Third ‘Hulk’ Movie Coming in 2015?

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New Hulk Movie in 2015 Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

One of the most surprising developments in The Avengers, based on early reviews and reactions, is that the Incredible Hulk is finally awesome on the big screen. In fact, it has been said on more than one occasion that the Hulk steals the entire show.

Perhaps as a result of that success, Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Glitter, recently talked about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming television adaptation of The Hulk and spinning it off as a major motion picture in 2015. Scroll down for details.

According to Paul Glitter, courtesy of Forbes:

“[After spinning 'Hulk'] off to a stand-alone [television] program next year, [Marvel will support said program with a big-budget feature film in 2015].”

Old School Hulk Face in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Gotta love that hideous, old-school Hulk face

Aside from the character being well-received in The Avengers, why has Marvel decided to move forward with a third Hulk film when the last two were tepid successes at best – and when Kevin Feige recently claimed they had no plans to do so?

Says Glitter:

“His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”

Buh? His sales are up in a “major” way? What sales are those exactly? If he’s referring to the comic books, The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk placed 37th and 87th, respectively, in March direct market sales. Now, direct sales are admittedly not the be-all, end-all in terms of comic book $$$, but they are indicative of demand for a title.

Sure, it’s fair to say that both those books are up from where they were last year (marginally, in The Hulk‘s case), but if you compare them to where they were two years ago, they’re down. Three years ago? Way down. Four years ago? Way, way, way down.

Hulk Catching Iron Man in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Perhaps the most telling statement from Glitter was one to do with branding:

“There are many opportunities for brands to align with the big commercial in the sky [Gitter’s term for blockbuster movies], but we want to develop sustainable relationships [with our promotional partners].”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making as much money as possible on these films, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re lucky Marvel chose Joss Whedon to bring The Avengers to the big screen – that is, someone who cares as much about the characters he’s developing as he does the money he’s receiving. Hopefully, the next Hulk film will be just as fortunate.

Do you want to see a third Hulk film, Screen Ranters? Are some of you still hoping to see The Leader? Let us know in the comments.

The Hulk 3, Incredible Hulk 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) may hit theaters in 2015, if all goes well.


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Source: Forbes [via /Film]

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  1. Hulk fans rejoice around the world! Im seeing green.

  2. I think The Incredible Hulk was good enough. Who would they get to portray Bruce Banner this time…?

    • Really? Have you not seen who has been playing him in the Avengerrs?

    • Duh, Mark Ruffalo obviously. I’ve watched the Avengers here in Portugal and the movie is f*ing awesome, with so many funny parts, very nice humor, most of them coming from Hulk.. I’m not spoiling anything but a third movie with Ruffalo would be nice :D

  3. I would love to see a Ruffalo Hulk movie. It depends on who is in the director’s chair though.

  4. Do you want to see a third Hulk film, Screen Ranters? Are some of you still hoping to see The Leader?

    Are those rhetorical questions? :-P

    • That is where they left off the second one so i would be really happy, id also like to see Tim Roth again as Abomination. Also Mark signed a 6 picture movie deal so that is real good

  5. After seeing how the Avengers treated the Hulk, and Ruffalos portrayal, I could definitely get up for another Hulk film with Hulk as a hero, a force of epic destruction, but a hero nonetheless. They’d have to come up with someone besides the Leader to provide enough threat that I’d feel the Hulk was in danger.

    • I would love to see the Hulk vs the Red Hulk on screen, I really like that story.
      And the Red Hulk would a very real threat to the Hulk.

  6. The top picture looks like he just got kicked in the nuts by…

    • “kicked in the nuts” jokes stopped being funny decades ago…

      • looks like someones been kicked in the nuts recently and didnt find it funny..

        • LOL

  7. I saw ending sentence about Hulk 3 or Hulk 2.

    I was always under the impression the Eric Bana and Ed Norton Hulks weren’t related?

    But I don’t think a third Hulk film would do bad. Especially with more kids getting introduced to him through the Avengers. Just my opinion.

    • They’re not related, that was just a flippant remark on my part.

    • ‘Hulk’ (2003 film) and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008 film) have nothing to do with one another.
      TIH was a reboot by Marvel Studios on the old movie created by Universal.
      Since TIH wasn’t another origin movie, a lot of people assume the movies are still connected – but they aren’t (hence the fact that Marvel didn’t call TIH, “Hulk 2″)

      • The Marvel Cinematic Universe origin of Hulk was covered in the opening credit sequence of The Incredible Hulk. I guess people didn’t notice, because I see a lot of folks claim they’re related because the 2003 movie had an origin and the 2008 film didn’t.

        • Yeah, most people didn’t pay attention to the opening sequence of TIH – which really burns my toast, because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain “the two hulk movies aren’t related”

          • If anything TIH is more related to the old Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TIH Tv show. That origin in the credit looks just like the one on the show.

            • “if anything” sort of implies that there’s guesswork. There’s no guesswork, The Incredible Hulk (2008) was directly inspired by the Hulk show, at least according to the director and Ed Norton.

          • They purposely made it so it would not interfere with Hulk. Yeah it showed a different origin, but you know that didn’t register with the typical moviegoer. It didn’t mean anything to me either, as I’ve seen so many versions of SH origins in the comics. Also, Hulk ended in South America and IH started there. It was a sequel that was really a reboot. I knew that. You knew that. Most people don’t know that.

            BB is the movie that OKed this kind of “sneekboot” (I just coined that). It really didn’t interfere with Burton’s BM (because it didn’t have prolonged origin). Only people paying attention were attentive to them calling it a sequel/reboot.

            Now, regular civilians are scratching their heads about this new Spider-man. ASM is the purest, most straight-up reboot of a Superhero in at least the last 20 years. Man of Steel is the next one, but people will be much less confused about that.

            • i’m glad i’m not the only one who feels that. i also say one can watch hulk with the other MCU films because the story fits. and not that it’s a major plot point, but lou ferrigno plays a campus security gaurd in both films. may have to do some slo-mo and see if they have the same name tag, but it is a (small ) piece of continuity that carries over from hulk to TIH. and yes all you purists, i know they were made independently of each other.

  8. Awesome bring on Mark ruffalo as Hulk, and the Leader as the villain with side villain emil the abomination blonsky. but make sure its a strong characetr story with some great action scene and effects.

  9. The Hulk was amazing in The Avengers and Ruffalo did a great job portraying the character.
    The news that the third Hulk movie being a “spin-off” from the TV series is a little disappointing though, because it raises the questions: will the movie feature in the MCU continuity? Will they get Ruffalo to reprise the role as Banner, or will they use whatever actor played the part in the TV show? Will the movie take place after the events of Avengers with Leader as the villain, or will it be in line with the tv show (which will apparantly take place in the “early days of Bruce Banner as a scientist – before people knew who the Hulk was”)?
    Personally, after seeing the Avengers, I’m REALLY hoping for an Incredible Hulk 2. With Ruffalo reprising his role. With the Leader being the main villain and maybe the birth of the Red Hulk.
    I.e. I want a full-on HULK movie that takes place after the events of Avengers, not a spin off from a tv show.
    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • My assumption is that the TV show would follow-up on The Avengers and then the movie would follow-up on the TV show.

      • I specifically remember that the show was going to be about the “early days of Bruce Banner”. It would focus on Banner’s and Betty’s relationship before the days when people knew of the Hulk.
        Then again, that was about a year ago (when the news of the Hulk show first debuted at comic con), so they might have changed the plot and scripts since then…

        I would prefer if the show was still in the MCU continuity, but that it takes place before the events of TIH. And then have the movie also take place in the MCU, but have Mark Ruffalo star and have it take place after the events of Avengers.

        • Ah, that makes sense. Either way, Glitter doesn’t necessarily mean that the film will literally, chronologically spin out of the events of the TV show, he could just be saying that it’s going to piggyback off it in some way. That’s assuming it even gets to that point, and that Glitter is on the money about this actually happening.

    • I agree. The Leader would be cool. and maybe they could bring back the Abomination. I think they should save Red Hulk for a third movie.

  10. I would love a new hulk film but I dont wanna see a film with a hulk based on the show. I wanna see a mark ruffalo hulk film. If he’s as good as banner as I keep reading. It will be epic. Also it should be called the incredible hulk 2

  11. As far as major sales go, they must be referring to the foam rubber “HULK HANDS” and Avengers movie action figures.

    • Hahaha.

    • To be honest that’s what I thought.
      If you happen to be in a Toys R Us or any other toy store there’s always a lot of Hulk stuff.

    • LOL, My kid has those.

  12. What does this all mean for Avengers 2?

  13. You’ve added the ‘television’ to that Forbes quote that changes the whole context! He was talking about the iron man and cap ‘brands’ being strong but marketing all characters together before spinning hulk off into a ‘hulk’ brand for marketing.

  14. Would rather see Quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet Witch & Goliath (Hank Pym, cool yellow/blue costume) brought to the silver screen. Hulk is OK, but not really high on my list; others I like better. I would still buy the DVD, tho…it is Marvel heroes!

    • “Hulk is OK, but not really high on my list”
      I’m guessing you haven’t seen The Avengers then? ;)

      • Well avenger if hea in the US teb he still has till Friday. Like me.

  15. Im sorry but i still dont understand why everyone calls it Hulk 3 because Ang Lees was beyond awful and Letterier’s was fun and cool, it was a reboot a reboot people it just drives me crazy with Spider-Man four and Lethal Weapon five THEY ARE ALL REBOOTS PLEASE ACCEPT THAT!!!!! I would love to see a new hulk movie i hope that it is good and i’m looking forward to the tv show i hope Ruffalo is somehow involved because it sounds like hes done a great job in the Avengers. The thing that was great about Bill Bixby as the Bruce (or David) Banner was that he gave the character things that the comics didnt he gave David warmth and humanity, he wasn’t jumping off of rooftops or blowing things up he was a regular guy with an anger problem though a lot more serious than other people’s but still he made him a real person and rarely do we see that on tv and in movies. That’s one of qualities that i hope they do with this show when it comes out and again i hope they bring Mark into it, as for the movie i am excited for it if it happens and it most likely will but i am angry becasue it doesnt come out until 2015 but at least we’ll have the tv show right.

    Also when the new show comes out i’m gonna watch the first episode with my dad because he loved the original as a kid.

    • they’re rebooting lethal weapon? what is this…i don’t even…

  16. I would love to see another Hulk film, following on from getting the character so right in the Avengers. Ruffalo played Banner perfectly, with an edge, in the same way Bixby did, pulling you in to the brink of will he or won’t he change convincingly, unlike the lightweight approach Norton adopted. The only downer is that we have to wait 3 years, but if the quality is there, it is worth it.

  17. As long as Mark Ruffalo is coming back to potray Bruce Banner, I’m fine. And yes the Hulk definitely steals the show in the Avengers!

  18. Yip! Yip! Yippeee!!! Yahooooo!!! Yes!!!

  19. so would they have mark ruffalo star in the series? sorry if somebody already answered this, didnt feel like reading through all the comments

    • Mark Ruffalo has signed a 6 picture deal with Marvel Studios (Marvel’s live action movie subsidiary company).
      I doubt he’ll have anything to do with the tv show (unfortunately).
      And to get a Hollywood movie actor to star in an up-and-coming tv show, they’d have to fork over some major moola.

      From what I’ve read, I’m really not that interested in the new Hulk tv show.
      And I’m really not a fan of all these planned tv shows tying in with the movies (I just know continuity errors will start to occur).
      So far, Marvel Studios (and it’s head, Kevin Feige) has done a great job of keeping their cinematic continuity running smoothly without errors, but as soon as it starts to go into tv territory (where they have work with Marvel Television – and Geoff Loeb) all the hard work, 6 movies and loads of tie-in comics will all go down the drain.

      I think they should just keep the movies and tv shows separate. It’s for the best IMO.

      • Considering del Toro completes 2 of every 100 projects he plans, I won’t worry about the tv show until it actually comes out.

  20. No no no, the only reason Hulk stole the show in avengers is because he was a supporting player not the main focus! They should just save him for avengers 2, or have him pop up in iron man 3

    • it’s just a different actor, but same guy, same movie universe.
      and, speaking of the end of TIH, what was up with that? was gen ross supposed to be in the avengers? that button scene is the only one that doesnt really fit. i know there was a “one-shot” at the end of thor called the consultant, and it seemed as though they were hinting that someone was trying to get the abomination to be part of the avenger initiative

      • yes, watch the one shot. It explains what happened.

        In short, someone up above wanted the Abomination on the team. SHIELD wanted no part of it, so they sent Stark to annoy the heck out of Ross so he woulsn’t release Abomination. Therefore, SHIELD wouldn’t have to deal with it.

        Feige mentioned they backed themselves into a corner with that end credit scene and the one shot was to fix it.

      • Trust me, the one-shot short film explains everything…
        You can probably find it on Youtube easily.

  21. In this instance Ben, this is one of those rarer occasions where I think you mis-understood Kevin’s point. “sales are up in major way”. Forget comic books, think toys. If the Kids are loving Hulk toys, there will be demand for a third film.
    I loved the old Hulk TV show, and with this redention of Hulk and Mark Ruffalo I think Marvel will find more love for Hulk than expected.

  22. I certainly hope that a future Hulk film is a sequel, not an adaptation of the TV show like this guy is saying. I want to see how being on The Avengers affects Hulk. I want to see Mark Ruffalo play Bruce Banner so that Hulk can have an established actor. I want to see villains like The Leader and Red Hulk. Hulk is such a great character, I really think he deserves a great series and hope that this TV show is independent from the movies, if not the movie universe.

    • Completely agree.

  23. Hope it takes place after Avengers and Ruffalo reprises the role.

  24. I hate how the hulk looks in the avengers, i miss edward nortons look he was so awesome!

    • That look was the closest to Jack Kirby’s original version, plus it has better movements and better dialogue, “Puny god” anyone?

    • Go on. Why?

  25. finally another Hulk movie I just hope they Don’t screw it up by changing actors, make the Leader the main antagonist, and find someone to direct who has at least read an Incredible Hulk comic

  26. I’m going to crow a bit. I called this. I said that if they got the Hulk right, and it looked and sounded like they would, he could end up stealing the movie. I also recently said I suspected the TV show was on hold because they might be considering Hulk movies.

    Now, what I meant be “right” might be different from Hulk in the Avengers. I won’t know until Friday (trying not to count the minutes). But I’ve always hated IH (said he had a narrow appeal and compared him to bizarro Superman) and preferred Ang Lee’s and thought this was looking like the best Hulk yet. He needs to be monstrous and sympathetic. I will owe up to any differences there are between “my” Hulk and the one in Avengers. I’m sure there are many.

    • i don’t think you will be disappointed with this version (3.1.2) the trailers don’t do any justice as to how he sounds. he is also much more expressive than the other 2 versions, imo

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