Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine’s ‘Inevitable’ Recasting

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Hugh Jackman Wolverine 3 Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverines Inevitable Recasting

When X-Men was released back in 2000, it sparked a wave of superhero films we’re still enjoying to this day. It seems only fitting then that 14 years later the X-Men franchise is still a staple of the summer blockbuster season with the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

At the center of Fox’s X-men series is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, a character the actor has played an unrivaled seven times. And out of those seven X-Men films, he didn’t have a crucial role in only one – X-Men: First Class (though he did appear in a very memorable cameo).

Needless to say, Wolverine has been integral to the X-Men franchise and it’s almost impossible to imagine an actor other than Jackman in the role at this point. But seeing as he doesn’t share the same regenerative properties as the character he plays onscreen, in a recent interview with IGN, Jackman admitted that recasting Wolverine is “inevitable.”

On the set of Days of Future Past, IGN asked Jackman if there were ever a conversation about casting another actor in the role of the younger Wolverine, to which Jackman responded:

“I’m sure they had the discussion. They didn’t mention it to me, obviously! [Laughs] Look, that’s inevitable, man. Anyone who thinks they’re indispensable in this business is fooling themselves. But I feel unbelievably blessed to have this part. I never thought in a million years I’d get to play him seven times. Every day I walk on the set with the claws and the hair, I thank my lucky stars. I don’t take any of it for granted. To think that in a second version we’d have this cast and this director, and you guys don’t know the script, but I would say probably the best script of all of them, is pretty amazing. I think that’s why I’m still here. I’m sure by the way, that it won’t always be my decision to always be here. At some point, someone will close the door on me… [Laughs].”

Days of Future Past was surely something of a coming home for Jackman, whose first American film was X-Men with director Bryan Singer. With Singer back at the helm for Days of Future Past, there might be a nice sense of closure for Jackman if this were to be his last appearance as Wolverine.

the wolverine Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverines Inevitable Recasting

However, Jackman also mentions to IGN he’s in even better shape now than he was for the 2013 film The Wolverine. In fact, Jackman has had to be at peak Wolverine shape for the better part of two years since he filmed these last two X-Men films back to back. So perhaps Jackman has yet to age out of the role he defined after all.

Fox shows no signs of stopping the steady stream of X-Men films anytime soon, what with both X-Men: Apocalypse and an X-Force film on the horizon. Which means that eventually the Wolverine character will need to be recast or retired – permanently. Though given the character’s status as a cash cow, the latter option seems less likely…at least in the long run.

Which would you rather see happen – a new actor in the role of Wolverine or for the character to meet a tragic, though undoubtedly heroic end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23rd, 2014.

Source: IGN

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  1. Hugh Jackman is the only guy who can play Wolverine. I say X-Men:Apocalypse will be perfect if it’s his last time. I would like to see him do Wolverine one more time after Days of Future Past

  2. And Hugh Jackman with like a “Wolverine 3″ (Origins was 1, Wolverine was 2) and then recast him. That film will be like a final goodbye to the character.

    If not, then probably recast him after DoFP

  3. No recasting. These days actors have special techniques to look and remain young, like Sylvester Stallone, and therefore no need to recast anyone.

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    • Sacred?

      Actors don’t want to reprise roles. Pay negotiations get in the way. People get old (and I have zero interest in watching X-Men 17 with an entirely CGI cast.)

      It’s hollywood, it’s business, and I for one welcome different adaptations and recasts once a particular group gets to tell their version of the story.

    • Well movie casting is certainly not sacred. James Bond has does fine with multiple actors playing him over the years.

      Indiana Jones SHOULD have been recast before the last film.

  4. Recasting is of course inevitable but have him and his replacement appear in the same film to smooth the transition – depending on when they choose to do it of course.

    • I would say don’t recast him. Once Jackman does start to show some real age, do an “Old Man Logan” story, retire his character, and have X-23 introduced to be the “new Wolverine”.

  5. Knowing the compny behind this and how they usually cast and the the decisions they make, we can probably expect a `reboot` with a teeny wolverine.

  6. I’m sure he will be recast, but there’s no need to rush it. 616 Wolverine was never young so if Jackman gains a few wrinkles it’s not the end of the world (although DoFP might be).

    Yes Jackman is a leading man, and a more civil Wolverine, but given that a “proper” Wolverine would be R18 civility isn’t too bad.

    • With the inclusion of “616 universe” on the chalkboard behind Eric in Thor 2, does Fox have any ability to include a 616 universe in a film? I have no idea, just asking the question.

  7. Never mind Hugh Jackman/Wolverine (who is that guy, anyways?) What I want to know is:

    • Exactly! I hope that he actually isn’t dead. Since we didn’t see his death on-screen during X-Men 3, maybe Jean sent him to the future or something. Then he could be in X-Force or the future scenes that are in Days of Future Past. I’d love to see him blast the crap out of some sentinels.

      • Marsden left the franchise with Bryan Singer to do Superman. That’s why his role was so cursory in Last Stand. I try not to gripe about changes to superhero movies, and I’m not a big X-fan to begin with, but when they do reboot, for chrissakes please get the dynamic right between Scott, Jean, and Logan. Scott’s the leader for a reason, and his optic blast at full power is ridiculously powerful. Hopefully a Cyclops-centric film or films will come out with Mr. Sinister as the villain and that will lead into Apocalypse, with Apocalypse manipulating Scott and that can lead into Cable. I totally agree that Jackman is amazing as Wolverine, but that character has dominated the mainstream X-Men media (and now the comics to the point where he’s the good leader and Cyclops is the take-no-prisoners bad-ass type) so much that Wolverine is the main character and hero; he is much better as the weary cynical and gritty veteran and Cyclops is the young, idealistic and upstanding hero/leader. I think Wolverine works best when he is more of a Batman to Cyke’s Superman…a mysterious, sometimes hostile mentor/father figure who metes out loads of tough love but respects the idealism of the student that he can never have.

  8. People have this notion that the studios passed over dozens of 5’3″, physically fit trained actors to cast this part. They had not intention of using someone that fit the written description of Logan in the comics, and now that Jackman has played the part exclusively for this long I doubt Fox (or even Marvel down the line) will divert too far from what has worked.

  9. As a proud Aussie, I am happy with Hugh and the role he has made his own and certainly think he has another 5-7 years in him where he could still pull off Wolverine.

    I believe Wolverine will long be remembered because of what Hugh has done and I would really like to see the role retired for 5-10 years before an inevitable recasting as a mark of respect and gratitude for Hugh’s work over the last 10-12 years.

  10. Wolverine is a good character, but I’d also at some point like to see en X-men film where he isn’t the dominating lead.

    X-men – First Class was a good film, but it didn’t really include many of the characters I consider to be iconic for the X-men franchise. I’d like to see a film which delves more into the relationship between cyclops and jean grey, or gives a bigger role to classic characters like nightcrawler, colossus and shadowcat. Colossus is a character of many layers in the comic books, but in the movies so far, he has pretty much just been an excuse to throw some cgi around the set.

  11. Just a cheeky suggestion…. Henry Cavill?

    Or would he be too high profile perhaps?

  12. If their going to recast wolverine it has to be grant bowler from defiance he is an Aussie and possibly hugh jackmans long lost brother there so similar its mad

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  14. I feel like he should meet his end in Apocalypse. But in the most Heroic and satisfying way possible while defeating the character himself Apocalypse?

  15. I’d rather a heroic, epic end and retire the character than recast. I dunno why.. jackman is just too much Wolverine for me.

  16. No recast, kill everybody off in xmen apocalypse and reboot the franchise. Stay closer to the comics this time

  17. Recast him. Who gives a s***?

  18. Id like Jackman to take a little break from the franchise letting other X-Men to shine, and then return for the final movie with the rest of the team with the Ultimate and most epic X-Men movie ever, with a decent role, instead of the big star, tho.

  19. I say that give the character a heroic end, I mean he has had a strong run, a great tale and every great story must have a heroic end. I hope that if they do do that then they will keep him dead, I dont want him back in the next film, keep him dead and do it right, Jackman has been playing the character for almost 15 years and eventually he needs to retire form the character when he feels that he needs to, I say that if Fox ever decides to do a Old Man Logan film, then that should be Jackman’s last portrayal of Wolverine.

  20. How about someone who is actually short and pissed off like Wolvie is supposed to be? Jack man was ok, but really didn’t embody Wolvie like in the comics… He was a watered down Wolvie…

  21. Wolverine is 5ft 2 in in the comics, not a 6foot tall Hugh Jackman, recast him, he killed the character

  22. I’d like to see Jacman do 2 more films after DOFP. The first would effectively be te 3rd Wolverine. In this film he finds love only to lose it in the end thanks to an act by Apocalypse who tries to recruit Wolverine for a plot to rid Earth of all non-mutants. The film ends with Wolverin stopping APocalyopse but not defeating him.

    The last film would be the third with the currrent cast of Xmen (those from First Class and then Days Of Futures Past). In this 3rd film of a set of three XMen trilogies (the first 3 being the 2000′s, the second being the Wolverine series and the third being the current ones with the cast from First Class). In this 3rd film in a trilogy of trilogies all storylines converge. From wolverines series we see him take on Apocalypse to detroy the oldest mutant alive. The First class cast (the younger versions of Xavier and Magneto) are involved with their older counter parts (Guest appearences from the Proferssor X and Magneto of the first 3 films). Like Days of Future Past this one involves time travel but this time its a global reset all to defeat Apocalypse because he ends up destroying the Earth and I mean all of Earth and not just humans. A very old Magneto reaches into the past to the modern day (in the eyes of the First Class cast) and with an almost dead Xaviers hekp he warns them that the end of Days Of Futures Past has resulted in an even worse future, one in which Apocalypse destroys everything and everyone including himself.

    In a desperate act of self sacrifice Wolverine along with Young Magneto and Young Xavier work to travel back to the early days of Apocalypse when he was still vulnerable, before his ascension to man-god. In the very last act time is stopped and Xavier shares with Wolverine what has been (flashbacks to first round of XMen films) what is (flash forwards to the current generation of Xmen as started in First Class) and what could be (flash forward to a new and never before seen cast of Xmen including a very different looking Wolverine). Xavier warns that if they do not take out APocalypse then all is lost but it will mean they as they are now will never have existed. After self reflection (in the form of flashbacks) all 3 agree and they defeat Apocaplyose by destroying his mind. (HINT: They decide to kill him physically would risk damaging the mutant timeline too badly so they destroy his mind so that he lives but never realizes his potential and therefore goes on as a mere mortal but passes on his mutant gene.

    In thee end we see the Jackman version of WOlverine along with a new/Young mix of Professor X young & Magneto (here half the face is the older character and the other half the newer character) fade away into black void. The camera pans to what appears to be the same time fram when Magnetoa and Charles Xaver meet for the firts time. Both are played by entirely new actors (or they are the same or one of them has a new actor and the other the current actor but with some small change). They happen upon each other in a bar where both spot a rowdy mutant. Both are familiar with what they are at this point although theyve never met. The rowdy mutant is wolverine and hes started a bar fight. Magneto and Xavier stop him by working together. They are thrown together by fate and forced to work together to stop Wolverine or risk exposing to much of mutant powers to the general public. They realize afterwards they make a good team and one of them says to the other “I think we have a future together to save mutant kind”. The next few minutes (the last few minutes in the film) we see a flash forward where the 2 have foormed a team of mutants and all are wearing black and yellow outfits and they are fighting what appears to be an alien invasion.


    A minute or two into the creidts we get a mid-credits sceene showing a troubled looking man wandering the streets of some big city. He’s sweating and in pain. We see he’s having sever headaches and flashbacks are flashing by. We see flashes of ancient Egypt and of a man like god. The flashes stop and the man rasies his head and his eyes phase to a glowing blue and we hear laughter that is earily like that of Apocalypse. ROLL CREDITS.

    This we have a crossing over from old to new in a salutory manner and withour full ending one of the most awesome eneimies in the XMen-verse.

    What do you think?

    • I think your post is too long

      • Way too long.

  23. Like Robert Downey Jr with Iron Man, Hugh Jackman is the perfect person to play his part. However, time does move on and eventually he will have to be replaced. Lets treasure all these great moments we have to watch these wonderful actors.

  24. Recast? Ha, it’ll be a reboot of course as that IS hollywood these days which is a massive shame….. But on the upside, here in the UK is originality, just look at the Oscars….

    • A reboot of this particular franchise wouldn’t be a shame one bit, provided it doesn’t diverge even more from the source material.

  25. Richard Armitage, I think, would make a good Wolverine.

  26. Jackman is great. They should kill off Wolverine in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ The title just sounds like it will wrap up the current storyline(s) Everyone knows they will just reboot the whole thing after another few years. All the original actors will be too old in another 10 years; can you imagine Halle Berry still playing Storm?!! And Iceman is supposed to be a young guy, like Spiderman. His personality requires him to be no more than 25 or so….

  27. I’ll take option 3, thank you: a Wolverine threequel, X-Men Apocalypse, then ending Jackman’s run with an Old Man Logan movie. After that, a full-on reboot of the X franchise with a whole new cast and more respect to the original material.

  28. Im glad that people who never picked up a x-men comic can enjoy these movies,but for anyone who’s been a long time reader,the story’s/plot are beyond terrible .A few examples would be killing off cyclops in the first 20 min of x-3,Baraka Deadpool,general striker,and the silver samurai ninja turtles super suit in the wolverine movies.I allso love how they try to shove as many characters in these movies as possible.I could have done without angel,colossus,juggernaut,gambit,blob, white queen being shoe horned into a movie just for the sake of doing it.I wish these movies had marvel comics writers creating a script instead of taking said characters and doing their own Joel Schumacher batman disaster story,but if you have never spent time reading the books you would never know the difference.End of rant!


  29. Wolverine vs Hulk should be a last Wolverine movie for him.
    Go out big