Superhero Shows ‘Hulk’, ‘Jessica Jones’, & ‘Cloak and Dagger’ Headed to ABC

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jessica jones hulk Superhero Shows Hulk, Jessica Jones, & Cloak and Dagger Headed to ABC

The Incredible Hulk, AKA Jessica Jones and Cloak and Dagger projects are likely to to make it to television – that is, if you believe ABC Entertainment President, Paul Lee.

Lee recently spoke on using Marvel’s assets, via ABC’s parent company Disney, to capitalize on audiences’ infatuation with superheroes:

“I’m thrilled we have Marvel within our family, it’s a superb opportunity for us… We would love to make a Marvel franchise work on the network.”

All three potential series are in the early stages of development. Hulk will be the most recognizable to TV and movie fans, owing to the 1970s TV show and big-budget movies in 2003 and 2008. Jessica Jones is a lesser-known Marvel superhero (though she runs in circles with the likes of The Avengers) who has given up capes and cowls for a job as a private detective. Cloak and Dagger follows a young Manhattan man and woman with dark/light-themed powers.

Very little information is available about the television adaptations the three comic series. While Lee didn’t give up any more details than are already available, he did take a moment to hype the off-camera talent already working on Hulk and Jessica Jones.

“If you’re going to bring back a franchise, it’s easier to launch a well-known franchise, but what really distinguishes these are the showrunners — we have A-list showrunners.”

Guillermo Del Toro, a celebrated director and producer, and the driving force behind two Hellboy movies, is involved with Hulk in some capacity. He’s sharing writing duties on the pilot with David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and Del Toro said that he’d like to direct the pilot if his schedule permits. The prospect of Del Toro’s unique vision (on display in such off-kilter sci-fi films as Pan’s Labyrinth) combined with Eick’s world-building has fans eagerly anticipating the big green guy’s return.

hulk 2008 Superhero Shows Hulk, Jessica Jones, & Cloak and Dagger Headed to ABC

Jessica Jones is being written by Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the movie adaptation of Twilight and has served as an executive producer on Showtime’s Dexter. Marvel fans may balk at her experience with teen vampires, but Dexter‘s themes of ultra-violent vigilantism and secret identities have always felt very much like a more realistic take on Batman to me. There’s almost no information available on Cloak and Dagger‘s status, which means that, like the other two projects, it’s a long way from making it to pilot-form.

Lee was also quick to open the door for other comic book adaptations, saying: “They probably won’t be the only two Marvel things we do.” While he neglected to talk about Cloak and Dagger, other Marvel properties rumored for a TV adaptation include The Punisher and Daughters of the Dragon. It’s unknown how a potential Hulk show would mesh with the upcoming Avengers movie, wherein Mark Ruffalo will don the purple pants.

The three projects join a slew of superhero shows in production or already running. Smallville is wrapping up its final season, and The CW is investigating DC’s teenage demon-spawn Raven as a possible replacement. Original television heroes include ABC’s own No Ordinary Family, The Cape which premiered last night on NBC, and SyFy’s forthcoming Alphas. One casualty in the race for superhero development is Wonder Woman, which has failed to find a home on all major networks. Both Marvel and DC have multiple animated shows on various kids’ networks.

cape nbc Superhero Shows Hulk, Jessica Jones, & Cloak and Dagger Headed to ABC

While none of the three projects have been confirmed for production, one thing is for sure: the superhero boom has far from peaked. As Marvel lines up with ABC/Disney and DC works for parent company Warner Bros., expect many new comic projects on the small screen in the next 2-3 years.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Haven’t they beaten the dead horse of the Hulk enough already?

  2. Sweet! I’m most excited for Cloak and Dagger! Can’t wait to hear more on that!

  3. How are they going to be able to do the Hulk justice on the small screen, they just about managed it in $150 million movie, surely budget constrainst are going to sink this before it even gets made.

    • It is Disney. They have more money than God. They will just build another wing on the theme park to pay for it. :)

      • That’s proabably true. But it’s still going to be a huge expense for them.

        • I guess it depends on how they do it. They have done lots with Smallville but there is going to be a lot of cgi work here. Then again, this is Disney. This is their bread and butter. I am concerned about the villains. That is where you are going to get your most cgi.

          • @DrSam Beckett & GreaterTater, Guillermo Del Toro plans on using a combination of Puppetry, Animatronics and CGI. It won’t be all CGI. Most of the work done in “Pan’s Labyrinth” was puppetry, animatronics, and costume prosthetics. This will make the Hulk look even more realistic than he did in “The Incredible Hulk” movie. It turns out that CGI is the most expensive to my knowledge. “Motion Capture” has been shown as the way to go in order to cut out all of the CGI animation “drawing” and it makes for much more fluid motion, realistic movement and physics. Del Toro’s work in Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth is very impressive so I have a lot of faith that he will do well. I for one am not too psyched about another Hulk show, I’d rather them concentrate on “She-Hulk” instead but will I watch this? Hell yeah! I’ll probably watch it more for the cameos and see Abomination done with his signature ears like he was supposed to have, without them he looks too generic and actually looked like Doomsday.

      • And clone Bill Bixby?

  4. I don’t get it. Marvel have literally hundreds of characters that they could use for a tv show & yet Jessica Jones is the one they’re going with. I hate this character with a passion, which probably has something to do with the fact I despise Brian Michael Bendis & any comic he’s involved with.
    If they really want to go for a super hero private detective show then why not develop Power Man & Iron Fist, Marvels original Heroes for Hire.
    I just don’t think Jessica Jones is a strong enough character to carry her own series.

  5. Who cares how much it is going to cost , that has nothing to do with us the viewer, but what I am looking forward to is a HULK done by DEL TORO, are you kidding me why he hasnt been tapped to do a feature length version of this character amazes me. Del Toro’s Blade 2 is great and I loved both Hellboys, The man cares about his characters and is a comic book fan to boot. He wont do it unless its going to be great.
    Hell if its written well enough we may not even see a full blown Hulk in the shows he would be better served as to staying in the shadows where we only see parts of him

    • Actually caring about how much it costs is very important, it is a suggestion of quality, certainly in regards to the effects and what they will be able to do location and story wise.
      And is Del Toro really going to direct the pilot? he has possibly the busiest schedule in Hollywood, I expect him to drop out, he also isnt going to write every episode, his involvement will be minimal after the pilot.

  6. Hulk is incredibly mighty..

    • And that’s enough about his gamma-irradiated B.O., folks!


  7. Is the Hulk series gonna follow the 08 film, or is it own thing?

    • @WallyWest, From what I’ve heard, the show will take place on or right after the incident where he becomes the Hulk. Supposedly he will be in his early 20’s in the show. So I presume we will finally see “Rick Jones” as probably an integral character in the show. It’s also quite a possibility that the t.v. show universe will also be a shared universe within itself. So Jessica Jones or a character from her show might show up in the Hulk’s, Cloak & Dagger show or vice versa.

      • ooo thanks was wonderin bout that

    • @WallyWest, In a way it will be it’s own thing. No one has confirmed if Ruffalo will star in it. It looks as though he will not. Whether or not the Marvel cinematic universe will share itself or merge with the t.v. universe has not been officially dealt with yet. Either way it’s very cool. This will be somewhat like a live action ongoing comic book series with cameos, crossovers etc. So one situation may effect something on another show which would be totally badass if it turns out to be true.

      • So there will be four different Hulk’s (Hulk,Incredible Hulk,Avengers Hulk,TV Hulk)? Over kill much?

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing a pilot for AKA Jessica Jones, assuming it makes it that far. It’s got a lot of potential, and is one of the genres that’s been explored far more in comics (Alias, Chase, elements of Birds of Prey and Manhunter) than outside. Honestly I’d love to see Kristen Bell working a little Veronica Mars magic on a slightly larger, darker scale but I’m confident she’s too expensive these days.

  9. Brock Lesnar should play the Hulk!