Hugh Jackman Says ‘The Wolverine’ is a Non-Sequel With Fewer Mutants

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The Wolverine 2 Interviews Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Says The Wolverine is a Non Sequel With Fewer Mutants

While the world at large might see The Wolverine as “Wolverine 2,” 20th Century Fox and the filmmakers behind the next installment in the X-Men film franchise have always been trying to establish this as something of a fresh start for the character of Logan/Wolverine, as made famous onscreen by actor Hugh Jackman. Back when Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky was helming the project, there was no doubt The Wolverine would be a superhero film unlike any previously seen in the X-Men canon (or beyond); under the direction of James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) the shape and tone of the film have been less clear.

Production is underway on The Wolverine, which means Jackman is out doing his usual good job of PR and promotion – a campaign that seems to still be towing the line that this is a new jumping-on point for the character and the franchise.

The Wolverine picks up with its titular character wandering the far east (Japan to be exact) with little memory of himself and a rage he has yet to harness. When he happens upon a young woman from a powerful family, his romance with her sparks a gang war that also reveals some powerful new enemies Wolverine must face – even as he tries to master the beast within. It is based on a famous 1982 Wolverine comic book miniseries by Chris Claremont and Sin City creator, Frank Miller.

As Jackman told Total Film, that story will be the springboard for a new direction for the character – and will not be obligated to serve as a direct sequel to X-Men: Origins:

“We’ve deliberately not called it Wolverine 2 because we want it to be placed and feel like a standalone picture.”

“With an all-new cast and setting it in Japan, it’s going to give us a whole new visual aesthetic.”

“The approach to character means we won’t be overloaded with mutants and teams and the like, so it’ll be more character-based. I think in many ways it will feel like a completely different X-Men film.”

After the stumbles of both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans were glad to get a semi-fresh start with the reboot/prequel, X-Men: First Class. Recent news that First Class 2 will dive headlong into some time-travel storylines that (we speculate) could in fact “fix” the disjointed X-Men movie continuity (like X3 and XO:W) has only been met with more cheers. How this standalone film Jackman describes ultimately fits (or not) into the larger picture remains to be seen; however, if it turns out to be a good film (i.e., widely accepted by fans), they’ll find a way to make it canon, we’re sure.

Hugh Jackman The Wolverine 2 Interview Hugh Jackman Says The Wolverine is a Non Sequel With Fewer Mutants

As to the quality of the idea behind, The Wolverine, Jackman added:

So we went to Christopher McQuarrie, who was involved in X-Men and The Usual Suspects. He’s a brilliant writer and he came up with a concept that was just phenomenal. I rang [Dreamworks Animaton CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg] and he went ‘Great, now you have a good idea, just go for it…I’m just really glad it’s happening. For a while it’s felt like a rocky ride. I think it’s the best idea we’ve had, the strongest script we’ve had and that now we really have an opportunity to make something really great.”

While Jackman is known for being a great showman while promoting a film, he’s never been accused of being anything less than an earnest one. That’s to say: If his claim that McQuarrie’s script – which has since been revised by Die Hard 4 and Total Recall (2012) writer Mark Bomback, mind you – is indeed the best one he’s seen during his time with the franchise, there’s reason to believe it. And with Mangold’s talent behind the camera, and Jackman’s charisma and dramatic chops in front of it, there is indeed also reason to give The Wolverine the benefit of a clean slate upon which to paint a better picture than its predecessor.

With shooting now underway, a trailer showing us the initial results of the cast and crew’s work can’t be far off. 

The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: Total Film via Conventry Telegraph  

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  1. “The approach to character means we won’t be overloaded with mutants and teams and the like, so it’ll be more character-based. I think in many ways it will feel like a completely different X-Men film.”

    I like Jackman and I hope his words ring true with this film. If him and the people involved in writing and producing this really read the comics (there’s only 4 so it won’t take too long), then they realized that a less is more approach is what is needed. Also glad to see Singer hasn’t insinuated himself in the process and try to pay homage to his own movies by adding unneeded Easter Eggs all over the place.

  2. Make this rated R and dark and I will be happy.

    • Dark lol

      • @ Vic – Amen! If they would only make the movie like the did with the video game, there would be so many happy fans out there. It’s sad that they continue to hold back from what we know he is supposed to do.

        • Just got this game recently and while it is a straight god of war rip off it is absolutely brutal and exactly how wolverine needs to be displayed on film, limbs and heads flying all over the place.

    • You have a better chance of Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi holding hands and singing “Kumbaya” on the lawn of the White House than you do of Fox EVER giving an X-Men film an “R” rating.

      • Agreed, R would be nice but will never ever happen in this franchise. Deadpool on the other hand…

  3. I have high expectations for this and hope it finally shows Wolverine the way he should be. I liked origins but didn’t like the fact that it was too kid friendly. I hope the Wolverine changes that.

  4. If any comic fan would know, this version of Logan is based on the mini series Wolverine#1 – 4 from the early 80s from Frank Miller. This is one of the best mini series IMO. I can see why and understand The Wolverine would be a solo film with not too many mutants/Xmen. It’s more of a backstory/origin. Just make it dark.

  5. Who else could ever play Wolverine?

    • Kevin Pollak? He’s short, he has the eyebrows, he could bulk up…

  6. Still gonna miss Liev Schreiber as Victor…

  7. “…won’t be overloaded with mutants and teams and the like…” this makes me happy

  8. There are plenty of good wolverine story arcs, either x-men, avenger, or solo. this Frank Miller take was pretty cool, but i could see them drastically changing it for the film. IMO, wolverine works better in a team dynamic, where he can be the maverick/badass of the group.

    this will be one of those movies which i go into with zero expectations, and hopefully i will be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Lets hope theres a lot of blood in this jus lke a wolverine movie shuld b i like hugh jackman n wolverine is my 3rd fav comic book character, so lets hope this one is THE ONE!

    • LOLOLOL. That’s funny. You seem to have forgotten the scene in x-men-origins: wolverine, where he stabs sabretooth with both sets of claws (the scene where they are in striker’s lab and striker is letting him know that he played him and wolverine charges at sabretooth plundging both sets of claws into his midsection as they smash through the glass), and when he took his claws from out of sabretooth’s midsection, there was no blood on any of the claws, just the shiny, metallic, adamatium chrome color.

      • @Eli53…Logic plays no part in fox’s versions of wolverine. With that said, I don’t think you will see any blood (even when there is supposed to be blood) in this movie because like origins, fox is doing their best to soften-up wolverine to make him and the movies they are making of him more suitable/appealing to 3rd and 4th graders. With what fox did with the x-men movies and wolverine’s solo flick, I think I will stay home for this one and wait for it to come on cable.

      • That was because of sabretooth healing ability, the blood vessels are healing so fast, that there is no time for the blood cells to stick on the claws, LOL ;)

        • sorry, but that maks no sense. “The blood vessels are healing so fast that there is no time for the blood cells to stick on the claws.” I don’t think so.

          Wolverine and sabertooth’s healing factors, including the Hulk’s, have nothing to do with the blood vessels “sticking” or not “sticking” to wolverine’s claws. Both he and sabretooth can still be hurt, but they heal fast, however not fast enough for there to be no blood spilt. Blood will spill regardless of the healing factor, once their skin is punctured because their skin is/was punctured.

          • That was a joke, hence the LOL and ;).

            Anyway, my thought was this:
            If the blood vessels (veins) are healing fast enough, there is no time for the blood cells to escape, the blood vessel wall is healing so fast, that it is closing around the claws, while the claws are pulling back, so the blood cells remain in the vein.
            But as I said, it was not to be meant as a serious answer.

  10. I have high hopes for this film. I want it to be a true Wolverine movie instead of being just another X-Men movie. I definitely did not like the Origins film.

  11. acting chops or mutton chops?

  12. Please rated R with a steven sigal or silvester stallone 90′s style fight choreography not wires or over the top effects just metal animantium claws seen cutting through and killing ninjas (Kill Bill style) with blood every where Rated-R

    Wolverine Rated-R= Success

  13. Everybody hoping for a lot of blood better get used to the idea that odds are they want to sell this to wide audience and an R-rating won’t be very bankable to the studio.

    • I disagree with you. it’s basic economics combined with the uniqueness of comic book fans. i said this same thing years ago…comic book fans are not like regular or general movie goers because of our ties with comic book characters and their stories. We somewhat have a relationship with the characters we grew up with because we grew up with them. Combine that notion with the fact the a hughe portion of comic book fans (expecially for marvel) are adults, and what you get are adult fans who will not only go to see comic book movies in groups, but adult fans who will also see an adult-oriented comic book movie with an R rating more than once, providing such movie is actually good, adding to the movies success. Christian Bale’s second batman flick is an excellent example (grossing over 1 billion dollars). A lot of kids don’t work, and therefore can’t see the same movie 3, 4, or even 5 times, while others just won’t do it.

      Making a serious comic book movie with an R rating will blow the box office away.

      • They aren’t making these movies for comic book solely for comic book fans because the reality is they only make up a small percentage of movie goers and they would not make their money back on the cost of these films. Most of the people my age who used to collect comics really don’t anymore, and when they do go see these movies they are more likely to take their kids then go in a group. And given the economy and the fact people have to work it’s only die-hard fans going to see movies more than once.

        Batman making the money it did had nothing to do with being rated-R or bloody, it was just done at the right time and had a broad appeal. And the adult oriented comic films based on Marvel properties have had a spotty track record at best, with Blade 1&2 being the only ones that were well received (3 made decent money but was terrible).

        As long as money is a factor Fox won’t gamble on making an R-rated Wolverine money unless they are desperate and want to roll the dice. And if and when Marvel gets the rights back nobody should get their hopes up for a more “adult” oriented Wolverine or X-Men films. The irony about all of this is that the Wolverine mini-series this movie is based on was not even that bloody, and this idea that Wolverine should look like a slasher movie probably comes from the more recent comics.

  14. Fooled me once, shame on Bryan Singer. Fool me twice, shame on Brett Ratner. Fool me thrice, Shame on Gaven Hood.

    I have been given this false promise that i would see “the real wolverine” four times now. I dont believe You anymore. Reboot, recast and burn every tie to Bryan Singers frankenstien x-men.

    • And now the actor who brought Peter Allen to life is 16 years older since the first X-Men with the story going back in time…

  15. I loved the mini series. I hope they are close to that!

  16. This… is good news indeed.
    My expectations for this movie is pretty high right now.

  17. Um… Yeah. When I think “visual aesthetic” I think James Mangold… a director who changes his camera lens about as often as Eastwood does a second take.

  18. i must say i watch sometimes really hardcore horrormovies(hostel,hatchet etc..)with tons of blood spreading. but if i watch superheromovies it´s not important for me to see a realistic take on the blood-scala because of the violent scenes they´ve made,were the blood would spread in reality. for example: the nolan-battrilogy when the people get shot trough guns and mgs then you never see the result from the shootings(wounds,blood etc),and to be true i like this oldschool shootings were the gangster falls down without a bloody mess. but that works for me just in superheromovies wich little kids watch too,i don´t want those movies bloody. but action,thriller,gangster or horrormovies must be bloody in violent scenes,in other way it would be too unrealistic.

  19. “Recent news that First Class 2 will dive headlong into some time-travel storylines that (we speculate) could in fact “fix” the disjointed X-Men movie continuity”

    Does this mean they fix the messed continuity of First Class, leading to the X-Men 1-3 continuity, or the other way around, so that the stories in X-Men 1-3 never happens (like the new Star Trek films). The latter would be so lame and disappointing.

    • The continuity problem didnt start till X-Men 3. But, I think the new X-Men movie will wipe the slate completely clean meaning X-Men First Class starts a new time line. Thats the only way to explain how Emma Frost is a little girl in Wolverine Origins but an adult in First Class. That could also explain how mutants had abilities they were not supposed to have in X-Men 3. Cyclops would not longer be dead and so on and so on…

    • I think it will wipe out the former ala Star Trk 2009c Something I be very much pleased with. afresh start is very much needed. The new series could actually be set in the Ultimate Universe and show the “real” first Class in the modern world.

      I loathed how the kids in First Class acted like they livied im the 21st century.

      • “I loathed how the kids in First Class acted like they lived in the 21st century.”
        They’re hipsters man… there’s your explanation right there ;)

        I have to say though, I’m not a fan of Ultimate X-Men. It started out good, but much like the rest of the Ultimate Universe, it quickly turned to crap, so I’m fine with them staying with the 616 continuity (not that one could really call what they were doing ‘following the source material’ anyway)

        It won’t be a reboot (I can tell ya that much already – if they wanted to reboot, they’d have done it with FC1) but with some luck, they’ll fix a few of the continuity errors that the other movies buggered up.

        • The Ultimate X-Men was actually really good and well received, winning numerous accolades right up until Jeph Loeb’s Ultimatum Arc that destroyed the entire universe. Ultimate X-men was the top selling X-men book for a long time.

          I would not call that, “quickly turnining to crap.”

          • When I said “quickly turning to crap” I was referring to the Ultimatum arc actually.

  20. there is no saving anything fox is doing with these franchises. they royally screwed the xmen and wolverine with their last movies. there is no where to go when you dont have marvel’s other characters, fox is trying copy marvel cinematic universe and start linking crap together but they have no idea what they are going to do with the xmen universe. the fact that they got the white queen’s age wrong and the wolverine origins is not suppose to exist anymore shows they have wasted two movies that amount to nothing… wolverine 2 at best is a one shot graphic novel movie and they even copied the cartoon and now have wolverine in a world war camp 2 setting, but guess what NO captain america,bucky or the howling commandos to make this interesting.

  21. lots of people here screaming for blood…if that’s what makes a “good” movie to some…

  22. I have no confidence in fox to make an excellent movie based on any comic book character, let alone wolverine; one of marvel’s most fiercest and, sometimes, brutal character. I think it is all spin by fox to claim that they are basically going to make a better wolverine story and make it more about the character and etc etc etc. A lot of folks did not like LAST STAND or ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, so now what are they (fox) trying to do?…say all the right things to appeal to the fanbase when they have no intention of doing justice to wolverine, just so they could make some big bucks?

    “that story will be the springboard for a new direction for the character –and will not be obligated to serve as a direct sequel to X-Men: Origins:”

    Could it be that fox is just saying the right things, while not meaning it? Also, that statement is too general. Nothing about “we read or had Hugh read tons of wolverine comic books to help us in the direction of where we want to go.” All that is said is that it is based on a famous wolverine comic book from 1982. LOL

    Then the artcle further states… “the shape and tone of the film have been less clear.”


    Hugh Jackman, hang up the claws, please. You are not wolverine. There has to be someone who not only looks like wolverine, but who can actually play him. How about using a real canadian actor, who not only has the look, but the accent as well. Chris Benoit would have been perfect.

    • Come on, just because Chris Benoit was Canadian does not mean he would have been able to play Wolverine even when he was alive. Fans of the comics who are looking for someone who looks like Wolverine may always be disappointed because he is a character that has been rendered by dozens of artists. Lou Ferrigno didn’t look like how the Hulk was drawn, and the CGI version is still an animated image for all intents and purposes. The animated stuff is the only thing that is going to be close to how Wolverine is supposed to look, and even that isn’t set in stone at this point considering the new anime version is totally different.

  23. WHAT IGNUR RANT SAID…”Fooled me once, shame on Bryan Singer. Fool me twice, shame on Brett Ratner. Fool me thrice, Shame on Gaven Hood.

    I have been given this false promise that i would see “the real wolverine” four times now. I dont believe You anymore. Reboot, recast and burn every tie to Bryan Singers frankenstien x-men.”

    This has got to be best rant i have read today. I AGREE!

  24. If they want to make a successful X-men or Wolverine movie they need to stick to Origin. Jean grey was never as large of a love interest as they are making it in any of the comics released with Wolverine. I will always love the comic more than any movie they could do at this point. In my mind, Origin is the only comic that gave the best history to “Logan”.
    If you are going to make a movie about Wolverine being in Japan, at least have Jubilee show up at some point.