Hugh Jackman Promises ‘The Wolverine’ Will Have More Depth

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the wolverine movie Hugh Jackman Promises The Wolverine Will Have More Depth

The filmmakers behind The Wolverine are being understandably tight-lipped about the details of their upcoming production, but that hasn’t stopped them from building up a little enthusiasm with a few choice tidbits.

Director Darren Aronofsky delivered one of the more intriguing developments when he revealed that the film will not have ties to the existing X-Men franchise or the previous spin-off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has promised that the script by Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) will be much closer in spirit to the source material. In this case, that source material is a successful run of Wolverine comics from the 1980s by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, which focused on the character’s exploits in Japan.

Aronofsky was one of several contenders vying the director’s chair, but many speculated that his relationship with star Hugh Jackman tipped the odds in his favor.  In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, Jackman confirms that Aronofsky was his top choice and that The Wolverine isn’t the first X-Men movie they’ve discussed:

“I love every one of his movies … He’s a visionary. I’ve been trying to get Darren since X-Men 3, really. We’ve been talking about this and Wolverine for so long.”

I’m personally dying to know what a Darren Aronofsky comic book movie looks like and The Wolverine seems like a much better match for his sensibilities than something like the Superman reboot. Jackman doesn’t drop any bombshells, but he does say all the right things about Aronofsky’s approach to the film:

“We had a meeting about three weeks ago, catching up as friends more than anything, and he just ran a few ideas by me and my eyes just lit up, because already I think this is like a whole new ballgame – just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity. I think he’s been waiting so long to do a movie in this genre. When he found the script, he said this is it. It’s really exciting.”

Jackman talked a good game leading up to the release of the last Wolverine film, too – but I have to say, I’m really getting the impression that they’ve taken all the criticism that movie attracted to heart. Handing the reins over to an auteur like Aronofsky is probably the clearest example of that. Jackman obviously loves the character and although I hate what they did to Wolverine in his first spin-off, this entry sounds like it’s coming together nicely.

the wolverine hugh jackman darren aronofsky Hugh Jackman Promises The Wolverine Will Have More Depth

Production is scheduled to begin in March, but Jackman’s already got a lot of work to do. He says that Aronofsky has asked him to pack on 25 pounds of muscle before they start shooting, which is more than he’s ever put on for the role. To tackle that somewhat daunting challenge, Jackman admits that he’s reached out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for some pointers:

“It’s not easy for me … Because I’m actually quite long and lean … I had a chat with Dwayne Johnson, who did 25 pounds for his movie. I rang him up and was like, Okay, tell me what’s going on.”

Presumably, the film he’s referring to is Faster. You have to respect Jackman’s dedication to the role and his desire to create a superior film. Between The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class, this is starting to seem like a really good time to be an X-Men fan.

Aronofsky’s latest film, Black Swan, is in limited release right now. The Wolverine is scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2012.

Source: EW.

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  1. @”just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity.”

    Good that’s one of the many things the first was lacking.

    • One of the worst films i’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing. Gambit flying? Really?

  2. I’m sorry but Wolverine should have had more depth right from the beginning. Origin, Weapon X, training…ugh it should have been great but instead we’ve got a crapfest. Not interested in Wolverine 2.

    • I agree. The flashbacks in X1 and X2 showed more depth than XO:W did.

      • Not to mention they screwed over one of the best Marvel character’s: Deadpool. They made him into a pointless mute freak with laser eyes and sword arms (how can he bend his arms with those things anyway?). I loved the first 5 minutes of that movie and that is it.

        • 100% agreed……I would rather see a proper R-rated treatment of a standalone deadpool movie than another wolverine movie.

      • “XO:W” kinda looks like the face I was making watching the movie…

  3. “The filmmakers behind The Wolverine are being understandably tight-lipped about the details of their upcoming production….”

    1) They were tight-lipped about the LAST one.

    2) The LAST ONE was leaked online in it’s unfinished entirety.

    3) Please refer to items 1 & 2

    Somebody’s lips need tightening… but I’d rather see their a** kicked… but I’d also be satisified with their lips getting kicked.

    • Not to nitpick but how can something appear in it’s UNFINISHED entirety?
      If it’s unfinished, then by definition it’s not in it’s entirety.

      • If you watched the “unfinished cut” and then the “theatrical cut”, there was no difference…

        • except that wolveine didnt have claws.. :D

          • Hell, I watched the leaked version and there wasn’t any difference. LOL

  4. Yeah I hope they do do a great job with this one, considering Its based on one of the best mini series on the character. I also hope we get to see wolvie in his brown costume, without the mask is fine just like the covers of the mini.
    I also hope it has absolutley no cameos from anybody. Im not sure why anyone is excited about first clas considering it is sounding more and more like Origins

    • @ Loco:

      “Yeah I hope they do do a great job with this one, considering Its based on one of the best mini series on the character.”

      Yeah. And the three X-Men movies were based on… Well, mostly Wolverine and the X-Men. And they f***ed up.

      “I also hope we get to see wolvie in his brown costume.”

      We haven´t seen him in a costume he wears in the comics in the first four movies, what makes you think, they´ll show him now in a comic costume?

      And about the cameos: I totally agree with you. There´s no need for a cameo.

  5. I’ve got a lot of respect for Hugh Jackman and Darren Aronofsky appears to be a Director who has respect for the original source material.

    I hope they really pull this off. So far it sounds very interesting and better than the first abomination, which I only saw on DVD when received as a gift.

    My only reservation is that it’s still made by Fox Abattoirs and I haven’t gone to the cinema to watch their bowel movements in a long time.

  6. i like that hes wanting to do a better quality film with depth, but it does have to have continuity. why use hugh jackman as wolverine if its a whole new thing in itself? if you reboot/remake you change everything. i just am not excited for this anymore just because of the continuity, and i for one am done with the x-men films till marvel gets the rights back, and i am one of the biggest fans of the x-men since the cartoon in the 90′s. fox has scrambled this mess to death and i am done. i want to know why sabretoothe turned how he did, and other things like that they have a lot of explaining, and if they do not plan on explaining then give the dang rights back to marvel so they can do it right with a great remake.

    • Yeah I’m not a fan of the (so called) X-Men films either. The first two had some minor defining moments but overall desperately lacked authenticity in all aspects.

      I see them as counterfeit representations with the only resemblance to the comic books in the title alone.

  7. @Paul

    Absoulte agree 100% on comments. Simply put the first film could’ve been one of the best comic book movies ever. All the backstory and mythology was there (in terms of size Batman’s origins is like a ten page kids book). All they had to do was faithfully stick to source material and they would’ve been onto a winner.

    Instead we got a mediocre adaptation lacking coniviction as well as depth. I know Wolverine has story is full on anguish and suffering, but he also has a dry wit and humour which was completely missing in Jackman’s performance.

    Just what the hell were Cyclops & Gambit doing in this film?? and by the end with a younger Xavier leading the supposed first class X-Kids into the blackbird – it’s clear they just wanted to do another X-Men film but obviously got too burned from the backlash against The Last Stand – another terrible comic book movie.

    Sabretooth & Wolverine brothers?? Memory bullets?? Deadpool with the blade arm things??

    And don’t even get ne started on the CGI..

    So yes a lot more depth for the sequel is the very least we should hope for..

  8. Actually I think the 25lb gain Jackman was referring to on the rock was for his role in Furious Five. Dude looks massive in the stills, defintely the biggest he’s ever been on screen.

  9. Once again, the two-faced Janus comics fans come to roost. Do not misunderstand- I hope The Wolverine (lousy title) does well. I hope it is better than the first prequel. I am not bothered by the film having little if any comment or tie in the other films.

    I am, however (again) concerned with:

    - Darren Aronofsky.
    He almost re-invented Batman, yet we are willing to overlook that;

    - The last time he directed Jackman was in “The Fountain” which was an interesting film to look at, a film to either smoke peyote to or feel like you were smoking peyote;

    - “More death” Jackman says. REALLY? They are willing to tamper w/ a PG-13 into an R? Wow. How many guys Wolverine kill/wound in X2? What was the body count on “Last Stand”? and we are all sooooo excited when this promise is made! Ohh Last Stand S-U-C-K-E-D because they do a lot of death, and the first Wolverine film S-T-U-N-K because they killed off characters too but here’s a promise of MORE killing!! And the crowd goes <strong? aping wild! There will be rounds of applause at next year’s Comic Con!

    XO Wolverine had its problems. Not being able to put four characters in jeopardy and mishandling a character, Deadpool. But I hardly call it a bad film. I don’t think Last Stand was bad.

    But folks would rather see an X-film after Stand, or a character who could be in jeopardy. At least that’s what I thought. I am apparently wrong.

    Everyone wants to see a film where the lead is not in jeopardy. No one is concerned about Aronofsky, in spite of the plans of Year One several years ago. Everyone repeats how the previous X-films stank…I’ll repeat again that the road to h— is paved with the best of intentions.

    Look, I want the film to succeed. I’m not saying it will stink. I don’t know that, any more than I know if it will succeed or not. But I have a strong skeptic in this, and I’m amazed at all the apple polishing.

    It gets tiresome, my pet sheep. It gets tiresome.

  10. Forget you people, XOW was a great movie! It had depth. How can you not feel for James when he kills his real dad, lives through all these wars, falls in love, loses that love because of his psycho brother, volunteers for an experiment that he laters finds out was just so they could get his DNA, finds out Stryker and Victor are working together and that his lover was not dead but was forced to be with him and at the end loses his memory. To me seeing him after losing his memory and looking at the woman he loved and had forgiven, and didnt know who she was, was very moving. I love this movie. And I don’t give a rats ass about Deadpool and don’t care if he ever gets a movie.

  11. How in the world to respond to this? I said it the first time they claimed ” no ties “, and I’ll say it again. This movie DOES have ties to all previous X-men movies. NOT my opinion, it does. It is the same man playing the same character he has played in FOUR previous movies. They can drop the “no ties” crap. However, having ranted all that, I’ll say this, I’ll probably go see it, even tho I did’nt go see x-3 and origins. It is starting to feel like they’re trying to ” fix ” the screwed up X-men franchise.

    • “It is starting to feel like they’re trying to ” fix ” the screwed up X-men franchise.”

      Just in time to mess it up again with X-Men: First Class…

      • Yea Scape, I hate to admit it, but thats a real possibility. Still, we can hope.

  12. Finally, Wolvie is getting the respect he deserves. He is one of the most psychologically interesting characters in comics and it’s about time the conflicted anti-hero got an intelligent group of film makers to bring his story to the big screen. I still respect the first two X Men films for what they were, but W:O was a slap in the face to Wolvie fans.

  13. I really don’t have a problem with any of this. People complain about ‘messing up’ the X-men franchise. Really? Come on, dude. It’s the friggin X-men! Can you come up with a more convoluted comic book? Almost 50 years strong, it deserves the title. Most Convoluted.

    I love the X-Men. Treat the movies like a one-off. It doesn’t have to be cannon. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The writers, directors, actors, the whole crew bring their own vision to the story.

    Can’t anyone be happy? This is what I’ve been wishing for since I was a kid! More than that! Aronofsky’s movies shaped my drug-addled adolescence too! I can’t friggin wait!!!

  14. i just hope that they do a good job. i think that the claws in the previous films (X-MEN, X2, X3, and origins) were too cartoony. why not have him wear real metal claws. instead of cgi. also i would like to see wolverine in a costume related to the comic franchise. plus wolverine was a savage person, and not this b**** that he has been depicted as. i think if directors and screenwriters want to make a comic book movie, they should be going to the fans for advice ( comic stores, conventions, etc.)
    what im trying to say is, if stan lee likes it, it dosent necesarily mean that the fans will. look at all the flops that have been made….daredevil, electra, fantasic four, spiderman. its supposed to be all about the fans, yet all we keep seeing is that the people that make these movies are in it for one reason and one reason only. money