‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Ending Revealed – Good or Bad?

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how i met your mother series finale old ted How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

After 10 years of waiting to see the answer to the series’ title come to fruition, How I Met Your Mother finally came through. Additionally, in an attempt to prove that a life’s worth of story can be told within 60 minutes, creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas show what all occurred in the many years following the long-awaited, star-crossed meeting – and with it the final twist is revealed.

Robin and Barney divorce; Barney has a child with another woman; Lilly and Marshall are busy with their family; and Robin is alone. That is, until Ted’s wife gets sick and ultimately passes away.

As it turns out, the largely mother-free story Ted has been telling his children for all these many years – to us, at least – was never really about meeting their mother; it’s how about how much he is in love with Robin. Now, 6 years after his wife’s death, Ted’s children encourage him to go to Robin and ask her out on a date – and that’s exactly what he does.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother used their 2-part finale to wrap-up all of the character’s stories many years into the future, while also making sure to include as many familiar references as possible, as to encapsulate the entirety of the series in an extended story that reached further than any fan could have imagined. But did it reach too far?

how i met your mother series finale old ted french horn How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

It’s been the love story many years in the making – and the premise of the series actually makes sense now – but did the How I Met Your Mother series finale deliver an ending worth all the time invested?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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How I Met Your Mother aired September 19, 2005 – March 31, 2014 on CBS.

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  1. what did they do about bob saget’s voice over when they switched to present-day?

    • In typical tv land fashion, no explanation. Just replaced his voice with Ted’s for the finale. I thought there would be some kinda surprise involved, but nope. Just shoddy writing/planning.

    • Ted simply spoke in a lower voice just as he was wrapping up the story. Even though at the beginning of the episode, he narrated the story to his kids in what we know as “Ted’s Voice.”

  2. THAT’S SIX!

  3. If season 9 wasn’t just based off of that entire weekend the ending would have worked better. This season should have showed more of Ted & Tracy, her death would have been that much more emotional. I almost didn’t care that she died. Tracy was in fact the perfect woman for Ted. In the end I always felt he was going to end up with Robin and I totally called the blue french horn. I am still 50/50 on the ending. Having a kid will totally put your life in perspective so I can relate as to when Barney is holding his daughter and says what he says.

    • I agree completely, I wouldn’t have disliked it as much if we had more time to learn about them. And that whole season should not have been at their wedding if they were going to ruin everything within 40 minutes afterwards. All of it happened so fast. It felt like the red wedding to me. On the other hand, I hope ‘World Wide News’ is code for SHEILD business.

      • +1 Maria Hill reference!

      • Don’t remind me of the red wedding, I am still traumatized form it.

  4. This episode was beautiful. What a send off.

  5. I just watched the finale and I think it was great. I honestly don’t have a single thing to complain about after watching the finale and to me it was just a great ending to a great series. I especially liked the moment when Barney held his baby girl for that first time and she became his life and how he looked at women seemed to change.

  6. I think this was a realistic ending to the story since there wasn’t simply a wedding and then a happily ever after.

    Robin and Barney previously ended up breaking up after a few episodes because they were constantly fighting, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t magically end up being a happily married couple. I never felt like the show earned Barney’s transformation from a guy incapable of being in a relationship to Robin’s devoted husband, and I like how it took many years and fatherhood for him to truly change. I think it’s true in real life as well that you ultimately are who you are, and changing as a person takes time.

    I also like how Ted ends up once again wanting to be with Robin, because if there is one thing this show always insisted on, it’s the fact that Ted loves Robin and was never able to get over her. That’s what it always came back to, so I think this ending was true to Ted’s character and I like how his kids realize that the story he told them was ultimately about Robin all along, even though he may not have admitted it to himself. This also reflects real life in the sense that we can’t force ourselves to stop feeling. Even if we tell ourselves that we’re letting go and moving on, we might not be able to really do so. It made sense to me that Ted, whose life has practically been defined by his love for Robin, won’t be able to suddenly never think of her that way ever again. I don’t think this necessarily lessens his love for the mother, but after she’s been dead for six years and both he and Robin are single, I think it’s only natural that he would once again acknowledge how much he loves Robin.

    I do think the show was too long though. I think the ending fits with the story’s themes and the personalities of the characters, but there are way too many filler episodes between the beginning and the end. Many of the women Ted dated could simply be cut out of the show and it wouldn’t affect his character development at all. So much of what happened in the show is insignificant to the overall story, and I feel like Ted and Robin coming full circle the way they did would have meant more if it hadn’t taken so many seasons.

    I also think that the mother as a character was underdeveloped. After an actress was cast they could have done a much better job of letting the viewers get to know her. The few times we saw her she came across as almost too perfect, someone who always knew the right thing to say or do. I would have loved to see her flaws, and I think the ending would have felt even more realistic if it reflected the fact that no person is perfect and no marriage is perfect. I would have liked to see some flashforwards in the last season from her life with Ted, perhaps even a fight between the two, and I wanted to see how she became a natural member of the gang through interactions with the other main characters. I think her death would have been more significant to me if I felt like I knew the character.

    Ultimately I like that the creators stuck with the ending they originally planned, even though it feels like they sometimes during the course of the show forgot where they were headed and started making lots of pointless storylines for the sake of having the show on the air for as long as possible.

  7. This is the first episode I watched from this show and I really don’t get it. So the show’s called HIMYM but it’s really about how Ted’s in love with Robin?! Poor Tracy.

  8. i felt that barney’s development through out the series, through out the nine seasons was all for nothing. i know this is outrageous but it would be better if barney died (you know bro).

  9. Mixed emotions. Can definitely see why people are disappointed and they have every right to be, but you can’t deny that it was a great series, and it took us for a great ride. The episode would have been fantastic if they had simply ended after the meeting at the train station, and then Ted says, “And that kids is, is how I met your mother.” It would have been even better if somehow (probably implausible I realize), the mother showed up in the final scene with the kids and said, “Is dad boring you again with his stories?” Regardless, thanks for the memories HIMYM. I won’t let a disappointing finale taint your legacy.

    • +1 Totally Agree

  10. What a rip off. All these years and it’s like, Finally we see her, “Oh by the way, she died.”

    Then lets have him hook up with Robin. Well… They could have written that years ago and saved us I don’t know… 8 years!

    • Are you telling us that you’ve been watching all this time and haven’t been enjoying it? If finding out how he met the mother was the reason for keeping with the show, you missed the point.

      • that’s not what he’s saying. he’s saying that if he was gonna get back together with robin at the end, then the past 8 years were basically pointless. and I totally agree.

    • Exactly!

  11. For me the best ending would have been if they had finished it on the last “and thats kids.. How i met your mother”. I mean the Story should have been about Ted and Tracy.. and in the end it turned out that all those years we were watching this was for Ted and Robin.. i wish i hadn’t seen the last 20 secs. I get it that Tracy died it is acceptable but come on. Why spoil a perfect love story.

  12. wouldn’t it be fitting that the show be reborn as “How I Met your Father” ?

    • or really…with Neil Patrick Harris long acknowledging that he is gay, and I don’t mean this to be homophobic, wouldn’t it be fitting that the show be reborn as “How I Met your Father” ?

      • Nope that’s a stupid idea

        • Maybe so, Ben, but was it any more stupid than portraying Neil Patrick Harris as a lady killer when he swung the other way in real life, thus making his character so hard to watch…

          • I don’t understand why it was hard to watch. To me it’s no different then a straight man playing a homosexual. It’s acting.

              • ….I should add that straight man portrayed and nearly mocked was played by Ptrick Harris, hardly the stud in the crowd…yet that’s how he vogued it up …and his very different orientation was obvious and hilarious to watch…

            • Acting or not I think what always made me hoot was that his prissy button down style and manners fit the prototypical/image/stereotype of the gay man far more than the straight ; )

  13. People who complain about the final episode feeling rushed in terms of Ted and the mother seem to be forgetting that she has a spin off series coming up. I’ll go ahead and say that might clear some things up.

    • the spin off is about an entirely different cast, not Tracy

    • The spin off series isn’t about Tracy so it will not clear up anything and even if it was about Tracy, the whole minute after she died ruined the whole concept of the show. It’s like doing a movie, calling it The Avengers and only having Tony Stark in the movie. It ruins the whole concept of the work that was placed into a series/movie. If it focused on actually meeting the mom, the marriage, her getting sick, the death in detail then the whole Ted ended up with Robin in the end wouldn’t have really struck people as badly. Unfortunately the way they ended it made people very mad because this whole season, as some people have put it on twitter, “was a season of filler episodes leading to the finale”.
      I thought the backlash for the Dexter finale was bad but wow, the overwhelming negative response on the show to the writers/producers/actors as just far more worse than Dexter. Amazing but justified

  14. I thought it was brilliant!!! We all háve to admit that the happy ending we all wnted was for Ted and Robin to be together…They gave us tht with a twst. Very believable since so much time and life had gone by since they had tried to be a couple before.
    I loved it!

  15. I have NEVER seen a bigger F@#K YOU to the fans in my life! This was one of my all time favorite shows and this is how they F$#KING END IT?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Forget the mother dying and the depressing gang drifting apart but my god you go through all this build up of Barney and Robin falling in love again getting married and Ted finally letting go of her and destroy it in less than 5 minutes? Might as well have called the show “Hey Kids, can I Bang your Aunt Robin?” seriously ted and robin don’t work they never worked they never should have ended up together because it will always end the same with them break up and heartbreak. Robin has even admitted to ted she doesn’t love him. It’s like beating a dead horse with another dead horse just give it up. I hate this finale it was worse than the finale to lost and the Sopranos combined

  16. What will this do to Barney and Ted’s relationship!?

  17. I don’t understand why don’t they use the whole season 9 to develop a proper ending (ie. how was Marshall and lily in Spain, ted going on dates with Tracy) instead of just showing how Barney & robin got married with lots of flashbacks then they ended up divorced. The ending is just a rushed job.

  18. I think it was poetic. Ted’s journey was a real life journey of heartbreak and ultimately he found the love of his life and he says it in the episode that he knew he had to love her with everything he had for every minute he could. You can look high and low for that one person who fits perfectly but in the end life still happens and Ted got to spend 10 years with Tracy before life happened and she was gone. Ted waited 6 years after she passed before even considering giving it a shot with Robin, proving he truly loved Tracy but ultimately had to move on with his life.
    For a sitcom that ran us through the gauntlet of emotions for so many years I think it’s only fitting the lesson at the end is no matter how much you want that storybook ending you won’t always get it. If there’s one takeaway from the finale it’s you have to love with everything you have and if it’s truly the right person to give them everything because you never know when life will happen and take them from you. Sitcoms don’t have to be sunshine and rainbows even if that’s all we want them to be. They’re an escape from life but if HIMYM can teach us anything is that there is no escape from how beautifully and tragically poetic life can be.

  19. I have been watching since first episode and I’m a little confused still. In a previous episode it was mentioned that Robin was told she could not have kids but at the end of that episode, we see a jump to the future and Ted confirms that Robin did indeed have kids. Sooo…who did she have kids with and when did her kids come into the picture? Seems like a pretty big piece to just leave out of the end story.

    I was really hoping that Barney’s #31 was going to be Robin which would have tied up that loose end however I suppose that would have messed up the whole Ted/Robin thing.

    That and the Pineapple are the only 2 things I’m still scratching my head about.

    • It was never said that Robin eventually have kids. Re-watch the episode again, “Symphony of Illumination” from season 7.

  20. I hated this.. hated hated hated hated it. I am a HUGE How I Met Your Mother fan, but why have I been watching all of these seasons just to find out he loves Robin? We already knew he loved her, but when he found Tracy she was suppose to be the woman to change Ted!! Make him realize that he found ” the one ” he’s been looking for this whole time. Robin had a her chance and messed it up, yes they get together after Tracy passes away, but doesn’t that make their whole love worthless? When you find someone you love and are going to be with forever, you only love them. With him going after Robin it just makes me feel he didn’t love her, he just saw a family and kids with her. Ruins Ted for me.. They should have either kept Tracy alive where Barney and Robin get back together. Otherwise they should of had her pass, but Ted stayed true to her and just lived his life not worrying about moving on to another woman. Just my thoughts!

  21. What many are failing to grasp, I think, is that this show was never about the mother, despite the premise. They spent 8 seasons devoted to the lives of four people, and the show is about THEM, not the mother. I am totally satisfied with how things turned out, and I am glad they did not give the mother a big role, because the show was never about her. If they had decided to focus a couple of seasons on Ted’s relationship with the mother than I would have been more pissed with the ending, but my making her a side character, it justifies how they went about ending the story. This show is far from perfect, and it definitely meandered WAY too much to keep it on the air. But considering the crap being put on TV these days, this show, and its ending, is a solid B+.

    • Clearly it wasn’t just about the mother but after spending so much time waiting to see who she is and trying to guess who she may be, (maybe it’s Victoria. Oops, not her.) just to get a passing glance at her in the long run was frustrating to me. I understand the whole full circle thing and life doesn’t always have a happy ending, but since it wasn’t only about the mother then why couldn’t the show have a different title? It’s the title that leaves me wondering who this special mother is for so long. I do also wish Barney could have stayed with Robin and she had his baby. :)

    • I understand it’s not just about the mother but the shows whole concept from the beginning was “How I Met Your Mother”. If it was called “Our Friendship” or “My Life” then it would be different but since the beginning the whole premise of the show was Ted’s journey on meeting “the mother”. Concept and series failed in a matter of a minute. This finale made Dexter’s finale look like a work of art. It’s just sad because I was a huge fan of the show and now it just ruined everything.

  22. wow…i cant believe i am the one writing this…..i am not much of a critic but when i saw the last 10 years of my life wasted in a span of 42 mins i decided i am too frustrated to stay quiet! you give us fans 8 seasons of total awesomeness even the 22 episodes of the 9th season were allright but when the climax comes you give us this? some people are definitely gonna like this twist and the way it ended but i am definitely not one of them. they could have married ted and robin in the earlier seasons if they had too……when ted dismissed robins proposal to run away in the episode-the end of the aisle i felt proud of him. His journey was completed and he was now finally over robin. the mother was the perfect soulmate, they could have altered the ending in a way which respected her untimely death and justified ted’s love for her and him telling the story to the kids to honour her memory! i imagine what a beautiful and heartfelt ending that could have been!

  23. Well, it doesn’t make any sense. We know, that the Mother’s gonna die and we know who she’s gonna end with. So I think, that the hole HIMYD will be boring, because we already know the end of the story. And the HIMYM finale? I just can’t understand why they spent the hole season by planning the wedding and break the marriage in 10 minutes. And the Mother? If Ted really loved her that much, he couldn’t be able to return to Robin. I really disliked this finale…

  24. I personally quite enjoyed the finale. But I can see how and why some people might have disliked the turn of some characters here. First off I think the main problem here was Barney – really, since season 5 or so Barney has become the main protagonist of the show rather than Ted and it was about his transition as a character. Second that all of a sudden from like season 7 or 8 became coupled with the relationship with Robin. It was all about how Barney can change through being with Robin. And then the final season mostly revolved around their wedding. And bang did it all go up in flames in a few scenes. Or rather, faded away. As much as it is a realistic depiciton of these characters and what can happen in reality many people didn’t like spending their time to watch reality but a scripted comedy and expected some pay off for following these characters grow over the years. Only for one of them to revert back (but we don’t really know how and see why) and magically change when seeing a baby.
    Again, personally I liked it and thought it was a nice circle. Because in the end, specifically the first 3-4 seasons were all about Robin and Ted.

  25. Didn’t watch the episode and dont mind being spoiled…

    What happened to Barney? Did he and Ted remain friends? Did the group still remain in contact with each other?

  26. This is the worst ending that How I met your Mother could turn into. I was so excited before I watched the second last episode, this one was awesome. But in the Last Forever Part 2 at the very end it came down on me like an earthquake. The story was perfect before and then the whole thing began at the very start again, he goes to robin and asks her out again.

  27. Thank god is over. The only characters worth watching were Marshall, Barney and Robin in that order. Ted was an obnoxious character throughout the series. By and large a tv series with many inconsistencies.

  28. Two Seasons ago, I looked over at my wife and said “Hell…it should be called ‘Kids, I Really Love Robin, But Had to Settle For Your Mother While All The While Being a Pretentious D-bag.”

    This episode and season was AW—-wait for it—-FUL! There isnt a main character on TV that I hate more than Ted. I didnt care if he ended up happy. He was a d-bag the whole show.

    The finale wasnt funny, aside from a few lines from Marshall and Barney; as per the norm. The funniest thing was breaking out the “Mannequin” movie reference. Very very subpar and a total cop out ending. They basically wasted the last season on the wedding weekend and developing Barney’s character.

    Sloppy all around…made the Dexter finale look like Breaking Bad. I would take Brawney Man Dexter 20 times over HIMYM finale.

    The only reason I watched the 2nd half of the last season was that time was invested in watching the whole show

    • I bet the people at Showtime are just laughing right now. I never thought a series finale would be worse than the Dexter finale. Wow, looks like I was wrong and by a CBS show at that. This finale made Dexter’s finale look like pure genius and a work of art.
      Amazing how 1 minute can change the entire concept of the show. Thinking about it now I just don’t get the whole last season. If the mother didn’t really matter then why spend 1 whole season on 48 hours leading up to the wedding in which he meets the mother? I could have forgiven the lazy writing in the finale but having the mother not really matter in the end was the worst writing I have witness in a TV series

  29. The story was always about the love between Ted and Robin. It’s possible to love someone one more then just a friend and not be able to be with them for whatever reason. That doesn’t mean he loved his wife any less or that he settled for his wife or that he was waiting around for Robin.

    Life is complicated and it’s possible to love more then one person in your lifetime. Life often forces you to go separate ways. Doesn’t matter if you were the best of friends since high school/college or in strained bitter-sweet relationship, all relationships must come to an end whether you’re ready for them or not. Nothing lasts forever. The finale nailed it.

    On the flip side, life is beautiful because it continues on no matter what you may be going through. Life doesn’t stop growing, it doesn’t stop changing around you. As seen by Ted holding the Blue Horn, people don’t change. We adapt. It’s your surroundings that change. The hard part is working up the courage to forge ahead because when compared to the “old and comfortable” new is always scary.