Hugh Jackman Promises Wolverine 2 Director ‘As Good’ as Aronofsky

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The Wolverine New Director Hugh Jackman Promises Wolverine 2 Director As Good as Aronofsky

When the news broke that a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine would instead act as a standalone film with potential to launch a series of successive installments – a la James Bond – it was a good thing. In fact, we don’t want any X-Men movie to feel the need to base itself on what happened in Wolverine’s first solo outing. Deadpool and X-Men: First Class are ignoring it too.

News got even better when it was announced that Darren Aronofsky, living in the success of Black Swan, would re-partner with Hugh Jackman (The Fountain) to bring us the sequel, titled The Wolverine. Finally, we had a chance of getting a Wolverine movie the way it should be made. Right? Wrong.

Then, all of a sudden, that positive momentum hit an adamantium-laced wall when Aronofsky pulled himself out of the project. Rumors of creative differences with the studio (not again…) aside, Aronofsky is no longer a part of the project due to the time commitment away from his family.

Without a director and with the terrible situation in Japan caused by the horrifying tsunami, The Wolverine was finding itself in limbo. Enter Hugh Jackman on his shiny white horse with an appearance at CinemaCon to show off footage for Real Steel. Where Hugh Jackman goes, so do Wolverine questions.

“So now we’re out looking for a director… We were pretty much ready to go. The script is fantastic — the best we’ve ever had, which is why it attracted Darren in the first place. His personal situation precludes him from doing it now, and I feel for him. But now we need to find a director.”

Who can replace Darren, Hugh?

“We’re not going to settle. We’re going to find a director as good as Darren, if not better. Well, as good. Everyone is still pushing forward to getting it done.”

Finding a quality director willing to take on a possibly rushed big budget film in a franchise looked upon with mixed reaction for a studio that’s also looked down upon for how it handles said franchise may be a challenge. That was a mouthful.

I hope for Jackman’s sake and that of moviegoers and X-Men fans everywhere that Twentieth Century Fox is able to sign a director we can really get behind, but more importantly, that said director will have significantly more control over the final product. Jackman has really dedicated his life to this role and character, and he’s even working harder than ever at 42 years of age to build his body into a stronger and bulker mutant.

Darren’s out. Who do you think should replace him in the director’s chair?

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Source: EW

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  1. Ha, Thats a short list of directors in my mind. I mean, Its Aronofsky. I say maybe Fincher but I can think of anyone else as good.

    • That’s what worries me. He hyped up X-Men Origins: Wolverine A LOT and it does sadly hurt his credibility, even though he’s the nicest and coolest dude in the business.

      I sincerely hope The Wolverine is incredible.

  2. As good as Aronofsky? Good luck with that. Aronofsky was the only reason I was even interested in this project.

  3. I am going to see this movie. Hugh can lie to me and I will still love him unconditionally.

  4. You have to admire Jackman. He knows what got him to where he is and he wants what is best for the character. Hopefully the film will relate those feelings.

    • Agreed, Jackman has a passion for the character, more than I can say about many of the other actors who have played Comic Book Characters.

  5. MMmm… I’d like to see Tony Scott’s take on a film like this.

    • As long as he didn’t film it in the same style as Domino. That one made me want to replace my own eyes with walnuts.

  6. Quentin Tarantino ;)

  7. Oh well… There is always X-4 and 5…..

    • So why not just let Singer do the movie then since he is going to save the series. The comic book genre is turning into a treadmill at this point and it might not even matter who does these movies at this point…….

  8. Only guy as good as, if not better than Aronofsky, is too busy working on Batman: Dark Knight Rises…

  9. Nolan. Rats he’s making a movie already. I don’t know, but it better be somebody good, or else this is really going to hurt Hughs creditability.
    Still he’s a great actor, and he dose heck of a good job at portraying Wolverine. Wolverine just wouldn’t be the same without Hugh Jackman.

  10. Okay

    Scott(both would be awesome!)

  11. Okay

    Scott(both would be awesome!)
    Ang Lee

  12. i know i may get some crap for this but iv been thinking about an xmen film directed by Jonathan Liebesman. but it would have to be in a differnt world where marvel had the rights to the xmen. and the only reason im saying this is because im tired of the xmen movies. when the xmen are at there best is when their fighting as a team against impossible odds. x-3 as terrible as it was had that idea at the end but they went about it all wrong. the way it was filmed the costumes the cgi it was just all completely wrong for xmen. it should be and i know most people are tired of this. gritty realistic. but it should be dirty and violent. my idea of the perfect opening scene would be shaky cam close on boots sliding down the hill of an urban area(a futuristic city but not all lights and stuff but more like afganistan ruins of a like the city in bladerunner) but at the end of the hill he takes off running and as the camera pans up you see arms going back and forth with long claws at the end and you see wolverine in a torn tan yellowish xmen uniform with his cowl ripped off with no wounds and blood stains on his upper shoulders and back. all of a sudden you see two sentinels not the big ones the nimrod smaller versions. as the camera is behind his shoulder you see him ripp through the machines with his beserker rage. the first one he cuts once across the face and puts both clawss into the chest and ripps through it. he does this in 2 quick motions moving on the next one by jumping off it and puncing onto the next smashing it to the ground and tearing it apart. then the screen goes black with the title. age of apocolypse. that is doable that would just take awsome imagination. too bad. would probably be the most amazing thing iv ever scene. these movies arnt ment to be a darren aronofsky film. its ment to be a down and out brutal film that shows the full potential of these characters.

    • sorry for the typos i typed that as fast as i could.:/ but try to read it with som imagination.

  13. Miike, the director of Ichi the Killer. THE WOLVERINE needs lots of blood!

  14. Man, Hugh Jackman is the coolest actor out there. Love his devotion. Love his acting. Class act, this guy.

  15. Zack Snyder
    Tarantino & Rob Rodriguez
    David Fincher

    Damnit I was so psyched about aronofsky directing Wolverine.

    • Rodriguez would be sweet. If he can’t do it, get Nimrod Antal. He directed Predators that Rodriguez produced. That had a cool Yakuza duel. Plus his name is Nimrod!(Sentinel from “Days of Future Past)

  16. -Peter Jackson (Dead Alive) But I don’t think he would ever touch gore again. But then again, he can bring in some interesting ideas, and the film could have a more grander, and epic feel to it.
    -David Twohy (the Riddick movies) Could give Logan some cool action scequences, and add some intensity.
    -James Cameron: But I don’t think he’ll touch the project.

  17. How bout Edward Zwick? He directed “The Last Samurai”

  18. i think he’s just hyping the movie b/c he knows its gonna be similar to wolverine origins. i’d love to see a hard R rated wolverine movie… the way he should appear on screen ;)

  19. Duncan Jones, Edgar Wright, Matthew Vaughn, Steven Soderbergh, Neill Blomkamp, Shane Black, Danny Boyle, Bong Joon-Ho, Matt Reeves, David Fincher, David Cronenberg, Jason Reitman, Neil Jordan, Rian Johnson, Scott Frank, Nick Cassavettes, David Gordon Green, Ben Affleck, Chris Evans and Pul Greengrass. Whew!

    • Paul Greengrass sorry

    • The big problem with finding a new A-list director is that they are all busy with other projects, so I totally agree with some of your suggestions about up-and-comers who have potential to be A_list directors in the future (jones, reeves,) and thinking outside the box with some established dramatic hitters (boyle, jordan).

      Another thing: remember when everyone hated ang lee’s hulk movie (because everyone thought it was “too dramatic”, “too slow”, “all they did was talk” and “hulk didn’t smash enough!”)?

      I know hollywood would never give him another chance to direct a superhero movie now, but I definitely think his skill at conveying pure pathos through minimalism would actually be an appropriate fit for this new “serious”, “thoughful” wolverine.

      Violent actors, drugged musicians and sexually-fixated politicians get second chances at a certain goal but a movie director doesn’t?

  20. Edgar Wright and Ben Affleck would be the 2 most interesting choices

    • agreed with ya

  21. Tell Zack Snyder to stop messing around with a pansy ass, unrelatable, prone to fail, wannabe deity like Superman and to direct Wolverine!

    • No.

      • I second that “No”, snyder showed how he is becoming the next M. Night.

    • wow!?!? dissing the the “original and beginning of all superheroes” hero. blasphimous. maybe if superman whined in a mansion with a bald, pedophile parapalegic kidnapping special children, young people would think superman is cool.

    • Uhhh, no

  22. Danny Boyle .

  23. Hugh should call Mark Romanek, He’s made two films for Fox and he needs to make an action oriented film now.

  24. The only guy who they could get now who could fill Aronofsky’s shoes is Mark Romanek. He’s made two films already with Fox and has proven he can both direct actors as well as create flashy imagery. After “Never Let Me Go”, he needs to show he can make a commercial action film. I hope your reading this Hugh.

  25. Double( now triple) Post do to a bad connection on my end.

  26. David Twohy-Worked with Aronofsky on Below so he might get recommended. Pitch Black was good but, he lost some luster with Riddick. Perfect Getaway was decent enough.

    Tony or Ridley Scott-Ridley and Fox have a love/hate relationship and he would take longer to make sets then they have to shoot at this point. Would want control more then the last director. Would probably do it justice though. Tony would be just as good without the baggage. Odds on either are slim though. Again the short shooting time doesn’t seem to suit them.

    Stephen Sommers-Worked with Jackman before and can handle the effects and action genre. G.I. Joe still last movie on his resume though.

    Nimrod Antal-Probably available, can direct action and effects stuff well enough. Won’t try and buck the studio, probably hungry enough to want to do decent work.

    Joe Carnahan- Has interesting range and can do action. Narc and A-Team were two totally different movies so he isn’t stuck in a style. Just did A-Team for Fox and is supposedly doing Preacher.

  27. Very disappointed to hear that Darren Aronofsky dropped out of this project. I think he would have brough a dark, gritty realism to this franchise that is desperately needed. I liked ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, but at times it got too cartoonish, and lacked cohesiveness. Is Frank Darabont available? He’s never done a “superhero” type of movie, but I think that would be a positive attribute in this situation.

  28. JJ Abrams or Christopher Nolan. Just to name two perfect directors.

    • Nolan is busy at the moment…and heck no to Abrams, Aronofsky was the man for the job. Such a shame.

      • Yeah Abrahms would want to rewrite the core history and change the characters all around.