in Avengers and not once turn into Banner. Lou Ferrigno can voice him.

    But I’m also not opposed to another recast.

  6. Oh brother I’m getting graded on this??? How’s my spelling ??

    Ogb, first off, that’s a fan site and I didn’t see anything on Terminator only Batman. Of course we all know what’s been said about Terminator on the blogosphere but do you really know what happened ? You think you do,,,

    Secondly I have heard the real story behind the Bale/Nolan rewrites in T4 from a close friend that worked on the stupid film.

    Bale was talked into reading the script, the rumor that he was going to play Connor leaked online and because he didn’t want to let his fans down he agreed to be in the film.
    The script was then changed so that Connor would have a bigger part, as Salvation was the first of a trilogy and Connor’s role originally was very small in the first film.

    The Producers asked Bale what he wanted to have Connor do as this rewrite totally changed the entire direction of the trilogy. (You will see how much was dumped to accommodate Bale if you get the dvd and watch the over 40 min of deleted scenes)
    Nolan was brought in because Bale sucked as a screenwriter.

    (Yep, the producers asked Bale to write in what he wanted Connor to do).
    As Mcg was muzzled by the producers the script was rewritten by Nolan and Bale, (on set) into the pile of steaming crap we all saw a few months back.

    So in the case of Terminator Salvation, Bale took over reluctantly, Mcg couldn’t stop it, and the producers unwittingly tanked their own film by changing it to accommodate Bale based solely on his popularity in TDK.

    I can also tell you this,,, if the Terminator franchise in the course of legalities opens up a clause for Bale to Bail, he’s gonna! He wasn’t happy with the film or the experience.
    That’s the real deal,,,

  7. Uh 790, calm down, someone brought up that topic, so logically my response would be on that topic. Would you rather we all start bringing up socio-political stuff every time anything, regardless of topic, is brought up? I do that sometimes, but most of the time I try to at least keep it somewhat on the topic at hand… Remind me not to watch any movies you might write or direct because they definitely will be message movies, lol.


    Oh yes, nobody “knows” anything for sure really, so I guess I’ll just say that the “coincidence” or “phenomenon” that every other movie he’s involved in ends up having disputes between what he thinks should happen in a movie and what shouldn’t. Happy now?

    And about T:S, that’s not a rule broken, that’s called a condition, he wasn’t hired yet at that point, they were in “negotiations” for his involvement. At that point if he didn’t like it or felt the conditions were not met, he could simply say no and walk away. Now if the script is rewritten and Bale agrees to be in the movie, and now they’ve already spent a few millions shooting half of the scenes, then all of a sudden he yells “cut” in the middle of a scene instead of the director, and starts moving people around because he didn’t like the way the scene was arranged by the director, and when they tell him to stop he threatens to walk off the set with half of the scenes with him, the main character, still left to be shot, then there’s a problem.

    And it’s a bad example, because T:S WAS a complete disaster in terms of script and writing, despite the conditions Bale might have coerced. The only redeeming qualities of that movie are the individual action scenes, but only by themselves, because put together in the movie most of it didn’t make much sense…

    And yes, the parodies of the Kanye incident are indeed pretty funny. I’ve seen video parodies, audio parodies, and the photoshop ones everywhere now, lol, Kanye will be butt of many jokes for at least a week. Good for him.

    Oh, and uh, there is a global epidemic of something, I don’t have anything particular in mind, but I have to be able to see the bigger picture and be more world conscious, and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda… Save the whales, the starving people in Somalia, and the goats and whatever else…

  8. And about Twitter, I hope nobody thinks I use that because it’s about the dumbest thing in the world in my opinion, but after the Kanye incident, I heard from someone that Pink was dissing him on Twitter, so I had to look it up, and glad I did. I would have assumed that some of these other artists would be immature enough to support Kanye, glad to know not all entertainers are as childish and retarded like Kanye is…

    I barely like Facebook, I treat Facebook like I treated Myspace, just a communication tool. I don’t have 1000 friends on my friend list, just the few people I actually talk to so I can leave them a message for when sending a text or calling on the phone isn’t necessary, or if I need to send a quick link or something… That’s it. Twitter, I find that pretty useless… Except to hear Pink call Kanye a piece of sh** lol.

  9. Ken J

    I saw the same Twitter quote on a news story about the incident. Lol no need to explain yourself, it was all over the net. But you get some points on not using Twitter. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. This has got to be the most narcissistic generation ever.

  10. I’d love to see the Hulk in an Avengers movie, but it’s definitely NOT necessary to have Bruce Banner in the movie. I also hope that if they DO make a Hulk 2 or put Hulk in the Avengers, that the CGI is a little better than the last Hulk film. I enjoyed the film, true, but the CGI was mediocre when it came to rendering the Hulk. He looked too plasticy. I’m hoping that by the time they start filming, the CGI will be bit more advance. Whether or not Norton reprises his role as Banner really doesn’t mean much to me. It would be cool with the continuity, but not a deal breaker by any means. I’d actually be more psyched if somehow we got to meet Steve Rogers at the end of Iron Man 2….

  11. Don’t tell me to calm down Kenny. You don’t moderate this site (thankfully).

  12. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc are all used to collect data on you (behind the scenes) to be used for control purposes in the future.

    These sites (if left to mutate) will be required to get jobs and access the Web in the future.
    All your doing by subscribing to them is giving up more of your personal information and your freedoms.

    Tweet away, sheep o the web,,,

  13. Paranoid much?

    I have facebook and use it to keep in touch with friends. I don’t have a thousand friends, thousands of pictures, etc. Facebook has been very helpful in finding my old class mates and I’ve actually gotten a few dates with the help of facebook :)

    But as with myspace, it is turning into a narcissistic tool. They also made some of the info on your profile public to ad sites without your permission (you had to customize your privacy settings). Some of my friends already said that their employers look on their facebook profiles.

    So keep it private folks but don’t go overboard and “stay off the grid” completely. That is if you want a social life lol.

  14. Naw Ogb, paranoia is soooo 80’s.
    All this is right out in the open now, you either see it or choose not to.

    I can see how it helps you to laugh at those that tell the truth and look up to the ones that lie for comfort. Your living in a false reality.

    Open your mind much ???

  15. wow

    You must be a fun guy to be around lol. Do you and your friends get together in your mom’s basement and talk conspiracies?

    No point in telling you how ridiculous you sound, looks like you have it all figured out in your head.

    Good luck with that.

  16. Personally I dont think the return of Norton is totally necessary for an Avengers movie. For one it really seems as if he has no interest in doing it at all. I would also like if the story concentrated on the heroes. I really dont want to see Bruce Banner, Tony Stark etc… I want to see Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk get the majority of the screen time. I mean the solo movies are meant to develop the relationship with characters alter egos. This should be all about the team. And besides this would be a good way to introduce a new Banner into the same continuity and set it up for a Hulk 2 without Norton.

  17. It would make sense for Bruce Banner/The Hulk to have a cameo in IM2, and Ed says he didn’t film anything… but who’s to say Hulk isn’t in IM2?? They wouldn’t need Ed Norton unless they were including Bruce Banner… maybe it’ll just be Hulk

  18. Well I’m not going to reveal my source to appease you or gain your trust on this. Your simply not worth it Ogb.
    The references you put up only validate my position. Do you really think Bale is going to tell the world what really happened behind the scenes. Oh yeah I forget your living a false reality.

    And read between whatever lines you want on my position of your delusional existence…
    Hope and change are in your future,,,

  19. i am just curious as to when you would use facebook or myspace when texting is not necessary?
    i would like to see norton back as bruce banner, i thought he did a good job. i do believe eric bana is a good actor, but i thought norton fit the role better.

  20. Ken J, ogb, 790.

    I love you guys :)

  21. Cantizzle, I’ve always felt that texting is a poormans email.
    I know some ppl that have iphones that text like its some new bitchen way to email.
    If I have the option I’m going to use email, not an archaic cell phone app.

  22. And in the spirit of the Rodney King situation:

    “Can’t we all just get along?”


    On topic:

    Bring on Ed Norton as the Hulk in any Marvel film. And Kevin Feige isn’t going anywhere.

  23. 790

    You must read between the lines a lot to come up with you conspiracy theories. Sorry. Somethings are just what they are.

    HAHHAHA I’m sure you don’t want to disclose your TOP SECRET SUPER RELIABLE source, that would be just bad right? At least I supplied evidence for my position. You’re running off “top secret” sources and “what ifs”.

    “I’ve always felt that texting is a poormans email”
    I guess texting is not usefull for someone with 2 friends in their social circle.

    And since when did texting become archaic? It hasn’t been around that long and nothing has come to replace it. Wouldn’t email be archaic compared to texting?

  24. Yo 790

    I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Sarah L. Winchester was the most paranoid person of all time.

  25. Oh this auto refresh thing is getting on my nerves! It always refreshes when I have something typed up but get caught up on work related stuff, when I get back to it, the text field is blank! What happened to not fixing something that isn’t broken???

  26. @cantizzle

    Like if it’s 6:30am in the morning and I just got home from work and I know that person might be a light sleeper and don’t want to wake him/her up, like my ex, she would have her phone on vibrate and even that would wake her up… No sneaking out on her… lol.

    Or if I want to send a link to something and don’t feel like emailing, or know they check their facebook more than their email. Anything else I am required to justify to you cantizzle??


    I really wonder why you use the internet, you know your activity can be tracked, probably is right? I hope you don’t use email because all of that could be read, using search engines they can form a profile on your based on your searches… And I hope you don’t have a cell phone because they can track you in real time just by having it powered on, don’t have to be using it like in the movies, and some phones you can hack into it and listen in on audio even if you’re not using it, the mic is actually always active… And I hope you don’t buy or borrow books, they can track that too… Man, you must have so many restrictions on your life, probably already worse than being controlled by the government or corporations…

  27. 790 – you sound like a total idiot sometimes. sorry if that was rude but it must be said.