‘How To Train Your Dragon 2′ Details Emerge [Updated]

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Update: Along with a sequel, DreamWorks is now planning a spin-off Cartoon Network animated series for How To Train Your Dragon. See bottom of post for details.

Back in April,  DreamWorks Animation announced that it was moving ahead with a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon, an absolute no-brainer when you look at the almost $500 million it made at the worldwide box office.

At the time of the announcement, we didn’t really have any details other than “we’re making it” and that it would come out sometime in 2013. However, the studio has today officially announced the first details about How To Train Your Dragon 2 (as its being referred to until we hear of another title), including which voice actors will be making a return.

Unsurprisingly, most of the voice cast from the first How To Train Your Dragon will be returning for the sequel, including Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, TJ Miller and Kristen Wiig.

The keen-eyed among you will likely have noticed the absence of Gerard Butler’s name – it’s not exactly clear if that omission is on purpose or not. If it IS on purpose then I’d have to say I’m disappointed, as his voice really suited the character of Hiccup’s father. If this were a less significant project then I might understand Butler not returning, as he’s busy with other projects, but then again, this is a sequel to one of the most popular and successful animated films of the last couple of years.

How To Train Your Dragon Gerard Butler How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Gerard Butler next to his animated 'Dragon' counterpart "Stoick"

Dean DeBlois, co-writer and co-director of the first Dragon film, will return for the sequel but will take on sole writing and directing duties this time around. Co-writer and co-director of the first film, Chris Sanders, will serve as exec producer alongside returning producer Bonnie Arnold.

Many of us will be wondering what sort of story this sequel could possibly have, with the first one serving as a solid standalone yarn (the vikings and dragons eventually becoming friends). Unfortunately, these new details don’t include a plot outline but there is enthusiastic talk from DeBlois about, “carrying this story forward, into the unknown reaches of Hiccup and Toothless’ ever-expanding world.”

how to train your dragon 3d How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Perhaps the plot could involve some new band of dragons who are coming to destroy the peaceful existence of the vikings and dragons we know, and Hiccup once again having to try and save the day with the help of his trusty dragon. That seems like a good way to move forward with the story, in my opinion.

However, the most important thing is not necessarily the story itself but that they push things forward in a fresh direction without compromising quality (I, for one, don’t want to see just a rehash of the first film’s plot). Shockingly (sarcasm alert!) the sequel will be in 3D again but this is one of few cases where I’m not worried, as the first film utilized the in-vogue technology almost perfectly.

I’m sure DreamWorks is hoping for How To Train Your Dragon to be their next big franchise, in the same vein as Shrek and that’s exactly what it will likely become. We can only hope – if they make as many of these as they did Shrek movies – that they keep the quality high all the way through and don’t drop the ball by the third film.

Update: Not long after the first details emerged of the How To Train Your Dragon sequel, Deadline is now reporting the news that DreamWorks has signed a deal with Cartoon Network to make an animated series based on the movie(s).

There’s currently no details available about what the plot will be or how exactly the series will relate to the movies (never mind wondering about a story for another film – how can they string it along week-on-week? ). However, we do know the show will air sometime in 2012 in preparation for the release of the second film.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 will hit theaters sometime in either 2012 or 2013.

Source: DreamWorks Animation and Deadline

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  1. THERE’S ANOTHER ONE!?!?!?!?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Screams like a little girl, then runs down stairs*

  2. I think a good way to continue the story would be Hiccup and Toothless leaving the island, considering that vikings are a concurring society and traveled around allot destroying things. but then again the the first movie did kinda ended it. money is money though.

  3. I cant wait ti`ll the next one,although it will be nice if they ever put a love connection between toothless and some other night fury.

    • Yea, and they’d have baby nightfuries! He was like the only dragon in The gift of the nightfury who didn’t mate! I was so sad! :(

    • I love your idea marimar! So cute!

    • I Think That the Girl And Hickup Should B Dateing And thay should make a Dragon acadomy

  4. I’ve always thought a good twist would be that someone (either in their village or maybe in a neighboring village) sees the dragons only for their power, and decides to weaponize them to use against their enemies. So suddenly the citizens of Berk, who were enjoying new-found peace with their dragon enemies, are now thrust back into war against a new this new enemy, with battle lines being drawn between those who see dragons as allies, and those who simply want to exploit their power. It’s a good way to scale the movie to a much larger setting as well.

    • Ooh, thats a good one, but they might also take another idea from one of the books.

    • Excellent! You better be sure to get your cut of the profits!

    • omigod! thats the BEST idea ever!!!

    • that is a pretty good idea but it’s a repetitive plot when you think how many times people have done movies where they take the good and turn it bad right?

  5. i need see this!

  6. It was good
    i like to see the next part of that


    • I know!!! I am sooooo excited

  8. I will probably die if this doesn’t come out soon. I’m also kind of scared, because some sequels to movies have turned out really bad. I just hope it will at least own up to the first one.

  9. I Think that another viking tribe will appear and see all the dragons and hiccups village all Friends, and the other viking village wants go to war with them all, While hiccup and toothless will go and get another village who also likes dragons and try and defeat the evil tribe but someone from that tribe kidnaps Astrid and hiccup and toothless has to save her but also has to save the day. + Toothless should find a girl :) DunDunDunn

    • i cant wait for it to come out :D soon as its cinemas i’m there straight there as quick as a flash !!!

    • why does it always have to be a war? why can’t there be heroics without war? how about saving the world keeping there dragons hidden so people do not freak, creating most of the legends we have today

  10. We watched this movie with our 3 1/2 year old son today (02/11/2012) and we are now on the third watch in the same day!! He loves the movie!! And so do his Mommy and Daddy!! I looked up the website to see who was who behind the voices and discovered there is a second one coming in 2014….DO WE HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG?????
    “We” can hardly wait – bring it on. The movie, the animation, the voices, the magic of the fantasy are absolutely amazing. It’s fun going to all these different places with our little boy! We have a number of DreamWorks movies in our son’s collection – this will be another addition. Thank you!!!!! And please try not to make us wait till 2014!

    • 1 sec… you do want to wait that long because if they rush the movie then t will be rubbish!!! oh well i want it to come out sooner too! (:

      ps I am 9 (:

  11. I’m so psyched that their making another movie! Just as long as the story is great, the characters stay awesome (maybe older) and the story keeps the emotion. I like stories with awesome action…but also some heartwarming/sad moments. Like Hiccup crying or Toothless sad or something. Haha.

    Either way it has to be good… if they wanna make TONS of money (which is what they must only care about) like pixar. Same with CN it better make the episodes good. Maybe even 2D. But just for goodness sakes, make the story good like AVATAR The last airbender. Put some heart into it. Because I was excited for Kungfupanda…then I found out the episodes kinda suck, it’s pointed mostly toward kids and comedy. Wheres the serious adultness?! ComON!!! If the Japanese could make AWESOME animation and stories about pirates (ONe PIece) or fightning babies (Reborn) then Dreamworks and Cartoon Network could ATLEAST make a really good movie and “watchable” tv series. It’s not suppose to be about the money, you want people to love it and eat it up, and leave the theater wanting to watch it again! “Finding Nemo” anyone?

  12. Oops… accidently submited comment.

    But yeah… CN you best not disapoint your fans any longer …or you’ll lose them. I don’t even watch your channel anymore. I am looking forward to HTTYD! Thousands are waiting eagerly. DON’T DISSAPOINT US!

    Dreamworks I’m gonna have faith, but don’t slip up! Like with Shrek 3 and 4. Work together to make a really MIND BLOWINGLY AWESOME MOVIE! Good luck! I can’t wait for the sequel! <3


  13. i thin it should follow the story line maybe.

  14. is there a new one? because my teacher is showing me the trailer when Hiccup and toothless in a mountain and it’s very cold, exactly, My teacher said this year film How to train your dragon 2 is going to be release….. Is that true??
    and, part what when Hiccup find Toothless?

    Answer the 1st question then you can answer the next quetion…
    Ireally need the answer faster…..

    • That was probably a scene from HTTYD: Gift of Night Fury. It was a 30(?) minute Christmas special. Really good, you should definitely check it out :)

  15. i am so excited my son loves this movie

  16. The above comment might be true,in the Gift of the Night Fury,Toothless didn’t get to mate and have babies like the others.Also,in the 1st HTTYDragon they never did show all the other dragons that were in the training book either.Another thought is that Toothless might be the last of his kind.On that island there were no other night fury’s.You seen 2 or more of the other dragons,but not him.

  17. i think something along the lines of rescuing civilization from disease. the dragons show cure to humans then help deliver cure saving humanity, as dragons are in all folk lore through out the world.this might be a good story. toothless saves hickup-they save vikings who save the world with help of their dragons.

  18. Why did they wait so long, I was worried they wouldn’t make a new movie! If they make it bad I will sue them for their last penny.


  19. I think it would be cool if there was a kid that couldn’t get a dragon to trust them and then they met a female night fury that was the dragon queen or something like that.

  20. Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid get turned to stone while battling a powerful but untrustworthy sorceress, all in the first scene.
    Hiccup and Toothless end up displayed as a statue in a museum, and are resurrected by one of his descendants. However this is not present day, but 2155, Jake Sully has just fought the RDA and won.
    With the supply of Unobtainium ended, Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid (formally displayed in some back corridor at a military site in New Mexico) are recruited to fight for the RDA. To prevent the people of Earth from starving and, more importantly, stop RDA shareholders loosing money.
    After arriving on Pandora the plan goes out the window, Hiccup and Toothless have a close call with Toruk before even arriving at Hell’s Gate.
    As the story unfolds Hiccup needs to think fast …..

  21. I’ve been writing a story that continues from the first film, when I’ve finished the first few pages I’ll put it onto DeviantArt. It probably wouldn’t happen but I’d be the happiest person in the world if it got made into a movie, How To Train You Dragon is my favourite film in the entire world! ^^

  22. Is Heather going to be in it?

  23. I hope she is I have two freinds named Heater =)


  25. I think they should meek camicazi from the books and alvin i think his name was. So like in the book Alvin is the bad guy and they meet the womans only tribe with camicazi. but it would have to be a completly different story from the books but i do want to at least see camicazi astrid isn’t in a single book.

  26. I love Toothless!!! He is so cute and awesome!!!

  27. i think it should be parlty obout when hiccup and toothless are flying and out of nowhere they here a shreik and they see something dark and it turns out to be another night fury and its a girl one. will hiccup and toothless escape the firey death? And if toothless were to mate with her what would her name be? It would be pretty cute wouldnt it?

  28. woooooooooooow … how to train your dragon is my best movie at all .. I will see the second part ♥

  29. does anybody have any info about the 2nd movie? if anyone does pleeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssseeeeeee tell me please