Hugh Jackman Reveals Summer Start Date for ‘Wolverine 2′

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wolverine 2 script rewrite Hugh Jackman Reveals Summer Start Date for Wolverine 2

Even as superheroes like Iron Man and The Avengers thrive under Marvel Studios’ watch, the X-Men film franchise (over at 20th Century Fox) has continued to struggle.

First, X-Men: The Last Stand took longer than expected to happen, after director Bryan Singer was swapped for Brett Ratner. Thereafter, the Origins: Wolverine spinoff/prequel was infamously passed around to several different filmmakers, ultimately suffering from too much studio interference; and, just last year, X-Men: First Class managed to re-invigorate fan interest in the franchise, despite it being pushed through the production pipeline at a furious rate.

The same has been true for Wolverine 2 (a.k.a. The Wolverine) – which, after a couple years’ worth of false starts, is finally ready to begin production. Fox officially settled on a July 2013 release date for The Wolverine a few months back, but it’s star Hugh Jackman who has revealed (via Twitter) that principal photography will commence this August. That will allow the A-lister around two months to “take a break” from acting – and rebuild his bulky frame, after he dropped some weight in order to portray a malnourished Jean Valjean for the Les Misérables musical adaptation (which will wrap production in a few weeks, says Jackman).

Location shooting on The Wolverine will take place overseas in Japan, as the film is based primarily on Chris Claremont’s famous “Wolverine” comic story arc from the 1980s – wherein Logan goes on an adventure in (and around) Tokyo, encountering many a dangerous foe and friend along the way. However, sound stage work on the X-Men flick (which may or may not be released in 3D) will be completed over in Australia.

The Wolverine 2 release date Hugh Jackman Reveals Summer Start Date for Wolverine 2

James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Knight and Day) is directing Wolverine 2, working from an original script draft penned by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) – then, subsequently reworked by Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard, Unstoppable). That’s a complimentary mix of talent, as McQuarrie is known for writing more cerebral, dramatic thrillers, whereas Bomback’s forte is in the area of faster-paced, spectacle-driven action fare. Mangold completes the triumvirate by being a flexible filmmaker, who has handled everything from serious real-life stories (Girl, Interrupted) to lightweight rom-coms (Kate & Leopold) and the previously-mentioned western/action titles.

That’s all to say: there are enough skilled people working behind-the-scenes on The Wolverine to suggest it could potentially be Jackman’s best outing as the titular character yet (something the actor has long promised). Many fans will probably always wonder what the film might’ve been like, had it been directed by Darren Aronofsky as originally planned – but, c’est la vie, as they say…

Look for The Wolverine to attack theaters around the U.S on July 26th, 2013.

Source: Hugh Jackman

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  1. Since they screwed up Gambit by introducing him in wolverine origins i hope he comes back in this because i really like that character. They want the x men to have some form of continuity so he wont be in the x men first class sequel or any other form unless they make him his own movie but i think Marvel hates Gambit so he wont get his own movie, he was probably put in wolverine to shut the fans up.

    • Gambit is, and always has been, my favorite x-man! I know I’m in the minority there but I agree that they really messed him up in Origins. However, I am curious as to why you think Marvel hates gambit?

    • Two things.

      First, there is no evidence whatsoever that Marvel “hates” Gambit. If that were the case, he wouldn’t currently be featured in two Marvel publications (X-Men: Legacy, Wolverine and the X-Men).

      Second, even if Marvel hated Gambit (again, no evidence for that), it would have no bearing on whether or not a Gambit film gets made. Marvel does not presently hold the rights to make any X-Men-related films. 20th Century Fox holds those rights and they have no intention of letting them go.

  2. I had always wanted gambit to apear in the x-men films since X1. When his name appeared in X2 I figured he would be in X3 but that never happened. I liked the first two films but was disappointed with X3. I didn’t have high expectations for XMFC but after watching the film I was pleasantly surprised and really liked it. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  3. I still have high hopes for this one (more so than I have for IM3 unfortunately :().
    The Wolverine might very well end up being the ‘X-Men First Class’ of 2013 – just better,

    • I agree with you on that TA I was really hoping for something we’ve never seen before in IM3 I.e. magic vs. technology but instead we’re getting fed some cyborg that nobody’s ever heard of thank you Shane Black for ruining IM for me :( so I’ll take Wolvie vs. Silver Samurai at least it’ll be something new

    • Same on I have higher expectations on this the IM3. IM1 was good but the 2nd was so terrible I just probably wont watch the third.

  4. I have all 5 x-men movies and ther are truly great x-men movies and i am looking for see the second wolverine movies in 2013 .

  5. from what the article says, it may very well have a solid team behind it. i always enjoy seeing wolverine on the big screen, anyways. i’ll be there

  6. Sorry to be pessimistic Peter Paul Parker but could give a rats keister about this film now…the only way they could make it move for me is to put him in the freakin’ costume!

    • Nah, you’re not a pessimistic Peter Paul Parker, you’re just a Debbie Downer 😉
      (I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in a costume though – Wolvie starts wearing a costume after he joins the X-Men, and this movie supposedly takes place before he meets the X-Men).

      • Mr. Debbie Downer to you sir!

      • Actually he had a sleeveless black skin suit with a domino mask. While he went by Patch instead of Logan.

      • Wolverine wears the blue & yellow costume when goes back to Canada, when he’s sent out by the Canadian gov to go after the Hulk in “Incredible Hulk#180, so Wolverine does wears THAT costume before he meets the X-Men. However,I do believe a tan & black or tan & brown color palette would work better for his costume on screen.

        Even though I’m not interested in this movie, I am interested in what people are saying about it and that’s why I commented. A big MEH’ for this movie though.

        • @il princerino & Blastaar: I just did some research and found out you guys are right (I appologise): Wolverine wears a yellowish-tan costume when he joins Team X (before he meets the X-Men)
          BUT, according to Wikipedia, Logan goes to Japan BEFORE he joins that team (right after WW1), so if they’re following the comics’ time line, Wolvie won’t have a costume.

          • But we have to keep in mind, NO ONE LOOKS COOL IN SKIN TIGHT SPANDEX!…Unless you a chick, or David Lee Roth in ’83. So no matter what they put him in, it’ll likely just have a little nod to the original. Either way, they’ve convoluted the story lines so much in all the X-titles, I’m not gonna hold my breath……and why can’t Hollywood EVER find a Cajun to play a Cajun?

    • AND YES GIVE HIM HIS COSTUME HE’S BEEN IN FIVE FILMS (including his cameo) HE’S EARNED IT! that would be the only way to make up for Wolverine:Origins to me

  7. I hope that they just stick to necessary characters rather than try to introduce more and more characters like previous x-men films and focus on wolverine’s story arc better and have him do more on screen instead of putting more characters every five seconds.

  8. Fox studio needs to get out of the comic book film business. All of their comic book films are horrible compare to Marvel/Disney Studio. With franchises like the X-men, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil Fox does not have man or brain power to make a credible movie. Disney, please buy back the rights from Fox!!!!!!!!

    • I wish people would stop calling it “Marvel/Disney Studios”.
      Yes, Disney owns Marvel Studios, but Marvel Studios is the company that develops/makes the movies… Disney just distributes them (and probably finances them as well).
      If you take a car company like Audi… Audi owns Lamborghini, but when you see a Lambo, you don’t think “Audi made one sweet car there”, you think “Lamborghini did it again!”

      Anywho, I thought X-Men First Class was pretty good.

      • I agree Avenger, Disney is just giving them the money to make the movies, they have no creative input at all.

        XMFC was good, but it doesn’t mean we should forget about how much they ruined other heros and villains.

        • XMFC was crap, the only thing that saved it was Fassbender’s performance. Xmen 1 was eh’ ok, and the only thing good about X-Men 2 was Alan Cummings Nightcrawler, no need to mention XM3.

          • So XMFC was crap. This is a fact is it? Not an opnion? I rmemeber hearing many positive reviews for it and many people who enjoyed it. Imagine their red faces when they realise, that without a doubt, it was a crap movie.

            All this talk of how Fox should give up and move on, let Marvel have the rights is kinda funny. You really think that if it wasnt for Fox and Sony having blockbuster movies with their X-Men and Spider-Man franchises, and really getting the public into CBM’s, that Marvel would have been given 525 million from the Merrill Lynch Commercial Finance Corp. to make their own movies?

            Yes, Marvel has done a bang up job on most of their movies, but lets not pretend they all have universal appeall or praise. A Marvel X-Men film has no more potential than a Fox one. It depends on alot more factors than just which studio is producing and financing. I personally like Fox’s X-Men films, most of em anyway, and am excited for both Wolverine 2 and XMFC 2.

            • Just to let you know. You say spider man movies from sony…sony only made the third -_-

          • Well that’s your opinion. Fact is, a lot of people thought First Class was great. (The movie is even in my top 10 CBM list)
            As for the others though, I agree, they weren’t that good (and X3 and X-Men:OW were just plain terrible IMO)

            • Yes those are my opinions just like the opinions of others.

            • I thought XM:FC rocked! It was my 2nd favorite movie last year behind Super 8. I liked it because it was mature and a thinking man’s movie, not inane popcorn like most of the comic-to-movie incarnations of late. (Capt. America and Thor excluded)
              But Blastaar is correct in saying everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I respect that.

    • @Roscoe185, I agree but unfortunately Fox won’t be letting those franchises go. The only way that they’ll let them go is if they keep costing the studio money without profit gain OR Marvel or Disney become aggressive and find some sort of legal loophole to get the properties back.

      Fox has too many Marvel properties now, more than they can handle but will try to keep everything in perpetual “pre-production” if they have to, in order to keep those rights. Sure, if Marvel had all of those rights back, they wouldn’t be able to churn out all of these movies but at least we’d get REAL authentic quality Marvel movies and with Disney, they’d find a way to expand Marvel Studios in order to handle more movies.

    • Fantastic Four and Daredevil where great. In fact DD was one of my fav. super hero movies yet. Now if there was a reboot it would probably be better.

  9. This is the only CBM in 2013 im not excited for even though i want to be.I have average exspectations so if this turns out to be great then it will be a major bonus.

  10. Thank roscoe 185, i have had those sentiments for years and after the wolverine i turned my back on fox making horrible marvel movies. i wont premium prices for their dreck..

  11. @ Rosco…I am looking forward to Marvel getting the rights back as well. For starters, I have been against Jackman as Wolverine since X-men 1. It is not that hard making a comic book film. This is because you already have a written story laid out for you in the form of the source material itself…the comic book. With that said, the most important part, therefore, of making a comic book movie is the casting. This area is HIGHLY overlooked, because instead of getting actors who actually look like the characters the studios would prefer getting A-listers simply because of their name or because of a combination of their name and their pretty looks (though they do not look like the characters in the comics).

    For the record, before anyone starts rambling foolishness by saying “but you have to get actors who can really act (as if people who look the part can’t act),” let me say, that we all want real actors who can really act the parts. But when casting for these rolls, let those 2 things (looking the part and really acting the part) be the prerequisites in choosing the people to play our comic book superheroes. Fox is an outside film company (because they are apart from Marvel), who has done HORRIBLY when it comes to the X-Men, and especially the Fantastic Four. The casting in these films were just atrocious, and while the the plot in First Class made First class a good movie, it still did not follow the source. Again, the casting for all these movies were wrong, except for Patrick Stewart as Professor X, and Kelsey Grammar as Beast (his voice fits the character well), as I could envision Beast in his lab, wearing a white lab coat, mixing chemicals with Kelsey Grammer voicing him and being under the make-up.

    The X-Men are a group whose movies must be in a more serious tone, as was Bale’s second Batman movie (i remember the critics telling the parents to leave their children at home because of the movie’s serious tone). As a result the movie made well over 600 million. It passed the 1 billion mark I believe. Even the musical score in the opening credits of X-men and the fantastic four is atrocious. It’s just too kiddish.

    • Nobody knew who Hugh Jackman was before X-men, and with the exception of Halle Barry, Ian McKellen and the two you mentioned, none of the rest are BIG names either. I agree that most of their casting choices left a lot to be desired, but it was not because they went with big name stars

      • @il, that’s my point. Either they choose people based on their name or because of their looks, with the later having nothing or something to do with their a-lister status or not. So far, in my opinion, if the actors are not well known, they still choose people who look nothing like the character. No real depth goes into choosing the right people for these roles. It’s like they just pick anyone. Again, when I say “right people,” I mean people who look the part and can act the part. Furthermore, fox’s rendition of special effects are outdated mechanical ones similar to the 1980s…showing people flying or jumping incredible feets by using tension wire/pullies. Example, Pixie chasing after banshee in First Class, and every “pawn”, as magneto referred to them in X 3, that literally leaped into battle to fight the soldiers in X 3. Also, them leaping into battle, lead me to think, “so now all of these mutants have Toad’s leaping ability.” Again, no depth.

    • Jackman is almost the face of wolverine. Changing that would be a f****** disaster.

  12. So now we got Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Wolverine in one summer? That’s pretty damn awesome. Although not so surprising, seeing as we had 4 superhero movies in summer 10, and 3 (albeit 2 HUGE ones) in summer 11. Go superhero movies!

    • Whoops. By 10 I mean 11, and by 11 I mean 12. :)

    • We have 3 in summer 2012 though…and you are forgetting GI Joe 2 in 2013

  13. an acting agency recently had job postings for asian people – they wanted set asian set extras for a big hollywood production being filmed in sydney australia. since i’m not asian i wasn’t able to apply to find out for sure if they where hiring for wolverine, but the lady strongly implied that my guess was correct (i know her pretty well but even under those circumstances she wasn’t able to say for what movie).

    i really hope that only the extras are mixed asian b/c i want the main characters to be japanese (like they should be) for both authenticity and technical reasons b/c non-japanese people can never speak/pronounce like japanese people (regardless of how good they think they are). it would also be cool if the cast spoke japanese either through-out the whole movie (highly doubt it) or part ways, it would really create that sense of him actually being in japan and not a studio made to look like it 😉

  14. After seeing XMO:W I had the same look on my face as Wolverine in the top picture.

    -Deadpool sucked in the movie (this part RUINED the entire movie for me, it was ok until that part)
    -Gambit was an @ssclown in the movie

    And in XM2, didnt Striker say that Logan was an animal? He didnt do crap when he was on that team. Just stood there.

    Not looking forward to this at all… It wont matter who the bad guy is (silver samuri i bet), I am not gonna see the movie, PERIOD.

    I hate how Marvel cant just get back its characters from Fox and Sony.

    • Other than Deadpool, the worst part about that movie was Logan on Stryker’s team. They talked and talked and talked about how he was the “best there is at what he does” and acted like he was an animal… but never once showed him do anything othr than… not act like an animal.

  15. Fox is 3/5 on X-men movies (X-men, X2 and FC were good with FC and X2 being really good)… unfortunately Origins and LS were downright awful movies. Just terrible.

  16. NICE finally glad to hear this. But I highly doubt they will have Gambit, or even Dead pool for that matter, since there has always been talk of making there own spin off films,mind you at the rate this is going seeing them in spin-off would seem less likely then to just see them in the sequel. Still non the less this is awesome news and I hope they do a great job and Make Wolverine more like..well..Wolverine.

    • Dead pools own “spin off”? Dead pool is his own comic all together that is why people really want a movie on him. And gambit meh idc for him much.

  17. The first two X-men movies should have just be called ‘Wolverine & The X-men’. Hugh ‘Jack-ass Man’ was ok as Wolverine but I didn’t like how a movie about a team of characters was only centered around him and I felt like he wasn’t likable at all. With that said: Some characters you love to hate but he was just plain annoying (especially in Part 2). Halle Berry really sucked as Storm (I felt that she was too wimpy and not commanding enough to be Storm), Scott was underused but not terrible, Jean was meh, Patrick Stewart as Professor X was pretty good. Ice Man was meh and Rogue was too wimpy. I would have loved to see her get Ms. Marvels powers and kick some ass but no, she just whined and got de-powered. On the other hand, I loved Magneto & Mystique in the first 2 films. Stryker wasn’t too shabby either.

    The third film is absolutely terrible :[ I could go on about it but I just won’t.

    Fassbender and McVoy basically carry First Class. I wasn’t a fan of how Darwin was treated. I felt like he didn’t need to be in the film and was just in there cause they needed someone to kill to motivate the rest of the team (so basically a plot device I guess? O.o).

    X-men Origins: Wolverine? lol. Don’t get me started :[

    rant over :(

    P.S. I actually liked the first two X-men films btw.

  18. I would just like to remind you guys that Fox is doing a semi reboot with this movie (just like they did with FC) and apparently it won’t tie-in with XMOW.

    Just take that into account before you guys immediately start to associate this movie with the previous ones…

  19. me want storm movie!! me want storm movie!! puny fox D:<

    • Right there with you. Apparently not many people like Storm but I think she’s awesome. :)

      • She is :]

  20. As long as it doesn’t have a waxy-looking Professor X and no additional pointless characters, then I will definitely go see this 😛

  21. Ill still see this just cause its frikin wolverine his to awesome

  22. Wolverine should be 4’11”, super stocky, and muscular. NOT slim, tall, and lanky.

    • I thought Hugh Jackman already destroyed that argument many, many years ago.

      Honestly, Jackman made me think Wolverine in the comics SHOULD be slim, tall, and lanky.

      • @Phil,Wolveines are short,stout stocky, hairy and mean little guys, very similar to Badgers. That’s what inspired them to call him that in the first place. A slim,tall, and lanky character would be more….”The Sloth” LOL! 😉

    • 4’11”, did he shrink at some point ?

    • He is supposed to be 5’3 actually lol

      • Yeah I know, I just find it funny how hung-up people get on the physical appearance of a cartoon character when they are used in another medium. Wolverine’s short stature has been apart of his lore, but it really is not the sole defining means by which the character is recognized. Things like his personality, inner demons, and mannerisms are just as important to pulling that character off and more then anything that seems to be what is missing at this point in the films.

        From a purely Hollywood visual and money driven stand-point, I don’t see them bankrolling a major movie with someone as short as Logan is supposed to be. And even if they do I think they would be hard pressed to find someone who fits the height and build requirement that also happened to be able to act. Many have mentioned going the CGI route as they did in the Hobbit, but I really doubt Fox would spring for that and if they did the quality might not be the best since they have a hit or miss track record with special effects.

        • There are literally 100’s of actors out there. Within those 100’s of actor’s, someone has to be right for Wolverine. Fox just didn’t try to find an actor who more physically fits the role. Wolverine’s original looks is a part of what makes him stand out and be so unique. He’s not your tall dark, and handsome, or blonde, cookie cutter looking superhero. Short, gruff and not so handsome.

          • I agree, a was kinda pissed when I found out Jackman was Wolverine before the first movie was released. I will admit that he did a good job within the script he was givin ( he should have been covered, head to toe with blood through 80% of the film ), but Wolvie being a “runt” IS a big part of his character! It’s what makes his fights seem so insane…….and, just let me say “TO HELL WITH THE ULTIMATES”, before anyone brings it up. If FOX reboots anything, they need to start at X1, do it RIGHT, and then move forward.

          • There are probably 1000’s of actors out there, and a few may fit the bill as far as the printed stats for Wolverine, but Hollywood really isn’t going to break it’s neck to try and match up a real person to a character that has only existed in two-dimensional medium for the most part.

            First and foremost it’s not like they have tons of respect for the source material as it is. It’s by luck and/or chance they get the stories right most of the time it seems, so staying true to every detail in the comics is not a priority.

            Secondly Hollywood has serious issues with height and appearances and they would be hard pressed to push a big budget movie with a leading man that didn’t look like a leading man. Even shorter actors like Tom Cruise are shot with all kinds of gimmicks to hide the fact some of the men and even women he works with are taller than him. Imagine the pitch meeting with someone trying to sell a 5’3″ guy who looks like he’s on steroids headlining a 200 million dollar movie. It probably would not go over well.

            • @Slayer, With all due respect, I totally understand what your saying but there are aspects in movie special effects and camera angles that can make a person look shorter or smaller, and it has been done successfully many times. What happened was, making Wolverine tall took away 50% of his character, the other percentage are his other looks and personality. Wolverine going up against foes much bigger than him is what makes him look even more impressive. In Wolverine’s first appearance, he went up against the Hulk and survived, that’s impressive and ever since he’s fought 100’s of opponents WAY bigger than him, he’s almost an underdog which is way cooler to see.

              When Wolverine goes up against Sabertooth in the comics, that’s one of MAJOR things that make him so cool, like “look at this ferocious little guy go up against this big guy,,,,and kick ass” Wolverine bigger than Sabertooth in X-MO was a major fail. Take a look at youtube at Wolverine v.s Bear. Wolverine in the comics make you root for the little guy. That’s why it’s also important in the movies, an important asset that has been sadly lost.

  23. I would hope for an actual solo Wolverine film. No more crossovers with any other X-Men or any junk like that, just keep it strictly focused on Logan for the entire movie. He’s in Tokyo, which can be an amazing story, make it happen, folks.

  24. Just not fired up for this one

  25. Maybe I saw a different movie than everyone else. Xmen First class sucked. I’ve never been a huge xmen fan, but the comics were good in the 90s. I like Wolverine as well as a lot of the characters, but FOX (and a lot of directors) like changing things because they can. Nevermind there’s a reason the title was popular! It’s just dumb.
    I hope this movie is good, because FOX seems to be making cut rate crap compared to Disney/Marvel. (I did like a bunch of the movies like daredevil, even the fantastic four, but they weren’t good compared to what they should’ve been).

    • i agree, first class was awful. i don’t understand how so many people thought it was even a remotely decent movie. michael fassbender did what he could to bring the quality up but in the end it wasn’t enough for me.

      the other x-men movies have been pretty meh’, considering the quality of movies that are coming out now. and now it’s just become a clusterf**k of hit-and-miss characters and storylines. wolverine was pretty crappy (too many minor characters and tie-ins to the other movies that i could care less about) and i actually like hugh jackman as wolverine.

      it would be nice if they just went all out and made this a hardcore R-rated wolverine movie (just wolverine and not even a mention of the x-men). i think they wanted to go in that direction when aronofsky was attached to direct but that probably isn’t going to happen at all.

      • Hell yes!………Give it to Tarantino! lol

  26. Honestly, I haven’t read the Xmen comics. That said Xmen 2 and first class were really good films. The first xmen was a bit of a rough start and the 3rd was just plain awful.
    Thing is I actually liked Origns/Wolverine until the put Deadpool in the film. And the casting on Deadpool, the guy is like a douchier Dane Cook. Anyway I’m fairly excited for “The Wolverine”

  27. I think they should just quit making movie in Japan and they should bring up with a new story like X-Force. Introducing mercyless characters such as Deadpool, Cable and X-23. Which may bring interest in people.There is no mess in characters. X-23 and Cable worked for X-Force and Wolverine could not remember because of that Adamantium bullet in his skull. And after then he and other some characters realizes such as Night crawler, Emma Frost Cable,Sabretooth and Gambit are under Striker’s control. They bust out and walked there seperate ways. And Gambit,Sabretooth,Emma were recaptured and were also brain washed. Thats why Gambit,Emma,Sabre Tooth and Night Crawler does not remember Wolverine..

  28. The movie owes it to the fans to debut the classic wolvie costume there are enough modern designs which don’t suck for wardrobe to design and will look cool. The costume could be made in japan for the final big fight scenes and designes to play on the japanese & samurai historical fear of demons (in Japan a demon does not allways look like the western version of the devil) which is where the costume and berserker rage can make samurai think they are fightin a real demon

  29. The movie owes it to the fans to debut the classic wolvie costume there are enough modern designs which don’t suck for wardrobe to design and will look cool. The costume could be made in japan for the final big fight scenes and designes to play on the japanese & samurai historical fear of demons (in Japan a demon does not allways look like the western version of the devil) which is where the costume and berserker rage can make make good movie effect