Hulk Smash Iron Man 2 Rumors!

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iron man 2 edward norton bruce banner Hulk Smash Iron Man 2 Rumors!

At the beginning of August, rumors surfaced about Ed Norton that said he might be making one wish of many Marvel fans come true in having an appearance in Iron Man 2 as Bruce Banner and possibly The Hulk.

This would have confirmed Norton’s involvement in Marvel’s upcoming slate of films and Hulk’s position on the roster of heroes in The Avengers.

Unfortunately, Norton doesn’t seem to know much about that nor does he have that much to say about it…

MTV News caught up with Ed Norton at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and asked him about the rumor and if he’ll be in Iron Man 2.

“I heard that. I don’t know where that’s coming from… I am not in ‘Iron Man 2′ to my knowledge.”

Maybe he just doesn’t know yet…

Damn. That sounds like a big “no” but if he was, I doubt he’d be allowed to talk about it yet. Every time I think about this, I wonder how he couldn’t be in The Avengers or have a cameo in IM2. Robert Downey Jr. had a cameo in his Hulk movie after all – He’s gotta repay the favor!

On that note, we will get to see at least one hero make a cameo and that’s likely Chris Hemsworth who’s of course playing Thor. He and Downey have screentested together and all the upcoming movies will likely have the other main characters make an appearance, building toward their epic team-up.

On the other hand, I wonder if Mr. Norton really wants to be a part of Marvel’s future after the little issues surrounding the production of The Incredible Hulk. He didn’t seem to enthused about the idea of The Avengers when asked about it last summer (actuallly, a year ago yesterday). Here’s what he said back then on the topic:

“The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque,”

“I won’t say [they’re] obtuse, but I don’t have any idea what they want to do.”

“They’ve got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters”

“Who knows where they’ll go?”

That didn’t sound promising at all, at the time, but since then, things haven’t sounded so gloom with all the speculation about a Hulk sequel and his possible appearances in the other Marvel films.

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  1. It just sounds like he was being a sour-puss before probably for Marvel not letting him have as much creative control in the movie as he might have liked. Oh well, they are financing the movie, not him…

  2. Yeah, I really like Edward Norton. He did a perfect job playing Hulk, and I really hope he continues his role.

  3. if its one thing that is “true” about anything is that all actors and athletes lie lie lie and lie some more. it would be cool of course if he made an appearance – but its not so much as anyone actor portraying bruce banner – its all about the hulk. if hes in then cool, if not, let move on.

  4. Norton was a good Banner, I hope he comes back, but I want to see Dr. Blake in Iron Man 2 or a little peek at Steve Rogers.

  5. WHY?! Why is it so difficult to have him play the role again?! I think he did a really good work amd besides, we need Hulk in The Avengers!!!!

    Oh well, I’m sorry but it really pisses me off whenever I heard news from Norton being somewhat away from the projects

  6. Norton probably wouldn’t do it unless obligated, who knows. From what we read he is pretty petty, shame too because I have always liked him as an actor. He did great as Banner, and as much as I would loooove to see him reprise the role I doubt it will happen unless it’s contractual and I doubt he would agree to it contractually with the other big names in an upcoming Avengers.

    I really doubt he is in IM2, don’t know why this article was even written. But hey, maybe I, we, will be pleasantly surprised.

  7. Yeah well if he’s supporting obama he has no problem lying. Forget Iron Man 2, he produced an obama show ???

    Wow I’ve just lost almost all respect for him as a person, I’ll cling to his on screen persona for now,,, holly sh*t what a dork.

    War is peace Norton,,, 😯

  8. Personally,
    I am glad we dont know for sure .
    I always regretted That the Jackson/Fury rumor got out so early.

  9. @ 790
    I completely agree. My view of him has changed.

  10. seems to me a non-issue. i would suspect that if he were involved — especially in a small cameo scene — the brass would do their best to keep it tightly under wraps like they did with sam jackson in iron man, and downey in incredible hulk. the surprise factor creates a lot of word-of-mouth buzz. anyway, speaking of “opaque” and “obtuse”, aren’t norton’s comments themselves a case of the spade calling the kettle black?

  11. @Iron Knight

    From what I know, if Norton is no longer involved as Hulk, there’s no one to blame but him. Basically he felt he knew how to make a better movie than Marvel can, but Marvel wouldn’t let him play Mr. Puppetmaster, like our current government is trying to do now, so he got all butt-hurt about it. I would like to see the Hulk again. Norton, I can really care less. They could replace him like Rhodey for all I care…

  12. All one has to do is watch the extras on The Incredible Hulk dvd and read between the lines to know that Norton is notoriously difficult to work with during pre-production, production and post production. There were so many clips showing him “directing” the movie. He was bad mouthing the movie before it was even released . This same issue has come up before on other films he worked on. He is a good actor but frankly if I was the studio I would recast the role, it’s just not worth the baggage he brings to a production.

  13. meh there is no need for puny Banner. Make Hulk the catalyst to bring the Avengers together.

    You know have them barely “beat” the Hulk after he individually spanked each of them over of course a misunderstanding. You know because the Abomination is “in”. Everyone blames the Hulk for what Abom does.

    Then when Abom shows himself and starts the beatdown on the Avengers all looks hopeless until the Hulk returns/wakes up and helps.

    With Loki of course pulling the strings of Abom as Thor is dealing with him on Asgard.

  14. I wouldn’t complain if they could get Eric Bana back in for the role tbh. Continuity’s nice but not essential for it to work, a quick cameo with some nods to Hulkdom is all it takes after all.

  15. I´m surprised that people seem to wonder that Marvel come over recently as “opaque” and “obtuse”. What else could they be? As long as they are in the merging process with Disney they are not able to make any decisions. We have still heard nothing from Kevin Feige about the deal which I suppose
    means that he will not keep his job. And before somebody calls me “Disney-hater” think about it: Bob Iger tries to convince the public that Disney will not completly swallow Marvel but allowing them to keep a bit of their own identity and some reassuring comments from the president of marvel studios could help there very much. Why keeping him silent?
    So, Kevin Feige is also on his way out and no longer allowed to make bigger decision (as for example casting) but until
    the merger is completed his replacement can´t take over which means that at least Marvel studios is for the moment paralysated. It´s normal buisines.

    I would be disappointet if Norton will not return. He was a great Bruce Banner and without his involvement the script had been a pure Brett Ratner.

    And there is one thing I think about for awhile: I read again and again that thanks Disney there will be much more money for new Marvel movies. But I don´t see how people can come to this conclusion. Marvel would be after all only one Disney-subdepartment after the merger, there is still

    – the core Disney studios (the one which are making stuff like High school musical).
    – Pixar
    – Miramax
    – the new studio of Guillermo del Toro
    – Jerry Bruckheimer Films

    I wonder how much money will be left for the Marvel movies. And how much room on Disneys release schedule. Especially if we remember that Disney had signed a 30 movie distribution deal with Dreamworks this year. I bet Steven Spielberg were not exactly very happy if a new, expensive Transformers or Shrek movie had to run against a Marvel tentpole flick.

    I bet I will get mostly flames for doubting the wonderfull future everybody is seeing, but I´m very curious how Disney will deal with the situation (I mean budgets and release schedule).

  16. Persoanlly not a big fan of the Hulk. I didnt like either Hulk movie that much. I thought the first had some great acting but lack of action and the second had some great action and bad acting/story. Just my opinion. Did not really feel any chemistry with Norton and Tyler and at teh end I was unsatisfied with the outcome of teh movie. I REALLY REALLY want to see a Steve Rogers cameo in Iron Man 2 but I dont think that will happen. I think that Matt Damon- if he bulked up- woudl make a great captain america. I know he is short, but the camera could work around that and he has already proven time and time again to be a great actor.

  17. If they use the hulk and norton isn’t involved it’s a major mistake. He’s the best banner and his hulk movie was the best. Fail on marvel.

  18. I really want another Hulk film. And at the end of IM2 we’ll get a cameo of Thor, and at the end of Thor we’ll get a cameo of Captain America, and probably at the end of that we’ll see Nick Fury again, before the Avengers.

  19. I like Norton’s acting but I feel he is unnecessary; the story is about the Hulk anyway. I say get another actor to play Banner (someone unknown). This way, Marvel doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on an A-List and more can be spent on the Hulk; and, of course, they don’t have to have all the drama that comes with Norton.

  20. Norton is the reason the newest Hulk movie was good. Without him, we would have had another mediocre movie. So careful what you wish for.

  21. Did you guys forget how bad Ang Lee’s Hulk was? Norton and the rest of the cast had A LOT to do with the second Hulk being much better.

    I’m not excusing Norton’s power trips/ego, but I say let him have it if the end result is a good one.

    Look what happened on American History X. Norton ended up doing most of the editing at the end and the director just straight up left, sued the studio and even made a documentary on how he got “screwed”. But what were we (the viewers) left with? A movie that is considered at least great but many times one of the best movies ever made (for me). I could care less what Tony Kaye’s (sp?) version looked like; I’m sure it wasn’t as good as what Norton helped put together.

    Point is, Norton brought A LOT to the role and making comic book movies legit. If Marvel doesn’t see that, let them make another Daredevil or Fantastic Four and then do all the reboots they won’t.

    Great actors are needed in these movies desperately. Downey Jr. MADE Iron Man. Norton MADE hulk. Bale MADE batman. Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, etc. also had starring roles in comic book movies, but those movies were average at best.

  22. 100% agree OGB couldnt have said it better.

  23. Rob Keyes, give us some good news about Hulk asap. There’s been too much doubt concerning his character – not to mention Norton’s involvement. Do you think the Disney deal has somehow put a hold on things? I hope it’s just marvel and norton being tight lipped more than anything.

  24. I always liked Ed Norton as an actor, but I always felt that he was too old for the role. If he was younger, or even looked younger I would not have a problem with him in the role. I saw him in American History X and since then I became a fan. He looks like he could be Liv Tyler’s father in the movie and the whole time in the movie I kept saying to myself, “only if he were a few years younger….”
    For that sole reason I think that Marvel should recast the role to someone younger even though I did enjoy the film. I hate this new look for Bruce Banner as an old, geeky scientist because that is not the way he was created.
    As for Hulk’s part in the Avengers, he has to be there. How do you have the Avengers without the Hulk? That is just ridiculous. It also takes alot of star power out of the movie since the Hulk was always a popular character, regardless of Ang Lee’s terrible interpretation of the movie.

  25. Wow, there are so many things wrong with so much of this. First of all ogb, since all we got is Norton’s version of American History X, how do you know that if he had left it alone that it wouldn’t have been better?

    But REGARDLESS, even if you can somehow prove that he made it better, the ends don’t justify the means because it sets a dangerous precedent, well, dangerous to the movie world, lol. Just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean he can ignore hierarchy and just take the project hostage. The studio funds the movie, the studio picks the director. For better or worse, that’s the process. We don’t need prim Dona actors taking it over because they feel they can do a better job. If they really want to be a director, maybe they should start selling themselves as one and get hired as one legitimately.

    That’s why I always hate when someone is good at something but has a disagreement with the management and instead of trying to work it out they threaten to leave to get things the way they want just because they know the company can’t afford to lose them. The system was put in place for a reason, go through the proper channels. That is nothing short of blackmailing in my opinion. Do this or else I will do this type of mentality. I’ll completely understand if they get rid of Norton. I wouldn’t want to work with someone like him either.

    And The Incredible Hulk was a lot better than The Hulk, but for a lot of reasons, not just Norton. Eric Bana isn’t a bad actor, the problem was that Ang Lee is an idiot. He tries way too hard to make his movies appear artistic in any stupid way possible. Then the writing was pretty bad too, and the main villain was retarded. TIH was also good for many reasons, not just one. Good direction, good writing, good villain, AND good actors such as Norton, but it’s not all him like he would like to think it is. So you know what, no big loss. Look at Pride and Glory, Norton was in that, and that was BAAADDDD.

  26. Norton looks old? He looks younger than the banner from the tv show!

  27. Ken J, as always, is here to argue and disagree


    Obviously I can’t guarantee Kaye’s version was worse but using common sense and knowing some of the facts involved with the dispute, I truly believe that it would’ve been worse than Norton’s version. Like I said, the POINT is that we were treated to an amazing AMAZING movie. The audience was happy. What more do you want?

    As far as the dispute itself, if you actually read up on it, it was not a simple “taking over” by Norton. There were A LOT of arguments/disagreements with the Studio, actors, etc. Kaye was going a little crazy. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m glad it did happen.

    I agree with you and I hate when it happens, but at the same time if someone is effing up really badly, they need to be told. That’s different then when studio’s assume creative control on a movie because they want to make more money, I HATE that. But Kaye situation was different.

    I said the cast had A LOT to do with the second Hulk being better. I did not say that was the sole reason. Norton and the rest of the cast (especially Tim Roth) did make the movie damn good.

    And in the spirit of the Kanye situation

    “Yo Ken J, I’m really happy for ya, and I’ma let you finish but Debbie Downer was one of the most negative people ever. Just sayin’ “

  28. “Ken J, as always, is here to argue and disagree”

    Uh, OR I’m expressing my opinion just like you were expressing yours. But if you really feel the need to try to set the mood for your reply with irrelevant commentary, I guess I’ll take that as a compliment… 😀

    “As far as the dispute itself, if you actually read up on it, it was not a simple “taking over” by Norton. There were A LOT of arguments/disagreements with the Studio, actors, etc. Kaye was going a little crazy. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m glad it did happen.”

    Except that’s not WHY Norton did it. He would have tried to take over regardless because that’s just the type of egotistical person that he is. Sure every now and then it might turn out well, but let’s not let that give him an excuse to keep being so full of himself…

    “I said the cast had A LOT to do with the second Hulk being better. I did not say that was the sole reason. Norton and the rest of the cast (especially Tim Roth) did make the movie damn good.”

    Yah of course, and so did many other things. My point is, I wouldn’t be overcome with sadness if they continued Hulk without Norton. I’m sure as long as the writing and directing stays good, and that they don’t get another idiot to replace Norton, it’ll be just as good, if not better…

    “And in the spirit of the Kanye situation”

    Kanye can go sit on a… you know what, Pink said it best on her Twitter:
    “Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh** on earth. Quote me.” Yep, I do like quoting that, thanks Pink to show that you’re more mature (albeit foul-mouthed) than this idiot Kanye to recognize an immature act when you see one…

  29. Oh, forgot to mention, don’t get me wrong, I actually do feel that a good director is one that is open to input from the actors and other staff, but in the end, it’s still his/her choice. So perhaps the director of American History X was a prick that didn’t want to take any input, and yes, if we didn’t have Norton to be such a hard head we might have ended up having a mediocre movie. But some rules just have to be set, because without them, then it becomes really complicated with every little thing being subjectively decided on a case by case basis and who’s really to judge whether or not one case is justified while the other isn’t? There will be such disparity between the decisions made from one instance to the other… no thanks, I’d rather just suffer from some bad movies from bad directors than to have it like a lawless land of movie production, lol.