Journeyman: Here’s How It Would Have Ended

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When I first tuned in, I was lamenting about yet another show that NBC wanted me to jump on board with.  I was a bit resistant to the new show.  But after watching that first episode I knew something was different about this series.

In that first episode of Journeyman, when Dan proved to his wife what was happening to him, his approach to proving his dilemma seemed so logical. That, combined with her ever slowly developing acceptance of the situation showed a mature, reasonable approach to a higher quality of character development that didn’t instantly resolve everything, but used situations and time to answer and resolve different situations.

Ah, a quality show. That was a refreshing change.

Falls also evidenced gratitude towards the online community, saying their support gave them the reason to keep it strong in the second half of the season, despite the fairly certain realization where things were headed with the show.

journeyman cast Journeyman: Heres How It Would Have Ended
The cast of NBC’s Journeyman

As we’ve mentioned before, the writing was great, a planned out storyline helped and it was amazing how they wove the fabric of the human angle on the storyline dealing with the drama, stress and tragedy of a family with a time traveling father / husband.  All the while, he still had to struggle to keep his job in a tough competitive newspaper industry as it was.

Some say that NBC pulled a “Fox” on this one, or that it was sounding like a Quantum Leap show.  Sure, you can say that if it makes you feel better.  Me, I like blaming NBC’s historical failure at presenting Sci-Fi.

I think the problem was that people never gave it a chance. Critics panned the first episode or so and like Falls said, never gave it a second look. Advertisers had their own issues, whatever those might be. Maybe they should learn what to advertise during specific shows rather than forcing a commodity on the wrong genre fans.  Helllooo?

A big thanks to AICN for their insightful interview, even though it looks like it may have closed this chapter in the Journeyman saga. For many viewers this will be evidence of yet another failure to retain quality TV by the network.

Now I’m ticked all over again and I feel one of my editorial moods coming on, to be filed away for a future post…

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  1. Its cool how threads spiral off sometimes,,,

    Bruce,,, your totally correct! During the strike they didn’t want to spend any money on a Africa shoot, (they were gonna shoot LA and fake it), then once the strike ended FOX was like, “Let’s go to Afirca and shoot a prequel !!!!”.

    So that’s the reason for the budget increase. The dvd of the prequel will be on sale a week after it airs.

    I think your hip Bruce, to the angle Tony plays , so I won’t go there (no Spoilers) other to say I can’t fracken wait !!!!!!
    The fans are really gonna like the NEW 24 !!!! ;-)

  2. Yes yes yes ,,,,
    Gary I totally agree with you, yes you are correct he was dead. :-)

    Sorry JC, but any episodic clues to his reincarnation were strickly inhouse blues.

  3. 790 & others, I’m the first one to be spoiler-sensitive, but you don’t have to tiptoe around Tony’s role next season. It isn’t a trade secret, it’s not hush hush or on the down low. Hell no! 24 is looking for a major boost with the well promoted news that Tony’s back, he’s the anti-Jack. From the looks of it he’s Bad Guy for the Day–the next “day” of Jack Bauer’s life.

  4. Bloody hell. Reading these posts, the articles and the interview reminds me too much of the CRAP that NBC pulled with this show, and how good it was. Like the writer I am fustrated all over again!

  5. dOh! Sorry ’bout that!

  6. I am ready to give up on broadcast tv. The networks don’t give shows a chance to build a following. It seems like 2 out of 3 shows I like get canceled after I get involved in it. So this year, I’m going to watch shows I have gotten into, like 24 and Lost, and not waste my time on new shows that are probably going to be canceled anyway.

  7. It’s sad that Journeyman got canceled but at least Heroes is on and the only reason I watch “Chuck” is to past the time.

    Speaking of “24″ they’re gonna have to come up with a plausible explanation on how Tony came back to life. Otherwise it could potentially damage the the story arc of the new season.

  8. Journeyman was the best new show on NBC in years. The only other new show that was as well written was “Studio 60″ and NBC canceled that as well… what is wrong with that network?

  9. This is just my take on things, but given how much competition there is these days, especially compared to 25 years ago, most shows aren’t given much time to build an audience. That’s unfortunate, because some of the best shows took a while to find the audience that made them so successful. Cheers and Night Court both come to mind as examples that took a couple of years to become popular, and these days it seems shows have to reach that level of success within the first 4-5 episodes.

    That, combined with the fact that most viewers seem to want entertainment that they don’t have to think about, something they can just watch while turning off their brains, means that most of the best shows aren’t going to find an audience that quickly, and these shows are going to be canceled before most people realize how good they are.

    This is the down side to having so many different channels to choose from: Quality entertainment doesn’t usually stay around very long.

  10. I’m backing FlameStrike on this one.

    The studios have their test panels and ratings numbers.

    These days, folks want something now, not invest in something like Flame says.

    I remember the day when something would happen to a character and it would take 1/2 a season or a whole season to resolve the issue. It’s no longer like that. I’ve watched shows where they interject an awesome challenge that I see could take all season to resolve, and it’s done in one episode. Sad and shameful.

    Yet we live in a time where the consumer can only see what’s in their hand, not what’s out ahead of them.

    The only way we can make an impact is by supporting the great shows and buying their product when it hits shelves, and maybe, if there’s enough of us, an eyebrow will be raised somewhere about something.

    The bottom line: No matter how good it is, it has to make money somewhere in the pipe.


  11. I also would have to agree with FlameStrike on this point. It’s absolutely pitiful what they’re doing to TV these days.

    The only shows I’ve found worth watching now are Heroes, Lost, and Spooks (or MI-5).
    I personally think that 24 has become a joke. Though, I’ll probably this season anyway. For Tony. :D

    I’m still watching SGA, hoping that they’ll come up with something new, figure out what they’re doing with it, and eventually end the show.

    YAY! for the Firefly and Studio 60 mentions. I didn’t watch Studio 60, but I heard it was great. And Firefly was just plain awesome.

    And, since we’re on the topic of excellent shows that didn’t make it… Crusade deserved more than it got. Especially after the way that Babylon 5 left us hanging.


  12. Does anyone know where I can buy the Journeyman episodes? ITunes no longer has anything after Episode 1 and Amazon Unbox no longer has any episodes at all. I know they’re viewable on Hulu but as I don’t know how long that will be I want a hedge to buy my own copies.

    This was the best show on TV in at least the past five years! There is nothing on that comes even close in quality and that “wrote up” instead of dumming down to the audience.

  13. Jay: I can’t find anything either and at the moment, all I can find is that there are no plans for a DVD… but I bet in time it will happen.

  14. Bruce and Ken J -

    Thank you both for responding. I am disappointed, but appreciate, that you have confirmed, Bruce, that they are not available for purchase. I don’t understand their logic for that as they are not planning on selling a DVD!

    I am afraid to use something like ISOhunt, Ken J, as my understanding is that it opens my PC up to getting viruses, spyware, etc. from wherever I’m downloading the episodes, and there isn’t any way to guard against that. But I appreciate your suggesting it.

  15. This show dying was a travesty. Should do focus groups with a bunch of demographics and areas to see how well people really like it and use that as a basis for justifying a new advertising campaign and maybe a prequel which could lead to a sequel.

  16. why cant they start it up now ………. just make a few years in to the life…….. we need a good show i am ready to give up cable becuz it sucks….. all those channels and crap stupid shows that just makes americans look stupid……….