‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Will Finally Reveal The Mother’s Identity

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how i met your mother reveal How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Will Finally Reveal The Mothers Identity

Not since ancient civilizations attempted to answer the question of how the sun rose and set each day, has there been an mystery so confounding as the identity of the woman who mothered Ted Mosby’s children. Such is the central topic of the popular CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, which is nearing the end of its eighth season, but has not yet given an answer to the lingering question implied by the title. To say that Ted likes to go off on tangents would be something of an understatement.

If you’re one of the HIMYM fans who has dedicated an entire wall in their house to a complex diagram of the possible answers to this enigma, complete with headshots of all the characters and bits of string connecting them all, the deadline by which to place your final bets is closing fast.

Following on from the news that the show will return for a ninth and final season this fall, TVLine has confirmed that show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will finally let Ted’s poor kids off the couch by revealing how he met their mother, at some point in the closing season.

Let’s review what we already know. There was actually a useful round-up of the currently known facts included on the season 6 DVD, which predominantly comes across as comprehensive retrospective on the many failed relationships of Ted Mosby. While the video covers all the red herrings who appeared up until the end of season 6 – including Robin, Victoria and Stella – it also covers the glimpses and facts that have already been revealed about the mysterious mother:

It will be interesting to find out if the mother of Ted’s children has actually been subtly hinted at throughout the series, and the final reveal will tie together a whole mass of clues, or whether the writers are simply going to pull a random woman out of a hat. Josh Radnor has argued in favor of the latter, saying in an interview that the answer shouldn’t have to be a plot twist:

“I don’t think it should be any sort of stunt casting. I think it would be more interesting to have this fresh, exciting face that Ted has never seen before and neither have people who watch the show.”

Really, with so much of the character fleshed out already, will the reveal of a name and a face make much of a difference? We already know that Ted’s destiny lies with a woman who likes bass guitar, the works of T.C. Boyle, and drawing robots playing sports; we know that she took a class in economics at Columbia University; we know that she is very good at getting free desserts, and will be sure to clean the plate when she gets them; and we know that the couple will meet at someone else’s wedding.

Who knows? Maybe it will turn out that she works for the CIA, or has an ear in the middle of her forehead, or that her yellow umbrella is some kind of alien probe. Or perhaps the future-with-kids plotline will turn out to be nothing more than an elaborate dream that Ted is having after eating too late at night.

With nine seasons of set-up leading to this one pay-off, what are your theories on how the show will end, and how the question will be answered?


How I Met Your Mother airs on Mondays @8pm on CBS.

Source: TVLine

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  1. If i was he’s kid id stop listening and run away from home after the first episode.

    Imagine listening to your dad for 8 seasons before he get’s to the point? 😉

  2. I always thought that Marshall was going to die as Ted marries Lily to help raise the baby.

  3. *SPOILER* It’s Maris Crane from Frasier.

  4. Ted meets Wendy the Waitress in the future at an airport. The year was past his story telling. He tells Wendy that he is marries with two kids. Therefore, the mother isn’t dead. but that would have been a really good storyline.

    • Or maybe that scene takes place after the spin-off series, How I Met Your Step-Mother

    • Actually, you’re wrong, the Hong Kong trip is 2021, the story is told from 2030

    • You are wrong just because its a year later does not mean the mother is not dead. She could have died when they were 10 or 12 so there!

  5. Has anyone considered that maybe it’s Ted who winds up dying?? Why would they have Bob Saget’s voice telling the story? That kind of tells me it’s because it’s Ted’s voice (slightly different, or being told by someone else) because it is a VIDEO (well, a lot of videos) that the kids are watching, telling the story about how their parents met, and how much their father wanted to make sure they knew his and their mother’s journey.
    OR, maybe it’s because a new person is their father, telling how Ted’s life led to his meeting their mother??
    I don’t know, but I don’t like where this is all headed. A comedy, especially one of this nature, where many people of all ages have invested so much time into it, should not end on a sad note!!!!

  6. Well my original theory was that Barney’s half-sister is the mother. Kinda makes sense as both are in college. But man it would suck if the mother turns out to be justsome random girl that has no connection to past episodes.

  7. If the mother is just some randomer who isn’t connected to previous episodes…. I’ll calmly say “oh no, such a shame”.

    • I’ll reply with Lily’s common “You son of a biiitch”

  8. I’m surprised by how many people have said they don’t like or are tired of the show; yeah there are misses here and there but I still look forward to watching this Monday night. I don’t have a theory about the mother but I’m sure whatever they do not everyone will be happy, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I personally enjoyed Monday’s episode. It was kind of messed up and sad but at the same time I think it is just following the natural arc that many stories follow; things being darkest before the dawn. Or maybe being single and around the same age, I can just really relate to what Ted is going through.

  9. I’m hoping for a happy ending. I don’t care how we get there, but it better be a happy ending. Not bittersweet, but a solid happy ending that can be watched for years to come. As for the Bob Sagat voice, I think they should just get the point where he is talking and then clear his throat and it be back to real Ted’s voice, since we have seen Ted in the future and he has the same voice.

  10. She can’t be dead. In early episodes it shows the kids wanting to take off and him making them listen. If their mom was dead wouldn’t they want to listen? Or at least be a tad bit emotional.

    • Not necessarily- they are teenagers. Many teenagers tend to work through their feelings by NOT addressing them directly, and instead, acting them out through other means (healthy or not). Likewise, teenagers tend not to be overjoyed by spending time with their parents. So, not necessarily.

  11. Don’t you think that maybe the final episode will finish without showing a face?
    The final message will be something like, it doesn’t matter the person (actress) who is, you already know all the information you know of how Ted’s life developed. Showing you one face or another will not change the entire story.
    Even I would like to see a face and a real person I think the end will be something like Ted approaching the mother without showing her.

  12. I think we have seen her. There was an episode where Ted was in the bar and he bumped into a girl. They just apologized to each other and kept going. It seemed like a strange little bit to have if it didn’t mean something.

    • Omg! What episode was that? As soon as I saw that episode many seasons ago, I thought “thats the mother, that has to be her!” It seemed so random that it has to be tied in with something, right?

  13. Come on guys it’s pretty obvious. He has to Jett the mother either at the end of season 8 or more likely the first episode of season 9. In time travelers he states it was 45 days before he met the mom. Since we know he meets her the day of the wedding it can be assumed that the wedding is 45 days away and the finale of the season ends on their weddin (titled something new). Now what they might do is introduce her and then she’s gone again for a while but since the timeline is fast approaching for his daughter to be born I’m betting she’s a main character and it ends with Ted proposing.

    Now on who the mother is its going to be someone we’ve never seen. The whole point of the show is him going through all these relationships and trials that eventually leads to them meeting. They will cast a completely new actress to play the mom, not some girl that was in the show for a second. Also the mom will not be dead. I think the whole him wishing he had met her earlier thing is just that he was searching for the one for so long that he wishes he didn’t have to waste so much time getting to her.

    • St. Pats day episode? Yesss me too

  14. 9th season?? R u kidding me?? The show is dead since the middle of season 7. I am still watching in the good old first 5 seasons sake but I am deeply bored and disappointed every time a new episode comes out. I am done with it. The hell with all the banal jokes and the hell with the mysterious mother. The next (and hopefully last) episode of season 8 will be the last one I’ll see.

    • not a true fan then. if you don’t like it stop watching the show get over yourself

    • The show is going stale. You can usually tell a show is going stale when you bring in people like Ralph Macchio for a cameo. But I will still watch because I want to find who Ted ends up with. I guess we know a lot about her, but not a clue what her name is or what she looks like

  15. 9th season?? R u kidding me?? The show is dead since the middle of season 7. I am still watching in the good old first 5 seasons sake but I am deeply bored and disappointed every time a new episode comes out. I am done with it. The hell with all the banal jokes and the hell with the mysterious mother. The next (and hopefully last) episode of season 8 will be the last one I’ll see.

  16. Friends have a look at season 3, episode 4. Stacy is a potential candidate. As she is a Bass player too and moreover, Barney never makes out with this Ted’s lady, still leaving Ted disappointed about losing Stacy.
    What say guys??

  17. i know who is the mother of ted’s children …

    • Who is?

  18. Cristin Milioti is…
    I don’t want to under-rate Cristin Milioti, not at all… But oh boy, 8 seasons of concentrated hype, and they end up throwing us a “random” girl? like I said, no offense intended, she’s really pretty… But I wanted her to be someone we already met… Someone meaningful…

    • How culd you have thought any differently. They have made it clear through all 8 seasons that this is the story of how he met the mom. She is meaningful because by meeting her and getting to know her she is the person that finally gives him the life that he has always wanted.

    • Just a random girl? The entire show is about what Ted meeting the mother of his kids. It has to be someone he never met. She isn’t random either. She was in the econ class he accidentally taught, the St. Patrick’s Day party he went to, the roommate of the lesbian he dated, etc. There is already a connection between them.

  19. We used to watch it with friends but disconnected seasons ago. This is a show of repeating ideas over and over. They clearly ran out of steam years ago. Ted has to be the most boring character in the history of TV shows. If it wasn’t NPH this show would be dog food

  20. What a random final was that?

  21. Sorry but if they do this it will be PAINFUL!!! Give the amazing sitcom the ending it deserves not some shoddy rubbish where it all takes place at the wedding weekend- don’t do it!!

  22. Hi guys, the mother is obviously a flatmate of Ted’s almost girlfriend (the one who has become a lesbian later). Remember that the girlfriend’s flatmate was a musician and the flatmate liked all the things Ted likes. This girlfriend was jealous at her flatmate because all guys instantly like her. Ted left the yellow umbrella in their flat and said to his kids that he saw his future wife’s ankle while she was going from the bathroom to her room. This girl will be a part of the band playing at Barney’s and Robin’s wedding. We saw her face in the final episode of the 8th season. She is the mother :)

  23. i think we are thinking too much maybe the mother could be robin
    because in the of season eight ted plan on giving robin a wedding gift but it is something that robin like and she think she has but not and when ted giving to her before the wedding it may cause the break up of barney and robin and ted end up marring robin end of the show. that what i think will happen if the mother of ted kids is someone he already met

    • I have often thought it maybe Robin but, Tom refers to her as Aunt Robin whilst telling his stories. I hope its not her though, would be a bit of a rubbish ending!

  24. I don’t think the mother is Cristin because she is wearing different shoes at the train station when ted sees her then when she is boarding the train. Maybe Cristin is just a part of the same band as the mother and she gives her the umbrella to borrow.

    • Well we saw Cristin on the Friday, the train station where Ted meets her is on Sunday (the wedding night) and us women have a tendency to like shoes so she probably just brought another pair of shoes with her

  25. It should end when ted and his wife start having kids

  26. I cant wait for the finale, I’ve got to know this woman who has been keeping me on that same couch for 8 seasons, 8 flippin seasons

  27. The mother isn’t teds future wife! She’s the mother of the children ted is talking to, yes. But they aren’t teds kids. They are his kids. The mother is in fact a sister ted never knew he had. Ted married Robyn, hence she is aunt Robyn. Surely!!

  28. I think they are going to pull a “mad about you” ending. All this time he has been telling his kids about how he meet their mother now that she has died.