Detailed New Image of The Hulk in ‘The Avengers’

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The Hulk in Avengers Images Detailed New Image of The Hulk in The Avengers

The Avengers promotional campaign is, at this point, threatening to go into overload mode. Stroll through the Internet these days and you’ll find a lot of fans who are starting to back away from any new trailers, TV spots, clips or featurettes about Marvel’s blockbuster superhero teamup, lest they see too much, too soon.

Then again, there are aspects of The Avengers that we could all stand to see more of – and one of those is undoubtedly The Hulk.

If you haven’t read our collection of Avengers cast interviews, you may have missed actor Mark Ruffalo talking about his role as Bruce Banner / The Hulk, and just where this  Avengers team-up event finds the character in terms of development.

Check out the following quotes from Ruffalo:

RUFFALO: I think Banner is aging and he’s been living with this thing. Two years have passed since the last one, and we’re kind of going for this world-weariness of accepting, and trying to get to the point where he can live with it, and maybe master it, or come to peace with it, and so there’s this kind of nice ironic wryness about Banner. He’s not so miserable. I think that’s kind of a throwback. We started to talk about a throwback to Bill Bixby, which was the Banner that I grew up on basically. He had a kind of a charm about him in this kind of world-weariness. He was on the run but he was still able to flirt sometimes and smile sometimes and occasionally crack a joke, so that’s in there.

[Banner] ends up being an intricate component to the first part of the movie. They really aren’t after him necessarily to be the Hulk. They’re really after him because of his gamma expertise. There’s a big portion in the movie where he’s doing a lot of that and helping them kind of crack this riddle.

And in terms of what kind of Hulk we’ll be getting?

RUFFALO: Yeah, he’s a smart Hulk. He hasn’t graduated to that yet but hopefully he might be on the way to that. I don’t know where it’s going to go after this, but I feel like we’re trying to open the door to the integration of the two, you know [Banner and Hulk]. I like to think of it as the guy trying to break a bucking bronco. He has some tiny little semblance of control over it but still it’s completely out of his control, you know. That’s kind of where the last one left off, I felt like.

Now, check out a picture of the newer, smarter, Hulk in The Avengers:


The Hulk In Avengers 280x170 Detailed New Image of The Hulk in The Avengers

Fans have overwhelmingly agreed that this version of Hulk in Avengers is (visually speaking) the best we’ve seen so far. In part that’s because movie technology is better than it was at the time of both Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003) and Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk (2008); however, the other part is the fact that Ruffalo – unlike previous Bruce Banner actors Eric Bana and Edward Norton – is actually playing the Hulk via motion-capture performance.

You can actually see Ruffalo’s facial features in that Hulk image above, and that fact alone goes a long way towards helping viewers suspend the disbelief that this brilliant scientist actually transforms into a rage-fueled jade giant. Ironically enough, Ruffalo is probably the one actor out of the Bruce Banner trio who least resembles his comic book counterpart. Of course, with a good performance on both sides of his character, Ruffalo could walk away with the role snug in his pocket – and those lucrative future installments of the Marvel movie universe.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012 in the U.S.

Source: The Age via CBM

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  1. Watched Incredible Hulk again last night actually, after not seeing it for a while. Forgot how good it was. Shame Norton isn’t back for The Avengers. Hopefully Ruffalo will do a good job.

  2. Watching the DVD extra features on the Incredible Hulk (version with Norton), I remember watching a special feature where they put some green goo on his face and he could animate the Hulk’s face by making his own faces. Does that not count as MoCap?

    Also, I might be recalling incorrectly, but I know Tim Roth did some MoCap for the Abomination, I just don’t remember if Edward Norton did the Hulks or if it was a different guy.

    Either way, I’m pretty psyched.

    • Best looking Hulk so far, you can really see the emotion.

      Ruffalo actually does the MoCap for all the face and most parts of his movement, whereas Norton only got got his face moulded and everything else was done on computer.

  3. Dude, I love The Hulk. But The Incredible Hulk was not a good movie. I liked Norton and co., but there were sooooo many flaws. The gritty, more grounded take on it by Marvel Studios was fresh and exciting, but think about the flaws. Norton’s constant hair color change, the silly shot of Liv Tyler cutting his hair and it switching to them making out, among others. But the payoff was terrific. Ever since Independence Day, sci-fi blockbusters are usually split down the middle(for me it was Batman Begins) with the second half of the film succumbing to a “superhero syndrome” of sorts. But with The Incredible Hulk, the payoff was AWESOME. Every time I hear “Hulk Smash!” at the end I wanna pee myself. As a whole, The Incredible Hulk was a little turbulent. I also loved that Abomination sequence that was slightly influenced by Cloverfield.

    • btw I did not mean I love “The Hulk”. That first one didn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s Eric Bana. Something about that guy isn’t quite awesome

    • I politely disagree. And, SPOILER, the Hulk is a superhero.

    • i’m confused by your rant sir, it wasnt a good movie, yet you wanna pee yourself when he says hulk smash? i thought that scene made him look too “cartoony”
      i also doubt there was any influence from cloverfield as they were released just over 5 months apart

  4. I can’t sit still I’m so psyched! Luckily I haven’t followed the coverage too closely so overload for me! :)

    • *no overload for me. :)

  5. The main reason I like this Hulk isn’t just because he looks far better then the last two but because he’s around the actual hight the Hulk should be which is 8″, they went over the top in Hulk and TIH was also a little to big.

    • I like Hulk to be 9 feet tall. He should be taller than the tallest man who ever lived, who was around 8 feet tall.

      • Actually there was a man named Galioth who was 9 feet tall!

        • I mean taller than the tallest non-mythical man.

      • Tallest man recorded was Robert Wadlow who was practically 9′ tall (8’11.5″, died b4 finishing growth, infected by nails in his handmade custom boots)

    • ruffalo stated that hulk is 8 1/2 feet tall in TA, which i believe is just about right. kevein gfeige stated that in the tv show he was 6′, in “Hulk”, he was 15, and in TIH he was 9, so he’s all over the place, same as the comic books as well. to me, now, he looks right. beefy, not all steroid overdosed.

      • In the tv show, he should be 6’5, because that’s Lou Ferigno’s height during his prime.

      • Ferigno was 6’4″, tv Hulk 7′. Ferigno appeared as himself (bodily) in an episode and faced off with Hulk who was made to appear bigger.

  6. Hulk is gonna wreck all those aliens :)

  7. Hulk 2

    Hulk vs. U-Foes!!!

    w/ leader at end to set up for Hulk 3.

  8. i recently got TIH on bluray, and i hadn’t noticed it on my burned dvd copy, but during the 1st “hulk-out” hulk growls “leave me alone”, i had to turn on the subtitles to make sure i didn’t imagine it. the difference in the sound on BD v DVD is amazing. i had never heard that part before on my DVD version.
    i also hope there will be a hulk sequel, i thought there was supposed to be one in 2014 or ’15

    • Lou Ferrigno voiced the Hulk in the few parts of TIH where he speaks.

      • He’s voiced the Hulk in everything, Ang Lee’s Hulk and the Hulk cartoon from the 90’s.

        • Only in the recent cartoons was he replaced by Fred Tatasciore.

        • Yes. I know.

          He was just talking about TIH so I was talking about the voicework in TIH.

  9. I still prefer Hulk to be so cut that you can see every muscle fiber bulging through the skin like he was in “The Incredible Hulk.” To me, this Hulk looks out of shape, even though he looks fantastic.

    • He’s supposed to look out of shape. Like it says in all the Hulk related interviews, Banner is older and tired.

      • I don’t want an out of shape Hulk, that just makes him weaker! Hulk strongest one there is!

  10. The Ang Lee version was vastly superior to the 2008 version as a movie , but the actual rendition of the Hulk still looked best in the Norton reboot – The Hulk had a leaner, menacing look and i think the Avengers should’ve gonr more closer to that look.

    • I liked both films a lot, especially in how different they were, but I still think TIH was overall better. Ang Lee’s take was just too ‘out there’ when compared to the tone of the source, the intentions.

  11. Hulk Hogan

  12. I hope the Hulk talks more in the Avengers and not just say “Hulk Smash”

    • It looks like (based on footage released so far) that because Banner has better control, his personality shines through more as well. I bet that he’ll say actual phrases or have a conversation.

  13. I didn’t like the super-cut Hulk, he looked weird. He was never drawn like that in the books, he was always portrayed more bulky than cut. He should be like the worlds strongest man competitors, not a bodybuilder.

  14. This new RUFFALIZED Hulk is perfect!! He looks just like Mark Ruffalo and the shade of green just seems right. BRAVO!! :)

    • I have a feeling there may be more interest in the Hulk after TA. People say that TIH didn’t make enough money to warrant a sequel, but it was just too soon after the Ang Lee crapfest. TA will likely be a blockbuster financially, and with Banner/Hulk as a major character, we may yet see a TIH sequel.

      Honestly, TIH was my favorite of all the Marvel films, even IM (which is blasphemy on forums like this.

      • Heresy!! Sacrilege!!! Nothing is better than IM!!!!! Off with his head!!!!! 😀

  15. Looks a lot like Ruffalo in the top image, best looking hulk.

  16. the old hulk,s weak and can,t even hardly pick up a car and the tv spots show the new hulk is stronger

  17. Just a thought. How many set ups are there going to be in Avengers? You have Cap2/IM3/Thor2/Hulk4? all coming out in the next few years. So is it going to be individual or one big set up that they all get to follow on there own. ?umm…

    • hulk4? we’ve not even had a 3, or, technically speaking, as “The Incredible Hulk” is considered a reboot, a hulk 2 yet. i hope they dont number the hulk sequels, call the next one “return of TIH”, or “revenge of TIH”, or something similar.

      • TIH: The Leader

    • Like Jeffro said, Ang Lee’s Hulk isn’t related at all. I know it doesn’t make sense on some level, there were two hulk movies within a few years of each other, they must be 1 and 2 right? But they’re not. Think of The Incredible Hulk as “hulk 1″ and IF they ever do a sequel, that will be the 2nd Hulk movie.

  18. Best looking Hulk, worst looking Banner. They really should have brought back Edward Norton for continuity purposes.

    • Ed Norton doesn’t want to be in The Avengers because he didn’t agree with Marvel about something and negotiations failed.

      • Here’s the info:

        Norton had a great performance in The Incredible Hulk, and it was a good film, but he wanted to interfere with the script and wasn’t taking direction and was overall difficult to work with. The end result was an enjoyable film, but they also didn’t ask him back for The Avengers.

        In an ensemble film like Avengers, you need actors that are awesome team players, will take the script and use it, will take direction from the boss, and so on. Norton’s known for not doing these things on his projects. Personally I love Norton’s work and his iteration of Hulk, but Ruffalo was the perfect choice to replace him for The Avengers.

    • I really don’t care that much about Banner….I want Hulk smashing action.

  19. The picture at top looks real; the picture featured in the middle looks a bit fake, but still good. I’m truly happy they decided to go with a version of the Hulk from the comic instead of the leaner version from TIH.

    Also, to jeffro, I heard him say that in the theatrical release and on DVD.

    • “Also, to jeffro, I heard him say that in the theatrical release and on DVD.”

      Ditto. I heard it as well. I have it on DVD and have never had a problem hearing it. Time to replace those old tired mono speakers Jethro! :)

  20. I never understood all this gushing love for Norton. Bana was good too. No one ever mentions that. It doesn’t matter now though because I think Ruffalo will be the best Banner/Hulk. He’s a good actor. (see “Zodiac”.. good dynamic with RDJ) Also, he might not look like Banner from the comics but look at the guy’s face, he looks JUST like ther hulk.

    • Eric Bana had all the charisma of a bowl of wet corn flakes.

      • Hey, I like Corn Flakes! Not that I want to eat Eric Bana or anything.

        Why are you looking at me that way?! 😀

    • No one ever mentions it because most fans of The Hulk didn’t like that movie much, and they also didn’t think Bana was good as Banner. There was too much alteration to the feel of the story by Ang Lee…there’s of course a lot more to it than that but the subject has been covered extensively elsewhere. I’m not going delve into it here.

      I like Bana’s other work but I hate that film.

  21. Eric Bana is a talented actor who’s just made the wrong movie choices. He had potential to become the new Harrison Ford of the noughties, but after Hulk failed at the box office and Troy didn’t make a lasting impression – he couldn’t find another big signature role.

    Having said that he was awesome in Munich (the last truly great Spielberg film and 2nd best film of 2005)and deserved at the very least a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

    Zodiac is one of the most overrated movies ever – two and a half hours that could’ve easily been cut down by 40 mins.

    Bana then should’ve been called by for The Avengers.

      • The character is supposed to be emotionally repressed. I much prefer Ang Lee’s Hulk to TIH. I even like it as a Hulk movie, but Ang Lee was really trying to make something different and universal. It’s ambitious to a fault, but I preferred it to about all of the play-it-safe Marvel movies. The Hulk and the Hulk scenes look great to me.

        That said, this latest Hulk looks like the best so far. Third times a charm. He could end up stealing the show, winning over general audiences(which neither previous one managed), and reviving the concept of Hulk movies (although I think Hulk could make a fantastic TV show). And are people calling Hulk “out of shape” mindlessly quoting Kevin Feige or do they have some fantasy-based idea of real human anatomy? He looks great, like a big bulky bruiser. He fits into the “real” world about as perfectly as a giant green man could. TIH looked completely fake in context of a movie world. He looked too chiseled, with a ridiculously thin waist. He had a straight upright posture, and a weirdly pointy featured “handsome” face, making him look more like Bizarro Superman than the Hulk. I’m glad they’ve finally done the Hulk right and I can’t wait to see him in this movie.

    • @lebsta. Hey Troy is a classic i use to watch that three times a week when it first was on dvd and im starting to get back into it now.

  22. The Incredible Hulk version was more in tune with how Hulk currently looks and acts in the comics. I hate when actors always refer to Bill Bixby in Hulk interviews because right there shows they dont research source material. Dude Hulk was a comic character before a 70’s tv icon. Hulk in the comics is the bad ass of bad ass. He was the king of his own planet plus he waged war on earths heroes. And that was all Hulk, not Banner. Because they really should, by now, be shown as seperate personalities. Banner doesnt turn into the Hulk the same way Donald Blake doesnt turn into Thor. Their like human host bodies for this massively powerful being who does what he wants when he wants. This is where the Hulk movies never got it right. They should approach them as two seperate charecters who are aware of eachother’s presence. Hulk and Banner share a body but they bicker constantly. That would make a succesful Hulk movie.

  23. No one ever mentions it because most fans of The Hulk didn’t like that movie much, and they also didn’t think Bana was good as Banner. There was too much alteration to the feel of the story by Ang Lee…there’s of course a lot more to it than that but the subject has been covered extensively elsewhere. I’m not going delve into it here.

    I like Bana’s other work but I hate that film.

    • This posted itself to the wrong place, and SR still doesn’t have a delete option.

  24. Marvel really needs to rethink watering down the brand by doing a TV version of the Hulk. I have a feeling that the Hulk is FINALLY going to have his breakout role in this movie.

    Marvel should remember when Paramount had seriously considered doing Star Trek 2 as a television movie and suspend any plans for a non-CGI, weekly series Hulk forthwith.

  25. @Longshanks

    I have to disagree – Ang Lee’s film is better because it added layers and depths to a character that essentially gets angry and destroys everything in its path. I can appreciate that it was slow paced and wasn’t ‘box office’ friendly on it’s release.

    But Hulk 2003 did much better in capturing the internal struggle between Banner. It gave reasons for Banner’s anger and how the gamma radiation just amplified emotions that were already there. The 2008 film, yes had more action but felt very generic and lacked very little substance. It’s not bad by any means just doesn’t have the intelligence of Ang Lee’s version.


    I’m not sure Troy is quite a classic, but agree that it’s an impressive epic in places. It’s a novelty as its more about a battle between two equal forces – rather than the usual theme of vengeance or freedom that covers most of the great epics (e.g Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Gladiator, Braveheart etc.)

    • I’m with you lebsta. I really liked Hulk. It’s imagery stayed with me for a long time. TIH was forgotten by the time I got back to my car. I too will grant that it’s not a perfect interpretation of the Hulk, or even that it succeeds as the artful “film” Ang Lee was making. But if it’s a failure, it’s a spectacular one. I don’t mind a film like that, and I find I like it more and differently every time I see it.

      • Also, I don’t like Ed Norton. His ego always seems to ooze out of his characters, maybe especially when he’s supposed to be “humble.” RDJ to the contrary, can play an egomaniac while still exuding vulnerability. Marvel made the right call here.

    • @ lebsta, totally agree.I will re watch Hulk over IH any day/anytime.

    • I have 2 words about Ang Lee’s Hulk – Gamma Poodles

      that is all.

  26. I really hope Hulk steals the show in this movie so that, hopefully, it will compel Marvel Studios to follow up with a sequel to The Incredible Hulk. They left so many things open in that movie. There’s the indication of Samuel Sterns’ transformation into The Leader, Leonard Samson was introduced into the cast of characters(how about gamma-powered Doc Samson in the sequel???), Betty’s relationship with Bruce was left hanging, and what about The Abomination? He’s not dead, looks like he was still breathing after his fight with Hulk. Also, I would love to see The Absorbing Man! And maybe they could introduce Jennifer Walters in the sequel, setting up a She-Hulk story for the third movie. That would be really cool!

    • Absorbing Man was already featured in Ang Lee’s Hulk.

      • When I said I wanted to see The Absorbing Man in a Hulk sequel, I meant the REAL Absorbing Man from the comics, who’s name was Carl “Crusher” Creel. In Ang Lee’s Hulk movie, they turned Banner’s father into a cheap variation of the Absorbing Man. Not the same thing.

    • The problem with introducing all those people is that you end up with a saturation of “superheros”. It could get real cheesey, real fast! I like the idea of bringing in the Absorbing Man though. He was alway a good cross over bad guy.

      • I see this a lot, people start talking about what they want in the next film, and then they cram 1000 different characters into one 2 hour theoretical film. I guess they think “more is better” but it’s really not. There’s a certain structure that works for film, you have to keep the cast down to a certain number or you don’t have time to develop the characters and plot. The ONLY reason Avengers is even possible is because most of the major players have had films of their own to take care of major character development.

        A great example of “no, you’re doing it wrong.” is when people list of what they want in Avengers 2… “Ultron, Dr. Pym, The Vision, Thanos, Wolverine, Spider-man, AND Korvac! Word up! That would be bad@ss!” All of those characters are awesome, but that movie would never make it past the treatment stage.

        • Exactimatically!