Hulk Confirmed For The Avengers?

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iron man 2 incredible hulk cameo avengers Hulk Confirmed For The Avengers?

Yesterday, I read online snippets from an SFX Magazine interview with Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige where he talked about Marvel Studios establishing their key characters on their own and how they were fortunate that it worked beautifully for Iron Man, their first self-financed film. This was of course absolutely necessary for the plans of a lead-up to the Avengers movie to be made a reality for Marvel Studios.

In his discussion, Feige continued to explain that once each character is known and bankable on their own to mainstream movie-going audiences, only then can they come together to save the world in what might be one of the most ambitious film projects ever: The Avengers. Better yet, in listing the characters such a project would include, he seemingly confirmed that the Hulk is the fourth Avengers team member. This is something that he hinted at last summer and something I’ve been saying would happen for the last year and a half.

“My only concern is that when we launch a franchise–whichever character’s franchise that may be–it should stand on its own two feet… So by the time ‘The Avengers’ comes in 2012, it’s not just a team superhero movie with a bunch of characters with powers. It’s three people – four including the Hulk; five including Nick Fury – who you’ve seen before in other movies, coming together for the very first time.”

Now, assuming Hulk does appear in The Avengers, to what extent will his role be and will Ed Norton be involved? In my mind, he has to be. Marvel Studios forced in a Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. cameo into The Incredible Hulk with good reason and I can’t imagine that being thrown to waste. Hulk is too important with his movie being the second ever Marvel Studios production.

They did a great job with The Incredible Hulk, especially considering what it had to recover from while at the same time paying enough respect to the character’s origins. I don’t know about you, but I really want to see Ed Norton share some scenes with Robert Downey Jr.

MTV caught up with director Louis Leterrier recently who said Norton would definitely be up for more Hulk action if the story was good and fresh. He re-affirms that Norton is a huge fanboy but that he simply wouldn’t want to do the same thing over again with the character.

“It can’t just be ‘Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry… That would be a problem if you do the same thing over and over again. Edward’s never done the same movie twice, so I don’t think he would do that.”

“…I’m sure he would [be back]… He’s a fanboy. He’s as big a fanboy as you and me, maybe even more.”

And for the Hulk fans, there’s still the possibility for The Incredible Hulk 2, but that would have to happen after The Avengers when Marvel Studios hopes to push production up to four films a year instead of two. They have plenty of other characters they want to bring into the live-action film world including Iron Fist, Black Panther and Ant-Man.

Now I wonder if this means that old rumor of Ed Norton appearing in Iron Man 2 (Norton had shot it down) will come to fruition…

What do you think of this?

Source: SFX Magazine (via SHH)

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  1. So the team will just be Thor, Cap and Iron Man?
    Hmm…I would have liked atleast a couple of others to fill out the ranks…

  2. Norton is the best way to go but I'm glad they're working on getting the hulk in the movie.

  3. I'm sure some other hero's will be on the team, they will just be introduced in the Avengers movie and not have their own movie prior to Avengers. Giant/Ant Man and Wasp if they base it off the Ultimate comics, which it seems what they are doing with black Nick Fury.

  4. I think make The Avengers a special task force to hunt and take down the Hulk.

    Then in the final battle the Hulk shows that he can control his anger and is offered to join the team.

  5. Well seeing how it is just an introduction to the Avengers team, I wouldn't think that they would load it with too many characters and make everything complicated. I mean just think about who all is going to be and likely/rumored to be in the Avengers film: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and with Black Widow most likely in S.H.E.I.L.D if she isn't already.

    And those are just the good guys. Other than the rumor of Abomination returning, there hasn't been any real public discussion as to who the villains would be.

  6. gawd. Hulk reboot blew chunks. They need a new director.

  7. Really? I ask again, really?

  8. you guys are dense hulk is going nto be in the avengers people would freak he is what makes the movie the EPIC scale and he wont be a villain guranteed mabe a problem for them at one point but doubtful remmber at the end of TiH he became a hero and saved betty this version of the hulk is not the version seen in the past

  9. Wouldn't it be 6 including Black Widow?

  10. You are a master of spelling and punctuation, sir.

  11. Hulk reboot was phenomenal. Ed norton was the best possible choice for banner. I vote for more!

  12. I thought i read somewhere that they were going to use war machine to.

  13. Has anyone even thought of the possibility of having the Intelligent Hulk in the film. Banner will choose to remain as the Hulk. Hulk with the mind of Banner might be a great subplot for the Avengers.

  14. Alot of horizon just opened up with this news. Thanks Rob for helping us keep the faith. Now, will Norton be happy if his character progresses and grows or is he going to want some say on the story as a whole as well?

  15. I imagine Norton will be coming back, even if it is just a cameo, he is part of these movies now.
    And having the Hulk in The Avengers is an absolute must for me. I thought The Incredible Hulk was a great movie, and I would love to see a sequel produced at some point, although I can understand the difficulty of making a hulk movie, it isnt the easiest character to adapt into a two hour movie.

    HULK SMASH!!!!!!!

  16. ya i heard that too actually

  17. I'd like to say I either agree or disagree with the points you have made, but doing so would be quite impossible as I cannot grasp what you are trying to say.
    Perhaps next time try the English language.

  18. Apparently he is living up to his screen name.

  19. They are going to have to get someone amazing to play Captain America, who will be able to boss around the likes of RDJ and Sam Jackson?

  20. It is all about the delivery and belief in the person giving orders. Dont think of it as giving orders. Well im sure in the movie it will be brought up as such.

    Think of it as giving almost 100% correct direction. :D

    The Capt vs Fury may be along the lines of Cap telling fury YOU gave me control of this team for me to run as I see fit. Dont bench me or contradict me in front of MY team.

    The Capt vs IM will be along the lines of you are an integral part of this team but it is a team none the less. The team has a leader and as such I am leading this team. While I will take your ideas into consideration the success or failure of this team is on my shoulders.

  21. He should definitely come back, I'm sure most actors would LOVE to be apart of the epic film: The Avengers. I thought Ed did a great job as Banner, and I still have my fingers crossed for a cameo in IM2, Thor, or Cap'n. I love how they join the worlds together, and hopefully DC can do something similar.

  22. Give me a smart Hulk, now that's interesting. After watching a planet full of blue people in 3-D, I don't see a problem with a super-intelligent green guy walking around.

  23. Anotehr thing I would love to see… The Hulk grabbing someone (IM or Thor since they can take it) by the face and slamming their head into something.

    I mean can you see the green tint coming off his faceplate, eyes widening as his face is being palmed. The fear of the one eye you can see through the slit as the armor bulges a little then the body acting like a rag doll as his head is crammed into the side of a building…. :D

    Sorry loved the old Layton Hulk Ironman fight….

  24. At the end of The Incredible Hulk, they made it seem like Banner had control of the Hulk. So that could totally work.

  25. Wasnt Spider-Man part of The Avengers too?