‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Ending Revealed – Good or Bad?

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how i met your mother series finale old ted How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

After 10 years of waiting to see the answer to the series’ title come to fruition, How I Met Your Mother finally came through. Additionally, in an attempt to prove that a life’s worth of story can be told within 60 minutes, creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas show what all occurred in the many years following the long-awaited, star-crossed meeting – and with it the final twist is revealed.

Robin and Barney divorce; Barney has a child with another woman; Lilly and Marshall are busy with their family; and Robin is alone. That is, until Ted’s wife gets sick and ultimately passes away.

As it turns out, the largely mother-free story Ted has been telling his children for all these many years – to us, at least – was never really about meeting their mother; it’s how about how much he is in love with Robin. Now, 6 years after his wife’s death, Ted’s children encourage him to go to Robin and ask her out on a date – and that’s exactly what he does.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother used their 2-part finale to wrap-up all of the character’s stories many years into the future, while also making sure to include as many familiar references as possible, as to encapsulate the entirety of the series in an extended story that reached further than any fan could have imagined. But did it reach too far?

how i met your mother series finale old ted french horn How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

It’s been the love story many years in the making – and the premise of the series actually makes sense now – but did the How I Met Your Mother series finale deliver an ending worth all the time invested?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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How I Met Your Mother aired September 19, 2005 – March 31, 2014 on CBS.

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  1. Not sure where my comment went…. dam. But anyway, thinking more about it: it was perfect that a girlfriend/wife wasn’t able to change Barney’s ways, but having a daughter finally puts everything he’s done into perspective. That was just perfect.

  2. Even worse is the kids attitude about seemed like, dad why dont you hook up with aunt robin, its clear you totally loved her more than you ever loved mom, that was borderline offensive to me

    • I absolutely agree.

    • i don’t see how it’s offensive. the show was called How I Met Your Mother, not How I Met The Love of my Life, i think you need to rewatch the last bit where the kids were telling him to date,[not hook up] with robin, and pay attention.
      the fact that the daughter says [paraphrasing here] “we liked the story of how you met mom, but she’s barely in it. instead i hear the story of how you are still in love with robin. and mom has been gone for 6 years…”etc. nothing offensive. that’s just me though.

      • For me it’s just because that part happened so fast. Sure it was 6 years for the kids, but only 60 seconds for us. So that’s why I didn’t like that part very much.

  3. From the moment in this first episode where Ted says “And that’s how I met your Aunt Robin” I’ve pushed aside any and all feelings about Ted’s relationship with Robin, because they told us she wasn’t the mother. The show is called How I Met Your Mother, not How I Met Your Mother Even Though I Always Loved Robin. So by the logic the writers and producers gave us, there was no credibility to Ted and Robin’s romantic relationship because in the end he would have the kids with someone else. If they never said definitively that she wasn’t the mother, then I’d be more inclined to be happy that they wound up together after everything, but they told us she wasn’t and forced us to look the other way.

    Here’s the positive side: Obviously Ted and the Mother (Tracy) met after the wedding, fell in love, had kids, and got married. They were happily married for a long time (ten years I think? plus five they dated), and that was the closure that we knew about. So even though she passed away eventually, we know that Ted fell in love and had a successful relationship that we’d been rooting for since the beginning.

    Here’s the problem: I expected the series to end with them meeting at the train station. I think we all did. The show instead decided to give us an abbreviated look into the years that followed, diminishing our imaginations of what could have happened after Ted met the mother. Had the show ended with him meeting the mother, then we could all still have our own fantasies about what happened to the characters down the line. Shows don’t have to have happy endings, but if we’d chosen one in our minds, then we could have believed that because the show left us to imagine the rest of those characters’ lives.

    Instead of providing us with proper closure and a good feeling for what is considered to be a mostly fun comedy, the show decided to tear apart this entire last season, then the series itself. While Marshall and Lily are fairly safe in the future, the other three are not so lucky. Barney and Robin divorce. Yes, they were in love and had three good years together, but instead of letting us see that they rushed through the wedding that they spent ALL SEASON building up to, as well as teasing for the last two, and just skip to them separating. So much for that. Then you have Ted and Tracy, who we get to see snippets of, but Tracy is basically relinquished to just being there while the others talk about themselves. We don’t really get to see Ted and Tracy’s moments together, expect glimpses of things here and there, thereby not justifying the premise of the show. Instead, we close on Ted and Robin together, merely taking us back to the pilot of How I Met Your Mother and forgetting all the great build-up we had over the years. If they’d gone on another fifteen seasons and we’d seen everything play out in real time, the impact would not have been as harsh, but they chose to show us certain twists and turns that undid what they’ve really been working towards.

    I’ve gotten long winded, but basically I feel that the show should have closed things off after the wedding. Maybe given us a look at the six of them together. But no, and to further make us feel like fools, the flashforwards with the kids (filmed in 2006!!!) reveal that they’ve been pulling us along for all these years knowing that they were just screwing with us the entire time.

    • Cool story bro

      p.s. i didn’t read any of your comment

      • That’s the coolest f—–g story I’ve ever heard in my life! That’s insane! Can I hear it again? Do you have time?

        What kind of loser writes a comment that flippin long? It’s called a comment for a reason. It’s meant to be brief. Not a short story minger.

    • Wow that was amazing,you should write for screenrant.Or on the othere hand you could use the comments area for comments, not long winded diy reviewing.

    • Dear Brook,

      I appreciated your comment, and it’s length. (Come on folks, comments don’t have a defined length. If you want a character count, go check out twitter.)

      I agree with a lot that you said (on closure; and not needing happy endings, but sometimes deserving them–The Mother could have died, and the ending still count as happy, but I digress…)

      I feel the crux of our frustration is that the creators/writers ignored what the show was actually about–the five (and then six) friends finding one another and experiencing life together, and only getting through the happy, the angry, the bizarre, and the sad because they have one another. That’s what this show was about to me (never, ever Ted & Robin). And that was robbed from us, apparently back in 2006.

      It may have been a great idea back then, but it failed to account for the rest of the journey these characters, and their audience, have gone through.

  4. I don’t understand why so many people who don’t watch the show are commenting! Seems like a waste of everyone’s time.

  5. I feel like that ending might have worked if the show wasn’t on for 9 years and they hadn’t beaten the Robin/Ted thing to death throughout. I mean if it was a 3/4 year run then maybe that relationship would still hold some weight, but for me it didn’t at all. It seems like trolling to me a little that they say at the beginning of the series that Robin isn’t the mother, but then they kill off the mother, which is what a lot of people were waiting for, and he ends up with the girl we learn isn’t the mother anyway? I mean come on! One of the great things about this show was was the hints to who the mother might be, and the glimpses of her, it offered hope that the show would fulfill it’s title and Ted would be happy, but they rushed it towards the end. There wasn’t enough of Ted/Mother together to really care more than caring because you invested 9 years into this. I mean you could tell she was perfect for Ted, but it would have been nice to see so much more of it this whole season. Then you can spend time with her sick, dying and still do this ending if you want and it would have been more effective I think.

    I loved the show, I will miss it. There was a ton of great moments and I understand why they did what they did with the finale, but I just think it was the wrong choice and the execution of this whole last season was off.

    • Agree on how they should have approached the whole season, so the reveal of the mother dying means more. We spent a whole season on Robin & Barney’s wedding and within 20 minutes of this last episode they are divorced and I feel like this last season was a waste.

      I liked the last episode but this last season was a bomb.

  6. i don’t know if any of you guys remember this but Ted and Robin made a Pact that if they were ever single during or after there 40’s they will be together, i stopped watching the show when they focused on the Barney-Robin arc, but knowing that Ted and Robin ended up together i’m so happy. so for me the show has quite fulfilling ending…

    • That is an interesting point I had forgot about

      • and also the bet between lily and marshal about ted ending up with robin or not, i got confused when at the end marshal said that the bet still wasnt over.

        • Did anyone else catch Marshall handing some money over to Lily in McLarens the day of Teds wedding? They actually chucked in quite a few subtle references to older jokes/conversations in the last episode/s :)

  7. How I Met Your Mother was a pretty good comedy in it’s first and second season. After that, it really started to go down hill. Personally, the finale seems like the final resting place of a body of work that’s been on the decline for a long time.

    In true form though, the misogony ran right down to the end. So much so that we never got to know the actual mother and they even killed her off just so Ted could have two love stories. This series is not kind to women. I am so glad it’s finally over.

    Ted and Robin never belonged together. And the Ted we knew throughout the series never would have had two kids and then got married 5 years later. He would have gotten married to her right away.This show should have been called “How I Let Robin Lead Me By My Balls For 9 TV seasons.” Or how about “How Barney degraded, defiled, emotionally abused and manipulated women while men all over watched and high-fived over his antics.”

    • Why watch nine seasons if you hate it?

      • I have asked myself that question too. I actually stopped watching it in season 3 and then I binged watched a couple seasons and then I did watch the this last season in sindication. I guess I still wanted to know who the mother was. But I really hated all the misognism on the show. And I hate that people don’t seem to care about how much misogonim was on the show.

        I also thought the Barney/Robin love affair was terrible. Those two *never* should have been together either. Robin deserved so much better. And I was so sick and tired of hearing of Lilly’s stupid catch phrase. But I will admit that it had tiny bits of cuteness here and there. Just not enough to make up for the misognism.

  8. After waiting for 9 years, I felt cheated. My GF agrees with me. It was a real downer.

    Somebody should slap the scriptwriters.

  9. I’ve got to say that I was a bit shocked by the sudden twist but in the end, the Robyn and Ted finale was exactly what I wanted from the start. A lot of people seem to be outraged that they were duped or led astray based on the shows title, but if we’re being honest as much as I liked the mother and what she brought to the show, tying up loose ends. In the end it was Lilly, Marshall, Ted, Robyn and Barney for 10 years. These were the characters that I grew to love to watch. They were the characters every story and season were based around, so despite the unique way they chose to show how many of the events throughout the show connected the characters to the mother in one way or another and inevitably give us the anticipated meeting I can’t say I didn’t like the way it ended.

    We were given a glimpse of their lives in the future and shown how true friendship will last through the ages regardless of the ups and downs. With an almost mirrored plot line to the mother getting a second chance at love after the devastation of losing her first true love, they gave Ted that very same chance. Plus it gives the whole premise to why the dad would randomly sit his children down and tell them this story a deeper meaning. Sure the fact that she passed away was indeed a sad moment, but through the show we’ve been reassured time and time again that you never give up on a happy ending.

    Personally I liked it. I always wanted Ted and Robyn together and as morbid as it was this was truly the only way to have them end up together without distorting 10 years of plot lines. So even though it may not have been the happy ending we expected, it was still, in my very humble opinion, one to remember.

  10. All i see in the comments are people complaining about how Ted wasnt meant for Robin, and they just ruined the show by them ending up together. (first off, if they wouldn’t have “ended up together” the ending woulda gotten REAL damn depressing for Robin; her and barney would still have to travel and end up divorced 3 years later) Personally, i find the ending was perfect, because it did tell a story of how ted met the mother, but also gave a reason as to why he’s telling it. Throughout the series, the kids have been making jokes about why they have to be there listening to the story, and if it was just a happy ending, the show, being known for sticking to its continuity, would be pretty s*** if Ted was just like “lolz just felt like trolling you guys”

    As for the Ted ending up with Robin bit, I think its works flawlessly, because even though the show did say at the beginning that robin was not the mother (which she still isnt btw, the name of the show still works) there was always a spark between them. It never seemed to work, but they always had a spark, right up to the episode from last week, Robin wanted to run away with Ted, and Ted went excruciatingly out of his way to get her the locket (which he only gave to Barney to give to her because Ted knew it would tear the group apart/be a huge no-no with the Bro Code) My point is, while they never had the chance to make it work, it always kinda seemed possible. Besides, its not even like they end up together, he’s just asking her out. He’s finally moving on.

    And i totally agree, i woulda loved to see more scenes of Ted and Tracy, but then the story’s ending changes from Ted starting to move on (getting out there and seeing Robin) to Ted not being able to get over the death of his wife even after 6 years.

    The happy ending is the one they wrote. Anything else just gets too depressing.

  11. I think the series getting extended to extra seasons inevitably hurt the show. In order to keep things going, the writers ended up telling more and more stories that further and further distanced Robin and Ted from each other, to the point most of us just kind of gave up on it. Then, when they introduced the actual mother, it seemed like we were being pushed even further away from “Camp Ted and Robin.”

    Had there been more scenes like the one where Robin realizes Ted might be the one for her peppered throughout the season things might have been different. As it stands, it felt like the writers wanted to steer us back to Robin so abruptly that it felt inorganic. Don’t get me wrong, I get what they were going for, but too much wheel spinning in the latter half ultimately hurt the show, I think.

  12. Idiotic. That was totally idiotic and I feel totally cheated. I’ll never watch another episode every again nor will I be buying the seasons. HORRIBLE. Absolutely HORRIBLE.

  13. This episode undid almost the entire series. The first 40 minutes of the episode was a slew of inorganic plot points thrown together. Barney and Robin get divorced? Thanks for wasting my time watching season 9. The most interesting parts were the ones dealing with Robin not around anymore. It’s the hardships that any long friendship like that will face and I found it quite engaging. But watching a 40 year old Barney pick up girls again, then BOOM. Kid. Everything is fixed again.

    That was the second biggest thing I hated. Out of any character in the show, Barney arguably had the most interesting arc and went through the biggest changes. Ted was always the hopeless romantic, Marshal was the honest loyal friend, Lily was the mother hen. Robin and Barney completely changed from the first episode to this final season. That last episode undid most of that growth in minutes.

  14. I don’t think there was a way this finale could have lived up to expectation. When a show central premise and finale are introduced from the first episode, its impossible.

    I actually quite enjoyed the finale and the season. I was skeptical about how they would pull this off, but to their credit they did. Milioti was a standout as the mother, and that’s the main thing that annoyed me. The best parts of this season were the little milestones in the mother and ted’s relationship, and to end it the way it did felt like a cop out.

    But having ted end up with robin, i guess the kids sum it up really.

  15. I thought the fact that the mother died was glossed over… she got sick and then all of a sudden the kids were suggesting he get with Robin. I literally had to rewind it cuz I thought I missed something but nope, they just glossed right over that.

    So pretty much this entire season (about Robin & Barney’s wedding weekend) was for nothing because they divorced 20 mins into the finale?? Ya I’m kinda wishing I had never started watching this show…

    The end just kinda reminded me of how my group of friends like this all barely talk anymore… kinda sad but true, most friendships you think will last forever just fade away over time as life takes people in different directions.

    • vive le FRIENDS! Brother

    • Yes, I agree. I am with you. This whole season now feels like they were all filter episodes for a wedding that really didn’t have any meaning except for Ted meeting a girl that has his kids, dies, and then he eventually ends up with Robin. I just kept thinking if this was real. These finales just makes me appreciate series like a Breaking Bad, Friends, and Spartacus.

  16. HIMYM was a show about Life through Ted´s eyes.

    It was a bittersweet ending, but I really think that will grow on us, and in15 or 20 years, we´ll watch the series finale with a different perspective.

    I agree with all of you that thinks it was really poetic. They always talk about Marshall and Lilly and how they were the perfect couple, but in their own way Ted and The Mother did the same thing that the first two. They found each other, grew up as a family and loved each other every single day until the last days….in Barney´s words…”THAT´S THE DREAM”.

    I also understand those who hated it, but I think many hateful thoughts are because we were used to hear every single thought from Old-Ted´s narrations, but in this case I think the writers didn´t feel right to give away the show´s last reflection and that was the ultimate irony because when you´re living the moment there´s nothing to reflect, tell or regret yet.

    From a personal perspective I believe the “goal” of Ted´s stories (the whole series) were not about meeting The Mother or to have a reason to go again after Robin. The stories were a reflection of many people in their 20´s, 30´s and how we got obsessed with the person that wasn´t right for us, struggles in our jobs, difficulties and rewards of true friendship, and the indescribable joy of finding the right person for you….and finally to LEARN that despite Life´s bittersweet nature, despite every dark moment, tests and even death…we may learn how to become -just like Ted did- a grateful person, one that learns how to take the best of life, instead of let life take us down.

    His stories became his way to express all that to his kids… and now it´s his time to move on looking for new stories to tell.

    Overall, and again in my opinion, HIMYM finale was one of the most honest endings I´ve seen (up there with Six Feet Under finale). Give it a second try in a few years :)

    PS. Sorry for my english. Regards.

    • “Like a sir”!
      You expressed my thoughts exactly!

      People just get over it, go and look back and see that the audience in 9 years were given a ton of clues about the finale, you could not see it because 2030 Ted is a different person from 2005-2013 Ted and you probably didn’t focus on the big picture! They did a great job in my opinion.

  17. This show died 4 or 5 seasons ago. I saw all but this last season and based on some of these comments I don’t need to see it.

    Good Riddance.

  18. vive le FRIENDS

  19. Actually I am pretty cool with the ending. We gotta keep in mind that despite the title being “How I met your mother”, it’s pretty much established that Ted’s never been a reliable narrator from the beginning itself. And that’s exactly what his kids meant, his narration wasn’t on the point, his narration meant something else (him being in love with Robin). And maybe the meeting between Ted and the mother may be a little rushed but I think it’s cool they didn’t take a generic Ted and Mother lived happily ever after ending in the end. It’s not a perfect ending, but it’s not a crappy ending either.

  20. with the series finale of HIMYM, I see some pretty obvious similarities to the movie Definitely, Maybe.

  21. Hated that I loved it it.

  22. Finale wasn’t horrible. It was quite touching at times.
    But they blew the ending I guess mainly because the writers had predecided that however long this show lasts 1 season or 10 seasons Robin and Ted end up together. Which was a mistake
    The show has changed since its inception. Initially show was centred around Ted and Robin was intended as the female lead. But over time it has evolved in to story of five friends and this ending regresses us back to square one
    Barney: For all character development hinted throughout this season he ends up being a sad loner and that kid trick was cheap and totally sells your breakout character short.
    Also what is his relation to Ted’s Kids. Are they close. Did Barney move on??/
    Lily: Allison Hannygan is a fantastic actress but she gets the short end of the stick too. This finale just gives her a third kid as if she is just a baby making machine. I would have loved a couple of scenes of future Lily’s career. I mean is she still an artist in 2030
    Tracy; Cristian Milioti is a class act. Playing down her death was a cheap shot. Killing her off was wrong just to make Ted and Robin end up together
    And in my opinion Ted/ Robin weren’t bad but nowhere as star-crossed as Ted/Tracy

  23. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it yet, but the thing that annoyed me the most was that they switched to Josh Radnor doing the narrating.. Hearing Josh say the words “That’s how I met your mother” sucked big time.
    I’ve always thought that the reason for the voice over sounding different to the person portraying Ted (Josh Radnor), was because it was a story (obviously), and these were just the actors chosen to play the characters in the story, like a play.. So while the “real” Ted narrates, another person plays his part, speaks his lines etc..
    Not sure if that will make sense to anyone else, but I would just have really liked to hear the same guy who has been narrating from Season 1 Episode 1 say those words that we ultimately have been waiting to hear..

  24. Terrible ending. Can’t believe they just killed off the Tracy so Ted could end up with Robbin. If Ted truly loved Tracy he wouldn’t have harbored feelings for Robbin for all those years. Massive plot hole. Agree with all previous posters, what a waste watching all of season 9, they just end up getting divorced 20 mins in.

  25. I do not know how to make sense the end of the series. always supported the barney with robin but all that did ted for her all these years was touching. I would like to see a little farther and I think the series-ending weird. I would like to see Lily pays to the marshall. I’m so confused. robyn in any case always chooses barney. ted and robyn were finished by the second season and since then the couple key was the barney with the robin. I can not forget the marriage proposal. really the end was surprising for me.

  26. totally meh. This whole season was meh. I watched it only because I had invested 8 seasons of time even though it had gone downhill in the last 3-4 years.

    The ending was awful. Mom died and hooked back up with robin.

    Glad it’s over.

  27. This finale was about as bad as the Dexter finale. This whole season now just seems like a waste. Now that it’s all said and done they could have done the wedding in a couple of episodes and focused on what came after, the sickness of the mom, and everything else but in the end I totally agree with a lot of fans in which they felt cheated. Then to top it all off, the kids basically tell Ted to go for Robin. Are you kidding me? Looking back now I just feel like someone gave me a winning powerball ticket only to say everyone in the US also got the same ticket. That excitement is now gone and replaced by utter disappointment. This show has now topped my list of Worst series finale with Dexter being #2.

  28. I wish I would have changed the channel after Ted said “and that kids, is how I met your mother”

  29. How I Fridged Your Mother

    “Dad, what was the point about talking about all those other women you boned, and all that crap about Uncle Barney. That skeeved us the hell out”

    “You see kids, its called filler.”

    • Nailed it.