Hugh Jackman & James Mangold Re-Teaming For ‘Wolverine 3’?

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With the help of 3D ticket prices, this summer’s The Wolverine became the second-highest grossing X-Men film at the box office. The Hugh Jackman starrer, a quasi-sequel-in-denial to 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, played strongly overseas, proving that franchise poster boy Jackman has still got it.

It’s no surprise he’s also the star of next summer’s super team-up X-Men: Days of Future Past, but while rumors pointed a pricey multi-picture deal in the works for the Aussie actor to keep Jackman coming back for more, we haven’t had a clear idea of where he’s going next or where Fox is taking the X-Men franchise until now.

We know that Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) is working on a script for another team-up called X-Force which will star five X-Men characters and we know that after X-Men: Days of Future Past there will likely be a third installment in the First Class trilogy for Bryan Signer and Matthew Vaughn, but where does that leave Hugh Jackman? There’s potential to have him included in both of the above-mentioned films, but there’s also interest in having him do another Wolverine film, according to Deadline‘s sources who claim that Mangold is in negotiations to develop another Wolverine movie.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine 3 Hugh Jackman & James Mangold Re Teaming For Wolverine 3?

And it’s of no surprise to us. While Jackman told us repeatedly it’s tough to maintain the gruesome workout and diet regiment to stay in mutant hero shape, he truly loves the character. From what The Wolverine director James Mangold in the video above told us at Comic-Con, he’s also passionate about the character and told us he’s interested in doing another if the right opportunity arose. So, if he and Jackman are in talks for another solo outing (can’t have Wolverine with Jackman), that would mean Fox is interesting in greenlighting another standalone feature where Mangold and company have the “sense of freedom” to do something unique and different.

What this also means is that Jackman is indeed keen on continuing to play the character and being a part of the future of the franchise. It means X-Men: Days of Future Past is not the end of his journey and he could be back for more. How much more remains to be see. Considering James Mangold seemingly didn’t love the idea of Fox including a mid-credits button scene to tease X-Men: Days of Future Past and was most interested in telling a standalone character story, it’s safe to assume that they can do whatever they want in the next Logan adventure. Deadline claims that Mangold’s writing the first treatment so by all indications, it’s his story.

What story from the comics would you like to see Wolverine 3 tackle? Should another Wolverine come after or before X-Force and First Class 3? Is Deadpool that much less likely to happen now?

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013 and today Fox and iTunes announced a free tie-in app for iOS devices, which includes 50+ pages of interactive content and a few teases look into the future.

X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens March 6, 2015


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  1. Wolverine in the Savage Land might be interesting, or in Russia facing off against Omega Red, or maybe Genosha? It’d be a cool way to keep Wolverine separate from the X-Men and yet continue to expand Fox’s Marvel universe.

  2. I

  3. I think

  4. Really enjoyed The Wolverine (excluding the last fight) so I’m open to a sequel. With there being more leg room for Mangold in the sequel, I think he’ll do great writing his own story.

  5. I think Old Man Logan would be interesting one to tackle and with Logan finally starting to age (as seen in the first “Days of Future Past” trailer) it doesn’t seem out of realm of possibility.

    • “Logan finally starting to age”

      Meanwhile everyone else in DOFP look as if they had not aged since their last movies.

  6. I rather they take at least a 5 year break on wolverine after days of future past and focus on the other x men mutants.

  7. I think that it’s great how much Hugh likes to play Wolverine. I am certainly in favor of him and mangold making a second (third overall) Wolverine movie together.

  8. Wolverine was a good but not great x men movie. I loved how it’s more of a character drama than a mindless actionfest like x men origins. However, the final battle scene was underwhelming as it consisted of wolverine getting his a$$ kicked despite being immortal again.

  9. Every X-Men movie besides First Class is a Wolverine movie. I wished they would branch out to other characters like, oh I don’t know…DEADPOOL!

    • I think having deadpool in the next wolverine movie would be a great way to lead into a solo deadpool movie. I know the ppl who know about him already wouldn’t need it but it would be a good way to introduce him to all the x men fans who know nothing of the comics.

  10. croedfund deadppoooooooollllll…gawd

  11. I always thought, just for the slice and diceness fun of it, that Wolverine taking on the KREE would be cool, but that would need to be part of (or leading into!) an X-Men movie. It’s time!

  12. I actually liked the first Wolverine more than the second one. Am I the only one? I also agree that they need to start marketing other marvel characters.

    • I thought the The Wolverine was only marginally better than Origins. Neither film has come anywhere near the potential Wolverine has for a stand alone franchise.

    • I think I liked Origins a little more then Wolverine. I know he was weakened but damn… he’s supposed to be the best there is at what he does. He really got his butt kicked by the Yakuza and Ninjas. He shouldn’t be NOTHING without his healing powers.
      And the last half of Wolverine is just hard to watch.

  13. So in other words forget about every other mutant character and do yet another Wolverine movie? I’ve had enough of Wolverine can’t we have a film based on someone else for once say for instance X-Force or Deadpool?

  14. Enough Wolverine. Although he’s my favorite x-man, there’s so much more to the x-men universe than him.

  15. i like wolverine but not by himself a team effort is better. so no too another wolverine movie

    • You should check out his solo comic books. you could make a wolverine movie with no other person with super or mutant powers and it could be bad ass. wolverine vs yakuza would be beastie

  16. Enjoyed the first one. Tolerated the second. Not real happy to hear of a third. But if it happens, I’m sure I’ll be in one of the seats.

  17. Enough already!! jeezus

  18. What?

    I thought the next Wolvie movie was gonna be X-force??

    Con sarn it… Dont get me wrong Wolverine is great and I enjoyed his 2013 solo movie. (his previous solo outing was absolute crap imho) But like other commenters are saying the team oriented X-movies are by and large better than the one’s that only focus on him.

  19. Wolverine vs Deadpool would be sweet

  20. Even in the comics, everything comes to Wolverine. I don’t mind another film with Hugh in it. They could tell a story with Omega Red as the main villain or Logan finally working with the Alpha Flight team. Keep them coming. The actor has always been committed to the character and has never despised the stories as some other actors have.

  21. FOX is starting to rub me the wrong way. Instead of worrying about ANOTHER Wolverine film, they should be worried about doing an X-Force film, or stop doing solo film a all together. The X Men are a team and do not need to have solo films. This will be what, the 9th Jackman/Wolverine appearance? I thought Fox FINALLY got their s*** together.

  22. Curious on villians which make sense for this film. Omega Red may work but I don’t like seeing Wolvie just leave and come back again. Maybe have an unexpected villain like Terrax

  23. It bothers me that the only power they choose to focus on is his healing ability. They never show case his sense of smell or hearing… Or fighting. He usually stands around till they run out of bullets.

    Last Wolvie flick was good. But I wish they’d make more solo films of other characters like deadpool and/or gambit. If they make wolverine 3… It should be the last one…. Set way in the future.

  24. that’s cool i think he does the character justice personally. I wonder whats next, could we be getting into Daken territory soon, or X-23. i think it would be a pretty cool idea then you could branch out into different franchises. I would love to see Omega Red as a villain.

  25. I love Wolverine and his films (even Origins) and I can’t wait to see what this film is about, but personally 20th Century Fox should stop tip-toeing around the pond and start making stand-alone films about other characters. I would love to see movies about Cyclops, Cable, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Emma Frost, Deadpool, and Gambit (my favorite X-Men character). Seriously, am I the only one who wants Gambit to have his own movie?

    • I think everyone who knows Gambit realizes he was seriously underutilized in Origins. Definitely popular enough to have his own movie.

      • I would see that . even if they don’t do that , they need to make the Cajun a bigger part of the team moving foward

  26. I enjoyed The Wolverine, yeah it had its problem but I have yet to watch a perfect super hero movie. I understand where people are coming from there’s such a rich plethora of characters to explore but I guess the studio is thinking “well this movie made $413, Hugh wont play Wolverine forever, lets milk this then move on”. I don’t have a problem with that as long as new characters are introduced as a result.


  28. Omega Red as the next villain!
    I love the character from the Capcom games.
    Good tune also.

    • I don’t know about or in a solo wolverine movie. He is more of a bad guy that the hole team will face