The Wolverine: The Evolution of Hugh Jackman’s Hairstyle

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Wolverine Hair The Wolverine: The Evolution of Hugh Jackmans Hairstyle

The X-Men franchise will be returning to theaters for at least the next two consecutive years with sequels to both spinoffs of the original live-action trilogy. The sequel to X-Men: First Class (titled Days of Future Past) is in pre-production to begin shooting later this year and the sequel to the not-so-awesome X-Men Origins: Wolverine has already begun principal photography.

The Wolverine locked down most of its cast, including its primary villain in the Silver Samurai, just a few weeks ago, and now that it’s shooting, we’ve already seen photos and video from the set – The latest of which offering a look at Hugh Jackman’s hairstyle for the sequel.

In addition to his Adamantium claws, one of Wolverine’s most recognizable characteristics has always been his unique hairstyle and from film-to-film it’s changed quite a bit for actor Hugh Jackman.  It began attempting to replicate the comics with plenty of hair product holding Jackman’s hair up and in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it went for a more modern look. In The Wolverine, Jackman will have relatively short hair but they still managed to keep a bit of his hair up on the sides.

Hugh Jackmans Wolverine Hair 240x1024 The Wolverine: The Evolution of Hugh Jackmans Hairstyle

The Wolverine is currently shooting in Australia and local press and the mayor (seen below) of Sutherland Shire had the chance to meet Jackman on set where a few photos were taken with him sporting his current and much shorter hairstyle. The film sees the character of Logan travel to Japan, based a story from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s popular 1982 run on the Wolverine comics.

James Mangold is directing The Wolverine based off of Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback’s screenplay.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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Sources: The Leader (via Latino Review), Trish Anders (via CBM)

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  1. He looks like Sean Connery in the 4th picture.

    • haha he does

    • “You call this archaeology?”

  2. He does not look live Wolverine. I will be the first fan to say that too many of us gripe over the “look” of our comic heroes once they make it to the big screen. But I am going to gripe a little. Jackman is too tall for Wolverine but without the hair he doesnt look like the character much at all. Oh well….

    • Agreed. He really was never Wolverine for me. Combination of bad writing and his looks.

      • ^^I’m with you Ignur Rant!^^ Talk about franchises that can use a REBOOT! A “Whole” reboot, not “Half and Half”.

    • Too tall, hair does not go well, he breathed in this way rather than this one, his tank top had a hole on the right side instead of the left and blah, blah, blah… Peter Mayhew isn’t really afflicted with hypertrichosis, but actually played Chewbacca. Harrison Ford is from Chicago, not really Corellian and Jurassic Park dinosaurs couldn’t be real. Jackman is around 6’2 and can’t sawing a piece of his legs. That’s cinema, just cinema.
      Do you know Len Wein? He’s co-creator of Wolverine and he said: “When I got my first glimpse of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, my breath caught. In that single instant, he was Wolverine.” Who presume to know this character better than his creator? Is really demential judging a movie never seen because not even finished shooting, literally not-out-yet and for the sake of god, stop to blame Jackman if a movie does not work, he’s the only good thing about X-Men movies. In fact the only thing people remember about First Class, is… his cameo.

    • with a enough muscle jackie earl haley should be wolverine in the reboot.

  3. Without a beard he just doesn’t looks as good as with a beard! :)

  4. Is nothing sacred? Will Hollywood desecrate everything so they can ‘improve’ it? I’m just sickened.

  5. Don’t really care about the hair that much (it looks close enough to the Wolverine from the comics without looking silly IMO)… I’m just hoping they give him a good costume this time round.

    • yes, tired of the same ole jacket/vest/jeans looks.

  6. in some comics his hair is shorter like on this pic,and in one x-men series (2 or 3 comics) hisa head is full shaved. i hope he gets a better training this time he must bulk his chest and neck and shoulder more up. and his suite,and i mean the suit from the comic. they always say that hugh don´t want to dress in a yellow spandex suit,but they should at least try to create a suit and not push it always away. i don´t understand why the directors and hugh find the suit ridicullous for the real world. the campiest comic suits have worked and looked good in actuell superhero movies.

    • his hair never changes ever. I dont know what your reading.

      • In the second run of the Wolverine series. He goes undercover to infiltrate an eco- terrorist group at the behest of the father of a girl said group had kidnapped, he does, in fact, shave his head. In the issue he teams up with the mercenary Terror( green guy with spikes coming out either side of his face, can replace his body parts with those of dead people) and Jubilee tags along.
        So, yes, yes he does occasionally change his hair. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    • Jackman is 6’2″ and probably already undergoes a lot of training to get where he is with his muscle development. Not all tall guys can be thick all over though, his chest and upper body in general just might not get anymore developed without him dropping movie-making or injecting something. Maybe he can inject something to make him 5’3″ instead.

  7. I don’t see why the hair is such a big deal. It seems like just another reason for fanboys to hate the movie. Why can’t we actually focus on the movie itself, instead of how everyone is dressed?

  8. I can’t complain too much about Hugh Jackman’s height as Wolverine. I know that it was very hard to find the right actor at the right height. Many actors are shorter than average, but not that short where it is obvious. And that was the point, that Wolverine was always much shorter than average. So they threw out that out and simply went with the best guy who could capture Wolverine regardless of height. Jackman has been Wolverine for so long now, that’s it hard to argue anymore. Perhaps whenever the inevitably reboot the character or X-Men completely there will be a new Wolverine but it won’t be until after Jackman leaves the role. Jackman is 44 in October. I could see him go for maybe one or two more films after this one. He’d be almost 50 by that point, so it would be stretching his ability to maintain his physique and the physical demands of the role.

    • i dunno, Stallone is pushing 70 and look at him.

      • Stallone probably still has Joe Wieder on speed dial :p

    • thats why i gave up after wolverine origins story. those of us that truly want to see the xmen and daredevil back with marvel have to continue to drive down the sales of their xmen movies and stop watching them or at least have enough discipline to see them for a dollar or on dvd.

      • Us “fans” only account for a very, very small percentile of the people who watch these movies.
        You don’t seriously think that Origin’s $370mil income was due to the fans do you?
        The general, everyday movie goer is the person responsible for getting these movies into the green. Guys show up for the action and the girls show up to accompany the guys and look at Hugh Jackman in a vest 😉 – among other reasons as well, I’m sure

        I’m a huge fan of Marvel Studios but I can admit that Fox did a pretty good job with First Class and personally (although I know a lot of people feel differently) I loved Amazing Spider-Man.

        These rights won’t be reverting back any time soon and so far it looks like The Wolverine actually has some potential so I’m definitely gonna keep showing interest… I might just as well… it won’t magically go back to Marvel if I don’t lol.

        • I agree, Avenger… Although it hurts me to do so, I do agree. :(

          • This is precisely why, as long as the non Marvel created movies make enough money, these characters will never revert. Decisions on casting, costuming, scripting, etc., are almost solely based on return income for most of them. The same producers watch what makes money, too, which is why so many superhero movies have become “dark and gritty (read: “realistic”)” a la Nolan.

            Ironically, Avengers holds pretty close to the original comics and did well (keeping in mind that a large % of viewers were NOT comics fans on top of everything), so I can only hope the same people in control of making decisions leans towards “fun” as opposed to, God forbid, worrying about what they deem to be “silly” elements and struggling so hard to make things “realistic,” by their definition.

            As I have posted before, many superhero movie makers simply have no respect for comics. Now that “funny book” characters are making more and more money, one begins reading about how “this producer” or even “that actor” is taking them seriously, or how they’ve been (closeted) fans for years. It’s all just a business but the silly stigmata revolving around comic books being only for kids should have died a looong time ago, imho.

  9. i´ve seen new pics five minutes ago,i think screenrant will have it soon. he looks perfect this time, he bulked up and looks massive and the haircut looks better.

  10. does not matter what fox does with these xmen franchises because they they will finish behind them always in one form or another. i hate seeing one of my favorite superhero teams not being able to perform in marvel cinematic universe.

  11. Too tall, too nice a guy
    Hardy juiced up would be perfect or Mel Gibson for older days of future past Logan

  12. He was best in X1 after that he kept getting more tame.

  13. I personally don’t have a problem with his shorter hair. I will say though that there is some evidence from the source material that suggests that Logan perpretually unkempt hair is a byproduct of his healing factor. In “Weapon X,” Logan has his head shaved by the experimenters, only to have his hair grow back in over the course of several panels.

  14. I still think he channeled his best Wolverine in the first half of the school invasion in X2.

    I’d like to see X-Men totally rebooted, and taken down the Avengers path of a few key introductory solo films leading to a team film. Unless DOFP can manage to pull the cat out of the bag.

  15. The hair looks fine imo I just hope we get the Wolverine we’ve all been waiting to see.

  16. I hope this doesn’t suck as much as Origins…

    • Agreed on Weapon X flashbacks.

  17. This is FOX studios and we all know how they treat comic property. I personally love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Im sure there is someone out there better at the part but at the time being Jackman is good. But this hairstyle is wrong. Can we just get what we all want?? The brown and yellow costume with the RIGHT hairstyle. I just wish that Marvel/Disney would just buy back all the movie rights so they can make it RIGHT!!!

  18. yeah the hair is just fine…as is Jackman. nothing wrong with his portrayal of wolverine.

  19. lets*

  20. Wolverine in the xmen comics I read was usually introduced by the following. Bad guys enter room, lights go out, you see SNIKT, lights go on and wolverine is standing over dead people. He was usually more of a loner and would periodically leave the team to do his own thing coming and going as he pleased.

    The movies made him out to be like a leader type which I didn’t like. He has to be more feral.

    • That’s because the female demographic liked him so well (and dollars dripped off his body), he was transformed into Cyclops-Wolverine, essentially. Had a less handsome and/or slightly older actor portrayed the character, we likely would have seen very different movies and things like Cyclops dying in the third movie, for example, would likely also not have happened.

  21. People who complain about Jackman being too tall don’t stop to think about how stupid a live action character would look at 5’3″

    I’m all about faithfulness to source material in films, and you will not find a more hardcore Marvel fan on this site, but I also realize that some things that work fine on a comic page don’t work in live action film. Maybe it’s the writer & film nerd in me coming out, maybe it’s unfair for me to expect the same focus on comprehension and analysis from everyone else, but I never thought it was that hard. Acknowledge and accept that some changes will occur, and it’s PERFECTLY OKAY to change your viewpoint based on further thought. Wolverine being 5’3″ in yellow rights just wouldnt work.

    • No live action version of a drawn or animated character is going to look like the images that inspired it. The idea that Wolverine has to be 5’3″ is not as important to me as getting all of the personality of the character out. Jackman has been able to convey the more evolved side of the character and I just think the writers and producers have never wanted to really get down and dirty with the character. Unless they find an actor who is 5’3″, built like a wrestler and can act there will more than likely never be someone who looks exactly like the comic book.

      As for the tight, spandex costume deal, it really sounds better than it would look in most cases. Spider-Man and Superman have been depicted in live action for so long that people accept the tights in live action a bit more. But you have to consider how this would look on a particular actor and how it looks in the environment the story takes place in.

    • I don’t think Glenn Danzig (5’4″), for example, looks stupid at all. His personality and attitude alone probably make him seem a lot bigger than he actually is and he was a candidate for the character years ago. Granted, he’s not an actor but he’s definitely a good example.

      Being able to “deal” with a short actor in an ensemble is no different than working with a tall one. The fact of the matter is when the dollar signs in the producers’ eyes popped up and the panties were picked up, any concern over Jackman’s stature became moot. So did age, bodyhair and many other things…

      • If Glenn Danzig was the only name anyone came up with who happened to fit the height requirement, then it shows they never were really looking very hard. Danzig can’t act and his on-stage persona is just that, a stage act. Even with all his weight lifting and martial arts he still got knocked out a few years ago backstage at a show when he got in some guys face.

        If they found someone who fit the height requirement, was fit enough and could actually act then nobody would have a problem if the guys was 5 feet tall, but there likely is not a pool of actors out there who fit the entire profile. As much as people complain about Jackman, they forget he was a last minute replacement and Dougray Scott is no 5’3″ lumberjack either. Even if Marvel gets the rights back to the X-Men someday, if it comes down to someone who is the right height and someone they think will sell tickets they will side with selling tickets.

        • My point wasn’t whether Danzig could act or even if he should be the one to get the job. My point was: being short has nothing to do with how “stupid” a 5’3″ person would be in a live action film.

          At the time that the original X-Men movie was being organized, NONE of the actors were known and, in fact, Danzig was probably the only candidate for ANY of the character roles that was known at all.

          Whether or not a celebrity or actor can actually hold his own in a rl fight really has nothing to do with portraying a character in a movie.

  22. Saying someone would look ridiculous at 5,3″ is amusing considering many of the action stars are 4′ something. Most are very short.

    • “most action stars” are 4 feet tall?

      You are on crack.

  23. People act like his hair looked the same in every comic appearance for the last 40 years. Maybe his hair is short in these shots because he was in the Army in the 40’s and in a prison camp.

    • I thought it was obvious that his hair was short because of the prison scenes. Are these supposed film and comic “fans” really having that much trouble with the logic here?

      Brain cells. Use ’em.

      • I collected almost everything Wolverine related from the original mini-series up until issue 100 of the first run of his solo series, and the appearance of his hair and even claws varied wildly from one artist to the next. As much as I get on these films about plot content and characterization I will never understand the need people have to try and make a live action, 3 dimensional medium resemble a 2-D, drawn environment. They have nothing in common and what is on a comic book page or even done in animation does not always (almost never) look good in real life.

  24. I also gotta add that Jackman reminds me of the first time I saw wolverine in Spider-Man and his amazing friends. He always seemed perfect to me – without being an over muscled unrealistic superman like they’re sometimes drawn in the comic. He could be a little more ripped maybe but I’m surprised there’s issue with…unless it’s just fanboy nitpicking nonsense like “wolverine would never eat a cheeseburger – he’s lactose intolerant”.

    • AND i just saw a still where he has shoulder length hair while he’s a vagrant – so it’s gonna change more than once.

  25. Jeeze. Everyone defending jackman must work for fox. This is why I wont spend another dime on a cbm that isnt faithful to the books. They could at LEAST cast an actor that is under 5″10. Wolverine was always called “runt” by sabertooth. How in the world does that work when jackman is taller than liev? And yes the bannana suit might not work but at least attempt SOMETHING. A black and brown suit like the xforce uniform would work well. OR at least a black and yellow one.