Third ‘Hulk’ Movie Coming in 2015?

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New Hulk Movie in 2015 Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

One of the most surprising developments in The Avengers, based on early reviews and reactions, is that the Incredible Hulk is finally awesome on the big screen. In fact, it has been said on more than one occasion that the Hulk steals the entire show.

Perhaps as a result of that success, Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Glitter, recently talked about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming television adaptation of The Hulk and spinning it off as a major motion picture in 2015. Scroll down for details.

According to Paul Glitter, courtesy of Forbes:

“[After spinning 'Hulk'] off to a stand-alone [television] program next year, [Marvel will support said program with a big-budget feature film in 2015].”

Old School Hulk Face in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Gotta love that hideous, old-school Hulk face

Aside from the character being well-received in The Avengers, why has Marvel decided to move forward with a third Hulk film when the last two were tepid successes at best – and when Kevin Feige recently claimed they had no plans to do so?

Says Glitter:

“His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”

Buh? His sales are up in a “major” way? What sales are those exactly? If he’s referring to the comic books, The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk placed 37th and 87th, respectively, in March direct market sales. Now, direct sales are admittedly not the be-all, end-all in terms of comic book $$$, but they are indicative of demand for a title.

Sure, it’s fair to say that both those books are up from where they were last year (marginally, in The Hulk‘s case), but if you compare them to where they were two years ago, they’re down. Three years ago? Way down. Four years ago? Way, way, way down.

Hulk Catching Iron Man in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Perhaps the most telling statement from Glitter was one to do with branding:

“There are many opportunities for brands to align with the big commercial in the sky [Gitter’s term for blockbuster movies], but we want to develop sustainable relationships [with our promotional partners].”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making as much money as possible on these films, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re lucky Marvel chose Joss Whedon to bring The Avengers to the big screen – that is, someone who cares as much about the characters he’s developing as he does the money he’s receiving. Hopefully, the next Hulk film will be just as fortunate.

Do you want to see a third Hulk film, Screen Ranters? Are some of you still hoping to see The Leader? Let us know in the comments.

The Hulk 3, Incredible Hulk 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) may hit theaters in 2015, if all goes well.


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Source: Forbes [via /Film]

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  1. Will Tony Stark be acted in hulk 3

  2. If you already watch incredible hulk at the end of the movie tony stark was talking to Betty’s father in how to take down hulk

    • no tony stark was talking about getting the avengers team made that’s why the black guy with the eye patch was at the end of iron man 2 and captain america and thor.

      • The black man with the eye patch is Nick Fury

      • The black man with the eye patch is Nick Fury from SHIELD

      • The black man with the eye patch, really? You must be pretty young if you dont know who that is. Just say Samuel L. Jackson and everyone knows who your talking about

        • Really ! are you telling the truth ?

    • f*** mark ruffalo they put his face and hair on the hulk in the avengers movie. the hulk looks a lot meaner and scarier in the incredible hulk movie. the hulk is not mr. nice guy they did a horrible job on the avengers movie and the hulk there the movie was based off of thors brother instead of having it with each hero having 1 villain to defeat. they need to put hulks enemy ravage in the 3rd hulk movie he looks like hulk but his skin is orangish reddish, that would be a awesome if they dont rush the 3rd movie but they will rush it because they always rush superhero movies except the dark knight best super hero movie ever made very well done.

      • you sound stupid…

        • Couldn’t agree with you more Dan. tosh is either a kid, or someone who makes stuff up about the Marvel Universe…cuz he doesn’t have a clue. Did he watch Avengers or just listened to the audio?

          Bruce Banner is mild mannered and works at keeping control of his temper so that he doesn’t Hulk-out. Which both Ruffalo and Norton pulled off. I was upset at Ed Norton’s departure and also questioned the choice of using Ruffalo, but I saw nothing wrong with his (Ruffalo’s) performance.

          • Wrong his performing sucks because he doesn’t have anything to bring to the character by ruffalo.

  3. I read several of the emails here and if my 2 cents count, I’d prefer Norton and his Hulk but am glad Hulk gets another shot. God willing I’m going- Go hulk!

  4. I want to say that a sequel means continue a second movie with same cast like Edward Norton as lead .

  5. Hulk 3 will be awesome and Ruffalo is the best hulk fits the bill perfectly reminds me of the original sitcom of incredible hulk. I just hope the next movie is a continuation from where avengers left off and they dont take the movie in another direction.
    And what is this Gilberto dude talking about Norton was awful in the hulk did not fit the bill at all. And trust me he so aint coming back as hulk Ruffalo is the man for the job and will stay that way for a long time.

  6. Or they stop using the hulk

  7. Another thing is stan Lee suied marvel studios for stealing the rights to the Incredible Hulk characters in the 2003 and 2008 Hulk movie.

  8. Edward Norton will be back sequel.

    • I doubted it

    • Ok Gilberto, I don’t know if you pay attention to any news media at all, but Norton will definitely NOT be back for any Hulk, Avenger, or any Marvel film for that matter. Bottom line, don’t mess or upset the brass of Marvel Studios. It seems that Norton had or has a jaded past with Marvel, and they decided not to bring him back. So it would be up to Marvel studios to bring back Norton. Judging by the current success of the Avengers film and they’re satisfaction with Mark Ruffalo, bringing back Ed Norton would be highly unlikely.

  9. LA mia osservazzione si rifà a molte delle osservazzioni e preferenze di quelli che sono le persone che mi fermano e mi chiedono in forma del tutto ironica lo stesso io con gli altri, noto che la preferenza di attori nel ruolo di Hulk ha la meglio Edward Norton in quanto vine ritenuto più “consono” non solo come attore in se e come riesca ad immedesimarsi ma e per molte persone una preferenza personale. Mark Ruffalo ha di certo fatto un lavoro ecezzionale con The Avengers, il nuovo Hulk e di fatto più energico e attivo non lo mettiamo in dubbio, mà siamo del parere e che voglio più della media il ritorno di Edward Norton nel ruolo di Hulk nel film L’incredibile Hulk 3

  10. How many of the people who asked me in a confidential tone, and I was wondering ow aichevolemente to others, what actor we would have expected in a hypothetical sequel to the Incredible Hulk and as many preferences or expectations of Turin and as of recently, the return Mark Ruffalo in the role of the Hulk. We do not doubt the excellent work in the ‘summer of 2008 by Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo but ritieiamo that is more appropriate in the’ context of a hypothetical sequel to the incredible hulk.

  11. sorry i correct the conversation respect of sequel of incredibile hulk….

    How many of the people who asked me in a confidential tone, and I was wondering ow aichevolemente to others, what actor we would have expected in a hypothetical sequel to the Incredible Hulk and as many preferences or expectations of Turin and as of recently, the return Mark Ruffalo in the role of the Hulk. We do not doubt the excellent work in the ‘summer of 2008 by Edward Norton but we believe that Mark Ruffalo is more appropriate in the’ context of a hypothetical sequel to the incredible hulk.

  12. A sequel to the Incredible Hulk is Edward Norton not Mark Ruffalo.

  13. I have got to say i am 25 years old big big fan of the hulk. I think the most resent actor and attitude of the hulk this time is a gold mine. Would like to see the same actor play Bruce banner. Planet hulk might be worth looking in to hint hint Hollywood.

  14. I ‘m very sure that Louis Leterrier will get Edward Norton in the Incredible Hulk 2 and will return.

  15. The Incredible Hulk 2 will come out after the Avengers 2.

  16. Norton in the Incredible Hulk 2 and will return.

  17. I will bet anyone 5 million US dollars that Norton won’t return and Mark Ruffalo will be the Hulk. Anyone wanna try? Anyone? Come on be a Man! Yeah thought so!

    • I think your right. Norton didn’t want to do the Avengers as hulk and so they went with Rufflo. I don’t think Norton will do a Hulk sequel. Norton was good as Bruce Banner, but Rufflo to me was spot on.

      • That s not what happen Norton wanted to reprise the role and fegie stupid self replace him for no reason.

  18. I’d absolutely love another hulk movie. I enjoyed the last installment with Ed Norton and the hulk he had turned into. Al I ask is if you cold make Marc Ruffalo’s hulk a little more muscular as Norton’s was

  19. Yes I wuld love to see the incredible hulk 2

  20. You must make the incredible hulk very
    Beleivble on the big screen to make all work ok.

  21. If Hulk to get own movie, he must get cosmic plot, because no earth-based story needed at this point of the Marvel movies. He needs some cosmic battle somewhere :)

  22. I enjoyed both performances of Norton and Ruffalo. Either can play Hulk again and I would be happy to see it. Would also enjoy The Mr Fixit comic story from years back and the thought that maybe Del Toro could direct a Hulk movie adds even more excitement… However probably wishful thinking on my part

  23. WOW ! That would be really awesome to see another HULK movie just like any other super heros I grew up watchin’. I’m 41 y/o and I still feel like a kid ln a candy store always wanting to see more. Give the many fans out there what if I can speak for them what we want. You have my vote,and its a Y-E-S.

  24. Who will be the villian in hulk 3 . Will mr blue
    From the movie hulk 2 will be in hulk 3 because when he was taking out Bruce’s blood some of the blood went to him and he starting to change

  25. The hulk edward norton played was the best hulk, use that hulk

  26. Here is the truth and the final post. No commenting further people!

    Edward Norton said he will not return to portray the Hulk. It’s correct that Mark Ruffalo has a 6 picture deal with Marvel and that doesn’t just mean Avengers 2 & 3. It also means the upcoming Hulk Sequels.

    Everything now is settled.

    • Don’t forget that Mark Ruffalo won’t not be in a Hulk TV series coming this year in the fall.

  27. I would love to see a Hulk movie where the hulk is more of a super hero rather than a tragic hero.

  28. I see. Gilberto thinks that Ruffalo is Norton, and Norton is Ruffalo! In that case, yeah. LOL! I’m with him.

    On second thought, it hurts to agree with someone who obviously doesn’t do his homework so I take that back.

    • I believe there will be no Hulk sequel anymore with Ed Norton not in the Avengers or another Hulk movie. Mark Ruffalo turn down the role in another Hulk film. And Ruffalo will not reprise the role in a Hulk TV show this year it will be another actor waiting to step in ruffalo shoes.

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