Third ‘Hulk’ Movie Coming in 2015?

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New Hulk Movie in 2015 Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

One of the most surprising developments in The Avengers, based on early reviews and reactions, is that the Incredible Hulk is finally awesome on the big screen. In fact, it has been said on more than one occasion that the Hulk steals the entire show.

Perhaps as a result of that success, Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Glitter, recently talked about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming television adaptation of The Hulk and spinning it off as a major motion picture in 2015. Scroll down for details.

According to Paul Glitter, courtesy of Forbes:

“[After spinning 'Hulk'] off to a stand-alone [television] program next year, [Marvel will support said program with a big-budget feature film in 2015].”

Old School Hulk Face in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Gotta love that hideous, old-school Hulk face

Aside from the character being well-received in The Avengers, why has Marvel decided to move forward with a third Hulk film when the last two were tepid successes at best – and when Kevin Feige recently claimed they had no plans to do so?

Says Glitter:

“His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”

Buh? His sales are up in a “major” way? What sales are those exactly? If he’s referring to the comic books, The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk placed 37th and 87th, respectively, in March direct market sales. Now, direct sales are admittedly not the be-all, end-all in terms of comic book $$$, but they are indicative of demand for a title.

Sure, it’s fair to say that both those books are up from where they were last year (marginally, in The Hulk‘s case), but if you compare them to where they were two years ago, they’re down. Three years ago? Way down. Four years ago? Way, way, way down.

Hulk Catching Iron Man in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Perhaps the most telling statement from Glitter was one to do with branding:

“There are many opportunities for brands to align with the big commercial in the sky [Gitter’s term for blockbuster movies], but we want to develop sustainable relationships [with our promotional partners].”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making as much money as possible on these films, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re lucky Marvel chose Joss Whedon to bring The Avengers to the big screen – that is, someone who cares as much about the characters he’s developing as he does the money he’s receiving. Hopefully, the next Hulk film will be just as fortunate.

Do you want to see a third Hulk film, Screen Ranters? Are some of you still hoping to see The Leader? Let us know in the comments.

The Hulk 3, Incredible Hulk 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) may hit theaters in 2015, if all goes well.


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Source: Forbes [via /Film]

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  1. Yes please. Mark Rafelo a must. He was the best.Hulk smashhhhhh!!!

    • Marcel your wrong mark ruffalo is not the best Hulk it’s Lou Ferrigno he got a award for the big arms life achievement awards for the Hulk TV series too.

  2. Marcel your wrong mark ruffalo is not the best Hulk it’s Lou Ferrigno he got a award for the big arms life achievement awards for the Hulk TV series too.

  3. So who’s playing hulk?

    • I will say mark ruffalo but they need another actor beside ruffalo playing Dr.Bruce Banner.

  4. Ang Lee couldn’t do it. Edward Norton couldn’t do it. We’re not sure if there is a creative force in Hollywood capable of delivering a Hulk movie that people will respond to. And although Mark Ruffalo’s recent declaration that we won’t be seeing the Hulk pop up in any new Marvel movies until The Avengers 2 was a no-brainer, it still made us wonder if Dr. Bruce Banner or his behemoth alter ego will ever earn the central spotlight in another feature. And it seems like Avengers director Joss Whedon is wondering the same thing.
    At this point, Ruffalo is signed on to play the Hulk in six more movies (including Avengers 2). Now that Ruffalo’s new remark counts out appearances in Captain America  and Thor sequels, we can predict a Hulk-heavy Marvel Universe following the second group assembly. Could one of these appearances take form as the rumored Planet Hulk/World War Hulk film adaptation?

    • Don’t forget they coming out with a New Hulk TV series, the Hulk is going to be CGI and Puppetry. And Mark Ruffalo is not a better David Bruce Banner like Bill Bixby said Lou Ferrigno in wizard world life time achievement awards in September labor day.

    • ed was great the problem was they made abomanation seem really strong and bad female major movie of hulk should be on other earths its like superman getting drunk and flying around a city and in a city 10 feet of the ground. planet hulk would be a major movie 600 mil and maybe more and world war hulk would be up in the billion range with most of marvels people in it, that would spin off to other movies from wwh people son of hulk skar

      • p.s.
        people want destruction with major players. not love interest thats so 90s
        if they want love planet hulk with his wife. and friends.


  6. Stop calling me that Ron I m not mentally retarded.

  7. Ed Norton even knows he sucked as hulk that’s why he said he will never play hulk again. Gilberto Edwards is a walking talking pair of f@&$ing clown shoes!!!

  8. Ed Norton even knows he sucked as hulk that’s why he said he would never play hulk again. Gilberto Edwards is a walking talking pair of fuc&ing clown shoes!!!

  9. Who is the villain? Should It be Red Hulk (aka Thunderbolt Ross)

    • I heard a rumor that the next hulk movie is going to involve some kind of council believing that the Hulk is too dangerous to be around people on earth, so they send him into space. He lands on a planet ran by guardians and he has to fight them. Then I hear he becomes their king and take them to Earth in Avengers 3 to get even with those who sent him into space. I don’t really believe it but its the only thing I heard

  10. The bod of me is a hulk machine. Can I stare In the mean green machine: the Incredible Hulk.

  11. They need to make the 3rd hulk a straight up beast like in the avengers that is why he stole the show a unstoppable force hope they get it right

  12. Eagerly waiting for HULK 3……. ;-( :-(

    • yes we do need to change the hulk, the hulk is a powerful being way more powerful than superman, he needs a look that’s real threatening he needs a body that goes along with having super extraordinary powers in which he can be ragefull and compassionate at the same time. I wish I could be apart of the third hulk movie, I’m telling you the incredible hulk will be born to make major kick but movies I love the incredible hulk character. he needs a movie that really sit’s him out there for being real powerfull being.

  13. Nonnononono as much as I love to see a Hulk on TV again I would rather have a Hulk movie instead over a TV series just my option. There’s so little you could do with hulk and having a TV series would make the franchise dull and run out of ideas. If they have a hulk TV series before the movie wouldnt they have less ideas to work with and there would be a higher chance of the movie to suck? I dont know, just my opinion. What do you guys think?

  14. y’all need to make a hulk movie start action of light Superman bright and colorful and as hulk fights his enemy action just like Superman man of steel that layout but incredible hulks next nemisis it should of been more incredible hulks den all the Spiderman xmen and iron man movies this time make incredible hulk full of action we ant get one of them yet always in the middle and the action should last longee

  15. if y’all make a new hulk movie make the movie all action similar to Superman man of steel layout but straight non stop brutal action from the beginning to end y’all got all thease iron man Spiderman and xman movies hulk is the best out and don’t don’t planet hulk our any othere type of hulk let him fight one of his ebonies our when we gone see a not animated hulk and Spiderman movie toghtere that would be hard incredible hulk fighting Spiderman that would be a good fight lije

  16. Why wouldnt you make another hulk movie ? Theres all the other avengers who are getting multiple movies and personally hulk is my favorite super hero or villian , however yall see it . But yes please make another hulk movie !!!

  17. Why not make another hulk movie ? Regardless on who plays him its going to be a great movie . Personally hulk is my favorite anti – hero and every other avenger is getting another movie so why not the hulk ? Please make another hulk movie

  18. okay i admit it im in love with edward norton…..he will always be my hulk and mark ruffalo can kiss my a**….so shut up don’t say bad things about my future man….thats what the real hulk needs is a man to make his dreams come true….. i love you edward….

    • No you should shut up because the third Bruce Banner is not as good as Edward Norton Bruce Banner .

  19. No you should shut up because the third Bruce Banner is not as good as Edward Norton Bruce Banner .

  20. Iam very much a fan of the hulk difnitly need to see him

  21. I would love to see another film! I watched and enjoyed all hulk films I would like to see another!

  22. I sure do, I’m really hoping for the Hulk to come back to the big screen in it’s own major production film, the last 2 hulk movies where like um alright I guess the 1st one they went way over-board on his size and he was to oh how would say it, soft looking if that makes any sense and the father and son drama killed it, especially the father being the main villain that was a bit to much, the 2nd film did way better respectively even though the Hulk look a bit different well both films didn’t give the Hulk. His original look which is the best way to go, The Avengers did it right, it was like the 3rd time is the charm sort of, and oh by the way I like Mark Ruffalo better then Eric Bana and Edward Norton even though Edward was the best one from the 1st two films but when Mark Ruffalo stepped in, he reminded me of Bill Bixby a little bit, I know the resemblance is not much but it fells like the spirit of Bill Bixby is there when Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce/David Banner and now the hulk looking better then ever, more original looking, I truly believe the next Hulk film will be a bigger hit then ever as long as the have Mark Ruffalo playing bruce and keeping the same hulk from the Avengers and having a very good director and a great script to tie it up and P.S. great supporting cast as well.

  23. Mark Ruffalo doesn’t play Bruce Banner better than Bill Bixby or Edward Norton because Ruffalo does not look like Bruce Banner in the comics or the TV show like Bill Bixby.

  24. Mark ruffalo is the best and im the biggest hulk fan i got everything hulk even my nickname but yea they should make 3rd hulk movie!!!!

    • Mark Ruffalo is not the best Bruce Banner like Bill Bixby and Edward Norton.

  25. I think it’s fair to say, hulk is now way finished yet, we need more off him on the big screen he has been so under appreciated, and needs to be displayed the way the avengers had him.

    There’s so much they can do, as he actually gets married and had kids, if you follow the comic story’s, so let’s have some fun with this and get all that on the big screen.

    Who out there would love to see the big guy kick some mighty arse, cause I surely do.

  26. the movie should be incredible. hulk 2 because I feel like the hulk sequel been messed up because he fought his fathere but it showed us that he put the stuff inside his son the his son later got exsposed to it all but the point is the hulk should of had lots of movies and it should be incredible hulk 2 so it can flow the right way

  27. I’ve located Gilberto, he is a Black Pocket Hulk living in a shanty for the Mentally Disturbed in southeast Ghana. If you read his other posts on old Hulk postings with Edward Norton Hulk, he states that he is Norton’s best friend and they have been “going together” for the past 5 years. Black Pocket Hulk has been found! Make trip to Southeast Ghana to look upon this creton! he is chained to clothes hanger so he can run back and forth

  28. I quite liked Norton’s Hulk, but Norton is a megalomaniac who insists on final edit script approval and asked for too much money. The script approval may work when he was the lead, but was a problem in an ensemble cast with higher profile stars.

    The only way it makes sense at the moment to make a big budget Hulk movie is to tie it in with Avengers movie universe, meaning Ruffalo. Also, Marvel Studios didn’t end it with Norton on the best terms, the press release saying they were not using him in Avengers included a slur of his professionalism. I don’t think he’d go there.

  29. I love the Incredible Hulk & think he’s one of the best Marvel heros!! I would love to see an Incredible Hulk 3 with the same actor & animation features as in Avengers!! I think it would do good! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER HULK MOVIE!!