Third ‘Hulk’ Movie Coming in 2015?

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New Hulk Movie in 2015 Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

One of the most surprising developments in The Avengers, based on early reviews and reactions, is that the Incredible Hulk is finally awesome on the big screen. In fact, it has been said on more than one occasion that the Hulk steals the entire show.

Perhaps as a result of that success, Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Glitter, recently talked about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming television adaptation of The Hulk and spinning it off as a major motion picture in 2015. Scroll down for details.

According to Paul Glitter, courtesy of Forbes:

“[After spinning 'Hulk'] off to a stand-alone [television] program next year, [Marvel will support said program with a big-budget feature film in 2015].”

Old School Hulk Face in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Gotta love that hideous, old-school Hulk face

Aside from the character being well-received in The Avengers, why has Marvel decided to move forward with a third Hulk film when the last two were tepid successes at best – and when Kevin Feige recently claimed they had no plans to do so?

Says Glitter:

“His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”

Buh? His sales are up in a “major” way? What sales are those exactly? If he’s referring to the comic books, The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk placed 37th and 87th, respectively, in March direct market sales. Now, direct sales are admittedly not the be-all, end-all in terms of comic book $$$, but they are indicative of demand for a title.

Sure, it’s fair to say that both those books are up from where they were last year (marginally, in The Hulk‘s case), but if you compare them to where they were two years ago, they’re down. Three years ago? Way down. Four years ago? Way, way, way down.

Hulk Catching Iron Man in The Avengers Third Hulk Movie Coming in 2015?

Perhaps the most telling statement from Glitter was one to do with branding:

“There are many opportunities for brands to align with the big commercial in the sky [Gitter’s term for blockbuster movies], but we want to develop sustainable relationships [with our promotional partners].”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making as much money as possible on these films, but I think it’s fair to say that we’re lucky Marvel chose Joss Whedon to bring The Avengers to the big screen – that is, someone who cares as much about the characters he’s developing as he does the money he’s receiving. Hopefully, the next Hulk film will be just as fortunate.

Do you want to see a third Hulk film, Screen Ranters? Are some of you still hoping to see The Leader? Let us know in the comments.

The Hulk 3, Incredible Hulk 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) may hit theaters in 2015, if all goes well.


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Source: Forbes [via /Film]

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  1. HULK is only one of my favorite Marvel Hero Characters! I hope that the next Hulk movie is more Bad ass than the previous hulk! i want to see a real Hulk that the marvel comics talking about. Hulks have a Destruction and Unstoppable abilities and lot, including Unlimited Strenght, Speed, Invulnerability and i want to see that in the next Hulk movie, please bring and show to us the true and the real Power of what Character did you make in the Movie. Like the fight scene in the Man of Steel 2013! That is so awesome! The Character in the DC Comics Superman can relate to a Movie! Please put the Real Hulk in the movie! The Real Hulk!

    • i would love and i am sure that 10.000 others would love him to fight doomsday and win

      • That would be the best movie…especially if they could incorporate superman. Maybe lead into a completely new story line in which doomsday alters Hulks gamma radiation DNA with Kryptonite and leaves it where it could lead to a Hulk vs superman movie

      • All i want is great hulk game. The last one had better detail but was mediocre at best.

    • I love the hulk its my favorite marvel character,sometimes I turn into hulk myself HULK is awesome!

    • the hulk could fight doomsday and kill him for good rip him apart hulk unlike dooms day get stronger as he gets mad and so far there is no limit to how strong he is the more mad he gets the stronger he is

  2. We want Hulk, We want Hulk…… He’s just awesome the whole idea of a beast man who is ..well indestructible, who just gets stronger the more angry he gets when attacked is in my book fascinating and defuinatelybgives him an edge over other super heroes.
    I’ve always wondered how he’d get on in a fight with superman hhmmmm well that’s a bit too far fetched but seriously I could watch hulk every day and I’m so excited for a 3rd film I can hardly sit still ! Hulk smash !!! :7)

  3. Make another hulk moive

  4. Guyz,

  5. Are you kidding me this version of The HULK in The Avengers Film is the best ever, to me he looks like belongs in a different film all togeather like a Green Troll from the Lord Of the rings films, I can see what they were going with like the very first HULK but, to say this is the best version of this character is sad. For me and I know for alot of other HULK fans got it right when they created the 2nd film The Incredible HULK, how can anyone say that HULK kicks ass, Hell he looks like he jumped right out of the comic book, but to change the Hulk so much that he looks like he shrunk and have his enemies laugh when they see him, that sucks, this is one big reason I can’t stand any Avengers film.

    • the Hulk in the Avengers was like 9 feet + tall, and no one laughed at the Hulk… Were you even watching the movie? He punched and “smashed” a giant robot dragon that would make fin fang foom poo all over his scaly backside, and made Loki his biznatch in seconds. Also nearly smashed the life from Thor on the Helicarrier.
      Rewatch the movie because you were not paying attention.

  6. I want the hulk back because i wanna show my school boys that hulk is the best hero

  7. I heard Lou Ferrigno said that there making another Hulk movie.

  8. Please make another hulk movie I beg you we want to see muscle mass and gains with rampage I’m obsessed

  9. Defo want to see hulk again


  11. Hulk fans almost certainly need to see a 3rd hulk movie that can bring the hulk to the forefront where he deserves to be. The Leader would be a great start for he is one of the hulks top notch arch enemies.Maybe even put him up against the Fantastic Four? That would be great Thing vs Hulk!!!!

    • like i said the only fight i love to see is him fight and kill doomsday the 1 thing hulk has that doomsday dont is hulks anger

  12. they need to have a movie to show hulk beating superman cause Hulk is the best of all time!!

    • I agree with that,HULK is strong

  13. A Marvel esta deprimida e trabalhando de olhos fechados
    queren colocar novamente o Hulk que na minha opiniao
    mais se parece com os ursinhos carinhosos, quando de fato e comprovado
    por estetica e definições o Hulk dirigido pelo ator Edward Norton
    continua sendo o melhor .
    Acorda Marvel queremos algo que se pareça real, não um desenho
    carinhoso e infaltil.

  14. I want to see Hulk in Full action . Hulk vs Army . Action like The Amaging Spider Man 2

  15. Hell ya

  16. Hell ya hulk is amazing he is and I quote”strongest” I would love another film of his, I personally think it should include the red hulk, or ABOMB

  17. hulk 1 and 2 both awesome. want another hulk bruce.
    perfect love story perfect action!! perfect story!! perfect ending!!

    please make another hulk just another “unbeatable hulk 3″

  18. I want to see another hulk movie, but I don’t understand why people think it would be called hulk 3. Hulk was in a separate universe than the incredible hulk and the avengers. And some characters that we’re killed in hulk are alive in the MCU. Like Talbot who appeared on agents of shield after being killed by hulk in his 2003 movie. And the incredible hulk tells a slightly different origin in flashbacks then what is shown in the 2003 film.

    • I don’t think people are expecting a “Hulk 3″ in the aspect of a trilogy. They just mean more like Hulk 3 as in the third film for the character. I mean it’s like the James bonds. Sure up to Die Another day the series was in the same “Universe” then when Casino came out it was supposibly Rebooted but you don’t here people going “Bond 4 is coming next” instead they say bond 24. I think that’s more the way people are looking at it

  19. Maybe. It just seems like every article talking about another hulk movie seems to list “hulk 3″ as a possible name. And connect the first film to the other 3 he was in. When in reality they are two separate series like Christopher Nolan’s batman series and the upcoming Batman Vs Superman series.

    • Good point.

  20. I think I speak for all hulks fan out there when I say that the hulk is the best character in all movies his just one astonishing beast they should put more head to head fights in the next hulk movie that comes out…. I’ve always wonder if that same experiment could be done on me

  21. well give us a real hulk movie with so much destruction..action effects something badass so much betta dan d man of steel or captain america or even far betta dan d avengers…i am also a writer ..i have a written script of a hulk will top ur charts for as long as i can remember

  22. I so love hulk film becouse hulk is a big big bigggggggggggggg….. mass film compare than all the films.

  23. Would love to see a third hulk movie definitely if it’s done by the same directors as the Avengers truly can appreciate how the hulk was repersented.

  24. The second hulk was perfect. I don’t know why so many people prefer this hulk in the Avengers? In my opinion, the Avengers hulk looked too fat, short, and like a gorilla of some sort. The second hulk was THE ideal one, with well detail and define muscles, the facial was perfect and he didn’t have a hairy chest like the Avengers hulk, nor did he slouch all the time. Take a GOOD look before y’all choose a hulk, cause I sure did.

  25. waiting incrediable hulk 3

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