Summer 2014 Mailbag – SR Underground Ep. 151

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sr underground 151 summer mail bag Summer 2014 Mailbag – SR Underground Ep. 151

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred fifty-one of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we discuss the announcement of Pacific Rim 2, and new Better Call Saul details, as well as where the Hulk will be in Marvel Phase 3. Plus we answer reader mailbags.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 151 – Summer 2014 Mailbag

We discuss the announcement of Pacific Rim 2, and new Better Call Saul details, as well as where the Hulk will be in Marvel Phase 3. Plus we answer the question is the superhero movie genre getting stale?

[0:00] News: ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Set for 2017 Release; Animated Series in DevelopmentGuillermo del Toro Says ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Will Be ‘Very Different’‘Better Call Saul’ Takes Place Before, During & After ‘Breaking Bad’Mark Ruffalo: New ‘Hulk’ Movie Should NOT Be ‘Planet Hulk’, and The Future of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk After ‘The Avengers 2′.

[1:12:01] Rants and Raves: That Awkward Moment, Parks and Recreation, UFC, Transcendence, Earth to Echo, Attack on Titan, Snowpiercer, and Deliver Us From Evil.

[1:53:02] Summer 2014 Mailbag:

  • How will Gotham impact Arrow?
  • Our favorite movie soundtracks.
  • Are moviegoers losing interest in comic book movies?
  • RoboCop + Dredd + John Conner vs. Terminator or Alien vs. Predator (voiced by Idris Elba) + Adrien Brody + John Rambo + Jason Bourne + Aaron Cross?

[2:15:01] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.

Next Week: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Tammy opening): Sal reports that John Swift won with a perfect 15. Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 3,800

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  1. Geezes did someone ask the superhero interest loss question again? It might as well be rhetorical now, just look up some box office numbers.

    • We tackled that one again because multiple people asked about whether or not the poor performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2 was indicative of a turning point.

      • 700,000,000 is poor?

        • Cody –

          You know exactly what I mean. It made far less money than Sony was expecting overall (and less than The Amazing Spider-Man). “Performance” is relative. Sure, it made a lot of money (on an expensive budget) but it had lower review and audience scores than its predecessor. While it had plenty of fun moments, the movie did not energize the franchise, if anything it became the poster child for forced shared universe storytelling at the expense of a quality solo film.

          We don’t just look at current numbers, the question is (and why some listeners felt the film could be a turning point): How many of those people that made-up that $700,000,000 global take will show up for the next one?

          X-Men: The Last Stand was the most profitable X-Men movie until Days of Future Past (and The Last Stand is still the most profitable in domestic ticket sales) and it nearly killed that franchise.

          • But the question was are people tired of superhero films in general, and if so many worldwide are still going to see spiderman with all the negativity around it then the answer is obviously not.
            Even if this movie was bad, the brand(spiderman), genre and franchise of superhero films is still hot.

            But Im not saying Amazing spidey 2 is good, on the contrary, I found it kind of limp and more of a unfocused teen drama love story.

          • But I get your point that not so great films lead to diminishing returns in the future.
            And yeah bad movies have backlash, but assuming the movies are good, the superhero genre as a whole is hot and I dont see it burning out soon. Even when Dc jumps into the game, I think people will be starved to see Dc characters like batman/superman and then thatll shine.

            Spiderman is a special case where I believe that character has always made more than he should and pushed to be bigger than he is(especially now by sony)
            Im not shocked people are losing interest in him, just for the fact we’ve seen so much of him, despite the lackluster movies.

            • No doubt, I think we actually agree – even though we’re kind of arguing different points 😉

  2. Yes! fantastic more of the same! I was panicing for a second there, thought the powers that be were going to announce investment in new fresh and exciting projects.
    But thank god! it’s all spin offs and sequels.

  3. No How to Train your Dragon love? for soundtracks?

  4. I really loved the “Flight” soundtrack of Man of Steel. Gives me chills every time.

    • ^That still gives me goosebumps.

  5. With Better Call Saul, they could probably do the opposite character journey of Breaking Bad. Walter starts off idealistic and ambitious, then life happens, then he goes bad after life craps on him. Saul starts off idealistic and ambitious, then life happens and he is somewhat bad, then he becomes good after the events of Breaking Bad. They could maybe juxtapose cases he’s done as a lawyer in the past with things happening in his future life that are somewhat relevant.

    Tron: Uprising is really good. It does its own thing and really fleshes out characters, the world, the conflicts, and everything. It’s so much better than Tron: Legacy.

    Few tracks I liked:
    Labor of Love – Star Trek
    Enterprising Young Men – Star Trek
    Freedom Fighters – Two Steps from Hell (used in Trek trailer)
    God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Heat (you had to have watched the movie for the impact of this one)
    Lion King – I’d argue best soundtrack from Disney.
    Now We Are Free – Gladiator
    Clubbed to Death – Matrix
    Lord of the Rings soundtrack
    My Name is Lincoln – The Island
    And a random one that I think would make a good intro for a new Trek tv series:
    The Aviators – Helen Jane Long
    There’s just too many.

  6. The Rock soundtrack is still my all-time favorite, followed by Crimson Tide and Kingdom of Heaven. Inception, The Dark Knight and Man of Steel are also really good. As you can probably tell I love me some Hans Zimmer. I really loved his protege’s stuff as well, speaking of which, what the hell happened to Harry Gregson-Williams. The last good movie he scored was The Town back in 2010. His score for Kingdom of Heaven is amazing and severely underrated.

    Best score from a bad movie has to be ALIEN 3. That score is seriously dark, foreboding and epic feeling. I actually really like the movie, especially the extended cut, but it’s generally hated and I can understand why. Nobody should hate that score though. It’s by Elliot Goldenthal I believe.

  7. No love/coverage for the new Superman costume? Come on you guys…

    • Is there a lot to say about it? There are some subtle differences but not sure there would have really been all THAT much to unpack in a full discussion.

  8. Angels and Demons has one of the best soundtracks in my opinion, listen to it all the time. Specifically speaking the tracks “Science and Religion” and “God Particle”. Movie soundtracks are what make the world go round.

  9. They didn’t use “punchy robots” in Pacific Rim, because they were too dumb to use swords and guns right away, but because they wanted to primarily use blunt force trauma to bring down the Kaiju. The blood of the Kaiju was highly toxic and they wanted to spill as little of it as possible, which was explained during the introduction of the movie. I know, the movie isn’t consistent about it, when they shoot a Kaiju into pieces in the middle of the city later on, but at least that was the explanation.

    I’ve seen the Planet Hulk animated movie and it was absolutely terrible. Goofy as sh*t and with kindergarten level dialogue and plot twists. Not getting enough Mark Ruffalo is one reason to not turn it into a live action feature, but it certainly isn’t the best reason to stay clear of Planet Hulk. Please Marvel, give it a wide berth, unless you completely rewrite it into something servicable!

    Jared Padalecki is no good for Marvel. They already have a raccoon, there is no room for a moose with a dumb puppy dog look on his face and oily hair. 😀

    Screenrant now has an official catch phrase: Ant… Ant….. it’s not your fault. 😀

    I don’t care too much about song soundtracks, because I go to the individual artists instead of movie albums when I want to listen to them, but I love movie scores. Apart from the great and unavoidable John Williams classics like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T. etc., or Alan Silvestri’s Back to the Future score, the following tracks – in no particular order – are the highlights of some of my favourite movie scores:

    – The Rocketeer – Main Title/Take Off (James Horner)
    – Lost in Space (1998) – The Launch (Bruce Broughton)
    – The Last Starfighter – Main Theme (Craig Safan)
    – The Time Machine (2003) – I Don’t Belong Here (Klaus Badelt)
    – Super 8 – Letting Go (Michael Giacchino)
    – Oblivion – Fearful Odds (M83)
    – Howard the Duck – Ultralight Flight (John Barry)
    – Prometheus – Life (Marc Streitenfeld/Harry Gregson-Williams)
    – Starship Troopers – They Will Win (Basil Poledouris)
    – Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – Calling Sky Captain (Edward Shearmur)
    – Tron: Legacy – Flynn Lives (Daft Punk)
    – Man of Steel – What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving the World (Hans Zimmer)
    – Star Trek (2009) – Enterprising Young Men (Michael Giacchino)
    – Transformers – Arrival to Earth (Steve Jablonsky)

  10. Pacific rim 2.. Surprised you guys didnt suggest that the whole “new direction” is studio talk for “we cre getting half the budget we got for the first one so now we have to do more with less cg”.. Since the rift is closed, like u guys idk what they can do.. Though somebody suggested a civil war of sort between the various countries now that the thing unifying them (the monster threat) is not there anymore. Naturally they make robots for their armies.. So robots vs robots until the thrid act of course when the rift comes back.. Meh. Anyway u slice it, Deltoros drift love will prob muddle the whole thing. So like the drift with monsters though that would be diff, they do have the remains of the kayju, somebody could start making them and controlling them remotely to get what they want (new form of super villainy:. Ties in to the civil wars stuff as well).

  11. Anthony may be onto something with Keanu Reeves as Doctor Who! As long as Alex Winter is his companion!

  12. My favorite sound track is anything Quentin Tarentino does (Kill Bill Vol 1 especially)

  13. Doctor Whoa

  14. Hey guys I’m loving these podcasts. Just one question. Where can we download the lost practice episodes? I’ve heard rumours you guys recorded podcasts for green lantern, transformers 3 and captain America among others. Can we please have these podcasts. As a due hard fan I need to listen to them. I

      • Awesome, that gl podcast was great. I really hope you release the other ones soon. All your fans are dying to hear them. You guys easily have the best podcasts out there. Keep up the great work

        • Cheers! Thanks Jerry!

  15. This episode made me want to start a Fan Club for Anthony Ocasio. Your a genius with the “%$#@ing Negative Stars Review, His UFC Commentary, and his strange stuff I watched this weekend. I almost crashed my car laughing so hard! Wonderful Podcast Guys, Thank You!