The Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s ‘Real’ X-Men Costume Revealed in Alternate Ending

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Marvel Comics Classic Wolverine Costume Yellow Blue The Wolverine: Hugh Jackmans Real X Men Costume Revealed in Alternate Ending

By next May, Hugh Jackman will have played the mutant hero Wolverine in seven different X-Men films (including the X-Men: First Class cameo) and not once has he worn one of his iconic costumes from Marvel Comics. In the trailer, image and teaser footage of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman suits up in new duds yet again (in the future and in the ’70s). But still no classic yellow and blue – at least that we’ve seen.

Even in 2000’s original X-Men, while wearing the somewhat controversial black leather jumpsuits, the characters joked about yellow spandex, but a yellow Wolvy outfit from the comics for Hugh Jackman has only appeared in the X-Men: Origins: Wolverine video game, not the films. That may change, if a deleted scene from The Wolverine is to be believed.

While visiting the Australian set of The Wolverine last fall, I witnessed the second unit shoot a large action set piece with Logan (Jackman) battling through a small army of ninja warriors on his way to the final confrontation of the film. These scenes didn’t make the theatrical cut of the movie but will be on its 4-disc Unrated Blu-ray edition along with additional 12 minutes of footage on December 3rd.

Thanks to a leaked clip out of Russia, we have our first look at what appears to be an alternate ending for the film, replacing the final scene with one catered for comic book fans.


* Warnings: Spoilers for The Wolverine ahead *



After losing his adamantium claws – and seemingly some of his healing abilities – Logan says farewell to Mariko after realizing he once again has a purpose in life as a self-described “soldier” and heads off with Yukio to in a private jet funded by Mariko’s company. He’s a financially set hero off to do good! In this alternate ending however, Yukio and Logan’s conversation in the plane before lift off goes a bit differently and Yukio hands Wolverine a gift, one that features the mask and yellow costume similar to the Wolverine design in Marvel Comics.


As exciting and flat out cool as the reveal in the deleted scenes is, it needs to be put into context should Jackman suit up in the yellow and blue or orange and brown from the comics. If Mariko and co. designed that suit for him, it would need a legitimate purpose. Is Wolverine off to create his own team (i.e. X-Force)? Is this costume or a similar incarnation going to make an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

The fact that it wasn’t used could indicate that the costume didn’t fit plans for the character but we know now that Fox and The Wolverine director James Mangold are in talks to develop Wolverine 3, with Mangold writing a treatment for another Jackman-centric solo adventure. Are you hoping Wolverine and the X-Men sport classic costumes now that Spider-Man and The Avengers heroes proved that moviegoers are accepting?

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens March 6, 2015

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  1. While I never cried about the black suits like a lot of people did I still prefer the classic suits or stick as close to them as you can. Avengers proved the colorful costumes do work. Think about X1 and X2 with the classic costumes. It would have been a better movie.

    • It’s funny how I never thought or considered this, what you say, how the Avengers DO have the real comic book costumes and they WORK! That’s great! It works for Spider-Man also. Why shouldn’t it for the X-Men??? LISTEN UP FOX!!!

      • Thor isn’t wearing a costume, thats just what he wears all the time, Iron Man is wearing a tank, Hulk is wearing stretchy pants. That leaves only Captain America wearing a costume and It took half of his solo movie to explain why.

        I like the X-men classic costumes too but they still need an explanation as to why and they need to serve a purpose. First Class did it so maybe they will continue that with the next movie.

        Wolverine looks badass in his yellow or brown suit but in a movie it has to be for a reason.

        • thats why its easier for mcu than dccu to bring there world to life.
          the costumes need alot less explaining

        • how about to protect their identity? lol they do lead normal lifes outside of the mansion and the teams…Why would Wolverine or any of the X-Men for that matter want to be constantly harrassed or assaulted like A list celebs.

          • If it’s the X-Men, they’d be constantly hunted by anti-mutant people

            Spandex and skimpy not-there clothing would not help realism if the costume is meant to protect identity or body. If people can identify you by your unique costume, you’ll be tracked by it, not something someone in an hatefilled anti-mutant world would want, unless you’re a mutant supremacist.

            Usability also matters, remember how Dollar Bill is killed in Watchmen.

            • I think to they kind of dissed the idea of the classic costumes in the first film, Wolverine sees the leather costumes and asks “You actually go out in these?”, Cyclops replies “What would you prefer, yellow spandex?”.

              So although the classic costumes aren’t spandex they kind of make fun of them with that comment, and they’re kind of saying at the time ‘you won’t be seeing the classic costumes any time soon’.

              Took first class to do a representation of them at least.

          • + 100000000000

          • I agree that the costumes should be in the movies cause that would just look cooler but it wouldn’t be for their identities. Of every Marvel movie I’ve seen the only one to wear a costume to keep his identity a secret is Spider-man. Everyone else so far has had a public identity. The world knows Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers. X-men walk around without masks all the time, even in the comics. The Fantastic Four doesn’t even have masks. Even in the comics there is no point to Wolverine having a mask aside from because it looks cool.

    • Agreed. I wasnt mad about hte blaack costumes but I would like to have seen them at least attempt to put a mask on wolverine or something rather than scrapping his costume entirely.

    • What costumes Captain America looked retarded and this looks Ridiculous as hell…There is a reason they haven’t had them wear those ridiculous comic outfits….It would look as stupid as IF electro had the stupid outfit from the comic

  2. In the upper left corner of the suitcase, you can see the pattern of the costume, and it looks exactly like the pattern of his DOFP suit. So there´s hope.

    • very perceptive…I said the same thing when i first saw the DOFP trailer…I never connected the dots…only thought was…what in the blue furry beast is Wolverine wearing??? Because of Bryan singers outright hatred of the original costumes for so long…I honestly never put two & two together.

      • First Class proved that yellow/blue costumes can work if done right.

  3. The awesome looks costume, costume looks awesome and it would work on film. I say add it and give Wolverine some screen time to actually fight Cyclops and build more on their rivalry. and other characters that need to be brought in or have redone would be Gambit, Archangel, Night Crawler, Rogue (for Gambit and her to have story), Blob, Sabretoothe, The Hulk like Juggernaught, Beak, Chamber, and Husk because they are just interesting characters, Psylocke, Sinister, and Apocalypse. but just as long as we get a great story that is the main thing. I also think they need to keep Bryan Singer as long as they can with these films he really makes these stories shine. Hope that at the end of DOFP Wolverine goes back into the future and since he changed the past maybe killing Stryker and the film showing beast can control his mutation to a point things would have changed differently and Cyclops would be there with Apocalypse ruling with Sinister, and Archangel as his Team.

    • you added as many random X-men as possible lol. how about we start out with the original 5? Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel girl (Jean Grey) & Ice-man…Fox really could get a chance to reboot this thing the right way. make a few billion in the process…besides X-Men are long overdue for a worthy reboot of the series.

      • Look at his name. I´ve lost count on how many times I´ve seen that list on this site.

  4. what reason would he need to wear it?

    thor and superman wear costumes that represent their planet especially in mos every kryptonian had the same garb material

    spiderman wear his for flexibility,speed and to cover his identity

    batman uses his for fear and to cover his identity and to protect himself since he is just a human

    wolverine on the hand doesn’t give 2 craps if people know who he is and he heals himself so no need for protection and he doesn’t need it to represent some symbol

    • hey how about you just provide me with your address, phone number & place of employment…seriously? lol. Why would you want everyone knowing who you are…at the end of the day wolverine is a human…albeit a hybrid…one extra chromosome. Look how well it worked out for TOny Stark being a dumbass and telling everyone who he was…silliness.

    • “what reason would he need to wear it?”

      What if he wears it in the 70s scenes? There´s a line in Joss Whedon´s Astonishing X-Men, where Wolverine asks Cyclops about the new costumes, and Cyclops says “It´s something people recognize.” So, in the 70s, where mutants are feared, what would make more sense to dress up as a superhero, complete with mask?

  5. Husk and chamber are GenerationX…wolverine and the x-men need their iconic costumes….I wanna see storm with her mohawk. I eant to see a gambit done right…I wanna see cable and I want gene grey back cause if u have read dark pheonix saga she does not die…hell if I remember it was the hellfire club that made her turn evil…gene grey as marvel girl…bring in jubalee and bring back night crawler and sabretooth.

    • It’s easy to bring back Jean Grey in the movies with the comics as a basis. Wolverine killed a mental projection, the “dark” Phoenix. The real Jean Grey is sleeping in a mental force field cocoon at the bottom of the lake, with Cyclops right next to her. After defeating the mental projection, Jean has reintegrated her persona, and will arise like a phoenix from the ashes, more powerful than ever, and bring back Scott Summers with her.

      • Nice work, I like this.

        Although I prefer a reboot.

        • Since Professor X is alive in DOFP, this seems to be an alternate reality, alternately taking place before the events in Last Stand, so Jean Grey is still alive.

          • Go and watch xmen 3’s ending.

  6. I never had any problem with the black suits, they reminded me of Ultimate X-Men. I also don’t think that the original costumes would play very well on the big screen, they were kind of ridiculous looking. That being said, I do think that realistic adaptations of the uniforms would be cool, and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that in future movies.

  7. I would like to see Hugh wearing it. If anyone could pull it off it would be him. Besides I’m tired of seeing the Logan 100% of the time. I would like to see The Wolverine I grew up loving as a kid!

  8. At the end of the day Im cool with Wolverine not being in costume all the time…but uniforms do so much, they protect Identity…family, friends ie loved ones. They instill fear & dread in enemies…or symbolic hope. Saying wolverine doesnt deserve his costume is asinine and shows a general lack of understanding of comic books.

  9. I would love for Fox to reboot the whole mess of a movie series that is X-Men…I would love for them to start out with a young cast and focus on the team aspect, my problem with Hugh Jackmans portrayal of Wolverine is that he was always made to be the hero…No, wolverine was always shifty, a loner, unpredictable & mysterious…he was hardly a team player…thats still is and will always be Cyclops job to be the leader of the X-men…lets hope they get it right next time.

  10. Sometimes I wish that I was not so heavily invested in this franchise…I spent a good portion of my childhood collecting X-Men comic books & other merchandise. It makes me sad to see other franchises get it right with half the struggle…s*** I mean even Watchmen got it right the first time out the gate…Avengers etc…& none of those franchises were nearly as exciting imo.

  11. All the comic book heroes and villains should wear their classic costumes as originally depicted in comic book canon. It would help fans identify with the characters, and has become part of their idioms. It would actually help all the movies in all cases: sometimes clothes do help to make the man (or woman). Look how great some of those like Spiderman look in costumes at least somewhat similar to their comics depictations! Black leather jumpsuits do not add much to characters to establish a difference between them and normal humans/citizens.

    • I doubt that will be the case the majority of the time now since many of these characters cosutmes were created decades ago and have been updated numerous times over the years so as not to look dated. What constitutes a “classic” character design could be defined on when or if person even read comic books. And all of that said live action Hollywood movies will always go for whatever they feel looks best on screen when doing production and costume design.

    • Stronly agree

  12. well, the movie keeps refering to logan as a ronin, and japanese warriors wear facemasks, and his reason for wearing it can be to remember his experiance with yashida that reawoke the soldier in him.

  13. It’s pretty obvious that the costume designer had Christopher Nolan’s Bat suit in mind for this costume. Wouldn’t be surprised if the backstory for the Wolverine costume is some kind of military armor prototype made of kevlar instead of fabric or spandex. Basically, Christopher Nolan, in a sense, is a comic movie pioneer.

    • The Tim Burton Batman also wore body armor, remember the Catwoman scene, where she had to reach around to the side to pierce the suit?

    • I would be. If it’s from Japan, it would have more symbolic meaning. Similar to how the ancient samurai had decorative suits of armor. Full of messages and symbols. Wolverine doesn’t need armor or protection, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be so armored up.

  14. So many people are talking about how Wolverine could wind up wearing the costume. Some people say Avengers and Spider-man do it, so it must work; others are saying it’s too realistic and needs to have good reasons for him to put on a colorful costume. Honestly I agree with everyone.

    As far as rationalizing, maybe Logan could use it could as a way to separate his civilized mentality (and self-identity) from when he goes “beserker” mode. Since he’s now such a complicated character who needs to divulge both sides as the situation requires, putting on a mask and a costume can help him embrace “The Wolverine” when he needs to truly kick ass.

    Imagine him under attack. He goes from worried to suddenly angry, and puts on the mask and growls – he’s gone feral mode. Quick succession of shots as he puts on the rest of the outfit and disappears. Cut to the bad guys still coordinating and moving around, and suddenly they get cut down b a flash of yellow and brown shooting in and out of the shadows. They see a silhouette – a classic Wolverine outline is visible. The bad guys freak out, “I thought we were here to take out a man. Wtf is THAT?” before another creepily untame and feral snarl is heard, and the Wolverine attacks once more. [This can be remarkably similar to the effect that Batman has]

    Once everyone is dead, Wolverine is still crouched in the middle of the room, claws still out. Maybe wipes the blood off, maybe “sharpens” them on the floor – something, anything animalistic, Then we see him visibly calm down…he seems to humanize a bit and finally takes off the mask; he’s Logan again.

    Use of a mask (and costume) for mental separation/coping. And the more flamboyant the better because his real life and the costume are so un-associated to each other. Just like ancient samurai and war paint/armor. How does that sound?

    • That sounds exactly the way I’d do it.

      Dissociate himself from his animal instincts, less guilt that way. It’s perfect.

    • I don’t see how he would have the time and inclination to change into a whole costume while under attack and going into a berserker rage. It sounds like Clark Kent going into the phone booth, and they don’t even do that anymore.

      • I agree. If you’re going berserker, are you really going to think about dressing up, or are you just going to go out and attack, wearing whatever you have on, or will rip off. (Does the Hulk change into purple pants, or is it just the pants he has on when he changes? And if it was “The Watchmen”-style version of the Hulk, I doubt that the pants wouldn’t be ripped to shreds as well, being unrealistic having the pants survive while no other clothes do.)

        • I cringe at the thought of a realistic Bruce Banner/Hulk costume change, it would be Dr. Manhattan except in jade green glory 😉

          AS for the whole costume issue, people have to understand that the visual style and context of comic book characters does not always translate well to live action and despite how cool it may look in fanboys minds, it really may not look great on a screen. Spider-Man is a character whose costume is a big part of his origins, and the whole tights thing works into his having an alter-ego that he needs to quick-change into.

          At this point not every comic book character is going to be tied to aspects of the original medium when translated to film, it is a different genre.

    • Like it

  15. Why these producers and directors being bitchy about it, let it be. That costumes looks pretty cool it doesn’t need to be light just keep it dark

  16. If anybody said “repace the actor” I’d have slapped a b****…. :-p

  17. The costume looks great in comics…when it’s worn by a guy that’s only 5’3″, but weighs almost 200lbs (without the metal).

    It would look completely different (and likely ridiculous) if worn by someone who’s nearly a foot taller.

  18. yes I agree with the Push for him to wear his costume,but can I point out how horrible a choice to play WOlverine that Hugh Jackman was even from the beGinning of the X-Men franchise? to start with Hes too likeable. Wolverine was a shadY, gritty, loner. second of all, Wolverine was Canadian not Australian. Logan was always short, stout, and pug ugly as well, IN NO WAY Jackmans tall, lean, and handsome. His temper and attitude left him oftentimes mistrusted by the xmen (with the exception of xavier), not their leader. I say they reboot the whole damn atrocity that has been the franchise and actually TRY to get it at least close to accurate this time…

  19. Not sure if this reasoning has been mentioned but here goes. Logan could wear the yellow suit as to separate himself from the role of wolverine. It would be a psychological shift in him when putting it on and taking it off. You saw in the last film he came to terms with his solider attitude and role. It would become a uniform to separate work from play. Lover vs Hater. Calm vs Angry etc.

    • Extra point: Real world vs mutant fighting world. When the suit is on he doesn’t hold back kinda thing. Funnel that anger and wrap up in a nice yellow suit, the colour of which reflects calm and happy, with everything inside it the opposite.

  20. I actually liked that. The suit wasn’t bright yellow like in the animation and I can see Wolverine wearing that. It would have been cooler to see how the uniform tested in the X-Men movies. I can live with it.

  21. Man… would LOVE to see Jackman suited up in that outfit. Judging from what little we can see there, that is one of the most accurately rendered comic book costumes yet, and Wolvie’s costume is just so damn iconic…

    …that said, I don’t think it would fit in with the Logan character Jackman has crafted, and Jackman has owned his role as a comic book icon more than any actor who has ever portrayed a comic book hero, with the exception of Christopher Reeves. I didn’t see the deleted scene, but I can imagine Logan laughing at the costume. There really isn’t an alter-ego, he is Logan through and through, and even when his healing factor is diminished, the guy is taking shotgun blasts to the abdomen and keeps on fighting. With his healing factor restored, there is no good reason for him to wear a costume…Unless the costume somehow shields his body from Magneto’s power… in which case… SUIT UP, BUB.

  22. The sheer lack of creativity and imagination in some of the comments here and in director’s thinking in regards to these costumes astonishes me.
    The ONLY reason these characters are so iconic is because of their look. We all started out as kids being attracted to these characters because they looked cool. We can get drama and stories anywhere.
    Why on Earth then, would you water that down on the big screen, where an iconic look can be so wonderfully portrayed?
    Darth Vader’s look was not explained in the first Star Wars. Were people wondering WHY he wore that funny helmet and a cape? Does the cape help him breathe?
    Does Superman’s cape help him fly?
    People keep justifying Superman and Spiderman having their original costumes in the films for whatever reason, but that misses the point. The point is, how does it LOOK? Darth Vader became an icon because of his voice, and because of his LOOK! If he had been a guy who was part android and only wore a mouth respirator to help him breathe, no one would have a clue who he was today.
    You people are saying that Supe and Spidey can wear bright red and blue tights and it works on screen because of this or that, but Wolverine and the Xmen can’t wear yellow? Especially the Wolverine suit in that photo above?
    And can we please stop with the EXPLAINING of the costumes? Who cares? Did Loki get a half hour of explanation why his helmet has those gazelle horns? Do they serve a purpose? No, they just have a distinctive LOOK.
    Side note- Please for the love of God, give Thor his helmet back. We get that he has pretty blond hair for the ladies.
    Wolverine can fight in a wife-beater because of his healing ability, yet we need to put him in black leather for protection? Which is it? He would probably want to have a policy of wearing a little something extra when he knew there was a fight brewing, but that would allow a little freedom of movement. I’m sure all those cuts, scrapes, burns and gunshots still HURT.
    I for one am sick and tired of the black leather armor suit. Hawkeye, SHIELD, Batman, Xmen, etc etc have done it to death. I’m sure the new Wonder Woman is gonna look just like Faora in Man of Steel. -with a creative and faithful blue and red tint!
    In my opinion, movies like Watchmen, Hellboy, and SpiderMan get it right. Just accept that these characters are going to look a little different than you and me, and get on with it. You have to suspend a little belief just to buy a ticket to these movies.
    As far as spandex goes, no, I’m not saying every character needs to be exactly like the comic. Not everybody needs an all-spandex suit like SpiderMan. Electro would not work with lightning bolts for a belt. The Wolverine suit above is a perfect example of how it would work.
    As others have said, the leather would hinder movement, and work up some god-awful funk. The suit is just something to aid in movement, like what gymnasts and wrestlers wear. Bikers wear leather to protect from road rash. But they don’t have to move much. Look at gymnasts, downhill skiers, track and field athletes- all wear skin tight, colorful suits to identify them with a team, and allow maximum range of motion. Just throw in some plates here and there a’la Captain America and you’re done.
    If I’m Cyclops, and I’m in a battle with 10-20 mutants and I’m gonna zap somebody with a laser, then I would really like to know exactly where all my teammates are. Brightly colored yellow outfits would serve that purpose. The same reason hunters wear fluorescent orange and football players wear brightly colored uniforms-for identity and protection. They don’t wear it at home, or to work. Only when it needs to serve that specific purpose. (Another example of why bright colors can work- look at NFL and college football teams)
    To sum up this long-winded post, I truly hope that at some point we will see all our favorite characters come to life on the big screen just like they look on the page. If they wanted to make Hulk, Hellboy, IronMan, and Superman be more “believable” and “realistic”, how would they have looked? Way more ridiculous than a yellow suit- and utterly forgettable.

    • ^^^
      Bravo. Standing ovation.

    • well they did dumb down the hulk though to kind of ground him, ang lees hulk so far is the most accurate, incredible hulk was good, but he got injured and damaged skin WAAAAAAAY to often, he heals as fast as wolverine, and adamantium is the only thing that can pierce his skin, and they toned down his leaping in that movie as well, which is stupid, no one questions supermans powers of flight and invulnerability, dunno why they cant just show hulk as hes meant to be, avengers corrected a lot of those imperfections, but they still seem to be holding him back.

  23. Actually, the less adamanteum, the stronger Wolverine becomes. The metal itself is poison drains a significant portion of his healing ability just to keep him alive. When it’s removed by Magneto (comics) he returns to the ultimate pinnacle of fitness.

    • not so much a poison as his healing factor is constantly trying to remove or “heal” the metal out of his body, which slows down his healing factor as a whole, but yes his healing factor sky rockets once he no longer has adamantium in him, which is good considering hes not as durable anymore lol

  24. we need more organized voting systems like this if we are going to influence decisions. the fanbase should have a voice in the direction of their beloved mythologies.

  25. Maybe she gave wolverine this costume for the simple fact, every soldier needs a uniform.

  26. wolverine didn’t lose his healing ability in the movie(the wolverine 2013) and the
    prove is in the next movie(DOFP) they sent him into the past which is as they said (no one can survive this)….. except him because of his healing ability…… he didn’t lose them