‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Ending Revealed – Good or Bad?

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how i met your mother series finale old ted How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

After 10 years of waiting to see the answer to the series’ title come to fruition, How I Met Your Mother finally came through. Additionally, in an attempt to prove that a life’s worth of story can be told within 60 minutes, creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas show what all occurred in the many years following the long-awaited, star-crossed meeting – and with it the final twist is revealed.

Robin and Barney divorce; Barney has a child with another woman; Lilly and Marshall are busy with their family; and Robin is alone. That is, until Ted’s wife gets sick and ultimately passes away.

As it turns out, the largely mother-free story Ted has been telling his children for all these many years – to us, at least – was never really about meeting their mother; it’s how about how much he is in love with Robin. Now, 6 years after his wife’s death, Ted’s children encourage him to go to Robin and ask her out on a date – and that’s exactly what he does.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother used their 2-part finale to wrap-up all of the character’s stories many years into the future, while also making sure to include as many familiar references as possible, as to encapsulate the entirety of the series in an extended story that reached further than any fan could have imagined. But did it reach too far?

how i met your mother series finale old ted french horn How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Ending Revealed   Good or Bad?

It’s been the love story many years in the making – and the premise of the series actually makes sense now – but did the How I Met Your Mother series finale deliver an ending worth all the time invested?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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How I Met Your Mother aired September 19, 2005 – March 31, 2014 on CBS.

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  1. Just came here to say, I called it. Before watching the episode I offered my prediction to my wife, “The mother dies and Ted marries Robin.” BOOM!

    • my firdt inkling was the ep where Ted imagined matching up to her apartment door and asking for those precious 50 odd days before they met. after that there were some less subtle hints that Tracy eas gonna kak it

      • my first inkling was the ep where Ted imagined marching up to her apartment door and asking for those precious 50 odd days before they met. after that there were some less subtle hints that Tracy was gonna kak it

  2. Imagine you find a wonderful puppy. The puppy grows into a dog that makes you laugh and so happy. But then you find out it needs to be taken back to it’s original owner after 9 years. But instead of the owner just taking it away from you, THEY SET IT ON FIRE. That was the How I Met Your Mother Finale.

    For me, watching it for 9 years, I wanted it to end with ted and the mother, as every thing with fate and ‘cant wait to see what the universe has out there for me’ with the yellow umbrella, is supposed to lead up to the mother.

    Also if Barney and Robin were going to divorce, I believe they shouldn’t have set this ENTIRE past season at their wedding.

    And I know some of my rage would go away if we just had more time. I wouldn’t be so upset with it all if these flashbacks have been happening more often and earlier in the season. The writing was bad in the finale, it was all just much too rushed. I couldn’t handle it all so fast with seeing my suspicions of the dead mother come true and Ted and Robin together so soon. That was bad.

    I also hope ‘World Wide News’ is code for SHEILD business.

    • I did however expect something like this (even though I would hate it) from the writers. I knew they were going to mess around with us ever since ‘And thats how I met… your Aunt Robin!’ But I never expected THIS

    • everything you said is 100% accurate.

    • Your example with the puppy is pretty much what I felt. I was just waiting for everything to be alright in the end and even when it was clear that the mother is gone and Robin and Barney aren’t getting back together, it was acceptable – IF they had ended it when Ted says “and that’s how i met your mother”. Boom, finished.

      But NO, they had to go do something convoluted and screw up the importance of the titular character, THE MOTHER, just so Robin could have a happy ending.

      It would have been much better if the finale had ended like this, IMO >>

      1. Ted n Robin get divorced
      2. All the other stuff happens over the years.
      3. Barney and his daughter meet Robin at some point, Robin realizes she likes the child, they get close, Barney and Robin end up together again, reconcile. Daughter has a mother, Barney has Robin, Robin has family – everyone’s happy.
      4. Ted (flashback) meets the mother, rain, umbrella scene, them in the hospital.
      5. Ted (present) tells his kids – “that’s how I met your mother.”
      6. Kids are like “WOW dad thanks for that long and lame story, we gotta go.”
      7. Then the mother’s voice is heard, “not so fast kids, dinner first”. Everyone gets up and leaves.
      BOOM. END.

      Jeez, would that have been so difficult to do. It would still have played on our connections to the characters, made us feel sad that the mother died, then turned it around and made everyone happy.

      • That would have been so obvious! Why a happy ending? Face the truth, people get divorce, people die. Not everybody can have a happy ending like friends.

  3. To me, it was immensely upsetting and hugely satisfying at the same time. I was mad that the whole time the mom was dead, but at the same time, it was Robin!!!

  4. I agree that the ending with Ted and Robin I wasn’t happy about but it was the Blue French Horn.

  5. Personally, I enjoyed it. Was it perfect? Hell no. The series was not perfect either. It was what I wanted though, emotionally satisfying. HIMYM has always been more about those ‘big moments’ like Lily was so obsessed about this episode. However the big moments for us to see were the emotional moments. The humour was tired and worn out, but it was still emotional because I was invested in the story.

    The biggest issue I always had with the series was all the ‘Ted has to give up Robin’ episodes. Now that is fixed, narratively at least. It makes more sense that we would have all those episodes because Ted is trying to show his kids how much he really did love Robin in order to convince them it was a good thing to do. The episodes still bug me as an episode, but as a narrative they are just fine in my mind.

  6. The ending was naturally fitting. Whoever says otherwise is oblivious and too focused on the obvious rather than what the writers placed throughout the series. In terms of the divorce, it made sense. While Barney may have changed for her, Robin herself could not change for him, much like she wouldn’t change for Ted (which was why Ted and Robin broke up in the first place). Not only that, but when people reacting to the mother’s death poorly didnt hear how many times Future Ted referred to her in the PAST tense. Now people are saying that Ted and Robin gettting together throws away all their character development, but do people realize that time passes? People change like the seasons. Even Ted stated in a previous episode, eventually we become our own dopplegangers, completely different people. And has anyone ever considered that once the Mom died, Robin was there for Ted and his children. They even drew pictures of “Aunt Robin” and themselves together, so she was definitely apart of their lives. Even at the end of the finale, the son even says that she comes over for dinner. To us viewers, time passed so quick, but to them, the characters, it was 17 years. But anyways enough of the ranting, I love this show, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, but it was a great ride. I wish there was one more season!

    • I agree 100%!

      The FINALE worked! It explained everything. The viewer only needs to pretend that they’re Ted’s kids to see why it ended that way.

  7. I figured the mother would die in a tragic way that would leave Teddy Westside as the tragic hero type (the one thing I remember from 10th grade English). And it makes sense that the story was about Robin, but to try and flip the switch on expectations after 9 years that it all goes back to Robin, doesn’t sit well with me. For Ted to be told “she’s getting her as fast as she can” and all of the talk of “the universe” and “destiny” and “the one” which was a bit too much for me, yet was still a central them, to then simply have the final girl be Robin wasn’t a good fit. Ted is a great character, but to pull a double twist was too much, though how Barney ended up fit with his character.

    • I agree. I was glad when they showed Barney with his newborn and the change in his character when they were at the bar. I was fine with the divorce of Barney/Robin and I am even fine with the mother not being a huge part of this season because it followed the tend of the entire series but what I still cannot get over is the writers breaking the concept of the show. It would have been fine if the show was called My life as Ted or if the story he was telling to his kids was, “kids, this is the story of my life and the events” but the whole concept of the show(even something the writers have expressed since season 3) was how Ted met the love of his life and his journey on finding “the one”. Yes, the friendship part of the show is also part of the show but it’s part of his molding process and the journey he took with his friends to find “the one”. I, like many others, would have been okay with the ending had they done a whole season focused on a wedding about how he met the mother only to end up with someone else. As a critic put it, “it made the mother come across as another regular person like a Victoria or Stella.”
      It’s the worst finale I have seen in a while and just makes Dexter(which the majority of the people also hated) look rather great.

  8. How could you not have loved it!? The entire message is about learning to let go of the ones we love. Whether they leave or are taken, it doesn’t change that they are gone. Throughout the entire show Ted’s problem is that he can’t let go of Robin to the point where it effects his relationships with others. The show captured that even though he loved Robin, his relationship with Tracy wouldn’t have been successful if he could not have dealt with Robin ending up with someone else. The mother dying is the whole reason he’s telling the story. He wants to let go but isn’t sure if the kids would understand that it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t perfect to him, she’s just gone.

  9. A couple of episodes back we knew the mother was going to die. Remember when Tracy and Ted were at the Inn and he was telling her about how Robin’s Mom showed up at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Tracy said “what mother wouldn’t be at her own daughter’s wedding” and Ted choked back a sob. It was obvious she was terminally ill. At that point I knew it was all going to crash and burn.

  10. I’ve never watched the show but once. The one time I actually caught an episode. I don’t even remember the story, but my roommate was watching it. He told me the premise and I watched for a little while and just shouted out “oh, it’s all a trick, Robin is the mother”. Well, I was off a bit, I guess, but it’s interesting someone who never saw much was at least close to the mark.

  11. I know I am in the minority here, but I really enjoyed it.

    Ted and Robin have been a major plot point throughout the series. And I like the idea that for 8 years of Ted’s life, Robin was always on his mind…ALWAYS. After Ted let Robin go (and I believe he did) he met the mother and fell deeply in love, had kids, got married etc. The mother ultimately died, leaving Ted a widower who was looking back on his life; the time before he met the mother. The rest is history.

    I dunno, it makes sense to me. At the end Robin and Ted are at very different points in their lives. Arguably trying to rekindle their romance at that moment makes a hell of a lot more sense then when they tried it the first time. I understand that because they didn’t show us what happened in those 6 years it seams like: O the mother died, ah well, guess Ted can go get Robin now. But the things is 6 years did pass, 6 years is a long time and to me what happened in that time is not that important. The first 8 seasons and the finale did enough for me in that respect, because I know where Ted’s and Robin’s head is at in 2030.

    Ted went on 1 journey with 2 stories. The first story featuring 8 years focusing on Robin (his first love), which lead to the second story featuring the 11 years with the mother (the love of his life, as I believe was clearly shown to us). When the mother died the second story ended and after many years Ted returned to the first story and thus the series came full circle.

    With that, I think I’m done talking about this finale. Dunno how much more I can say. Seems like people either hated it or loved it. And while the execution may have been done better, I love where we ended up. In my head it all makes perfect sense and I commend the writers for having such foresight.

  12. All the haters need to chill there genitals and realize its just a TV show… Not a puppy on fire or anything to do with your own personal beliefs about the title of the show not connecting properly with the overall reason Ted told the story. Get over it people. If you didn’t cry like a baby during the finale and hated it then you probably shouldn’t have ever watched in the first place. Also, this show is essentially based on “twists” so if the ending was too much for you then you are obviously not a HIMYM fan. Go lick the liberty bell you whinny Blah Blahs.

    • Awee you didn’t like my puppy on fire example :((( Much sadz

      • LOL

    • It’s not whining or crying about it but it’s critiquing a show that I have loved since it first aired. Ted ending up with Robin is fine but the way they executed was just lazy. It was the worst writing I’ve seen in a while and that’s saying a lot considering the writing for TWD isn’t all that great. At least TWD tries to move the story forward even though 50% of the season has filter episodes. With the way they did the finale it makes the final season of HIMYM seem like it was about 90% filter episodes just to get to the finale. This show could have been special like Friends but fell flat. I felt the Ted/Robin chemistry is past seasons but not this season. The Robin/Barney chemistry was eh and the only thing that saved this season was Marshall and Lilly along with the Mother story. If you don’t like people critiquing a show then you shouldn’t come here, LOL

  13. Tbh, the ending felt kinda disturbing.

    but really..The problem with this ending was the lack of chemistry between Ted and Robin. Its obvious that they planned this from the start, the comments from the kids about them encouraging Ted asking Robin out seemed like they were filmed back in 2005.

    Think most of us agree that the show went downhill some seasons ago, “jumping the shark” is just the start of how much this show pooped itself. The small hints about Ted still being in love with Robin (within the seasons) didn’t convince me, the chemistry between them was just not there, even when they were dating. Its seemed forced like the last seasons did.

    Ofc, credits for giving us the moral about life changing and things turning out different. I even think I learned enough about the mother to feel the sadness over her death. At least they made something genuine there.. They just failed so much with Ted and Robin, they obviously should have let that one go…

    • And that’s the biggest issue with the finale. Yes, it was all planned from the beginning the Ted was going to end up with Robin but the way they went about the last season just didn’t fit the way the finale went. The last season felt like the 2nd half of TWD where they just threw things together and did a bunch of filter episodes to until the finale. Had they done the last season a different way then I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t be soo upset. This, again, is like the Dexter final season where the overall story just didn’t make sense to the overall concept of the show(Dexter becoming a lumberjack)

    • I agree rth. But then again, so much of this show was disturbing way before the end.

      Ted and Robin *never* had chemistry. Robin & Barney also never had any chemistry. The Robin and Barney story line was flat out stupid. They made Robin stupider during that story line even though before, she, like Lilly, would roll her eyes at Barney’s gross antics.

      Robin needed to end up with someone outside of the group so that she could have still been a part of the group. It didn’t totally upset me that *the mother* ended up dying from an illness. That’s realistic to life. But she should have been Ted’s one and only love. Ted was too much of a romantic for her not to be. And the fact that the waited years after they had kids to get married was also very un-Ted like.

      I also found it disturbing how the only thing that actually got Barney to be a little more decent was his own baby girl. That’s not a “aww so wonderful moment”. The only reason he viewed women different after having a daughter of his own is because he simply saw her as an extension of himself. Not because he actually gained respect for women or treating them well. For me, that moment where he said the mushy stuff to her did not leave me warm and fuzzy. It just left me angry and disappointed. The “reformed bad boys when they have a daughter of their own” had nothing to do with really respecting women, it simply a man showing respect to his own daughter through extension of her being a part of him. Which ties back to his selfishness.

      Stupid, stupid show.

  14. I have a mixed feeling about the finale. I watched the first two episode of season one a a few days before watching the finale, and as you know that last scene was reminiscence of when Ted asked Robin out on a date for the first time, so it kinda supposed to be nostalgic for the viewers and I thought it was a great way to finish the series considering what happened between Ted and Robin. I think the daughter sums it up pretty well, Ted is still hung up on Robin after all those years and he had to move on with his life, and the first step is to get Robin back. Although if I can choose, I prefer the finale to focus on Ted and the mother culminating at their wedding. You know, because she’s THE mother and because of the series’ title.

  15. Just because you didnt get what doesnt mean it was bad writing. I personally thinks that ending was perfect.

  16. Just because you didnt get what you want doesnt mean that it was bad writing. I thought the ending was perfect

    • But it was bad writing. Pretty much after season 2 it was really , really bad writing.

      • “It was bad writing since season 2″ but somehow you keep watching it.

    • Sorry, but it was bad writing. It has nothing to do with “didn’t get what you wanted” but it has to do with show concept/overall plot concept. It would be like having Captain America 2: Winter Soilder having nothing to do with the Winter Soilder. Like I said though, had they gone with a different approach on how they did the last season(20+ episodes of 48hrs leading to a wedding) then it would be different but the fact is that this season has been a season filled with filter episodes with no real importance except with meeting the mother(which also didn’t have a real importance after all in the end). People will say, Ted had to meet the mother in order to blah blah blah. Sorry, it could have all been done in 3-4 episodes.

  17. Lets be clear here… Anyone who hates the ending is being selfish because they want some fairy tale ending… LIFE is not like that… I am sure that some people who watched the show had just as deep losses and understanding as the Characters of Ted,Tracy & Barney… In the end Ted and company found something that made them happy… Tracy got to enjoy Ted and not be in mourning of HER FIRST TRUE LOVE… Ted was able to move on and be happy again with a very deserving friend AND FIRST TRUE LOVE… Robin has aged and matured and was already involved with Ted and his children’s lives. Barney got to see how amazing it “Actually” was to hold flesh and bone of his own blood and seed. He found a “girl” that he could love for the first time… His baby girl… He evolved and grew up… He conquered his own father issues and BECAME one… Marshall and Lilly were always ahead of the curve and matured much faster. They ended up in their beloved NYC NOT ROME. They still spend time and meet with friends and family. All things said… It was REAL and felt REAL…. Not fantasy. I appreciate that. It was sad at times but the characters prevailed and found happiness in the end. Good for them. You guys that hate the ending have to understand that it’s meant to inspire and give hope to even the worst of circumstances… Even at the end… Things always have hope and continue onward… No show has done that to this extent. YEARS later we have to appreciate that as people who shared this journey with the characters… Nobody likes tragedy and divorce… BUT it happens and you have to move on and get back out there to find your peace again. What a great message to give us as viewers. The show was about people being friends and always searching for happiness. Not one character failed at that… Bravo HIMYM… BRAVO!

    • Radioboy how old are you? You sound really young. I hope so at least.

      No one watached HIMYM because they wanted something gritty and world-weary. We wanted laughs, love and light heartedness. By the way, people getting married and staying together is REAL too. There is no one in my family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings that have ever gotten divorced in my family. It happens.

      Please explain how someone can be *selfish* in how they wish to see a story develope. Doesn’t that also make *you* selfish too since the story ended how you wanted? Further, you are kidding me if you think this show was a 100% representation of real life and infact wasn’t pretty much a fairy tale from the beginning. Everything Barney did to get women to sleep with him was made up and outlandish. Lilly and Marshmellow still staying out late at the bar after the birth of their son was a totaly fantasy. All that junk with Lilly having a crush on Robin and acting more liek a man would toward her was hetero-sexual male fantasies dreams come true. Pretty much *all* their antics through the entire series was again..a fantasy. No one watched this show to see “real life”.

      I’ll say it again, that Barney story line where he finally began to show women a *tiny*, *tiny* amount of respect only because he had his own daughter was terrible. Just terrible. He never really learned to respect women. He simply learned, through extension of creating a female on the earth with his own DNA that he was going to have to treat women differently. That’s not real respect for women. That’s only respect for himself and his own DNA.

      Do you know what the overall message of this show was to viewers? Women are stupid bimbos and are only good for banging and it’s cute and funny when men (Barney and Ted) bounce around between women like a vollyball. Through-out the entire series, until the end, Ted, Mashall and Barney all achieved higher levels of career accomplishment. Lilly and Robin were pretty much disrespected through the entire series always being portrayed as struggling in their careers or not moving anywhere in them.

      All the parents of these characters where these one-demensional portrayls that made them seem more like cartoon characters in their own issues then real human beings.

      Lets not forget about the dopplegangers..yeah, that was totally real! *rolls eyes*

      Nothing about this show was “real”. People didn’t tune into it to see a gritty drama. They tuned in to see the love story between the lead character and “the mother”.

      I think you need to up the quality of the shows you watch if you believe this show gave any kind of “great message”.

      • Barny had a successful job until he got that guy fired and seemed to be struggling after that (business blog plz) all the others had trouble with their job lives up until the end, ted was in and out,don’t know what happened with ted after he didn’t move to chicago, robin was in and out as well, she moved upwards in her job career to become world famous, lily became a freakin’ art consultant for a rich man even though she was not educated for this and they moved to rome for her to get a bigger career can’t remember if they said what marshal did in rome but probably didn’t do law as a lawyer since he couldn’t speak italian. It’s easy to see you’re a woman when you say things like that, if you’re a guy you probably get friend zoned a lot.

        Besides this I basically agree with you that the show ended really dumb, they spend an entire season on barney and robins wedding for them to divorce in the ending, not to mention the quick movement in the story and killing off who the show was about after spending the entire show on figuring that out, it’s not that they killed her but that they basically did it all so fast, they could easily make the wedding season with less dumb fillers and make an aftermath of after he met her, there’s enough material, and even episodes where they put her on the death bed and viewers would be “she goan die?” they made barney change into an honest guy with robin in the end for him to turn back. They could have put barney together with nora or some other girl, because as we’ve seen in this show barney turns out to be a good guy underneath it all, and that his whole identity was made to get back at the guy who stole his girl, or when he traveled to san fransisco (I think it is) where lily was studying and bought her a plane ticket to get her back to marshal.

        Remember in school when doing a 40 page report, where the last pages (except the conclusion because they only read the start and the conclusion anyway) you think “I just want to be done” so you make some sloppy work, this is what it feels like, that they didn’t want to do it anymore and just scribbled some sh*t down.

        • And I also want to say there’s nothing wrong with being selfish, you have to look after yourself and humans are selfish, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking this ending is sh*t and want a better ending since we spent a lot of time watching the show

          • Barney worked at a big bank successfully for the majority of the seasons. Ted worked as an architect successfully through-out most of the seasons and then got some random teaching gig. Marshall bounced around but he always had a really good job. Whether it was at the bank or practicing law. Lilly was a school teacher with a shopping addiction and some strange lesbian crush on Robin (total guy fantasy and is not how women in the real world act) and Robin was always portrayed as some third-rate news-caster who ended up falling in love with another newscaster that actually was disrespectful to women.

            But I agree with you otherwise as well. I do agree that it would have been better to have Barney with Nora and have him grow from that relationship. I actually really liked Nora. I disagree that Barney was actually a “good guy underneath”. Good guys don’t let a difficult life event change their core personality. Perhaps if Barney had more goodness come out over how often he degraded women, it would have been different. But frankly, they spent more time focusing on Barney degrading women then actually developing him into a better human being. And frankly, I think the reason they did this is because alot of guys watching the show LOVED to see it. They wanted to see women degraded. They wanted to see “the bro-code”, not the “good man code”. There was a glimmer of chance for Barney to grow. Even when he was with Robin. However, instead, they still relied heavily on the “good old boys club Barney”.

    • I agree. While this show wasn’t the greatest quality show, I thought it could have at least reached the level of finale that a show like Friends did but in the end, HIMYM fell flat and they fell hard. This show was never about “real life” drama but more about giving people some laughs like a BBT. For someone to say it’s “selfish” because people wanted a fairy tale ending is rather funny. It’s not selfish but critiquing the series based on its overall concept. Also, Ted was not Tracy’s first True love but rather it was her second. Tracy was in love with someone else before he died(days before her wedding). The Ted/Robin relationship was always there and I understand why they ended up together in the end but the whole thing is how they executed the way they ended up together. Had it not been a season of a 48 hour wedding and 1 episode of everything after thrown in a 60 minute episode then it might have been different but instead we got a season of a wedding that didn’t really have any significance towards the story except meeting the mother and Marshall turning down the job to become a judge. It was 22 episodes that were just filters and 2 that had any sort of significance and I thought TWD was bad but the amount of filters in this season made TWD look like GOT.

  18. I can’t be the only person that thought this show hated on women a lot am I? It was full of misogny. I hear guys complain all the time about how often men are portrayed as being stupid in comedies. Yet this show trumps all in it’s portrayl of women. Why do so many people like misgonism? Do you hate women too or something? Or is it okay to use women for sex because it makes guys feel good to see other guys using women for sex?

    • Why ? …I’ll take a guess why the show it’s so full of misogny…and that’s the writers were playing to or at least inflenced by Ted, the ladies man, off screen real life identity ..

      • No Paul, the reasons the show was full of misogny is because that’s what got the ratings. HIMYM always played more to a male viewership and *that* is why there is so much misogny in it. If men didn’t want to see it, they wouldn’t put it in. It had nothing to do with who Ted is or isn’t off screen.

  19. The Part that pissed me off the most, was seasons ago I gave up on the whole ‘Ted and Robin have a happy ending.’ They showed us Barney and Robin going through tough times, and even a whole season around their wedding day. The mother dead I saw coming, with all the “Kids, Have I ever told you,” and the ‘Time machine with Ted saying he wanted those 45 days back to spend with her.’ Also never showing the mom always gave me that impression. Why get Barney and Robin together to only get them divorced three years later. Ted asking his kids if he can be with his ‘Soul Mate,’ Aunt Robin, come on why did we even follow this show for nine seasons if his marriage to the mother was NOT the main plot line? So this show was a waste of my time, and thanks to shows like ‘Roseanne, LOST, Sopranos, and now HIMYM have the worst endings! The best ending for me was ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there Joss Whedon knew how to end a show, and at the same time not screw the fans over in the end.

  20. The show is whatever you make of it. All our lives are different and we all see things and people differently. Maybe some of us see reality with more color… Maybe more see it with less… Maybe some of us see it in different levels of contrast… Dull greys to dark deep inky blacks. The bottom line is YOU have to see what YOU want to see… If you can even hope to get anything from the show… Either love the characters and criticize them… OR accept them and relate to them on some level. Life is just as bit goofy as that gang portrays it to be… Its also as deep. There is no one person that IS NOT selfish in life. I just chose to be selfish and see meaning and purpose from what was given. I could be selfish and wish for more lighthearted fun and happy endings for the gang… BUT that would not change their fates in the show… We have to accept this show in it’s whole and make the best of what lighthearted parts make it through. This is also true for life in general. One cannot change what is already set in motion. We can only see the light that somehow makes it past the darkness. The show had soul and it was fun at times… BUT it really had soul. Soul is something the viewer has to respect and not judge on their own expectations of the events unfolded. I feel the show had a very deep message. Ted told us the viewers “And his children” to be thankful and to never stop loving those in your life for one second… And he found out that he couldn’t have been more correct. It was sad to see Tracy sick in that scene. It was hard to hear that future Ted had mourned for 6 years… It was beautiful to see him happy again with that Blue French Horn… Life makes full circle… As well as love. I pulled that from all the characters… There have been stone cold killers in prison who change and see what love is… All because they get a pet or puppy. Barney CHANGED when he saw that lifeform he created… I give his character a lot of credit… Maybe more than most… I just saw that he finally found something worth changing for… Robin wasn’t enough. It was also nice to see Robin get another chance for being with Ted. I just hope see is able to make compromise and make it work. I would say the characters… Grew up. It was beautiful. I don’t watch any other sitcom on TV. HIMYM was special because it had heart and soul. I wish more people could see these things. You gotta look for the positive and seize the lessons… Or you wont get anything but entertainment.

    • HIMYM is not some deep psychological metaphor for life. I’m still baffled at your descriptions alluding to some deep, soulful piece of work. This was a 30 minute sitcom. Not even a well written one. Again, how old are you exactly?

      You initially made a case against people calling them “selfish” for wanting a different ending. You did so in an attempt to portray the idea that the way you see it is *better* in some way. Now you are defending being selfish because you got called out on your initial comment. Yeah we get it, your kind of “selfish” is more *classy* and *deep* then other people’s kind of selfish. Okay, Thank you Gwen Paltrow.

      By the way, it’s not even *selfish* to begin with to want to see a story go in a certain direction.

      It really wasn’t that sad when we found out Tracy was sick. When I saw that part I was like, “Umm, really? We barely get to see the mother and now she is just going to die? That is so stupid”. This was a Fried Green Tomatoes moment. We never were allowed the chance to truly develop any deeper feelings for Tracy. It really wasn’t that hard to hear that Ted mourned for 6 years. Again, because at the same time when we found out he mourned for 6 years, we found out that he was going to go Bang Aunt Robin. With the kids blessings! The Blue French Horn was cute when it first happened. It was played-out and tired in the last episode. That’s not life and love making “full circle”. That’s wanting Ted to have “the mother” just so he can bang out some babies with some female AND then ending up with “Robin”. That was so Ted could have it both ways. Nothing about that is “heart and soul”. Oh by the way, please explain to me how Barney abusing, manipulating, tricking, degrading every female he ever came in contact with was full of “heart and soul”?

      Please stop giving Barney’s character *credit*. Having a daughter and only showing respect to women *after* having a daughter is not learning and growing and having real respect for women. All it is, is a man, seeing his DNA in a female, and only respecting that female because she has his DNA. Not because he really respects women. And this story line probably bothered me more than anything else. Showing women respect only after you’ve fathered a daughter is not respecting women at all. Showing women respect only after you fathered a daughter and before that, mentally abusing, manipulating and degrading women before that does not make up for everything he did prior. Funny how quick we are to forget how Barney treated women, even Robin, and you equate this to some deep and bs soulful message.

  21. After pondering long and hard after the HIMYM finale, while staring at my blank screen through teary eyes, I finally realized the unspoken truth about the show: it was expected to be like Friends. It was the same length, had the same sense of humor, was about a group of friends with the same number of people, and had the fan favorite love story that started great in the beginning, faltered for almost six seasons, and then finally came together in the end. No one expected any originality because no one really wanted it. The only big difference was that in Friends, it was always Ross and Rachel, but in HIMYM, we knew from episode one that Robin was not the mother, even though that was one of the main story arcs. Personally, the ending was disturbing. People don’t watch TV, at least I don’t, to feel abandoned by a TV show that I’ve grown up and changed with. I’m not worried about HOW that ended the shows plots, but by how they executed it. If they wanted Barney/Robin to divorce, that makes sense. Robin could never change the way that Barney did (a twist I liked, how the womanizer boy changed and not the hardworking business woman). Anyways, they shouldn’t have wasted the last, tantalizing season rushing around the seemingly never ending wedding weekend. Not only that, but we spent the whole season wondering if they would get married, not whether they would stay married. Furthermore, I feel the fans would’ve been much happier if they began the season with them calling off the wedding and laying low with their story because we hadn’t REALLY fallen in love with them. Ted was still too in the picture with Robin to fully commit with Barney. But by the ninth season, and with the mother finally in the picture, we thought we knew exactly how it would end. Though I might’ve said that it was a creative choice to break Barney and Robin up had it been earlier, I think it was cruel and lazy to do it in the finale, especially after giving the audience the long-awaited closure. Also, having Barney have a lovechild (though he does seem like a wonderful father), completely discredits the relationship we grew to love between him and Robin.
    The audience fell in love with the yellow umbrella/blue french horn “destiny” attitude of the show, not the cheap copout of an ending that left their viewers emotionally impaired all in the name of “teaching a lesson about change”.

    • Maybe HIMYM downfall was in trying to be a filler for Friends to begin with. Honestly, it just didn’t have the intelligence that Friends had or the character development. It should have just worked to be what it was. And not try to mimic something that couldn’t be replicated anyway.

      While I enjoyed components of HIMYM and one of the reasons I started watching it was because I was a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan and wanted to see Alyson Hannigan, it wasn’t exactly a greatly written show from the start. Ted and Robin never had the character development or relational development that Ross and Rachel had to make them as endearing.

      Focusing on a wedding the entire last seasons that only ended in divorce was a big let-down. If anyone’s wedding was going to be the focus of the show, shouldn’t it have been Ted’s and Tracy’s? Even if Tracy was still killed-off, that would have been nicer to see.

      And your insights in your last paragraph are perfect. I wanted to know who the woman was behind the yellow umbrella. That was the woman Ted was suppose to be with. Ted, the big romantic who wanted nothing more than to be married, in love and have children with one woman. Not Ted, the man that lost Robin, pined for her, found a chick he really dug, had a couple kids, then got married 5 years later, then once she was out of the picture, banged Aunt Robin. The episode where it’s discovered that the yellow umbrella was a key component to the story was actually rather romantic and evoked mystery. That is the woman who the love story should have ended with.

      Heck , I would have even been happier had they ended the series the moment Tracy and Ted met in the rain and shared the umbrella.

  22. Idk with all the hate for this season finale, i just think that it’s make sense.
    1. It’s always noted that Ted is an unreliable narrator, so if he “manipulate’ the whole show to make it seems like asking to his childs “What do you think about Aunt Robin?” via his story.
    2. I think mother’s arc need more story, but this whole show about how ted met the mother not how ted date or ted happily live with mother. It’s make sense that show flashforward to her death and later back to how they met.
    3. I also feel like the whole season 9 feel useless how much we invested in Robin-Barney relationship, but ted also stated that it was “The Longest Weekend” he ever had and he want to tell the whole story to his childs, and also as point 1 he is an unreliable narrator and tell that how he was jealous for not having robin, how he want to giving a special gift to robin etc. But i think this whole wedding can fit in 5 episodes not a whole season.
    4. The real point is The Mother always the one/female ted and Robin is always the other one/not ted at all.
    5. Divorce is often in this show, in the group only Marshall’s parents that stay married until Marshall’s father death.
    6. Robin’s marriage problem is hinted in Patrice radio show.

  23. I got hooked on this show a few years ago after watching a rerun of the pilot, then watched every episode until the end. Gotta say I hated the ending. I hate that based on the story B&T told (up until the end, a few clumsily placed clues aside) should have led to a Ted and Tracy happy ending. I hated the fact that Ted got back with Robin (with the Blue french horn no less) after having realised she was not the woman for him and moved on, that Barney biffed in everything he’d learned and went back to his man-ho ways (until he meets his daughter having knocked up #31 WTF??) and that to achieve this the writers saw fit to trample over 4 or 5 seasons of character development to fulfill an ending they filmed years ago for a show that barely resembles the HIMYM of 2014. If they were hell bent on having this ending B&T would have been better advised to use much of what was a turgid inconsequential season 9 to show us how it all unfolded. A quick 10 minute run through after 22 episodes of wedding buildup just didn’t cut it. I loved these characters and felt the way it ended did Ted Barney Robin and Tracey a disservice and we the viewers paid the price. If you are going to turn around one of the central plots I would have appreciated a little more effort to show us how and why

  24. its 2015, yes a year after the final episode and I am posting a comment; it took me a year to review all shows and all of your comments.

    Let me begin with a paradox called…”CASABLANCA”. A movie where the ending wasn’t scripted-in because of different opinions as to what the end should have been. AT first it was proposed to have Paul Henreid stay back and Bogart board the plane with bergman. The romantic ending. But the Studio took a chance on a mystical ending having bogart say good-bye to bergman. The end that made the movie famous.

    The same logic is applied to the mother and Robin….The Mystical ending!.

    It would be selfish to see the story developed in any other way. Because Reality does bite hard. And this story reflects, In General, facts of life. I admit it has its fairy tale moments; But isn’t that what makes us watch it the most? If a spouse dies, we move on.

    Barney Stintson is the opposite of what society stands for. He was, in showbiz speak, the comedy’s comedy relief. Every one of his character lines would have been something the entire world of Young Foolish juvenile men would have said at one point in their lives. Not one person can be that narcissistic, conceited, self-centered, vaingloriuous and a womanizer all at the same time. Its Impossible! The credit that he deserves lies in the fact that he was always a humble, modest man. Turned villain by the loss of his girlfriend. And reverted to his normal being upon the birth of his daughter whom, he realizes, could follow his own missteps.

    We must not forget that people change in real life. Once a completely different people, “we eventually become our own dopplegangers”

    It is amazing how most of the commentaries are one sided. Even Polarized. Nothing in between. There is no overall message or Dynamic social representation; nor even a shred of “reality”. The plots reflect a particular event that is generalized by events that we all can relate to. That’s all. People dying, relationships ending etc etc… How many times does a person fall in love in real life? and how many times does a person marries his/her love of their life?…And above all, How many marriages end in divorce?.. Life does bite us all in the ass every day. And we, as spectators, wish that a show like this would somehow make it better for us if not at least show us the way to happiness. And if the latter is the case, then we need to revamp our basic human relations skills and recognize our own characters with our own issues and act our own life as real human beings.