Hugh Jackman Teases ‘Wolverine 3′ Ideas But Isn’t Contracted Yet

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In just a few weeks The Wolverine releases on home video, with additional footage from deleted scenes and – from we’ve already seen leaked – a very exciting alternate ending to the film which reveals the classic Wolverine costume from the comics adapted into the live-action film universe. Will we ever see star Hugh Jackman wear it?

Jackman, who’s been reprising the role ever since stepping into the boots of Logan as a last minute replacement for Dougray Scott in Bryan Singer’s original X-Men back in 2000, returns again to his career-defining role next summer in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

After that we know X-Force is one of several projects in early development at Twentieth Century Fox to continue expanding the franchise and we just learned that The Wolverine director James Mangold has been tapped to put together a story for Wolverine 3, which Jackman has since confirmed to true.

In chatting vaguely with EW about the potential for a third solo Wolverine outing, Jackman teased big, exciting ideas revolving what may be a crucial plot point in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

“I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last night. There are some really cool ideas that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [fully] formed yet.”

As for his contract and rumors of a potential 4-picture deal in the works, his current obligations end with Days of Future Past next year and he’s adopting a wait-and-see approach to returning again, depending on Fox delivering the right story – at least that’s what he says to the media. Need to maintain a position for negotiations, right? That doesn’t mean he’s not interested – he very much is and this statement echos what he and producer Hutch Parker told us while we visited The Wolverine set last fall. It’s up to the creatives to deliver a story worthy of making and worthy of Jackman working hard on.

“I started with a two-picture deal on the first two [X-Men films], and from that point on, it’s been movie by movie — not just me, but Fox and Jim and everyone. I do want to do it with Jim and with [producer] Lauren Shuler-Donner because we had such a great experience. I’m really proud of The Wolverine.”

While staying in mutant shape to play the frequently shirtless and rugged hero is becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming for Jackman, he continued, explaining that he loves the character even more now that he’s older.

Hugh Jackman Muscles Claws in The Wolverine 570x356 Hugh Jackman Teases Wolverine 3 Ideas But Isnt Contracted Yet

“I don’t want to dive into another one until we have a compelling reason to do another one. I love the character, he’s kind of like a best friend to me, and I don’t ever want to take [him] or the fans for granted. … I think we’ve got a great opportunity to make something really cool, but it has to be great. That’s what we’re all working toward.”

Of course, if the Aussie actor is to suit up once again as the popular X-Men character, that would mean he’d likely be back for other X-Men properties as well since it’s been proven time and time again that Fox likes having him around in all of their X-Men features. This lends credence to the idea that his Wolverine could be a key member of Jeff Wadlow’s in-development X-Force. There’s also the possibility that Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Simon Kinberg re-team for a third installment in the First Class trilogy – Singer did go on record before shooting Days of Future Past that he had big ideas to blow open the X-Men universe.

And here’s a little related tidbit from Bryan Singer on Twitter about post-production on the biggest X-Men movie to date:

Want to see many more years of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Want to see him suit up in the classic yellow costumes, and potentially other X-Men outfits from Marvel Comics? What story from the books would you like to see Wolverine 3 take inspiration from?

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The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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Source: EW

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  1. 10 more years! I think Hugh Jackman is one of the greatest living people. What a legend, the man has everything.

  2. I really did try to enjoy ‘The Wolverine’ but… I don’t know… maybe it is just superhero fatigue. They were all 6/10 movies this year I found. Of course, it was better than the first attempt at a solo outing but there I just seem to be Jack’s complete lack of surprise with any of these movies now.

    To be fair, one could assign such boredom to 99% of action movie output. Damn, how I hate ‘pause’ shots in fight scenes…

  3. Well, I certainly hope for more Hugh, great actor and a great portrayal.

    • Agreed, there will be a time when Jackman wont be able to (given his almost super human body composition transformations) have the inclination to do more Wolverine films. I personally think he has evolved in to the character in such a unique way when compared to his contemporaries. Let him carry on give us some more stories whilst in his prime and then end it when he wants. I really hope when he hangs up the claws he comes back for Old Man Logan when the time comes.

      People shouldn’t be so inpatient, the X-Men universe will keep growing.

      • Remember his line in the Oscars opening number when he hosted? “I am Wolverine”?

        One glimpse at him and you can believe that. Not many people outside of soaps and ongoing series can be recognised as one distinct character (Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer is one that comes to mind) but Jackman = Wolverine.

  4. I think they need to grow the X Men universe beyond Wolverine. There are so many intriguing story lines. I still can’t believe they’ve yet to touch Genosha and how that story directly relates to South Africa and Apartheid . X Men is a living document on the civil rights movement.

    • I’d love to see an X-men film centred around Genosha and that concept.

        • the morlocks should get their own film and it should include mr. sinister and the marauders.(morlock massacre)

  5. What do you guys do? Troll around this site waiting to make judgements on everyone. Sorry that I’ve offended the “posting” police. Get a life!

    • +1
      If people have excitement to be reading on this site then leave them alone.

      • -1 Jon.

        If someone was excited, they’d say so in a proper comment and explain why, they wouldn’t post “First!” then run. That’s what 6 year olds do.

        • Anyone who says “first”, “1st”, etc… wants there to be a dozen people that debate on why they say “first”, “1st”, etc…

    • Nope, it’s just annoying when people post “First!” like it really matters who posts first, second, tenth….

      The true trolls are those who post such crap and then complain when intelligent folk point out how pointless and dumb it is.

      • It’s a pet hate. But then again It’s harmless and I could have just ignored it… So shame on me I guess. Apologies!

      • Its not clever, its not original and unfortunately its the (internet based) world we live in, however, I do take great delight when someone post “first” only to be beaten to it by a comment that has some relevance.

        “Don’t sweat the small stuff” it’s so easy to say but not to follow.

      • @Dazz

        These kids are just dying to have any kind of feeling of being special. He feels he can be special if he’s the first to comment on it. I’m sure he feels special with more facebook friends than someone else, or that people are following him on twitter because it’s just so important what he does every minute of his life… That’s unfortunately the way it is now, the people now just need a constant pat on their back. Also explains participation medals for sporting events and stuff like that… Oh well… What can you do?

    • It’s just the kind of thing you see on lots of other sites, but not usually on SR. So when someone does it here, it really seems out of place because nobody else is playing that game.

    • “Get a life!” Says the guy who trolls around the site hoping to see a new article so he can post “1st!!” because he’s dying for attention and a feeling of being special…

      Oh the irony…

    • “First!”

      Welcome to 1998. No one liked it then either.

    • Heads up, I deleted the comment and responses. We’re trying to allow for discussion and legit comments, not filler and spam. Please no “1st”-type message on SR. Thanks!

      • My bad Rob. Didn’t realize there was such hate for posting first. I actually find it funny when someone puts first and finds out that they’re not.

        Definitely didn’t mean to change the subject from the x men since I’m a huge fan and super psyched for dofp. Won’t happen again,

        Don’t need to see another wolverine flick unless they are going to introduce new characters that expand the universe and we get to see new x men movies.

    • The more appropriate response is “hm, let me think about what they’re saying. Maybe my post really was a catshlt burrito. Maybe they have a valid point?”

      Don’t be defensive all the time. Learn something.

  6. Well I have like all the movies to date from Marvel.
    New Hulk or previous Hulk its all good. Any Wolvie its all good.
    Just think if you didn’t have these movies you would have animated shows and comics.
    This is such a step up and still respectful to the canon.
    I’m on board with Mr Jackman, keep doing the character justice and keep making good movies!
    Though a letdown for many even GL from DC is such a step up from comics only. Now if they only get the ‘green light’ to make a better one we all win.

  7. I wonder if he’s more proud of the character, or more proud of the ever-growing paycheck he gets with each new movie. Just sayin’. Toucg call because even though I like the character, he does exactly the same thing with it each movie.

    • That’s why people have loved Wolverine for decades though in the comic books. He mostly does the same things in every story with the odd variation when they want to tell a little more of his personal history and back story.

      Why fix what ain’t broke?

      • Wolverine in the savage land. Shanna, Ka-Zar, Devil dinosaur versus Mr Sinister conducting weird genetic experiments on the mutates. That’s my stand-alone wolverine movie.

        • I like X-Men Annual #11. X-men vs. Horde. Wolverine is not the main focus, but it is one of the best examples of his character, who he is as a person.

    • I’m sorry you think he’s the same Wolverine in X-Men that he is in The Wolverine? Thats a shame because for me I don’t think any other actor would have bought more to Logan, and believe me when I say when they cast a 6’2″ 180 lbs actor to play the part I was not happy.

  8. Hell yes, would love to see him return. I was hoping The Wolverine would be the first in an entirely new trilogy though. They are dead on on the right track and I would love for them to continue making the same jumps The Wolverine made.

  9. I know this opinion won’t be popular, but I was pretty disappointed with this film.

    I went back and watched Origins:Wolverine right before watching this latest Wolverine film and I have to say that I enjoyed the first one more. It felt like much more of an X-Men film. Sure there were some disappointing things about it (like what they did to Dead Pool), but at least they were trying to set it in the X-Men universe and throw in some other characters (though admittedly that could have been done better).

    This one seemed like it might be good… right up until they went to Japan. Then it got all boring, and they tried to cram in some romance and some action at the end to make up for it. It didn’t feel like an X-Men film. It felt more like a poor knock-off of Transporter with a gimped Wolverine.

    If they want to make a sequel I hope it’s something that makes up for the previous film (like First Class did) rather than be another disappointment.

    Poor Wolverine. He’s my favourite character but never seems to get a good film of his own.

    • That’s why I thought it was the best X-Men movie so far. It focused solely on one character, working in elements of his comic book canon without having other X-Men characters crammed in there to muddy things.

      Sure, I didn’t enjoy what they did with Viper but I enjoyed the rest of the movie. It became less about action and more about the person behind the mutation. It’s good to have a personal story that’s low on action but high on development once in a while.

      • I don’t necessarily mind that as long as it’s done well and is entertaining. I didn’t think this one was.
        And that romance thing came out of nowhere. I wanted to yell “give me a break” at the screen when they kissed. Well, unless that girl was pretty easy and sleeps with any muscley guy who saves her a couple of times.

  10. Some sites even delete stupid pointless comments like that.

    • Although I think posting “fist” is stupid Vic posted this recently

      We moderate for-

      1. Foul language.
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      I think that’s a good thing because most of us can agree the community Screenrant has created is fair. People have their ups and downs/disagreements but that should be embraced (probably not when it comes to this subject). What I’m trying to say is over moderation would be a negative in my opinion.

      • I deleted this one – half the discussion is now talking about spam. Will ban if it happens again.

      • I see “first!” type comments as a form of #3. It’s just asking for responses about how stupid it is (which is what happened).

  11. bleh. Another Wolverine movie….

    call me when Fox releases a movie by another character or team

    • Like Deadpool. I’ll call you on my iPhone 12 when that happens.

  12. There will be at least 2 more films with Mr. Jackman in them. An honest guy who really appreciates what he has done with the character. The best on what he does even though what he does isn’t very nice for some people.

    Should he make these films. I’m sure everyone will see them, me included.

  13. how about wolverine vs hulk ?

  14. Here’s an idea: reboot everything X-Men, start again, and give Cyclops his due!

  15. way to tall buddy, way to tall!

    give wolverine a rest and bring other x-men to film.

    • “Way to tall” doesn’t make sense. What are you trying to say there?

      • I guess like saying “Way to go!” But “Way to tall”? Yah, you’re right, it doesn’t make sense…

      • i forgot a letter :/

        “way too tall” that’s what i wanted to say. that’s what someone told jackman at comic con which is correct because he’s too damn tall!

    • Other X-Men have and will be on film in the other X-Men films.

  16. Definitely looking forward to whatever comes next. Hopefully they’ve learned from Origins, and the future movies will be more like First Class and The Wolverine. Then us fans will be the real winners. :-)

  17. i feel sorry for the next actor that portrays Wolverine, i think Jackman has owned this character

    • That’s like the actor who takes on Iron Man next…

      • Ben Affleck could do it )

  18. The fact that you censor foul language is bullsh#t.

    I rewatched the X-Men films recently. They’re all pretty bad compared to most of what Marvel is doing themselves these days. But go back and watch the first one. It’s bad, like BAD. Phantom Menace level dialogue, terrible writing, casting and acting all around with the exception of Jackman and Stewert, although Stewert hams it up pretty bad at times. Rediculous plot, story, set design, everything. It got better with a bigger budget with X2, but they were still working with a mostly bad cast and a boring plot. Last Stand was an obvious train wreck. First Class was the best simply because it had a more talented cast and a better script, but they still royally messed up the story and some characters. I was hopeful for the new one, but the trailer

  19. The fact that you censor foul language is bullsh#t.

    I rewatched the X-Men films recently. They’re all pretty bad compared to most of what Marvel is doing themselves these days. But go back and watch the first one. It’s bad, like BAD. Phantom Menace level dialogue, terrible writing, casting and acting all around with the exception of Jackman and Stewert, although Stewert hams it up pretty bad at times. Rediculous plot, story, set design, everything. It got better with a bigger budget with X2, but they were still working with a mostly bad cast and a boring plot. Last Stand was an obvious train wreck. First Class was the best simply because it had a more talented cast and a better script, but they still royally messed up the story and some characters. I was hopeful for the new one, but the trailer

    • Proves it’s just more of the same. I’ll pass.

    • I hate it when the diculous the plot again… ;-)

      • ack they* I ALWAYS do that, don’t know why, lol.

    • You’re right that all of the X-Men movies have been bad (IMO) other than The Wolverine but you can tell that with Nolan’s guys and the team at Marvel raising the bar in recent years, things can only look up now that we don’t have to think of CBM as campy flicks with poor dialogue and action instead of plot coherence.

      Also, if you can’t comment without using foul language then don’t bother commenting. I know I’m guilty of using it in everyday use verbally but still, lets try to keep comments respectable.

  20. Wolverine VS the Hulk Nuff Said

  21. Hulk VS Wolverine

  22. Mr Hugh, I like you as The Wolverine (very much) but stop lying to yourself, you’re taking it for granted now. And you’re getting old (make-up won’t hide for long), I think you should rest (and stay the best Wolverine) before you one day mess it up. Pass the torch to PAUL WALKER, he can pretend to be you playing the (younger) Wolverine

    • Paul Walker??

      I’d rather have an Old Man Logan fighting Apocalypse late in the future trilogy.

    • In the movie universe Wolverine always looked like Jackman, from when he WAS young. He ages differently. That’s why they can use the same actor in all the timelines.

  23. Jackman is Wolverine. He is Logan. On a global scale. Cannot be and should not be replaced or removed or stopped. Let him keep playing the character while he is able to keep his amazing ripped physique in Wolverin shape. Very rarely does an actor embody a comic book character in such a way that universally he becomes accepted as the character, comic book or otherwise. Jackman has done that. Maybe Bale might be replaced by Affleck and Batfleck might surpass Bale as the best batman [I hope not] but Jackman is Wolverine. He is Logan first, then he is Hugh Jackman for the world.

  24. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Rightly said. He should do it for a few more years to come. Cannot be replaced.

  25. I feel kinda sad. When explaining the train action scene they are very excited about it, but when I was watching it I could not get involved in the action. Just seemed so artificial.

    Hugh is a great Wolverine, but I am just tired of mediocre movies about him(the character).
    Lets see if in DOFP, they keep Wolverines claws more realistic, as they explained in the video, rather than in Origins. Chopping up a steel ladder as if in a blender, really?? lmao

  26. The first X-men movie worked for me, because Jackman was a complete surprise. Now he’s like stale bread – it’s old, stinky and you don’t want to touch it no matter what.

    If Spider Man can be rebooted so quickly, so can Wolverine. The hype generated by the search for a new Wolverine would be worldwide, you can’t buy that kind of publicity.

  27. I say try something new, how about on the third movie you actually make it good. Hugh jackman had a better part in x-men 3 and that sucked too

    • What an excellent suggestion. “Make it good.”

      Tell me – where do you get these brilliant ideas from?

  28. Love Jackmans Wolverine. Origins was massively flawed but Jackmans performance was flawless as always. The same could be said for Sabretooth, fantastic take on the character.

    I really really liked The Wolverine and look forward to the extended edition :)

    If a 3rd gets the green light I would hope it would be an Omega Red story and hopefully they bring back Liev as Sabretooth