‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Ending Revealed – Good or Bad?

Published 1 year ago by , Updated April 2nd, 2014 at 7:19 am,

how i met your mother series finale old ted How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

After 10 years of waiting to see the answer to the series’ title come to fruition, How I Met Your Mother finally came through. Additionally, in an attempt to prove that a life’s worth of story can be told within 60 minutes, creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas show what all occurred in the many years following the long-awaited, star-crossed meeting – and with it the final twist is revealed.

Robin and Barney divorce; Barney has a child with another woman; Lilly and Marshall are busy with their family; and Robin is alone. That is, until Ted’s wife gets sick and ultimately passes away.

As it turns out, the largely mother-free story Ted has been telling his children for all these many years – to us, at least – was never really about meeting their mother; it’s how about how much he is in love with Robin. Now, 6 years after his wife’s death, Ted’s children encourage him to go to Robin and ask her out on a date – and that’s exactly what he does.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother used their 2-part finale to wrap-up all of the character’s stories many years into the future, while also making sure to include as many familiar references as possible, as to encapsulate the entirety of the series in an extended story that reached further than any fan could have imagined. But did it reach too far?

how i met your mother series finale old ted french horn How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

It’s been the love story many years in the making – and the premise of the series actually makes sense now – but did the How I Met Your Mother series finale deliver an ending worth all the time invested?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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How I Met Your Mother aired September 19, 2005 – March 31, 2014 on CBS.

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  1. That ending could have been better if they would have focused on Ted and the mother actually meeting, not being rushed through their life together and then him ending with Robin.

    • Who is the actor that plays ted, exactly! never gonna see him again, well three super low budget romantic comedys, then see ya guy. P.S his wife in real life is a dog.

  2. I hated it, but I don’t feel right saying that without explaining why.

  3. It wasn’t great. But then again neither has the show for a while.

  4. The Halloween party scene where Robin looked at Ted standing alone by the punch bowl is when I knew she and Ted were going to end up together. In all the finale wasn’t bad but I felt it lacked something. It probably would have made more of an impact if we had seen more of Ted and the mother together but they rushed that way too quickly.

    • They shoulda just ended da show at da umbrella scene

      • Da derp da derp da ding dong doodley doo.

        Never seen the show. This comment makes me think I probably never should.

        • I have watched the show from start to finish. Although I am at a loss as to find when the word ‘The’ got changed to ‘Da’

  5. I knew that it was going to end with a death of some kind, I just got it wrong about who was going to die.

    I thought that the kids were really going to be Lily and Marshal’s, or Robin and Barney’s kids, and that they would actually die and wind up leaving the kids to Ted, so the story wouldn’t have been romantic, but fond memories of his lost friends.

  6. Thank god its over, that show sucked from day one, weak repetitive crap.

    • Completely agree!

      • You agree, because you are a wise man.

  7. What about the damn pineapple!!!

    • It’s at the bottom of the sea. In Spongebob Squarepants.

  8. It was terrible. The writers completely overestimated how much anyone cared about the Ted and Robin relationship. Because no fan did. I will give them this though, “How I Met Your Aunt Robin” has forever replaced “Jumping the Shark” with “Ended up with Robin” as an example for a show going too far.

      • In the first episode Ted leads us to believe Robin is the mother. And then reveals she’s not. The show spent the next 9 years with Ted and Robin dating off and on but always hinting that they never end up together or are even right together. Eventually (in the final episode) Robin marries Ted’s best friend Barney and they really are kind of perfect together, and Ted meets and marries THE PERFECT GIRL he’s spent the whole show hinting at (most fans would have been perfectly happy with this ending). But, the show ends with Robin and Barney getting a divorce, “The Mother” dying of cancer, and Ted asking his kids if it’s ok he asks out Robin after the mother dies. To me, having a show called “How I Met Your Mother” kill off “The Mother” is the new “Jump the Shark”.

        • You said it well JMW. This show has sunk low over the years but nothing is as low as fleshing out a story line over the years around how Ted met “the mother”, only to watch the mother get killed off so that Ted could once again get it on with Robin who it never worked out to begin with. It’s like the writers of this show simply don’t like women. Not even “the mother”.

      • The show is a man telling his kids how he met their mother. There’s alot that happens over the next 9 years, but ultimately Robin is a girl he dated but who eventually marries his friend Barney. We spend the next 9 years following Ted (the main character) through the dating pool. In the final season we finally meet “The Mother” and she’s awesome. The show ends though with Robin divorcing Barney. “The Mother” dying of cancer. And the show ending with Ted asking his children for permission to ask out Robin. The show completely betrayed its entire premise in the final episode.

    • Um…that’s wrong I loved the Ted and Robin relationship

  9. As a die-hard HIMYM fan (I’ve seen every episode around 5 times probably), I must say I was more than satisfied with the finale. Why? Because it did NOT go the generic route, as it had many twists, and it was still very emotionally impactful. Were this issues? Yes there were. For a series entitled “How I Met Your Mother” they definitely put the actual meeting on the back burner, but even for the few minutes we witnessed on the Farhampton train platform, it was really great to finally see how they met and how instantly they both knew there was something.

    Many people complain about how the twist ending to HIMYM really diminishes the importance/relevance of The Mother, but I don’t think so. Josh Radnor’s character gave a really touching speech at the end which cements his feelings for his late wife. And as for the french horn? The series ended just as it started. With Ted Mosby standing at the front door of Robin Scherbatsky’s apartment. Credits roll. It was great. I understand people having issues, but if people love HIMYM as much as they say they do, just seeing the closing chapters in these characters stories is more than enough for an ending to this awesome series.

    Congrats to everyone who made this show possible, because it really was a special show. Even when the writing was weak, the cast’s chemistry more than made up for it. So long HIMYM, your run was legend-wait for it-dary.

    • +1000000000000

    • I agree with you 98%. I loved what they did with the ending, t was a little rushed, even in the 1 hour time slot instead of the 30 min like usual. But other than that it was great. The only other minor problem i had with it, is it wasn’t really a twist ending by the time we got to the end, they hinted at robin and ted getting back together sooo much that it got stale and wasn’t too exciting when it happened. The mother dying was also hinted at and wish it wouldn’t have as much because it ruined it for me, personally, because i, like a true detective, always try to figure out whats going to happen too far ahead and i ruin it for myself.

      The highlight of this episode was NPH’s acting and Barneys story arc. The moment he saw his daughter and said that speech to her that he said he never would, that was the best part of the episode to me.

    • It was bad. The show has proven why Robin and Ted don’t belong together. It seems lazy to just do it because the first episode did. It still has to make sense and be good it did neither.

    • (Did not go the generic route) HA ha ha. are you joking, that whole show was generic crap for simple people, who don’t like to think. I would also like to add, it was never original, it was the most derivative show I have ever watched. it had more stolen jokes and story ideas than could ever be counted.

      • You’re mocking my generic comment? So the finale was completely generic for you? So what you’re saying is you fully expected Robin and Barney to get divorced? You knew that Barney would go back to his old ways, knock a girl up and then fall in love his child? The generic ending would have been to have the titular character die? Don’t be silly, your comment is ridiculous.

        Yes, it’s a simple show. It’s jokes aren’t on par with other current comedies. But the jokes were great because of the people who were making them, not because of the writing. So continue bashing the show, the people who love it really don’t care.

        • No! I am saying the show is so bad, I had to stop watching it in season two.
          Oh’ and I agree, the people who love it don’t care, thats why the producers kept lining there pockets with your cash, long long after the cast gave up, and just wanted out of there contracts, but stayed to deliver bad material badly for the money. Look everyone has a crap show they like, you like the show,fine, but even you know this was a cash cow, that should have died years ago.

          • Yes, I will admit, that if the HIMYM creators wanted to go out at the peak of the show, season four or five should have been the last season. This was my strategy: make a penultimate season leading up to meeting the mother. Have the final season focus on the Mother now being apart of the group so that fans begin to like her By ending earlier, they can avoid the Barney/Robin dilemma, as well as not continuing to diminish that chance of Ted and Robin getting together. This series went longer than the writers expected hence the filler episodes. But I still loved it.

    • The weak writing did ruin a lot of episodes in the later seasons, but I agree that some of that was made up for by the legendary cast.
      I give the full series light 8/10

  10. Absolutely hated it. That wasn’t the love story everyone waited to see. I felt cheated.

    • absolutely agree

  11. I thought that was the perfect ending for HIMYM

  12. F*** that blue horn.

    • AHear, hear!

  13. Not satisfied with the ending. Ted ending up with Robin???? The characters are all wrong for each other. That has been shown over and over again through the years. Sorry guys…but you screwed up by ending. This kind of ending would have worked well if Robin was Ted’s true love…9 years waiting to see the great love story of Ted’s life…and it was differently not Robin.

  14. terrible finale , i hated it , it was the worst finale ever , i used to love himym , but know i think is one of the worst tv shows ever , i will never ever watch this crap again !


    • It’s at the bottom of the sea. In Spongebob Squarepants.

  16. This makes no sense. We watched the entire final season lead up to Barney, and Robins wedding only for them to be divorced 15 minutes into the last episode. THAN 5 minutes after Ted finally meets the mother, SHE DIES! Than he ends up with Robin AGAIN! What a waste.

    • Oh yeah ANNND what happened to Bob Sagets voice in the last episode?

      • I thought I read somewhere that Radnor would take over the narrating duties at some point. I thought it’d be sooner. But I agree completely with your other points. The Mother was written off in a sentence: “And then she got sick.” Oh gee that makes me feel better.

        • “And then she got sick”

          And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

          • Heaven forbid a TV show portray what sometimes happens in real life. Why does everyone want a storybook ending? HIMYM has shown many times that life can be bittersweet. No, they didn’t ride off into the sunset, but Ted had 10 wonderful years with Tracy, had 2 wonderful kids, made the best of things and was still a romantic at the end.

  17. What about the damn pineapple?!?!

    • Bob Saget said they never figured out where it came from

  18. WTF was that finale ? i´m not going to watching how i met your mother anymore .

    • Neither will I, or anyone else ever because that was the last episode. Your viewing doesn’t matter anymore lol

      • no, i meant , i will never watch a rerun again .

        • Then you should have phrased it better ;)

          • Their statement is valid as is. You tried to be a smart a$$ and got corrected. Don’t try to save face.

            • Nah, I’m awesome

  19. I have to say (and this will be controversial), but I find it hard to believe that any fan of the show could “hate” this finale. It had its flaws (of which I will talk about in a bit), but it appeased many long time fans of the show. For those who watched the show from day one, it was obvious that SOMEHOW Ted and Robin had to end up together. In fact, I argue that that is the ONLY way this finale could have made sense. Otherwise, (as the kids said) the whole series was basically about how much Ted loved Robin, but ended up with their mother. So what did we get in the finale? A (in my opinion) great wrap up of each character (all showing tremendous growth), with a (very) rushed relationship between Ted and his wife, and a full circle conclusion (blue French Horn with Robin at her window accompanied by an array of dogs). To me, the big flaw (and obviously HOW big is up for debate) was the fact that the show went from Tracy dying to Ted’s kids giving him their blessing in asking Robin out for a date. If this episode could have simply been an hour and a half instead of an hour, I think it would have been near perfect. Let me close by saying that my wife agrees with many of the disapproving comments on this article. Either way, it was an emotional rollercoaster with connections to previous moments throughout the series that left me (mostly) satisfied. I’ll miss the show.

    • Thank you :)

    • It was a great finale but rushed. If you think about it they could have continued the show for another five seasons with each “big moment” in the final episode being a season finale. I don’t mind that Ted ended up with Robin after the mother died; The same incident happened in the mothers life: her late husband passed away and she ended up with Ted. I thought that was a great bit of parallelism there. Also favorite part was Barney and his baby girl. Great show, good finale, definitely will continue watching re runs on Netflix. One of my favorite shows of all time

  20. You spend 1 season on barney and robin engagement, 1 season on their wedding and put all this to waste in 1 episode.

  21. So the show spent most of its run showing that there was no chemistry or spark between Robin and Ted, but they were meant to be together anyways because he was the safe option for her? What contrived bull… The creators should be embarrassed for ruining a once truly funny and heart-warming show.

  22. Some of you are much more committed to this show than I ever was. I did watch it regularly. This show was presented as a comedy. It was part of a comedy lineup. If the developers knew this was the ending all along, perhaps they should have made CBS present the show differently. This is a trust violation for me and it will make it easy not to get involved with another show from these guys. There is nothing comedic about Robin and Barney having a failed marriage, about Barney being like he was into his 40s and certainly not about a Mom dying at a young age with two kids. Maybe they felt that Robin and Ted ending up together would make up for it. Even if you feel they were meant to be together, the circumstances everyone else had to experience to get that ‘happy ending’ is still a violation of trust.

  23. I think its decided, the pineapple is getting a spin-off series!

  24. man, this was just really confusing, i’ve seen a lot of tv shows and a lot of finales, and even the bad ones didn’t make me angry, just dissapointed. But this, in the last 5 minutes managed to undercut what i thought was the point of the series in a way that really pissed me off.

    It just seemed like they built the series around Ted one day finally meating “the one”, and they delivered on that perfectly then just took it all back, and turned the mother into a plot device to give Ted kids. I know they tried to set it up that Ted loved the mother, but it came across that Ted always loved Robin and that he practically settled for the mother after Robin married Barney, which would be fine if they hadn’t spent 8 seasons building up the reveal of the mother. Even worse is the kids attitude about seemed like, dad why dont you hook up with aunt robin, its clear you totally loved her more than you ever loved mom, that was borderline offensive to me.

    I really cant fathom how any of the writers felt this was the proper way to end the series, it just seemed (to me) to just go agaist everything that had come before, and practically threw the character development of Ted, Barney and Robin out the window, reverting them back to season 1 stuff, while also making the character of the mother completely pointless. Again if the series was called friends 2 and the mother was never mentioned in previous seasons that would be fine, but that wasn’t the case.

    • That is a great point, and one that I cannot reconcile. I too somewhat feel like the mother was a “place holder” until Ted found Robyn. The problem is, the creators made us LIKE the mom too much to be ok with Ted ending up with Robin. Great points! And this is coming from someone who argued that the finale was good (which I still pretty much think is the case).

    • I didn’t dig those last 5min. The idea of the mother being gone as some catalyst to the telling of this story was fine IMO. But him chasing back after robin again, I felt, cheapened the relationship between ted and the mother.

      Maybe they could have ended it something like, “No kids, I thought I loved Robin. Then I met your mother” or something semi heart felt cheesy.

  25. The kids part of the conversation at the end had to have been recorded toward the beginning of the show because they look exactly the same…..

    • Yeah, the kids recorded their parts way back in season 2. Impressive that they’ve been able to keep the ending a secret for 7 years.

      This proves, too, that the creators had all this planned from the start.

  26. I think the only reason that I hate the fact that Robin and Ted end up together is becuase of how amazing I felt in the middle of season 8 when Barney finally proposed to Robin in the absolute perfect way. The fact that that just got thrown aside is kinda sadening IMO

  27. I have mixed feelings about this finale
    Overall, im not satisfied with the ENDING, but I loved the finale overall.
    I think mainly because I became so in love with the idea of the mother and Ted, I really wanted it to end with them together. I had a feeling the mother would die and I would have been fine with it ending with some sort of heart felt moment between the kids and Ted.
    On the point of the ending when Ted asks Robin out again. I feel like it supports the whole story as a whole, and it makes sense. Ted and Robin have both grown (Robin more so than Ted)and now they make more sense as a couple. But I still feel horrible about the fact that the mother only seemed to be a means to an end when it came to giving Ted his children. Sort of like, “Oh, Robin cant have kids… we’ll just throw in this other woman to give him kids, THEN he can be with Robin.” I would have AT LEAST liked to see more of the mother and less of Barney and Robin’s wedding, when in the end they divorce, Barney goes back to his playbook ways, and make the past seasons kind of pointless.
    I think the best part of the finale was when Barney was holding his baby girl. I started crying because I’ve never seen Barney as husband material, but I always knew he would be an amazing dad.
    I also loved the scene with Ted and Tracy under her umbrella.
    So, yeah, the finale was alright. I enjoyed it, up until the very end. And I feel like it could have been way better

  28. I was very disappointed in the finale. Why waste the entire last season on Robin and Barney’s wedding when they divorced in the last episode. Killing the mother and having Robin and Ted get together was lame.

  29. I understand why people feel a bit cheated, but it perfectly explains why Ted would start the story the day he met Robin. Tracy was the love of Ted’s life, but life doesn’t always go the way you want. Robin was the obvious choice for Ted to move on to – and remember it was 6 YEARS later, its not like she died and Ted started dating again straight away. I called this half way through the season when Ted got choked up about “a mum missing her daughters wedding.”

    The writers knew how they wanted to end the show from day 1 – they even planned to do 8 seasons (the timeline was a BIG part of the show don’t forget). I guess the premise of the show was the downfall, fans got too invested in finding out who the mythical mother was so there was so much pressure to live up to. But ultimately I really liked the way it ended. Cant believe it’s gone :(