Journeyman: Here’s How It Would Have Ended

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journeyman canceled Journeyman: Heres How It Would Have Ended

NBC quoted low ratings and played the ‘writers strike’ card to cancel Journeyman.

After the series got cut off at the 13 episode mark, viewers were left in the dark as to where the story was headed.  This was particularly annoying since a few different strands of story were developing during the shortened season.

The creator of JourneymanKevin Falls, in an interview over on AICN had the opportunity to let some of his plans for Dan Vasser out of the bag. Though this sounds like a good thing, the down side to this is that the interview wasn’t going to hit the ‘net until they knew for sure that we wouldn’t be seeing any more of Dan Vasser…


Here’s where the show would have gone had it stayed on the air…

Katie and Dan were going to split up for a while.  Jack (Dan’s brother) and Dan were going to live together and then Dan and Katie would get back together.

Livia (Dan’s time traveling ex-fiancée from 1948) was going to die in episode 20. Dan was going to save her in 21. And in episode 22, Dan would come back to his house in the present and find someone else would be living there. Katie (his wife) and Zack (his son) would be gone and this time Dan would have no idea how to get his family back.

moon bloodgood2 Journeyman: Heres How It Would Have EndedThe end game of the series would have had some of the key people Dan had helped in “the past” coming together in a “Rube Goldberg-inspired climax” kind of ending for a big save on a bigger storyline involving everyone.  That would have been neat to see.

Through it all, there was something bigger than the government that was tossing Dan and the other travelers around time.  The underlying reasons for the time travel leaned towards a good purpose.

Livia’s original travel purpose was to get Katie and Dan together, but then the writers felt that Livia was keeping some secret from Dan that was huge and tragic.

Livia only went forward in time and Dan backward because they each had a specific and separate purpose.  One of the side affects was the tragi-romantic notion of Dan and Livia never being able to live in the same time.

Sooner or later in 2008, Dan would have encountered an elderly Livia.

That would have been a great tale to watch unfold.

Kevin Falls went on to lament that he wasn’t so much bitter towards NBC as he was towards the mainstream critics who dismissed the show without a second nod (Screen Rant not included, since we loved the series).  He felt they were doing some of the best television out there at the time and he was right.

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  1. I agree, NBC dropped the ball here. This was an excellent show, easily one of the best I’d seen on any network in years, and it was completely mismanaged by the network.

    The sad thing is, no other network has considered stepping in to pick it up. I’d think it would have been an almost perfect fit on Sci-Fi, assuming they’d drop those absurd reality shows.

  2. Sadly FlameStrike, the reality shows are where it’s at for now… They’re cheap, an advertisers dream, and the unscripted idiocy – you just can’t pay enough for!!


  3. And as that trend continues to expand, with no end in sight, I find myself watching less and less television. Oh, well, it gives me more time to read, work on my writing, get involved in politics.

    I guess reality TV isn’t all bad, is it.

  4. Flamestike – funny, I haven’t had a television for the past year and I feel more productive than ever. I watch some shows on DVD (on my laptop) when I feel like it, and watch BSG online, but I really don’t miss the channel surfing.

    I haven’t seen this show but when it comes out on netflix I’ll check it out

  5. I still have a TV, I just don’t watch much more than news, DVDs, and the occasional basketball game on it anymore. There just isn’t much of anything on worth watching these days, and each new TV season I find that number growing smaller and smaller. The cancellation of shows like Journeyman, shows that made me think and thereby entertained me, in favor of more illiterate programming only accelerates that process.

    As for me being more productive, I guess that depends on how you look at things. In my case, it only seems to emphasize the times when I get stuck on a story I’m writing and I spend more time than ever staring at the screen trying to figure out what to do next.

    Still, I agree, I don’t miss the channel surfing.

  6. Part of the twist seems to come from the series 4400.

    NBC blew it when they cancled this show. The show would have lasted 4 seasons easy, and the show would have had a Quantum Leap following.

  7. Not a lot of creators would have shared their plans with us.
    It was very cool of Falls and very respectful to the fans.

  8. I still can’t believe that the SciFi channel didn’t pick this show up. Instead we get the extremely UNfunny Scare Tactics. If it wasn’t for sports, The Discovery Channel, Family Guy and The Simpsons, there would be almost nothing to watch on TV. The drek that has been filling up network programming has not inclined me to go out and get a LCD tv, either. Reality shows are the worst. How played out can voting someone off the show be by now??

    AS far as NBC goes, I DO like 2 of the shows that are coming back this fall: Chuck and Life. Although if they put Life on against Stargate: Atlantis, SGA will be getting my viewing.

  9. All in all though, I thought the last episode was nice way to have the series finish off.

  10. Shouldn’t NBC have kept BSG since the start?

    The first big disappointment I had like this was Fox’s John Doe. I believe others at around the same time were ticked off at Firefly being canceled. (It never had my interest. I like some sci with my fi.)

    One that SHOULD be put out of its misery is Smallville.

    Heroes looks GREAT this year–especially contrasted with last year’s yawnfest. Seems like NBC was tentative about making this a heroes-with-powers show, and originally opted for characters-who-happen-to-have-awkward-abilities.
    But after the necessary character development, it was bring on the shock and awe. The previews describe all out warfare and subterfuge this season. Too bad the two characters ostensibly killed off, are alive and well in the previews.
    In January we wondered why the season had to be cut off. But now we get a full season for Villians, rather than stopping halfway with a season end cliffhanger over the summer. I hope the writers have been rubbing their hands together as they had extra time to hone this series!

    Also, Dollhouse sounds intriguing. In January BSG continues, Kyle XY resumes (it’s way better than Smallville).

    Also, I want to keep up with 24 this time. I’m one of the few wizards who apparently knew all along that Tony Almeda did not die, since (among other things) he was never declared dead, he was merely presumed dead. It doesn’t make a good “Jack Bauer Joke,” but just because Bauer weeps over you with your head in your lap, doesn’t make you dead.

  11. Hmm, that one went all over the map. I feel right at home. ;-)

  12. No, but when they put a sheet over your head as they did in the first scene of the very next episode of 24 with Tony, most people think that you are dead .

  13. Tony’s back in a huge way, next season.
    He’s not just back for a few episodes he’s a main character.

    Gonna be a great season of 24 !!!

  14. 790,I know that Tony is back I was just saying it wasnt their original intent to leave Tonys death open ended.
    At the 24 panel in San diego ,
    the producers said two of the writers
    CONVINCED them Tony was still alive after the fact .
    MY point is his death was originally intended to be his final appearance.
    I am all for his coming back though.
    Keifer said the idea behind his return was “very 24″.

  15. Jimmy C, don’t read past this ^ very minor spoilers.


    Yes your correct he was killed off…
    The fans also played a huge role in convincing producers to bring him back.

    I’ll say this he’s back but,,, he’s different and CTU headquarters is gone.
    The majority of the next season takes place in Washington DC,,,,
    And a female is President. :-(

  16. “The drek that has been filling up network programming has not inclined me to go out and get a LCD tv, either.”

    For me it was kind of the opposite. If I’m not going to be watching it as often, I want something that’s going to take up less space than one of those big boxes did.

    “The first big disappointment I had like this was Fox’s John Doe.”

    For me it was UPN’s Nowhere Man, I would have loved to see what they’d have done with a second season if they’d gotten one.

    “Not a lot of creators would have shared their plans with us.”

    Agreed, and that alone encourages me to keep an eye on Mr. Falls and check out whatever he may come up with next.

  17. Knew some ppl that worked on Nowhere Man , and I don’t think they had a ending to that show.
    I also remember It ran for 2 seasons.
    Great show !!

  18. No, it only ran for one season. I know because that one year run overlapped one year of my life that I will never be able to forget.

    As for an ending, the way they closed out the first season works as a way to end the series, but I agree that I don’t think it was planned as the series finale. I have always been under the impression that a second season may have been planned that would have built on those events.

    One of these days I need to pull out the DVDs and watch Nowhere Man again.

  19. I always thought that if they had a season 2 of Nowhere Man it would have ended with the discovery that greenwoods chracter was not only given another mans identity but his face as well.
    Wasnt there always a shadowy guy on the phone calling the shots?
    We never saw his face.
    I think he was a rogue intelligence agent who set up greenwood to take the fall for him.
    Right down to his face and memories.
    Just a fun little theory of mine.
    Pity we will never know.

  20. “Wasnt there always a shadowy guy on the phone calling the shots?
    We never saw his face.”

    Not that I recall, no.

  21. there was a guy , especially in those latter episodes .
    it was a red phone he spoke into.

  22. Gary, I’ll start watching the DVDs next week and try to get back to you on that after I finish the series.

    I can say, though, that your initial comment about there always being someone was wrong. I have some pretty clear memories of many of the episodes, and I don’t recall anyone like you describe in any of the episodes I remember.

  23. I also said check the later episodes out .
    he was in there at least once because i remember seeing him and his face was hidden from the audience .
    perhaps the finale.
    I will search for mention of him somewhere on the net.

  24. Tony was always “presumed dead.”

    Medical workers hauling away a body does not mean dead. An autopsy–that would mean dead! Remember that Jack planned and faked his own death. In this case Tony obviously didn’t plan it, and he really was at death’s door. But the fat lady didn’t sing, and the digital countdown didn’t run silent. Tony: Never dead.

  25. And I will repeat again,
    The producers said in San diego
    THEY KILLED HIM! two of the writers campaigned to bring him back .
    His death wasnt faked at least not from the original writing.
    They changed their minds later .
    at least thats what they told a room full of fans .
    Yes , they are bringing him back but his death wasnt faked at the time.
    they reversed course .

  26. I’m sure ,,,, ;-)
    Tonys death will be dealt with,,,,

    Tony plays a big role this coming season, he’s not a 2 episode character,,,

  27. I got a kick out of how after the studio dropped the ball on rewriting it’s scenes that were supposed to be filmed in Africa, but the studio balked at the location, they became further entangled in bad timing when the writers strike struck.

    So they didn’t want to film in Africa, then they had to stall to make sure they showed the whole season uninterrupted, and you’ll never guess where they ended up filming? Africa.

    In regards to Tony: Back in Sept of ’07, the producers I think it was said that there will be an admitted miraculous resurrection which they’ll have to explain. He’s going to be different from the Tony we all knew.

    So it will be interesting indeed.

    Well then, so much for this being a Journeyman post… Maybe Dan Vasser went back in time and saved Tony!

  28. Looking forward to the movie and the coming season,
    The preview for the movie looked very good indeed.

  29. 790, all I was saying was that there was no master plan to bring him back two years ago ,
    They didnt kill him KNOWING he was coming back.