‘How To Train Your Dragon 2′ Details Emerge [Updated]

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Update: Along with a sequel, DreamWorks is now planning a spin-off Cartoon Network animated series for How To Train Your Dragon. See bottom of post for details.

Back in April,  DreamWorks Animation announced that it was moving ahead with a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon, an absolute no-brainer when you look at the almost $500 million it made at the worldwide box office.

At the time of the announcement, we didn’t really have any details other than “we’re making it” and that it would come out sometime in 2013. However, the studio has today officially announced the first details about How To Train Your Dragon 2 (as its being referred to until we hear of another title), including which voice actors will be making a return.

Unsurprisingly, most of the voice cast from the first How To Train Your Dragon will be returning for the sequel, including Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, TJ Miller and Kristen Wiig.

The keen-eyed among you will likely have noticed the absence of Gerard Butler’s name – it’s not exactly clear if that omission is on purpose or not. If it IS on purpose then I’d have to say I’m disappointed, as his voice really suited the character of Hiccup’s father. If this were a less significant project then I might understand Butler not returning, as he’s busy with other projects, but then again, this is a sequel to one of the most popular and successful animated films of the last couple of years.

How To Train Your Dragon Gerard Butler How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Gerard Butler next to his animated 'Dragon' counterpart "Stoick"

Dean DeBlois, co-writer and co-director of the first Dragon film, will return for the sequel but will take on sole writing and directing duties this time around. Co-writer and co-director of the first film, Chris Sanders, will serve as exec producer alongside returning producer Bonnie Arnold.

Many of us will be wondering what sort of story this sequel could possibly have, with the first one serving as a solid standalone yarn (the vikings and dragons eventually becoming friends). Unfortunately, these new details don’t include a plot outline but there is enthusiastic talk from DeBlois about, “carrying this story forward, into the unknown reaches of Hiccup and Toothless’ ever-expanding world.”

how to train your dragon 3d How To Train Your Dragon 2 Details Emerge [Updated]

Perhaps the plot could involve some new band of dragons who are coming to destroy the peaceful existence of the vikings and dragons we know, and Hiccup once again having to try and save the day with the help of his trusty dragon. That seems like a good way to move forward with the story, in my opinion.

However, the most important thing is not necessarily the story itself but that they push things forward in a fresh direction without compromising quality (I, for one, don’t want to see just a rehash of the first film’s plot). Shockingly (sarcasm alert!) the sequel will be in 3D again but this is one of few cases where I’m not worried, as the first film utilized the in-vogue technology almost perfectly.

I’m sure DreamWorks is hoping for How To Train Your Dragon to be their next big franchise, in the same vein as Shrek and that’s exactly what it will likely become. We can only hope – if they make as many of these as they did Shrek movies – that they keep the quality high all the way through and don’t drop the ball by the third film.

Update: Not long after the first details emerged of the How To Train Your Dragon sequel, Deadline is now reporting the news that DreamWorks has signed a deal with Cartoon Network to make an animated series based on the movie(s).

There’s currently no details available about what the plot will be or how exactly the series will relate to the movies (never mind wondering about a story for another film – how can they string it along week-on-week? ). However, we do know the show will air sometime in 2012 in preparation for the release of the second film.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 will hit theaters sometime in either 2012 or 2013.

Source: DreamWorks Animation and Deadline

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  1. All of this movie confusion is making me crazy… :)

  2. i love this site :) i loved the movie i think it was my very favorite movie :) hope theres a sincle like twilight

  3. I would loveeee to have a 2nd movie!!!! I just hope they make it good. IT would be cool if the “Romans” or some other bad barbarians try to take over the north island or something and kidnap dragons and treat them like slaves or something. Or something bad happens and toothless and hiccup and other new characters have to travel somewhere else on the island to look for something or whatever. I just CAN’T WAIT!! Also a tv series sounds good THEY JUST BETTER NOT MAKE IT STUPID LIKE MADAGASCAR! And Hiccup toothless and astrid have HAVE TO BE IN IT!!!!

      • yea, but I guess they had to make a movie plot that would appeal to everyone and the books weren’t really fit for a straight movie transition with just minor adjustments, but maybe the second movie will have pirates!

    • IKR, penguins of madagascar was a FAIL, but Legends of awesomeness(kung fu panda), was alright, I just hope they don’t screw up the television show!

  4. I’d love to see them build off of the Dragon’s natural aversion to eel and see an epic battle with some Trolls…maybe the Trolls could have similar color patterns to eels. Because the first movie addressed strong themes of “prejudice” and “being different,” it would be nice to see similarly well-developed and timely themes in the second movie. It doesn’t need to be louder or more epic to be good. It just needs to have an equally good story. Maybe building off Hiccup’s “disability” and focusing on “leadership” or “bullying.” These are all hot topics that a film like this could easily address and hopefully make an impact on younger viewers. I’d also LOVE to see some of the other dragons mentioned in the guidebook. Oh, and are there any other Night Furies out there? If not, why not?

    • I don’t think Hiccup would be put up for bullying in the next movie, simply because every single character in the movie loves him in the last 5 minutes of it.

      • I agree. They mention Trolls “They steal your socks. But only the left ones—wonder what’s with that?” –Gobber to Stoic
        but they never show them. Trolls would make an awesome addition—I’ll be looking for more on that. I wondered about all the other dragons in the dragon book—a friend of mine said that it was just another way to introduce all the other dragons that people had come up with, but actually having them moving before your eyes would be a lot more exciting than someone flipping through an old book.

        And I wish they wouldn’t have put horns on their helmets. Real Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets! They didn’t call themselves Vikings, either. We started calling them that after their Norwegian pirate base Vik. So, so much of the movie is stereotyped.

  5. Who knows…All we can do is wait, I honestly think a tiny bit of HTTYD 2 will be about finding another Night Fury…seeing how there was only 1 in the first movie. Or maybe not? Could just be the rarity in them. I mean in the movie they said no ones been able to see one or catch one. So maybe there just hiding in places we dont know? But we will find out in 2012-2013.

  6. I hate this obsession with sequels as an afterthought. I can just imagine Toothless getting a ‘girlfriend’ or some other lame gimmick and it nearly gives me nightmares. I will be really surprised if this isn’t something where people walk out going, “Well, it is just a sequel.” At the very least, I’m not going until I’ve read enough to know it’s not going to ruin the first one. How many times I’ve rewatched the first of a series and thought, If only there had been no sequel, is too high a number for me to count.

  7. If any of you are worried that the tv show will end up anything like The Penguins of Madagascar, it probably won’t. I saw a sneak peek and it included every of the main characters. The movie, on the other-hand, is harder to predict. I’m sure it will be alright, though.

  8. Hi my name is Austin I hop it comes out son

  9. I certainly like the idea of a persistant unified force akin to roman(esqu) militancy. It provides many easy openings and weakness while up-holding that faceless enemy with outlandish and lavish leanings. I do feel though that making any sequal to epic can only be to the detriment of the story, perhaps joining a smaller conflict with their harmonizing society can provide moral backing? Scotland seems a good setting, maybe the orkneyinga saga for a bit of inspiration.

  10. may have raptortongues. may have dogs.

  11. since stotic isn’t going to be in it (since his voice actor isn’t listed) i think it will be were hiccup becomes the leader and had to lead the army of dragon vikings to fight either other vikings in the area who still hate dragons (other tribes are mentioned in the book) or another supersized dragon. i think this has the potential to be really good if its done right

  12. Wow! A sequel! This is huge. I really hope the makers of the movie let us know the plot soon—I for one am going to research this. How To Train Your Dragon is one of my favorite movies, in my top five actually. A sequel may or may not be up there right alongside it.

  13. I hope it comes out soon. Goodness, I absolutely LOVED the movie and I’m almost 19. I just hope by time the rest of the movies come out I won’t be the only “old” person there…sigh. I’ve read almost all of the books and they’re incredible! Usually with children books the ending’s predictable, but Cowell made the endings so different and BETTER than I could imagine. I think if they went even slightly close to her story plots, it would not be a repeat of Shrek.

  14. i loved the books and the first movie and cant wait for the sequel or the tv series but i really think they should stay close to the books it wouldnt be that hard to do and i think it will make it better than shrek!

  15. I hope jonsi will be making another song at the end like he did in the first

  16. Why so long

    • It doesn’t exactly take just a year to finish a movie. =P
      Especially one like HTTYD. I feel ’13 is a great date. I expected 2014. x_x

  17. I do hope that DreamWorks Animation makes a sequel, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a tv series, either. “How to Train Your Dragon” was definitely a great movie, one of my favorites, and a sequel would be nice for it. “Dragon” wouldn’t be the same without Butler, though, so I’m praying he’ll be in the sequel. I really thought the “Dragon” tv show would be on Nickelodeon, similar to DreamWorks’ “Penguins of Madagascar” tv show, but I feel Cartoon Network is a nice choice, too.

  18. I can’t wait for it to come out

  19. Hello,
    In regards to speculating about the plot, I am not sure if you are aware that this is actually a book series. I cannot adequately explain in words how much I LOVE this movie; I have watched it dozens of times and it just does not get old. Ever. So, friends of mine, upon discovering that it was a series bought me a couple of the books (unfortunately not the second one, but the 1st and 3rd). And while the first book is NOTHING like the movie (I am not being a book snob here, though I am known for it, it seriously has almost nothing to do with the plot of the movie, its like Dreamworks took the concept of training dragons and character names and just went their own direction). Despite their being considerable differences between the first book and the first film, perhaps a clue as to the direction of the plot may lay in the book series?

    • I didn’t know this until around June! Made me curious, but after looking into the books, I doubt they’ll follow their… “plots”.

  20. I am hoping the movie will be bases off the how to speak dragonesss book.

  21. How to train your Dragon has been a favorite of mine since the moment I stepped into the theaters. At first, after watching the trailer, I was little iffy. I assumed it would be another Shrek or something a little less… preferred in my dictionary of decent movies. But after seeing it, I was blown away with the plot – which was simple, but extraordinary – and the fact that they never ruined the “movement” with talking dragons or anything alike.

    At first, I wasn’t sure about a second. But after thinking about what this group can do, it would be interesting to see what they can bring forth.

    I’m personally hoping the original was more like a prequel. And like “The Hobbit”, Hiccup and his friends have to set out to save dragon-kind, their world… whatever is in danger. Can you imagine seeing more of this world? More dragons? More characters as interesting as Hiccup and Toothless?

  22. We bought this dvd by accident and it has become an instant favourite around our house. I have to be paying attention during the credits or my three year old will restart the movie. A second film sounds like fun and I definately think that I will have to add the books to our library.

  23. Oh geez I am so nervous about this sequel. HTTYD was a thing of absolute beauty and one of my all time favorite movies, and if it gets tainted with unfortunate sequels it will be incredibly sad.
    Also, I really hope that the lack of Gerard Butler is because he’s not signed on yet…and not because Stoick is dead or something. :c

  24. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. I am such a big fan of the first HTTYD (Seen it 13 times in a row) that I hope they don’t mess up the sequel. I’d love to see new dragons, maybe some more Night Furies but who knows? I just can’t wait.

  25. I think it would be good if theyt did the second movie where all the kids have grown up and hiccup is now in control of the tribe and his kids are now training their dragons, possibly like in the first book

  26. Wow! This is going to be very interesting. Honestly with the tv show (like u said) it will be very hard to keep a weekly update of new eposodes.

  27. OMG!!!!!thx or the tip off :)

    -thankyou for nothing, you useless reptile-

  28. i am dieng 2 watch 2nd part,plz directors make it soon

  29. I love the idea of a 2nd movie i love the first and still talking about it. I wish they could make the movie faster like in 2012 and not have a tv series because i think that would ruin the movie