Hugh Jackman & James Mangold Re-Teaming For ‘Wolverine 3′?

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With the help of 3D ticket prices, this summer’s The Wolverine became the second-highest grossing X-Men film at the box office. The Hugh Jackman starrer, a quasi-sequel-in-denial to 2009′s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, played strongly overseas, proving that franchise poster boy Jackman has still got it.

It’s no surprise he’s also the star of next summer’s super team-up X-Men: Days of Future Past, but while rumors pointed a pricey multi-picture deal in the works for the Aussie actor to keep Jackman coming back for more, we haven’t had a clear idea of where he’s going next or where Fox is taking the X-Men franchise until now.

We know that Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) is working on a script for another team-up called X-Force which will star five X-Men characters and we know that after X-Men: Days of Future Past there will likely be a third installment in the First Class trilogy for Bryan Signer and Matthew Vaughn, but where does that leave Hugh Jackman? There’s potential to have him included in both of the above-mentioned films, but there’s also interest in having him do another Wolverine film, according to Deadline‘s sources who claim that Mangold is in negotiations to develop another Wolverine movie.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine 3 Hugh Jackman & James Mangold Re Teaming For Wolverine 3?

And it’s of no surprise to us. While Jackman told us repeatedly it’s tough to maintain the gruesome workout and diet regiment to stay in mutant hero shape, he truly loves the character. From what The Wolverine director James Mangold in the video above told us at Comic-Con, he’s also passionate about the character and told us he’s interested in doing another if the right opportunity arose. So, if he and Jackman are in talks for another solo outing (can’t have Wolverine with Jackman), that would mean Fox is interesting in greenlighting another standalone feature where Mangold and company have the “sense of freedom” to do something unique and different.

What this also means is that Jackman is indeed keen on continuing to play the character and being a part of the future of the franchise. It means X-Men: Days of Future Past is not the end of his journey and he could be back for more. How much more remains to be see. Considering James Mangold seemingly didn’t love the idea of Fox including a mid-credits button scene to tease X-Men: Days of Future Past and was most interested in telling a standalone character story, it’s safe to assume that they can do whatever they want in the next Logan adventure. Deadline claims that Mangold’s writing the first treatment so by all indications, it’s his story.

What story from the comics would you like to see Wolverine 3 tackle? Should another Wolverine come after or before X-Force and First Class 3? Is Deadpool that much less likely to happen now?

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013 and today Fox and iTunes announced a free tie-in app for iOS devices, which includes 50+ pages of interactive content and a few teases look into the future.

X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens March 6, 2015


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Put Deadpool in the X-Force movie, or else we riot!

    On the other hand, I’d be interested in seeing some more Wolverine.

    • No it OBVIOUSLY hasn’t
      But I like your idea EXCEPT that Singer dropped any references to Canada and Logan’s roots there . On another site tho someone wrote up a whole treatment of 6 30 min TV shows based on your premise , meaning he gets attacked and must go back to stop the villian there from creating more super-soldiers . I posted that the guy should take it to HBO or Showtime .
      Sounds more like a Cinemax thing tho

      • That would be a nice way for MCU to introduce wolverine. A show about super-soldier team (weapon x). They do own tv rights to there characters. They’d just have to downgrade the characters a little. What if it has titled S.H.I.E.L.D’s Howling Commandos( vs another group of super-soldiers or better yet pick-up where Cap-A left of and take on Arnim Zola and Hydra). Be a nice way to introduce characters they don’t have time for or aren’t ever going to be a priority (squirrel girl, the runaways, moon knight and possibly punisher). They could have a show set-up for a heroes for hire movie.

    • ^THIS!

      • I’d love to see Old Man Logan brought to the big screen but it needs to be Jackman’s ultimate movie in the franchise.

    • I’ve never seen Wolverine as anti-hero but a guy that can’t deny he’s a big teddy bear on the inside(who has issues showing he is a teddy bear)! :)

      • Wolverine was probably one of the first popular anti-heroes in comics especially after the Miller/Claremont mini-series. Over the decades his popularity has turned him into more of the misunderstood guy with a dark side who basically has a heart under the gruff exterior.

        • not the popularity per se but the scripters and Marvel brass trying to make more money off of the character decided to humanize him , to appeal to EVERYBODY , not just us blood’n’guts types . thus falling in love with Mariko , and having 1st Yukio and then Jubilee as his “Robin” .
          Cut back on the bar scenes with drinkin’ and smokin’ and fightin’ too

  2. Don’t need Wolverine #3.
    Need Cyclops #1!

  3. Well considering I thought The Wolverine was the only decent X-Men movie so far, I’m in if Mangold returns.

    • dazz the x men movies weren’t totally bad. I like professor x and magneto . Beast and wolverine were good too. Then you have cyclopse and jg were really crappy. I think there could of been a better storm but hb was ok at the roll. The biggest problems with the movies is that fox is making them. They took the best ips in comics and turned it into the 3rd coolest comic movie franchise out. I would put the mcu 1, dcu 2 , xmenu 3 , spideyu 4. Just think about how good marvel is . it would be like taking away superman, batman, mmh, and cyborg out of the dcu and then dc trying to make a jla.


  5. I do not want Wolverine in X-Force. Let them focus on Domino, Deadpool, Cabel, Warpath and whoever else.

    However, I don’t mind seeing Wolverine in another Wolverine movie but let him and Cyclops help lead a new team of mutants with Jubilee, Gambit, Forge, Angel, Colossus, Magik and Magma. I think that team would be really cool to see!

    • Cyclops is dead and Gambit was ruined, Colossus was used, and Angel was used. Though the Jubilee sounds good, I doubt it’ll happen

      They should do Wolverine, and Kitty Pride movie, with other characters in it of course, but the focus on the two lead roles.

      • Hopefully if they are smart they will bring cyclops back with this timetravel stuff

      • Yeah but we never see Cyclops as dead. For all we know he could have ran off into the woods with his eyes shut. In the comics there was a time he was living with some Native American tribe. They should go that route.

        As far as Gambit, I think we are all pretending that Taylor Kitsch’s Gambit (and the rest of Wolverine Origins) never happened.

      • Colossus was not used much and Angel even less. I’d love to see Warren return as Archangel. As for Cyclops, well, Prof X was supposed to be atomized in X3, yet Moira talked to him in the final scene and he’s back in DoFP, so it wouldn’t be the first time a character would be resurrected – if he’s actually dead, that is. We never saw him dead, all we know for sure is that he’s MIA.

    • That is X-Factor …

      • Oops I think I was thinking of Nathan Summers living with the Askani Clan. I got that mixed up with the series when Cyclops left the team and went to the Bermuda Triangle. I never read the Askani story series. I heard about it when I was younger and thought it was a Native American tribe.

        Either way, Charles Xavier is back in the movie so either:
        1. Xavier didn’t die so Cyclops didn’t die either.
        2. Xavier’s mind/soul transferred to his comatose brother later after we see Xavier dematerialize we don’t see Cyclops dematerialize
        3. the time travel in the movie probably undid Cyclops death.

        What does this mean? Cyke is alive!!!!!!!!! The true field leader of the X-Men!

      • @ Dominic…How is what I said X-factor?

  6. KIll him off in his LAST standlone film. As much as i love hugh his time is up

  7. People that hate on Wolverine are butt hurt that your favorite supeerhero or villian is a LAME-O


    pick a better comic bub

    • lmfao , they just never read the solo wolverine comics. I remember the best ones were when he would be drunk in a bar , get in a fight with everyone in it, and end up chopping up yakuza after yakuza. classic stuff right there

  8. He’s got friggin razor claws attached to his friggin hands……chop something the F up already!

  9. Wolverine has been overdone and after that last lame attempt I think its time to start focusing on more xmen team up movies

  10. I haven’t watched The Wolverine yet, still waiting for (someone to lend me) the bluray. But I think they should wait after Days of Future Past, cause I got the feeling that movie is going to do some messing/fixing up with the continuity issue. It’s fine if Mangold want to do a solo Wolverine again, but at least I hope it still work nicely in a continuation.

  11. I’d like to see him finally find peace, finally enjoy his endless life as we enjoy our limited ones, and while he’ll always be an X-man, he can be one that doesn’t have his own personal struggles anymore, and then we can move onto another X-man spin off, like Iceman.

  12. BEAT THIS CHARACTER TO DEATH!!! Milk that money from his dead tets!

    Seriously Wolverine is NOT even the leader of the X-Men I do NOT see why he gets so much attention. They should just call the X-Men films WOLVERINE & CO. where he steals Ellen Page’s character role for Days of Future Past and Berry plays a wimpy Storm.

  13. I think wait a few years and then adapt old man logan. or even film it now but don’t release it for a few years. that way jackman can be in the role and still be in shape but not have to stress about hitting the gym massively when it’s becoming too much of a chore

  14. I have to say, Hugh is the only Wolverine in my mind – he just owns it! And the fact he has stuck by this character since he got the role, it really shows he wants to show us who Logan is. Regardless, I do feel we need some finality to the situation, while also leaving room for more stories to be told.

    So’s I gots this idea:

    Let ManGold and Jackman do whatever the hell they want with there story – go to the future, adapt an old story, make some sh#$ up, Whatever! My idea gets tacked onto the end. You have Wolverine finish off (insert villain here), you have your movie conclusion moment. Midway thru the credits, you see an older Logan going about his business when he gets attacked by Magneto, a battle ensues over the credits. However, while the battle begins you never see the ending, instead it switches to another fight Wolverine aiding X-Force, and then another and another. Eventually it gets to be we’re seeing Logan in the far, far future in his last battle (something really epic) as he dies. The awesome part, you can use those battles to tease what movie storylines they are going to show – say appocolypse!

  15. Wolverine is a national treasure in Canada…sad but true

  16. This is no surprise. The Wolverine was very successful, both critically and financially. For a third film, I’d like to see Wolverine AND Yukio (Yukio MUST return, she’s awesome) travel to Russia to battle Omega Red and Spiral. It would also be cool if either Rogue or Kitty team up with Wolverine and Yukio.

    • Like it…. Or have Jubilee…She was also Wolvie’s sidekick!

  17. They can have two movies in the same year: one standalone wolverine movie and one x-men movie WITHOUT him (or at least a cameo. It’s fine.), it’ll be cool if we can see Daken and X-23 along the way, too.

  18. Mark Millar’s “Enemy Of The State” would be EPIC. Wolverine vs. The 20th Century Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a welcome bookend to Days Of Future Past.

  19. They should definitely complete the trio. It’d make a nice box set. When they complete the First Class trilogy, we’ll have a trilogy of trilogies, and can get on with an X-Force trilogy

    Yukio could be back, since they’re supposed to go on an adventure together, before XM:DoFP.

    As for Cyclops, he could be sleeping at the bottom of the lake, next to the real Jean Grey, in a mental force field. The Jean Grey that was killed is just a mental projection. Killing that Jean Grey just suppressed the “dark” Phoenix, and now in the cocoon, Jean Grey is healing up, and will emerge like a phoenix out of the ashes, along with Cyclops. This would be an integrated Jean Grey, aware and in control of her powers. You could then have Scott kick out Professor X due to his meddling with Jean Grey and other such people.

    If they spin off a Yashida mutant team for Fox Japan, and make a trilogy of Japanese movies, a Wolverine 3 could integrate into such a storyline, being set in East Asia, with a fully formed mutant team to back him up against other things from East Asia from the comics.

  20. I’ve three ideas:

    1) How about a standalone Wolvie horror movie: “Wendigo”. Adapt Uncanny X-Men #139-40, up the horror ante, and put friggin’ Nightcrawler in it and explore his character as they are out camping in the Canadian Rockies and encounter the Wendigo.

    2) Speaking of Canada, eh, why not explore Wolverine’s association with Alpha Flight? Especially with the familial relationship with the Hudsons that he established post Weapon X. I wanna see Puck, Snowbird, and Sasquatch!!!

    3) Get back to Japan by adapting the Kitty Pryde & Wolverine mini series wherein she becomes a ninja, he her sensei, and there’s magical ninja madness with their personal fight against Ogun. I personally was disappointed that they didn’t have our man James do any way of the samurai training in “The Wolverine”; missed opportunity IMO. I would have loved to have seen that. If they adapt this story they can recall this in flashbacks while also putting our cantankerous killer in the role of both sensei and protector of an out-of-sorts Pryde.

    While I’d pay good money to see any of the above three (especially “The Wendigo”) I think that there’s a lot of promise with the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine team-up. I could Mangold being interested in this schema too.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^Like it! I always thought the Wendigo mythos were cool too. Plus having Wolverine meet up with Alpha Flight would be cool!

      hopefully later we can have it all end where it actually all began in comics with WOlverine facing off against Hulk!

  21. OK guys they CAN’T do ‘Old Man Logan” unless they go to the FUTURE . Since this movie changes DOFP by having them go to the PAST , they’d have to 1st REDO their time travel scenario so that a whole body can go then advance OUR Logan to 1st Class ? universe far enough in ITS future to have an OML ,
    Or invent some silly reason bring OML back to our time
    Also THEY CAN’T do Canada ANYTHING without rewriting Origins’ history . maybe Singer does redo the continuity to allow it but we gotta see it FIRST .
    That being said , I vote for the ” Kitty Pryde/Logan back in Japan ”
    story arc noted here . As this also brings Mariko and Tao’s DDG face back to the screen

  22. They could have a pretty good stab at the events of (and before/after) of Wolverine #100, where basically an enemy puts Wolverine through the adamantium bonding process again and the whole thing sends him totally nuts/feral.

    Yeah, that.

  23. They should do a Gambit movie with wolverine and rogue as the guests. Foreshadow love story between Rogue and Gambit. Set it in New Orleans and deep south.

    Gambit’s origins story is really cool. Have Gambit trying to steal something from wolverine….

    Then end the movie with wolverine and rogue and Xavier reappearing in some capacity to recruit him.

    • There are so many cool stories of Gambit as the anti-hero. He could even show up as a villain then turned hero.

  24. Bring Liev Schreiber back as Victor. Set it in the mountains in Canada. Logan going after Victor or vice versa. Basically remake Seraphim Falls.

  25. Wolverine 3 should introduce Daken and/or X-23. Actually, introducing X-23 could lead to her taking part in the X-Force movie.

  26. If they are doing this then Omega Red is the way to do it and bring Sabretoothe into it as well really give Wolverine somethings to put him in real danger, Beak, and Deadpool should appear as well but not many more mutants maybe some big time Mutant hating humans. Also we need more Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Archangel, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Cable, Bishop, Forge, Iceman, Colossus, Husk, Beak, Blob, THE REAL Juggernaught, Sinister, and Apocalypse. we need these characters to have a lot of focus on to keep me and other fans interested in X-men movies. and we of course need some great human villains as well. I also think Bryan Singer should once again return after DOFP and direct a sequel to it and bring in these characters to do them justice.