Hugh Jackman Quits ‘Avon Man’ To Work on ‘Wolverine 2′

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

Hugh Jackman out of Avon Man for Wolverine 2 Hugh Jackman Quits Avon Man To Work on Wolverine 2

A little over a year ago we heard the news that Hugh Jackman would be producing and starring in a film called Avon Man, a comedy that tells the story of a laid-off car salesman who reluctantly becomes an Avon (cosmetic product) salesman. I know what you’re thinking, but Jackman has a lot of charisma and I imagine the film is a lot funnier than it sounds.

However, the only real interest I had in Avon Man was Jackman starring in it, because it seems like a role he could carry with his charm and presence. Well, sadly that’s no longer than case as Deadline is reporting that Jackman has dropped out of Avon Man and will instead concentrate on getting into shape for Wolverine 2 later this year.

Although no official announcement has been made by either Jackman or his reps stating that he’s dropped Avon Man for Wolverine 2, Deadline‘s report notes that Jackman will spend late Fall getting into the best shape he can to reprise his iconic role as Wolverine in the sequel to the 2009 origin story. The sequel – as hinted at in one of the multiple Wolverine end-credits scenes – will see Wolverine in Japan, getting mixed up with samurais (as you do). Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) was hired a few months ago to write the script and last we heard Matt Reeves and Tony Scott were on the shortlist to direct.

If you’re one of those people who was looking forward to Jackman’s portrayal as a cosmetic salesman, rather than seeing more of his angry gruff-growling mutant (there’s got to be some of you out there 😛 ), then you can take some consolation in the fact that he’ll still be producing Avon Man. The Allen Loeb-scripted comedy now sits without a leading man but I’m sure since Jackman was in the role at one point they’ll find someone similarly charismatic to replace him (hopefully, anyway).

Despite setting himself up to train for Wolverine 2, Jackman could shoot Selma next Spring now that its financing is getting sorted out. The Lee Daniels (Precious) Civil Rights film will see Jackman play a sheriff who arrests Martin Luther King Jr. In preparation, Jackman gained some 30 pounds for the role but when Selma‘s financing faltered and shooting was delayed, Jackman lost the weight in order to film the sci-fi drama Real Steel.

Real Steel Hugh Jackman Quits Avon Man To Work on Wolverine 2

Jackman in 'Real Steel'

I won’t lie and say I was dying to see Jackman in Avon Man. Nevertheless, I thought it was an interesting choice for the actor. It’s not as if Wolverine 2 wouldn’t have happened if Jackman had filmed Avon Man first, now is it?

Currently Avon Man is trying to keep its October production start date, so the studio is out searching for a new leading man. The film doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

Since Jackman is getting himself ready to play Wolverine again, it suggests that Fox wants to get things going on Wolverine 2 soon. Expect an announcement in the coming months.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I actually that Avon man sounded interesting. Hugh being in it obviously makes me want to see it more, but with the right actor I’d see it with out him.

    My suggestions for a replacement would be either Tom Jane or Aaron Eckhart. I think both actors would be perfect. Eckhart based on his role in Thank You for Smoking and Tom Jane based on his role in his funny as hell Tv series Hung.

    • wow we agree..those are both great choices. i just hope that W2 gets a director worth a damn and that its indeed set in japan

      • Really Anthony? I mean I agree it needs a new director, but the Japan thing really pushes me away from Wolverine 2. I’ll watch it either way, but I’m fairly certain I wont like it in Japan. Personally those are my least fave wolverine comics him in Japan was just boring to me. I couldn’t possibly care any less about Silver Samuri

        • I can only think of 2 other mutants that are Asian and might make an appearance. Jubilee and Sunspot. Those two are not on the top of my list of people I would want to see in a movie. Silver Samurai doesn’t even make the bottom of that list. I was really hoping that they would go on and do Alpha Flight. Then you at least have the possibility of Hulk or Windigo showing up. I would also like to see Omega Red. I just don’t think it would all come out right if he didn’t have his suit. I do think there are a couple of suits that would transfer well Jeph Loebs Evolution was one and his new X-force suit would look cool too. I do agree though. I think it is a pipe dream. I think we will end up with a Leather Jacket and The Silver Samurai.

        • I fairly enjoy the japanese chronicles.However,what will the tone be like with using Ninjas and Silver Samurai? Would it be gritty(epecially with tony scott on board)or will it be more like The Last Samurai?I dont really care for the wolverine movies in terms of quality,but they are awesome little action movies if you dont take them serious

  2. 4 movies down…still no Wolverine costume! I think it’s about time to break it out…put on the mask and white out the eyes (like Green Lantern)…Awsome stuff!!!

    • Personally I want the xmen in their costumes as well especially wolverine, but I think it’s time to accept it won’t happen.

      • Are you talkin about the X-Men each having different costumes? Especially wolverine with a mask?

        • Yes, Wally, alot of us want to see the costumes from the books.

  3. Wolverine 2 coudl not possibly be worse than the first Wolverine.

    • Remember, the first film suffered greatly because of the writer’s strike. That won’t be an issue this time.

    • As Sean Connery put it when leaving the role of James Bond (and being asked if he would return), he said “Never again!”; then he did a remake of Thunderball and called it, “Never Say Never Again”; the point?

      When you said, “Wolverine 2 coudl not possibly be worse than the first Wolverine.”, you practically assured that it will suck like a vacuum cleaner hooked up to the warp drive of the Starship Enterprise.

    • Personally I enjoyed Wolverine with the exception of what they did to Deadpool, Wraith, and Blob. I had some issues with some of the charaters ages as well. I really dont understand why Fox wants to change characters like they do. Maybe Wolverine 2 will get it right. I mean how many times can you make the same mistake before you just give in and go with source material?

  4. Come on people, we gotta say thumbs up for Hugh for actually reprising his role for the fifth time in a row making him the only actor to reprise a role five ties in a row, you get the idea. Unlike our boy Bryan Singer.

  5. Is it confirmed they’re doing the Japan storyline?

    Not really on board with that and how it will translate to the silver screen.

  6. Avon sounds kind of interesting and I’d love to see a role where Jackman got to stretch out a bit more. However, I love X-Men more than anything (the comics, not the movies) so I’m still keeping my hopes floating just above the ground for this movie. Don’t squash my hopes movie gods.

  7. Sean Connary did 6 Bond films. From Russia w/love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Diamonds r/forever, Never Say never again. He should keep doing them as long as he wants. Go Marvel! Yea even Fox, hopefully Fox will take expample from Marvel Studio’s success.

    • never say never again was a remake of thunderball..i wouldnt count that as 6th film for connery in the series

  8. Oops so did Roger Moore. 6 Bond flms. Whatever.

  9. Good stuff. I also would like the story of Omega Red with the appearance of Maverick for the next film.

    Still if indeed this is true, Wolverine’s adventures in Japan will do me just fine as well.

  10. I have to say I admire Jackman’s dedication and if the story is good I’ll consider seeing it.

  11. Obviously! This man’s a genius!

  12. Gosh, I really do hope Gavin Hood comes back.

  13. I was looking forward to Jackman as the Avon man. I would rather his being Avon Man than the fat sheriff in Selma. Since I don’t read comic books, any Wolverine movie will make me happy if it has Jackman in it.

  14. If they are looking for a leading man for Avon they could always ask Mel Gibson as he might be able to use the work….just saying. :-)

    • Not a bad thought Hugh is just a younger version of Mel anyway.

  15. Does anyone else find this kind of strange? Exactly what kind of shape is he in now that he needs half a year to get back into the shape he had before? Hugh baby, is it time to call Jenny Craig?

    • i dont think hes overly fat or out of shape lolhe just needs to bulk up. actors, and actresses are known for gaining and dropping weight depending on the character they play and the role involved. just look at The Machinst..Bale looked like a walking skeleton with just skin covering his bones up.

  16. Avon Man would have been nice with Hugh starring in it, but I would so much rather see him in Wolverine 2!! I already know that Hugh is definitely talented in anything he does, so Avon Man doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but Wolverine?, you’ve got to be kidding when you say you would rather see him in Avon Man!! You go Wolverine…I mean, Hugh!!! lol Actually, Australia is my favorite of Hugh’s movies, and would like to see a sequel to that of some sort, but I don’t think that will happen, so I’ll take Wolverine!!!!!! ANYTIME!!

    • my favorite movie from him Swordfish, but thats also because i enjoy seeing Travolta too, both were great in that movie.

  17. Who in their right minds would want to see a sequel anyway… let alone PAY for one.?

    • Because not everyone hated the first film, like you or me, and some have hope for the sequel.

  18. I understand that this is NOT a sequel nor a prequel. This is a separate Wolverine story which will be located in Japan with Japanese warriors, etc. The story, characters, etc. everything will be different from the first ones.. except for Wolverine. It is a Wolverine story.

    • Where did you hear that? From what I’ve heard, it’s still a prequel to the x-men trilogy and a sequel to XO:W.

      • yea Elsa, share your sources please :)

  19. I am not a comic book reader nor an x-man fan, I am just looking for a good movie. If I don’t understand all the rights and wrongs in the x-men movies, I am sorry. All I know is what I read on the internet, and I follow Jackman fairly closely because he is my favorite actor.

  20. As far as the Wolverine costumes are concerned,unfortunately we won’t see it until Wolverine comes back to Canada and works for the Canadian Government before joining the X-Men(possibly Alpha Flight). While in Japan Wolverine may be sporting the “Patch” image. The Classic Blue and gold costume wouldn’t work but “black and dark yellow” would work as well as the classic “black and brown” costume. If the costumes are designed in such a way that they are a homage to the classic costumes while also having a functioning camouflage design for Canadian terrain or forest,then it would totally work. BTW The most badass Wolverine costume design is his current X-Force costume.

    • @ ulik
      Are one of the costumes you’re talkin about is a a black costume w/ mask that Wolverine wore in a 2-part episode of the 90’s animated series where they’re on Astroid M? I believe its Santuary, part 2 you see him.

  21. Can i ask what was so bad about X-men Originis: Wolverine?

    • Special effects were horrible, cheesy dialogue, too many cliched moments, continuity errors with the weapon X program (a reason why prequels suck), the story was ridiculous. Let me just put it this way, It was the first time I laughed at a film for being bad.

      I’ll admit that I enjoyed the final battle with Sabortooth, Wolverine and Barakapool.

      • Cliched moments? Errors w/ the Weapon X program? What errors?

        • im thinking wally saw a different movie than most of us saw

  22. Nah, I just don’t nitpick about little things like most people do.

    • Little things? You must have seen a different movie to the rest us then if you think Wolverine only had little things wrong with it.

      Do you recall the title? Wolverine. What did it turn into, another X-Men movie, Wolverine wasnt even the focus of his won movie. Plus the effects, the dialogue, the story, the casting, the continuity errors. To me those arent nitpicks, they are huge problems.

      It was worse than X-Men 3 in my opinion.

      • Oh please, Wolverine was to the focus of the movie, he had more screentime than anyone. Wolverine was on a team with Sabertooth, Agent Zero, AKA Maverick, etc. only Silver fox was’nt included mostly likely to make film more interesting because films are always different from the comics but she was still Logan’s love interest. As Mutants like Gambit, Blob, Cyclops and Prof. X, 2 were used just to have in film while the use of Cyclops & Prof. X were used for part and continuenity purposes. As for effects, you takin about effects like Wolverines blades? They always been changed in each film, as dialogue you gotta me more specific. I think all films have cheesy lines of dialogue. well, pretty much the rest is your opinion.

        • Well you are entitled to your opinion.

          Very little of the film held my attention, Jackman seemed half asleep, only Liev Schreiber put in a great performance.

          I cant really recall the action sequences at all, proabably because they werent memorable in the slightest, the cooling tower battle at the end was a CGI fest and was just awful.

          Wolverine never seemed to be centre stage, constantly reacting to events rather than being pro active, the story was plain bad.

          All the other mutant characters just drove the focus away from Logan and what was meant to be his struggle, it was like oh there’s Cyclops, and Emma Frost, and Professor Xavier, and Gambit.

          It seemed less like a prequel and more like a sequel to X-Men 3, I didnt really get a prequel vibe. Did the6y really need to go over the Weapon X program again after X-Men 2 covered it pretty well.

          And yeah the claws were bad too.

        • Oh yeah forgot, as much as I like Ryan Reynolds, his Deadpool was annoying as hell.

          • All very true besides the fact Wolverine NOT ONCE ever experiences his signature “Berserker Rage” in none of all FIVE movies.If anything XMO-Wolverine was the movie to show it.Did he become animalistic and primal while staying in the woods after escaping the facility?! NO so many more problems this movie had.

  23. Well, if you can’t fix it yourselves, you’ll just have to accept what they develop. This is their business, and if it is great, they win, and if everybody picks it to pieces, then they lose. I am sure that I am going to enjoy it whether they have all the right sequences, costumes, etc. exactly correct. Jackman wouldn’t do it if he didn’t like it.

    • Thats true Elsa. People must of liked it more than they like to admit or theres more people who actually do like it, otherwise Wolverine 2 wouldn’t be en greenlit. It didnt take long for WB to cancel a 5th Batman film due to Batman & Robin despite the money it brought in.

      • That would have been the Batman film staring Clint Eastwood as an older Batman and using part of the Dark Knight Returns story, with the Scarecrow as the main villain. Yeah I’m glad they cancelled that, oh no wait, I’m not.

  24. If you are expecting the comic books to “come to life” on the screen, you can probably forget it. There are more of us looking for good movie entertainment than there are comic book fans looking for perfect x-men movies. I am sorry you are disappointed, because it is always a disppointment when a good book movie strays from the book story. I can understand how you feel. When I enjoyed Wolverine it was simply because I like Jackman and Schreiber and the action, and din’t know how much it strayed from the actual books. But I still did like the movie.

    • Very True Elsa, I agree with you. People expected X-men origins: Wolverine to be 100% perfect. Not one film based off a comic book has been accurate to the comics they’re based off. That goes for both Tim Burton & Chris Nolan’s movies that i like but they all aren’t perfect. Not like people like to think they are. And over the years comic book characters have changed and theres lots of comics to get ideas from. I rather just sit and try to enjoy the film for what it is. It like Ed Norton not reprising his role in the Avengers, i liked him in TIH but im not gonna let his absence get me down from seeing The Avengers. I was disappointed when Terrance Howard was replaced w/ Don Cheadle after seeing Iron Man 2, i liked Cheadle as Rhodey just aswell. Bottom line is i never go into a theater with my hopes up high or have high expectations. Takes everything from enjoying a movie, no matter what is from any genre.

    • Elsa I never expect a film to be an exact copy of a film in fact I’ve said on this site several times that I like when they change things up and put their own spin on it. I just want a good film regardless of how close it is to the source. Wolverine was not a good film though. The story was poorly written the Deadpoolesque character was very incredibly dumb. The SFX were bad I mean they were seriously bad any one who has ever watched a well made sfx movie can clearly see how bad these effects were. There were to many characters it really hurt the film and took away from Wolverine. Parts of the story didn’t mesh up with the rest of it and didn’t make sense they seemed like they were thrown in at the last minute. Lot of the story just didn’t work it was just bad. Hugh and Liev had great performances and for what little time Ryan was on screen he was great as well, but the rest of the cast was pretty bad especially gambit. Alot of the characters seemed like they were just thrown in for no reason and didn’t make sense with in the story they were a waste of screen time that could of went to something else.

      All that said I didn’t hate Wolverine as much as most and thought it was much better than the crap fest that was X3, but it couldn’t live up the the quality of X2 or even the lesser Xmen.

      • Daniel, how could it live up to the quality of X-men or X2 when its intended to be about Wolverine’s origins, not a team film like the others.

  25. @ Dr. SamBeckett

    Well, the film is a solo film but also serves as a prequel cause Jackman is still playin Wolverine & of-course Sabertooth, Cyclops, and Prof. X played by Patrick Stewart in cameo were in the film aswell the original. I wouldn’t think of it as happening after X3 cause Logan mostly by himself or someone’s with him. There’s no X-men team. And people were asking for Wolverine to have his own movie so of-course they’re gonna go over the Weapon X program again. As for Batman. I read Clint Eastwood was a idea to have to play a aged Bruce wayne for a live-action Batman Beyond movie. Mostly the idea they had for a 5th film was to have Harlequinn & Scarecrow as the villains while maybe have Nicolson return as the Joker as hullicination in Batman’s head, and having robin become Nightwing and they were planning to make it dark again as Tim Burton’s two films were.

  26. I’m sorry Wally but to me that comment doesn’t make sense quality has nothing to do with wheather or not it’s a team film. Film quality is about how good it is. Technically Spiderman is about something totally different than xmen but it’s not going to stop me from deciding which is a better quality film. I really don’t understand what your saying at all. Are you saying it’s impossible to ever compare one film to another ? I’m comparing the films based on how well made they are based on how good the story, the acting , the directing are. How dies that have anything to do with it being a team or solo film. Quality is quality.

    Are you telling me it’s impossible to say Die Hard is better than Snakes on a plane because one is a guy trapped in a building and the other is a guy in an airplane? It doesn’t matter one film can still be made better than another.

  27. Daniel, actually it does makes sense if you think about it. Despite the word Wolverine in it’s title, the movie is based mostly on Wolverine, not the entire X-men team. X-men is only included in the title to make sure people know it serves partly a prequel aswell as solo film to the X-men films.

    • Wally that has nothing to do with quality. That’s what we are talking about. Just because Batman is about Batman doesn’t mean you cant compare it to Iron man and decide what film is better. Just because Inception is about dreams doesn’t mean I can’t compare it to The Prestige or The Departed and decide which film is better based on the quality of the film it’s self.

  28. Daniel You’re not getting what im sayin. Wolverine film is about Wolverine, not all the X-men. So how could you expect it to have the same kind of quality of the first two X-men films when this film is intended to be on Wolverine? People are thinkin up all the excuses they can to tear the film down. Are you gonna see Wolverine 2 in theaters?

  29. I’m sorry Wally but that has nothing at all to do with quality. That just does not make the slightest bit of sense Wally. An entire team or just wolverine shouldn’t effect the quality of the film. How is the film not as good of a quality simply because it has less xmen? I’m not entirely sure you understand what quality means.

    Come on man you act like people wanted wolverine to suck we are not simply looking for things to conplain about we wanted it to be good just as much as you did. Sadly it simply wasn’t. It was watchable and it certainly isn’t the worst comic film but it just wasn’t a good film. There are plenty of legit reasons for that. You seem to like pretty much all films ice only ever actually hear you talk negative about films that are generally considered good.

    Yes I’m gonna see Wolverine 2 because I thought while the first wasn’t good it was watchable plus I love Wolverine as a character and I hope with a new director and less characters they can make a better film.