‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Will Finally Reveal The Mother’s Identity

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how i met your mother reveal How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Will Finally Reveal The Mothers Identity

Not since ancient civilizations attempted to answer the question of how the sun rose and set each day, has there been an mystery so confounding as the identity of the woman who mothered Ted Mosby’s children. Such is the central topic of the popular CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, which is nearing the end of its eighth season, but has not yet given an answer to the lingering question implied by the title. To say that Ted likes to go off on tangents would be something of an understatement.

If you’re one of the HIMYM fans who has dedicated an entire wall in their house to a complex diagram of the possible answers to this enigma, complete with headshots of all the characters and bits of string connecting them all, the deadline by which to place your final bets is closing fast.

Following on from the news that the show will return for a ninth and final season this fall, TVLine has confirmed that show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will finally let Ted’s poor kids off the couch by revealing how he met their mother, at some point in the closing season.

Let’s review what we already know. There was actually a useful round-up of the currently known facts included on the season 6 DVD, which predominantly comes across as comprehensive retrospective on the many failed relationships of Ted Mosby. While the video covers all the red herrings who appeared up until the end of season 6 – including Robin, Victoria and Stella – it also covers the glimpses and facts that have already been revealed about the mysterious mother:

It will be interesting to find out if the mother of Ted’s children has actually been subtly hinted at throughout the series, and the final reveal will tie together a whole mass of clues, or whether the writers are simply going to pull a random woman out of a hat. Josh Radnor has argued in favor of the latter, saying in an interview that the answer shouldn’t have to be a plot twist:

“I don’t think it should be any sort of stunt casting. I think it would be more interesting to have this fresh, exciting face that Ted has never seen before and neither have people who watch the show.”

Really, with so much of the character fleshed out already, will the reveal of a name and a face make much of a difference? We already know that Ted’s destiny lies with a woman who likes bass guitar, the works of T.C. Boyle, and drawing robots playing sports; we know that she took a class in economics at Columbia University; we know that she is very good at getting free desserts, and will be sure to clean the plate when she gets them; and we know that the couple will meet at someone else’s wedding.

Who knows? Maybe it will turn out that she works for the CIA, or has an ear in the middle of her forehead, or that her yellow umbrella is some kind of alien probe. Or perhaps the future-with-kids plotline will turn out to be nothing more than an elaborate dream that Ted is having after eating too late at night.

With nine seasons of set-up leading to this one pay-off, what are your theories on how the show will end, and how the question will be answered?


How I Met Your Mother airs on Mondays @8pm on CBS.

Source: TVLine

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  1. This season has been pretty good but im tired of it.

  2. I stopped caring after Season 2.

    • XD…this post wasnt for you then

    • You said it, brother.

  3. The season 8 finale doesn’t air until May 13, so I can’t help but wonder, is this an assumption that we don’t see the mother in the finale, or do you know something we don’t?

  4. I really wanted a huge cliff hanger that he meets her or just makes eye contact with her during the season 8 finale and then have them go till the wedding day in season 9. It’ll be annoying if we don’t get to meet her until the last season.

  5. i have a feeling she’s either dead or their divorced

    • I was hit with that same feeling after watching this past Monday’s (3/25) episode. The comment about wanting that extra 45 days hit me like he was talking to the kids after she’d died.

      I’m so tired of this show…but I have to hear the end of the story.

      • i’ve been toying with the idea that she dies very early on cant remember what episode but its something that happens around the end of season 1 or beginning of season 2 that gave me the impression an haven’t shook it since.

        at some point in all this story telling to the kids would the mother not of come in an interrupted

  6. “Such is the central topic of the popular CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, which recently concluded its eighth season without giving an answer to the lingering question implied by the title.”

    Umm… season 8 isn’t over yet.

    • Thanks for the catch, I’ll fix it.

  7. +1 ^

  8. This article kinda confused me… I thought Ted’s wife would be revealed in the Season 8 finale?

    Anyway, the newest episode was a complete mess imo. It made no sense whatsoever. I’ve been a huge fan of the show (I don’t have an entire wall dedicated to it though ;)), but the last two seasons have been very disappointing.

    • Seriously? I thought this episode has been one of the best of the past few seasons, if not THE best. My opinion though mostly because it was Ted centric

      Why is there a 3 week wait for the next episode? followed by another 2 week wait? Very annoying

      • March Madness I bet is one of the weeks.

  9. They should introduce her either at the end of this season or at the very beginning of the next. No tricks like a will-they-wont-they scenario.

    Ted has literally dated dozens of girls over the course of the show, i want his wife to be a full fledged character for season 9. What about this girl makes her different than everyone else? To introduce her and then leave would be the biggest rip off ever. Its one thing to have the show last 2-3 seasons, but to have people invest 9 years for one single episode would be criminal.

  10. The 8th season still has like 4-5 episodes left…..

    • We’ve already seen her. In the episode that Ted got the yellow umbrella, there was a strange second that Ted bumped into a woman and they briefly looked at each other before going opposite directions. Nothing was said and not even a big deal was made, its just that the second took too long to just be coincidence.

      • Yes on st Patty’s day! I’ve always noticed that girl and always wondered what was the whole point of that little encounter
        Also the woman strikes a resembalace to Teds daughter

  11. from last night’s episode, i already knew that the reveal after the wedding wont happen at all for the season 8 finale. although, it would be a shocker that they actually show her seeing that this show has all been about BIG cliffhangers.

    but somewhere along season 9 maybe.. in the later mid season…


  12. Only the first 4-5 series were good, then the writing declined. Also Hannah I’m glad it was you who wrote this article! :D I’d love to sit and watch TV with you someday! ;)

  13. A speech that was imaginary pass…seeing time travelling conversations and a triple duet by said travellers…priceless. Waiting to see Carly (Barney’s sister) playing bass at the wedding…a dreadful year away…#ugh

    • The story has always been about the first time he met the mother! It will not be Robin, Victoria, Carly,The pumkin lady whose name I can not remeber,or jennete it is about how he met the mother and each person he dates is slowly moving him into the place he needs to be to met the person of his dreams. That is part of why this show is so good is that it is about a journy.

  14. Season 8 hasn’t concluded yet. There are still four episodes left in the season.

  15. That would be great if it was a plot twist where Ted is just thinking he has kids and came up with some elaborate story about meeting the woman of his dreams. This in my opinion would make the viewer us feel sad for Ted, but at the same time it will not ruin the entire past 9 seasons with something that is sure to disappoint.

    • they did tha with Robin in season 7….I love this show and everyone on it and no , matter what happens it will be good. The writers have a plan and they know where it is headed so I trust them to have a good ending =)

  16. What if Ted was just a sperm donor? And their mother wanted kids and found a suitable candidate through a mutual friend…and Ted was able to become a biological father without marriage because we all have seen how his dating life has been going. So, he wanted to pass on his genetic code the only way he could since the whole marriage thing hasn’t happened. Ted has only referred to this woman as “your mother” throughout the years.

    Now, the kid’s mother passed on, and Ted must introduce himself to them…for 9 seasons. The show ends with Ted and his kids starting their life together.

    Wow…maybe I should have written spoiler alert.

    • That is a very interesting idea.

  17. So everyone is damn tired of this show, the showrunners keep dragging the series for no reason(except $$$), but fans are still waiting the damn mother….it sounds like a nightmare

  18. They should have revealed the mother a long time ago. Season 6 they should have done it, instead of introducing babies. They could still have a great show with the mother revealved, bc this way we could get to know her. But I stopped watching halfway through season 7 bc I was getting bored of the show.

  19. Im honestly pissed that we have to wait till the next season to see the mother. Idk who posted it but someone above stated how they should make her a full character for the last season and I completely agree. Actually make her character develop with Ted and show why she was the one that stuck around longer than the others. JUST SHOW THE DAMN WOMAN

  20. To be honest in the long run itll hopefully pay off. But remember Fraiser.. in all the seasons we never ever saw Merice… Niles ex wife

    • Ahhh, yes. The classic unseen character/James Burrows schtick. Have an absent character that the audience never gets to see. Like Norm’s wife on ‘Cheers’ or Wolowitz’s mom on ‘Big Bang’.

      • Actually, we did see her silhouette in one of the recent episodes..and all the “magic” was gone, so to speak. There’s a reason why unseen comedy characters are unseen. It’s one of the reasons why this show is slowly but steadily falling apart.

    • Wasnt Niles gay?

  21. I want them to explain.

    How Ted voice morphed into Bob Saget?

    I am 45 years old. I have had the same voice since 1985!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wait, Bob Saget doesn’t voice your inner monologue? Perhaps I should see a therapist.

      • +1

  22. i think it’s robin’s friend at maclaren’s pub. season 1 episode 1. the blonde girl wearing beige coat that she(robin) was talking to when ted first laid eyes on her…ted thought “…and there she was” “…see that girl, i’m gonna marry her someday” but of course he was referring to robin not knowing that it’d actually be the other girl. at a later scene the blonde woman and three other friends of robin were at round table waiting for robin to join them. the faces of the three friends were shown but the blonde girl was either on a side or back view. there was a very brief second that the left side of her face was shown but too quick to recognize.

    what do you think?

    • besides she’s at robin and barney’s wedding so she’s got to be a friend of robin. coz if it was barney’s friend…he would have recognized her during st. patty’s day episode.

      • She plays bass for the band at Robin and Barneys wedding so that’s a strong indication that she doesnt know them

  23. Ted refers to “Aunt Robin” to his children. Have we met all of Robin’s family?

  24. I used to like this show but the jokes got stale and repetitive. I have not watch this season for that reason.

  25. A lot of you talk like their is no point to watch this show anymore.This is one of the best shows on tv ever!!! The writers have an end game and if you stay with it it will be worth it. Look at freinds that show was great and went on for years. I think that mother will be a no name and I think there is a high possibility by the end of the year 2013 we will have met her. I think it is to late in the season to met her and i think it sounds like more of a early season 9 thing.

  26. HIMYM jumped the shark in season 6. I think they got new writers because the jokes got really lame, especially for Marshmellow and Lilypad :)

    • Stella’s stint on the show was my “jump the shark” moment.

  27. I believe that Ted is telling the story of the love of his life, because she died in childbirth with the son… Why else, in flashforwards have we never seen and have heard spoken things about her? also why would kids listen for this long, unless they didnt know anything about her.

    • Because if they let us see her/ hear her speak then we would be losing a lot of the fun that this story has been building too.

    • good reflection point

  28. The most recent episode(25/3) was a great indication as to why he’s telling their children so much about how he met their mother. It’s highly likely that she has passed away and that Ted tells their children the story of how they met.


    The whole “I would have given anything for 45 more days with her” part seems way to corny unless she’s gone for some reason. It was a really sad episode, depending on how you interpret it of course.

  29. Very avid fan. jus watched entire season 8 in 1 sitting. heres my theory. Robin and barney are getting married soon right? we know Ted meets her at a wedding. But theres no way of knowing until the final chapter, unless if u watch every single season and episode, maybe youll see a woman in the background with a yellow umbrella :D