Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine’s ‘Inevitable’ Recasting

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Hugh Jackman Wolverine 3 Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverines Inevitable Recasting

When X-Men was released back in 2000, it sparked a wave of superhero films we’re still enjoying to this day. It seems only fitting then that 14 years later the X-Men franchise is still a staple of the summer blockbuster season with the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

At the center of Fox’s X-men series is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, a character the actor has played an unrivaled seven times. And out of those seven X-Men films, he didn’t have a crucial role in only one – X-Men: First Class (though he did appear in a very memorable cameo).

Needless to say, Wolverine has been integral to the X-Men franchise and it’s almost impossible to imagine an actor other than Jackman in the role at this point. But seeing as he doesn’t share the same regenerative properties as the character he plays onscreen, in a recent interview with IGN, Jackman admitted that recasting Wolverine is “inevitable.”

On the set of Days of Future Past, IGN asked Jackman if there were ever a conversation about casting another actor in the role of the younger Wolverine, to which Jackman responded:

“I’m sure they had the discussion. They didn’t mention it to me, obviously! [Laughs] Look, that’s inevitable, man. Anyone who thinks they’re indispensable in this business is fooling themselves. But I feel unbelievably blessed to have this part. I never thought in a million years I’d get to play him seven times. Every day I walk on the set with the claws and the hair, I thank my lucky stars. I don’t take any of it for granted. To think that in a second version we’d have this cast and this director, and you guys don’t know the script, but I would say probably the best script of all of them, is pretty amazing. I think that’s why I’m still here. I’m sure by the way, that it won’t always be my decision to always be here. At some point, someone will close the door on me… [Laughs].”

Days of Future Past was surely something of a coming home for Jackman, whose first American film was X-Men with director Bryan Singer. With Singer back at the helm for Days of Future Past, there might be a nice sense of closure for Jackman if this were to be his last appearance as Wolverine.

the wolverine Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverines Inevitable Recasting

However, Jackman also mentions to IGN he’s in even better shape now than he was for the 2013 film The Wolverine. In fact, Jackman has had to be at peak Wolverine shape for the better part of two years since he filmed these last two X-Men films back to back. So perhaps Jackman has yet to age out of the role he defined after all.

Fox shows no signs of stopping the steady stream of X-Men films anytime soon, what with both X-Men: Apocalypse and an X-Force film on the horizon. Which means that eventually the Wolverine character will need to be recast or retired – permanently. Though given the character’s status as a cash cow, the latter option seems less likely…at least in the long run.

Which would you rather see happen – a new actor in the role of Wolverine or for the character to meet a tragic, though undoubtedly heroic end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23rd, 2014.

Source: IGN

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  1. If they were going to recast Wolverine, First Class was their clean break chance to do so. I’m not complaining, not at all… but still… That was a good chance to do it all over clean slate and hopefully Days of Futures Past lives up to the hype and makes it all worthwhile.

    • I have to agree. First class WAS Fox’s chance to recast him.

      But I do like Hugh Jackman though. I can’t wait fore DOFP.

  2. Recast him, no sense in throwing the character away. But definitely give us movie goers another focal point for the X franchises for the next few movies. With Apocalypse and X-Force (Cable) on the horizon, I would say this leaves the door open for a properly cast and developed Cyclops to take center stage and take on the likes of Mr Sinister.

  3. Let Hugh Jackman keep reprising the role as long as he can & willing to. The guy is always committed to get in shape for the role & in character passionately.

  4. Keep Jackman in the role as long as he wants it or is physically able to do it…then kill Wolverine off in glorious heroic fashion. Give the character some closure dying for a worthy cause…kind of like John Marston’s death in Red Dead Redemption. Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character but I mean he can’t live forever.

  5. In honor of all the “great” casting choices lately,

    how about Jesse Eisenberg everyone?

    Better yet…Justin Bieber!

    Screenrant could then do an article, “Why it could work!”


    • I love you for this joke. lol

      • The “joke” would’ve been funny if WB’s casting decisions recently were actually terrible but since they’re not, it makes comments and “jokes” like that seem kinda petty and immature.

        • No, they’re pretty terrible casting choices.

          • No, they’re not. They are actually quite intriguing choices.

      • Ha! Good one.

        Although, I do like that Screenrant takes the time to give in depth analysis to the overreaction on the net. Stuff that the general audience tends to shrug off as trivial. I’ve always had fun trying to break down the unreasonable criticisms (or non-issues) that are thrown at films, especially when they overshadow the legitimate concerns that actually are issues. Having no background in film criticism or film school though, it’s great to compare notes with a group of geeks (I say that lovingly) who do come from that sort of professional training. I don’t always agree with them either (sometimes a movie hits you, and you have no defense for it except that it struck you “the right way”). It’s just nice to have a site like this to come to.

        • Agreed! It is always important to remember, however, that we are all only expressing our opinions, and thus, no one is really “right” or “wrong” in the traditional sense of the words. I’ve read comments on both sides of every issue here claiming certainty and objectivity. Neither is inherent in opinion or preference. If we remember this, then we can continue to interact without offense.

          • +1

    • Better yet, Chris Rock is my pick

    • Michael Cera!

  6. Never liked how he was cast anyways.

    Too tall & Wolverine was never a leader. In the Xmen I read wolverine came & went from the team & scorned being told what to do by Cyclops. That was during the Chris Claremont & Jim Lee era.

    • So an actor who resembles the character is hated for being “too tall”?

      Do you even realise how ridiculous that sounds?

      You do realise the other guy they cast before he pulled out and was replaced by Jackman is 6 feet tall, right?

      Do we need to cast an 8 foot behemoth to play The Hulk?

      • Though it would have been cool if they would have “Benjamin Buttoned/Hobbited” Jackman :)

    • Actually… if you watch the movies, that is EXACTLY what Wolverine does do! He comes and goes and clashes with Cyclops. there is a difference between LEADER and STAR

    • Except for that whole period when Storm was the leader and Cyclops was leading X-Factor after he left the X-Men (and his pregnant wife).

  7. Let him play as much as he likes it. When he’s done, I personally would like to see the *real* Wolverine from the comics on screen – he’s been dumbed-down considerably for the movies, plus much of his history has been altered in defining ways. Cast a new guy as Wolverine, maybe even physically more appropriate (short, hairy and doesn’t have to look very good), and give us the Wolverine we all want – the intelligent badass that lived through wars and black-ops, had some life in Japan and was KIDNAPPED for the Weapon X program, not volunteering. I think that this original version from the comics can be phenomenal on screen, and heck, he doesn’t have to be the main character! Let’s see something more in the veins of the comic books: a charismatic-ish, leading Cyclops, which has a lot where to evolve as a character, and a loner, quiet Logan, which also has a lot of evolution as a character.
    But for now, let Jackman do his thing. Even though it’s not the definitive Wolverine, he kicks ass as this character.

  8. When it comes time, have someone burn Wolverine beyond recognition and then when he regenerates sub in the new guy. Hey, It’s an original way to bring on a new actor.

    • +1000
      That’s a really good idea if you ask me.

    • this ain’t dr. who!

  9. If they recast it should be Manu bennett all day, easy decision

    • that’s real unlikely considering that Manu Bennet is only a year younger than Hugh Jackman.

  10. Wolverine is a short, stocky, sarcastic, bad tempered, primal killer.

    His body language, his persona, his communication with others, constantly reflects the battle within to hold back his true assassin nature. A battle he usually loses, because he enjoys letting go.

    I’ve never gotten any of that from Jackman.

    • I assume you’ve never seen an X-Men or Wolverine movie then, yeah?

      I ask because Jackman has been sarcastic, bad-tempered and aggressive in all the movies he’s played the character. If you have a complaint, aim it at the people writing his character for the movies.

      • nope, but I’ve pretty much read every major Wolverine appearance since 1974. Sarcastic and bad tempered in the movies. Seriously, you have no idea.

      • Have you ever read the comics that defined Wolverine? Go back to his original appearance in the Hulk to the Claremont/Byrne X-MEN years culminating in the WOLVERINE limited series by Frank Miller (the last Wolverine movie was poorly based on it) and you will find out what bad tempered and aggressive is. He is the only cold blooded killer on the team.

        Hugh Jackman wasn’t just too tall, he was too good looking and too charismatic for the part. The ORIGINAL Wolverine back when Richard Donner was going to direct (Singer took over) was MEL GIBSON, at 5’10. He actually can play a cold blooded killer (Parker/Porter and the original crazy Riggs) with issues. The studio killed that idea which MIGHT have worked. Google Miles Teves who was attached to the original X-MEN project and there is a drawing of Gibson as Wolverine that is amazing. I still think that is too charismatic/good looking a person for the role.

        The X-MEN is a group made up of heroes. You have guys like Nightcrawler and Colossus who are gentle souls, and then the rest of the group which is made up of people wholly against killing. Then you add Wolverine to the mix. He is a killer. He takes a long time to bond with the group (and starts with Nightcrawler). By the time Kitty Pryde joins the team she is the wide eyed teenager scared of Wolverine. By the time she goes to Japan and is kidnapped and brain washed into a ninja killing machine… she had learned to trust Wolverine. Wolverine gets her out of it, and they then have a bond of being truly able to turn on cold blooded killer mode. However, there were times when the X-MEN needed his killing like the Brood War, etc.

        For true fans of THE X-MEN it would be awesome to see a Wolverine that would make John Byrne or Frank Miller proud on the big screen. The largest hurdle is ratings. They want PG-13… yet the guy has claws that are pretty much for one thing: killing. I say they do it anyway. X-MEN movies can be PG-13, and they just keep Wolverine in check. Then give him his own movies and let the R version of Wolverine come out.

        • Well good thing they didn’t go with Mel. It would have been one and done. It’s easy to get $$ for a Wolverine film because people love Hugh Jackman. Mel would have taken the franchise into the ground. For the sake of a few inches, no thanks.

  11. It makes no sense for Fox to get rid of Jackman until he’s either unable or unwilling ot keep playing the role, and that might not be for awhile yet.

    When he is gone, though, I suppose that they’ll look really hard for someone charismatic to replace him.

    I’m really hoping that in the aftermath of DOFP we get new, younger, more dynamically-written and story-significant Cyclops and Storm. That seems like the obvious, easy way to set up the next phase. Wolverine does not need to keep being the “active leader.”

    • So yeah, just to add, when Jackman leaves, have him go out in a blaze of glory, i.e. die heroically. Then give the character a modest break for a couple of films, and work him back in with a new actor.

      • Kill him off in a badass decapitation scene

  12. Manu Bennet is as old as Jackman so he’s out of the picture. James Franco with a good workout would be okay with his 1.80m length.

    But for now i think Hugh can go on till he’s about 50 years old and with some digital techniques he can be ‘rendered’ younger. ;-)

    • Oh man. Manu Bennett would be awesome, too.

    • James Franco???

  13. I honestly don’t they need to recast Wolverine anytime soon. I think they should just let the character hang up it’s Claws. If they actually do another Wolverine film, I think the third installment should just be his exit from the franchise for the next few years so that Fox can actually push the new X-Men characters and stop relying on Hugh Jackman to carry the franchise. Recasting him is inevitable because I’m sure there will be a full reboot in a decade or so, but for now I think we as an audience has had an overdose of Adamantium claws and animal rage for now. Let some new characters take the Helm.

  14. Hugh Jackman would have been perfect as the older, grizzled, world-weary Batman in the new MoS movie. Never could have happened, but I think he’d have been a better fit than Batfleck.

  15. To be honest, if they want to continue the X-Men franchise, Wolverine really only need show up in about two more films. First, whatever Wolverine 3 will be called, which should focus on Wolverine forming the X-Force. Then, finally, he should play the role Professor X had in the X-Men films for the first X-Force film, just to see the team off.

  16. And I hope the next Wolverine is more true to form: short, hairy, old, rage-filled, haunted by past deeds.

    Jackman’s too often just came across brooding and heroic.

    Fox changed him pretty drastically. Transforming him from anti-hero to leading man….

    • So…Danny DeVito?

      • True story, James Cameron actually considered doing an X-Men Movie in the 90s with Bob Hoskins as Wolverine. That seems more in line.

        Or a very scary Peter Dinklage!!!!

  17. If they recast, I think Antony Starr from banshee would be a good choice

  18. I have to say, Wolverine was one of my favorite characters growing up and I was not fond of Jackman at first. He’s grown on me. Hell, he’s not the worst of the casting choices made in the franchise. I would like to see him retire the character, eventually. But lets face facts, I doubt that will happen. What will most likely happen is Wolverine will be recast and everyone one the net who hated Jackman will wish he was still Wolverine.

    • yup

  19. I think if Andrew Lincoln (rick) from The Walking Dead gained 20 pounds of muscle and smoked a stogie, he’d be a dead wolvie ringer.

  20. Jackman shouldve been recast by now. Hes had his time. The new direction that first class has taken proves they need a new actor but bryan singer monumentally screwed this franchise from the getgo so I guess it doesnt matter.

  21. This isn’t like Batman or Bond. By the time all is said and done, Jackman could play Wolverine for 20 years. Sure you CAN recast but why? What is there going to be 30 X Men movies? 20 Wolverine movies? I say this because from what we’ve heard he’s still going to be playing him for years to come.

    How much demand will there be for Wolverine movies after the 10th one. Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine.

  22. i feel sorry for the next guy they cast

  23. Antony Starr from Banshee! He’s already basically Wolverine on that show already. The way he heals from episode to episode after weekly beatings from a rouges gallery of comic book amalgams like The Joker(Kai) and Bane(Cheystone). He goes into berserker rages, has the correct stature and is an unbeatable brawler. He hasn’t revealed his real name yet either, perhaps it’s Logan!

  24. Keeping hugh jackman is easy even if he ages in real life. Simply add it to the story. He looses his powers his or does something heroric which drains his life force. His body ages 10 years before he gets power back or his regeneration abilities struggle to compensate. Now his character pysichally matches his real age in appearance.

  25. They could go down the Daken road. That would be a fun thing for them to do, but it would kind of be a risk. Hugh Jackman’s performance is iconic, but I can see Joe Maganello coming in and taking the role. He’s already played the character in True Blood.

  26. I’d really like to see stories about the other x-men, but they don’t have to kill Wolverine to do it. I think Emile Hirsch would make a good Wolverine. I’ve seen him in a lot of different roles and I think he could pull it off.

    • Oh! He would!

  27. I think it’s crazy that people keep suggesting these HUGE actors to play a guy who is 5’3. 5’3 people is SHORT. It isn’t average height. It’s SHORT. The best guy mentioned so far is Anthony Starr and he is 5’11. Mark Whalburg is 5’8, so is Jeremy Renner, and Jason Statham is 5’9. Heck, we’re talking about someone the size of Seth Green here people… SMALL.

    I’d find out which of Frankie Edgar or Sean Sherk could act….

    • Right! Joe Maganello would make a better Sabertooth!

  28. I wouldn’t mind seeing a take on X-23, someone like Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) maybe? I don’t think they’re going to recast Jackman very soon, he could stay on as a mentor role

  29. Let Huge Jackman direct and therefore recast himself. I think that would only be fitting….