Hugh Jackman News: ‘Wolverine 2′ & ‘Greatest Showman On Earth’

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Hugh Jackman isn’t just one of the classier acts around Hollywood (see: his “surprise” appearance at Comic-Con 2011), he’s also one of the busiest.

If all goes according to plan, Jackman will appear in the delayed Wolverine 2 (a.k.a. The Wolverine), followed by a turn in Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the Les Misérables musical – and, some time thereafter, portray famed showman P.T. Barnum in the musical biopic The Greatest Showman On Earth.

Deadline has learned that visual effects supervisor and commercial director Michael Gracey is officially set to helm Greatest Showman for Universal. He’s reportedly been attached to the project for the past few months, but now the deal is set in stone – just two weeks after Gracey also finalized a deal to helm Disney’s Snow White-inspired martial arts epic, The Order of the Seven.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that production on the Jackman-starring Wolverine sequel is set to commence on November 11th and carry on through to March 1st, 2012, at Canadian Motion Picture Park in Burnaby. Jackman previously indicated that the project could begin filming by October, so it sounds like a 2012 theatrical release date should still be on the table.

During his recent Comic-Con Q&A, Jackman also mentioned that he was planning to start work on Les Misérables by February of next year. Chances are good that the period drama will shift its production start date around accordingly, so as to allow the A-lister to complete his work on the latest X-Men movie – and not have to drop out of portraying Jean Valjean in Hooper’s followup to The King’s Speech.

Meanwhile, Gracey is expected to begin production on Order of the Seven by the first half of 2012. Assuming there are no hiccups during filming, Gracey may be able to complete his duties on that Disney project in time to start shooting Greatest Showman with Jackman before the end of that year.

real steel theatrical trailer Hugh Jackman News: Wolverine 2 & Greatest Showman On Earth

Jackman in ‘Real Steel’

Jackman will next appear on the big screen in this fall’s Real Steel, which already has a sequel in development. Steel director Shawn Levy is already up to reunite with Jackman on a currently-untitled action-adventure movie some time thereafter – and the two may also re-team on Real Steel 2, should that project actually come to fruition.

In summary: Jackman’s schedule looks to be jam-packed for the next couple of years. Keep that in mind when new rumors about the actor starring in a not-previously-mentioned film pop up in the near future.

We shall keep you posted on the status of The Wolverine, Les Misérables, and The Greatest Showman On Earth.

Source: Deadline, The Vancouver Sun

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  1. Cool…fingers crossed..

  2. better play logan when youre still young(er) then waiting for your planned movies to clear up and play him when youre 60

  3. There’s something about Jackman, he always looks like he’s having fun doing these movies and that really shows in his performance. I’m kinda surprise the Les Mis movie isn’t getting more press. It’s one of the biggest musicals of all time and has been in production he’ll for something like 20 years. Call me a geek but I’m more excited for that than Greatest Showman.

  4. Jackman is one of the few actors who can get me out of the house rather than waiting for video. Will go see The Wolverine of course, but I’m truly excited by the Les Miz project. He is such a great theatrical performer that it will be a major event. OTOH, not quite so excited by The Greatest Showman but will hold off judgement, until I know more. There is already a wonderful musical “Barnum” with great songs. Why reinvent the wheel with a whole new story/score. On top of that they are talking about the Jenny Lind and circus story line, but those events were more than 20 years apart so they will be playing fast and loose with history unless something like flashbacks are used, not to mention that little 44 year marriage to Charity Barnum.

  5. I hope Jackman will be able to portray the REAL Wolverine this time (the bad-ass tough guy we all know and love).

    His cameo in X-Men: First Class was the best portrayal of Wolverine I’ve seen so far, and I hope Jackman takes THAT performance with him when shooting ‘The Wolverine’.

    • That 8 second performance was was better than 10 hours of movie carrying? He’s performance as Wolverine is always good, just the script will suck, can’t really blame an actor for that

      • I never dissed Jackman – I never said HE was the problem.
        If you read my comment again, I think you’ll see I said “I hope he can portray the REAL Wolverine this time” – meaning, I hope he gets the opportunity to play the character we see in the COMICS – meaning I hope they (the creators of the movie) ALLOW him to do so (like they did in X-Men: FC).

  6. apparently there’s a rumor that wolverine has a cameo in avengers so is it possible disney bought the character i mean if the rumors true could also be a reason for the delay on the wolverine how badass would it be if marvel had wolverine i mean c’mon

    • You an discount that rumor.
      It won’t happen.
      Wolverine isn’t even an original member of the Avengers.
      Disney didn’t “buy the character”.
      It’s a blatant lie.

      If the rights to Wolverine DID revert back to Marvel it would be VERY, VERY sweet, but Fox wouldn’t sell the rights when they have a new Wolverine movie coming out soon – it makes no sense.

      Wishful thinking, but pretty naive (no offence).

      • Not only that, but IMO Wolverine, as well as Spider-Man just don´t belong to the Avengers. They´re just in the book to sell copies. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • Sorry, but I don’t agree with that.

          Spider-Man is a welcome edition to the team, IMO. He delivers some much needed humor.
          And as for Wolverine: he’s in the team because he’s the guy who’ll do the stuff the other members don’t want to do (i.e. hunt and kill) – I think Wolverine brings a sense of realism to the Avengers… he somehow grounds the team.

          But, there is no denying, they do help the sales figures 😉

      • I didnt believe just wishful thinking, but you gotta say if disney really wants Wolverine disney will get him. Also Fox could do like Paramount and get creation rights why do you think the avengers poster has the paramount logo.

    • that would be pretty awesome if he did have a cameo but it wont happen

  7. i would love to see sauron in this film he just seems like the right character to use in japan.also hope to see how Sabre toothe meets logan, and maybe wolverine heading to russia toward the end of the film to clash later with Omega red.

  8. Personally I don’t believe anyone in the Xmen universe should cross over with other Marvel comics. In Xmen, they get their powers from a genetic mutation that supposedly happens all over the world, but whenever they find someone in the comics with the X gene it’s usually a crossover story. None of the original spidey villains have x genes, or do fantastic Four villains. I know that Wolverine was first introduced in a Hulk comic but he quickly moved over to full blown Xmen when they explained his powers. Xmen is a great comic universe, it just has to be separate from the Avengers.

    • Disagree

  9. well lets just hope it has a good story,and not crammed with character who are nothing like what made them special in the comics. hope to see a good adaptation of sauron,sabretoothe, and in the end omega red. but im thinking the only mutants we see in the film are silver samuria,wolverine, and lady deathstrike, and if we do get other mutant it will be ones that are not or should not be in the film like gambit ,deadpool,cyclops, and others in the last film. sauron,omega red, and sabretoothe beside silver samuria ,and lady deathstrike are the ones who fit in perfectly, and maybe even sunspot.

  10. well, I just hope the producers are reading all of the above so they will know how to make the movie, because they evidently need all this advice.

  11. I keep reading that Jackman is scheduled to do a movie titled “Unbound Captives” directed by Madeleine Stowe and costarring Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz, that they intend to start shooting in spring 2012. Is Jackman overscheduling himself again?

  12. Hugh Jackman is a fantastic talent. There is a rumor that he may star as anti-hero Gabe Grant in venerated Canadian based independant production company, Legacy Filmworks’ superhero action comedy, The Guardians. I had read the incredibly fun script (which tells the story of a group of villains forced to work together with a rookie hero to stop a Justice League like team of superheroes from secretly taking over the world) online and know that Jackman would do for the part what Johnny Deep did for the role of Jack Sparrow. Also can’t wait for Hugh to pop the claws again as Wolverine is my fav superhero!