The Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s ‘Real’ X-Men Costume Revealed in Alternate Ending

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Marvel Comics Classic Wolverine Costume Yellow Blue The Wolverine: Hugh Jackmans Real X Men Costume Revealed in Alternate Ending

By next May, Hugh Jackman will have played the mutant hero Wolverine in seven different X-Men films (including the X-Men: First Class cameo) and not once has he worn one of his iconic costumes from Marvel Comics. In the trailer, image and teaser footage of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman suits up in new duds yet again (in the future and in the ’70s). But still no classic yellow and blue – at least that we’ve seen.

Even in 2000′s original X-Men, while wearing the somewhat controversial black leather jumpsuits, the characters joked about yellow spandex, but a yellow Wolvy outfit from the comics for Hugh Jackman has only appeared in the X-Men: Origins: Wolverine video game, not the films. That may change, if a deleted scene from The Wolverine is to be believed.

While visiting the Australian set of The Wolverine last fall, I witnessed the second unit shoot a large action set piece with Logan (Jackman) battling through a small army of ninja warriors on his way to the final confrontation of the film. These scenes didn’t make the theatrical cut of the movie but will be on its 4-disc Unrated Blu-ray edition along with additional 12 minutes of footage on December 3rd.

Thanks to a leaked clip out of Russia, we have our first look at what appears to be an alternate ending for the film, replacing the final scene with one catered for comic book fans.


* Warnings: Spoilers for The Wolverine ahead *



After losing his adamantium claws – and seemingly some of his healing abilities – Logan says farewell to Mariko after realizing he once again has a purpose in life as a self-described “soldier” and heads off with Yukio to in a private jet funded by Mariko’s company. He’s a financially set hero off to do good! In this alternate ending however, Yukio and Logan’s conversation in the plane before lift off goes a bit differently and Yukio hands Wolverine a gift, one that features the mask and yellow costume similar to the Wolverine design in Marvel Comics.


As exciting and flat out cool as the reveal in the deleted scenes is, it needs to be put into context should Jackman suit up in the yellow and blue or orange and brown from the comics. If Mariko and co. designed that suit for him, it would need a legitimate purpose. Is Wolverine off to create his own team (i.e. X-Force)? Is this costume or a similar incarnation going to make an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

The fact that it wasn’t used could indicate that the costume didn’t fit plans for the character but we know now that Fox and The Wolverine director James Mangold are in talks to develop Wolverine 3, with Mangold writing a treatment for another Jackman-centric solo adventure. Are you hoping Wolverine and the X-Men sport classic costumes now that Spider-Man and The Avengers heroes proved that moviegoers are accepting?

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens March 6, 2015

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  2. Yes, for f*cks sake, just to at least break up the monotony of black leather or jumpsuits.
    But he shouldve been in this things years ago
    Also if he dons it I will be pro cameo of him in the disney marvel films but not until he does

  3. I thought putting him in the darn wolverine costume would’ve been great for this movie. I hate that he never wears it!! I get not wearing it all the time but come on…

  4. It’s cool and all but why would he wear it? Like Rob said, it needs a purpose cause it isn’t going to serve camouflage like the black suits he was forced to wear in previous films lol. (At least I think he was forced, I can’t remember).

    • Yeah, he wanted to wear street clothes and Cyclops told him they wore uniforms in the team, leading to his complaint and the response “what would you prefer, yellow spandex?”

      I liked the black leather because it was the cool thing for heroes and villains to wear in movies back then and I’m still not sure if the comic book costumes can really work so well.

      If you’re promoting mutants as being peaceful, why have them cover up their identities? Isn’t that going to make people even more distrustful of them?

      • Ill have you know they could barely move in those leather outfits, and the sweating, they were suffocating in those.
        Also f*ck realism
        I mean, genetic mutation = laser eyes, already makes no damn logical sense, just wear the outfit.

        • The only reason for the suit is to please comic book fans where as the reason for laser eyes is the main aspect of all the characters, mutant powers. I don’t think you can compare the two.

          • What…?
            What you just said, makes no sense.
            I guess superman shouldnt wear his outfit next film since its only his super powers that are the “main aspect”.

            Seriously what a weak argument, the costumes are iconic and just as intrinsic to the character as their powers.

            • Wolverine has been doing fine without it and tell me, why would Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine wear a yellow suit? Especially when he didn’t want to wear an all black costume. If they found a good reason for Wolverine to wear this suit, then I’d be all for. But if it’s just to please a bunch of comic book fans at the cost of it being kinda weird on screen, than no.

              Superman’s costume is not comparable if you ask me, THAT costume is iconic to both the general and comic book audience. The ‘S’ crest is also used as a symbol. He also an alter ego, Clark and Superman. Wolverine is just Wolverine. The costume isn’t at all as iconic. Is it iconic to the comic book community including me? Hell yes. To the general audience, not so much.

              • Cuz that white tank top in origins was so awesome.
                Also they can come up with a reason, wolverines been through so much and its a bad future, he could care less if his outfit looks stupid to others if it actual good to wear.

                That whole “pfft yellow spandex” in the first film was just a writers bullsh*t excuse to avoid it.

                All the avengers wore their iconic outfits in avengers and it wasnt a big deal, so why is this?

                • Thor – clothing form different realm.

                  Iron Man – Well, Iron suit

                  Captain America – his suit represents his loyalty to his nation

                  Black Widow – camouflage and flexibility

                  Wolverine – I want to impress comic book fans. If there’s an actual reason for wearing it, than I say yes, but I wouldn’t want him wearing it just to wear it. In a story point of view, there’s no point.

                  • Brown suit- clothing of a mutant super being

                    Yellow suit- his loyalty to the xmen

                    Black suit- camouflage/stealth and flexibility

                    Also, added protection from damage from attacks
                    Comfort from weather/nature hazards
                    Carrying needed supplies
                    Communication to team members

                    tank top/leather jacket-

                    tight black leather suit- goofier than the photo in the article and just as crap as the tank top
                    actually debilitates movement.

                    • Man, you’re just putting anything down for the simple reason it isn’t the yellow suit huh, geez.

                      Eh the reasons you listed are whatever for me. Seems more like excuses to use the suit at this point in time though, well to me anyway. Wolverine’s been doin fine for 7 films without it, I just don’t care for it.

                      Black leather suit is goofier than yellow spandex? Oookay than.

                    • Because you have no real argument or reason against it, therefore theres no reason it shouldnt be used at this point. Would actually refresh things.

                      yes fine
                      but fine is not good.

                      But yes he also has a brown suit
                      and a black/gray suit in the same design
                      since youre so against yellow.

                    • I do have a reason, the fact that Wolverine doesn’t have a reason to go out in yellow spandex. The franchise started with him being against ANY costume let alone spandex, now he’s wearing yellow?

                      One reasons I can see is him honoring not the X-Men but the folks in Japan since he’s bonded with them. They are the ones who gave him the suit afterall. Maybe not in Days of Future Past since it’s his past self but in the Wolverine sequel. Only when he’s fighting alongside others cause it’d look silly just wearing it everywhere.

                    • I couldn’t agree more.
                      Cody own it. xDDD

                    • Just as they bs’ed him being against it with one line
                      They can just bs it again with one line

                      “Hey logan whats with the suit?”

                      “What of it?”

                      “Nothin, I guess I dont really care and wont be making a big deal of it, actually looks pretty sweet”

                      “Oh well thank you, lets go fight sentinels”


                  • Let’s make up a reason like its made from threads that block Magnetos ability to control him… Or it was an under suit for specific conditions and had to be revealed due to damage to his out clothes… Or he loses his healing factor and it helps protect him in some way. Maybe he dreams/nightmares about being a real yellow colored wolverine and then finds himself sleepwalking wearing this outfit.

                  • He should wear it because he’s Wolverine!

                • not all Avengers had their iconic suit, did everybody forgot that Hawkeye had a black leather suit instead of his purple one from the comics.

                  but anyway. I would love to see him suit up.
                  he accepts he is a warrior and someone creates a suit for him…

                  so what, its a comic book movie. and if scripted right its awesome
                  i wouldnt be overthinking it!
                  that mask just looks badass :):)

            • Superman did lose the underwear outside the pants.

          • Also
            IT SHOULD!!

            • Can you speak a sentence without using the F word? it’s not cool, just classless…

              • not when talking to a f*ol.

              • Can’t even take the guy seriously with all caps geez. I’m going to leave this conversation before he explodes.

                • good, cuz your arguement (if it could be called one) was lame.

            • That’s a joke, comic book fans didn’t make these films happen, the general audience did. You think any of the comic book films would be around if the general audience rejected them?

              • the comic book fans brought in the general audience fool
                so did the cartoons and other appearances in media before the films
                with their powers, in their outfits!
                comic fans supported the early films and its why theyre blockbusters ten years later.

                • So the comic book community made up for the 300 million box office for the first X-Men film? There’s a reason there’s the marketing crew with each film, to get the general audience excited for a movie they know nothing about. And for you’re own good, quit littering your comments with insults, I feel like I’m talking to a ten year old.

                  • I think you underestimate the comic book audience, which includes those who dont even read the comics but people who just grew up with them, their families, and those who just watched tv.
                    300 mill, nothin.

                    • Dude, time out. Quit flipping.

                    • I will when he gives up his feeble anti suit argument.

                    • You were both being complete twats.

                    • A comic book audience who doesn’t read comic books?

                      So….NOT a comic book audience then, yeah?

                      Cody, honestly, your arguments have been weak so far and your use of insults shows that you really have nothing to add to the debate any more.

                      ColdSc had you on every point and you resorted to childish insults, thus proving why people who don’t read comic books still look down on those of us who do as “man-children” who haven’t grown up.

                  • the reboot of X-Men number 1 in 1991 sold over a billion copies…I would say comic fans were the only reason that X-Men were made into a cartoon, video games & movies.

                    • That wasn´t a reboot. X-Men #1 from 1991 was the first issue of a new ongoing series. The previous series Uncanny X-Men continued. X-Men was just a spin off, not a reboot.

            • hahaha since when? Comic Book fans make up like 40% of the audience that goes to see these movies honestly they don’t matter they’re only making them because the general public enjoys them

              • The comic book movies that bomb are more accurate measure of how much money die-hard comic book fanboys bring in at the box office.


      • your right I don’t think they would work so well either but It would be nice to see it just once!
        I would really like to see Thor wear his damn helmet too! we have not seen that since the first scenes on Asgard of Thor 1 WTF… I LOVE THAT HELMET!!

        • Thank You!! Ditto!

    • They way Wolverine was depicted in the movies made it clear that he was not interested in being a “super-hero”, costumed or other wise. He was living in the Canadian wilds like a vagrant in the first X-Men film and the Wolverine, so I doubt he would be running out to buy elaborate get-ups.

      In the comics Wolverine came into the team and books with the yellow and blue suit because that is what he wore when he debuted in Hulk 180. The reason for the colors was because the Michigan Wolverines football team wore the colors.

  5. It looks great the sooner the better but what about his face? that’s one of the things I like about hugh Jackman his expressions.
    “you actually go out in these”
    “what would you rather prefer yellow spandex”

  6. Although many fans want to see this outfit in some way or form, I think in the context of this happening in this way would have just been cheesy, hence the cutting room floor. I for one like the directors cuts of films to view once in a while and would welcome one for the wolverine, seeing as how he wasn’t offered the opportunity to finish his film in the way it was intended.
    The button for the wolverine movie was pretty cool, and very much necessary for the lead up to Days of Futures Past… but for the idle film goer who is not so much a huge fan and may not see the overall cohesion that they are trying to provide… did it matter? or should we have seen what the director intended ? For if we are now going to get a Wolverine lll movie, how has the changing of the ending of the wolverine now effected the overall story arc that James Mangold might have been working towards….

    Need I even need to point out x-men 3 ….

    • As far as whether the casual moviegoer cares, I’d say not.

      I know there isn’t a button for Gravity but once again, only 9 of us in the cinema watching and the moment those end credits came up, everyone rushed for the exit. Happens every time.

    • So the average film goer accepts average material so film makers shouldnt be creative.

  7. This is really cool.

    I hated “The Wolverine” though.

    heated adamantium swords
    mutant healing power sucking from drills in the hands
    random mechanic spider heart mechanism that eliminates powers?

    who writes these things!

  8. They should’ve left in in there! More proof that Fox still has their heads up their asses when it comes to their version of the Marvel universe.

  9. I think wolverine would look pretty goofy as the only mutant in the x-men team wearing a mask. Wolverine is a unique character so it wouldn’t be so hard to identify him without the mask so it doesn’t make any sense for it.

    • What if the mask has features like infrared and allowed him to communicate with the rest of the team.

      Also, the costume is goofy, thats why people like it, its what made him unique and popular in the first place.

      • Really? A “goofy” costume is what made him popular? Nope.
        The costume became iconic because it was associated with an awesome character.

        Also, I would not say it was goofy in the comics. In a live-action film it could possibly come off as goofy, it’s trickier in a film.

      • Cody, just stop already…

  10. Yes, that’s what im talking about. I always knew they could work the whole mask in if they wanted to. I hope he wears it in DOFP because it sorta looks looked like he’s wearing a yellow costume judging by the trailer.

  11. Prob the one and only great thing Fox has ever done.

  12. FINALLY. Oh God, I can’t believe it’s taken this long. I hope to God they put it to use.

  13. I hated the Wolverine movie. I thought it was boring (sorry to those who liked it). But if this alternate ending was in it, I think I would have liked it a lot more.

  14. I think, at this point, it might look silly, but we won’t care. It’ll just be cool to see.

    • correct.

  15. I’ve always thanked God and all that is good and holy on this Earth that Wolverine has never worn his comic-book costume onscreen. I can’t think of a better way to strip Logan of any believability or menace. I remain hopeful that this scene was deleted for a reason, and the costume never sees the light of day.

    • Hugh Jackmans not that scary, especially if youve seen him sing and dance.

      • All the more reason to not have him prancing around in yellow spandex.

        • I think it will be a mix of armor and strong fabric
          and more of a brown, not bright yellow
          but youre just baiting me, well screw you.

    • +1

  16. I think at some point in Days of Future Past, he should don that costume. I don’t know how they’ll work it in there, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • hes actually wearing the costume…sans the mask if you look at the trailer.

  17. Reason: X-Force does the dirty jobs which Xavier would rather have not tied to his school. So not having a former studnet/administrator recognized as a member would be nice.

  18. I think I just made a spot in my drawers!

  19. I’m glad no one voted “replace the actor.” I don’t think any actor is as passionate about his role as hugh jackman, he’s not some overpaid talentless snob

  20. Also they already hit their low point(and highest point of ridiculousness) with xmen wolverine origins
    A well realistic version of his actual suit seems nigh silly in comparison.

  21. i would update it not so much yellow maybe trimmed in yellow…tone it down abit kinda like Superman had the red and blue muted

  22. Boy do they know how to push fanboys buttons, Pavlov would be proud…..

  23. he should never wear this costume in the movies but they should have included this scene, just for coolness’ sake

  24. I like how they’ve done the character so far. But I also like the idea of bringing in the classic costume after the character the way they have.

  25. Dont get carried away peolple… it´s a deleted scene.

    • +1

    • More like bait for the DVD release….

  26. Yellow would not work in the movies. He’d stick out under all conditions. If he’s supposed to stealthily sneak somewhere with bright 4-color wear, that’s not reasonable. Look at how Batman is not light-grey+light-blue in the movies. Sure, make a costume that has the same shape as the one in the comics, but not the same colors. If you want him in a yellow costume, make it a biker’s armor racing suit in yellow and blue highlights and brown reinforcement for a few scenes, when he’s not all Wolverine-ing out, but just traveling. Give him a yellow kimono with blue obo with the Yashida mon on it.

  27. I think this could’ve worked if Mariko had given it to Logan when he was without his healing power, as a form of body armour. Then Logan could keep it as a memento of the time they had together and what they have.
    Sure he heals from just about anything but it still hurts him when he is shot

    • Anyone else think her face and head-shape looks kind of like a praying mantis?

  28. Man that mask looks rad.

  29. For the ones who haven’t seen it…