‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Details: Meeting the Mom & Single Weekend Story

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how i met your mother teds wedding How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Details: Meeting the Mom & Single Weekend Story

Fans of the long-running CBS comedy series How I Met Your Mother had their world rocked when the title matriarch of the show was finally revealed in full at the end of the season finale. But now everyone is wondering what’s next for season 9.

Now that we know Cristin Milioti, who famously played “Girl” in the stage adaptation of Once, is the future wife of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), what happens in what has been confirmed to be the final season of the series? Thankfully, CBS president Nina Tassler has revealed an interesting detail about next season’s story.

TV Line spoke with Tassler, and the executive explained that the entire season will take place in just one weekend. That weekend, of course, is where Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) will get married. In fact, much of the season will be spent showing how each of the series regulars comes into contact with the mother before Ted even meets her.

The real concern here is just how 24 episodes of television are going to be crafted from just three days of time. And honestly, the fact that we’re only going to spend that short amount of time getting to know this person who is supposed to be so integral to Ted’s life is pretty disappointing. Milotti is going to have to be pretty likable in every episode for fans to get on board this love train.

how i met your mother season 9 mother1 How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Details: Meeting the Mom & Single Weekend Story

Of course, while the focal point of the series is obviously Ted finally meeting his future wife and mother of his children, there are still plenty of loose ends for the rest of the characters. As we saw in the finale, Marshall (Jason Segel) now has an enticing job offer to become a judge, just as he was planning to live in Rome for a year for Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) career. As for Robin and Barney, it appears they’re in the clear after helping a couple find happiness with each other after sabotaging them, but maybe there’s some more wedding woes on the horizon.

The hope for the show’s final season is that it doesn’t feel forced and actually provides a satisfying conclusion for fans. How I Met Your Mother doesn’t need to become the Lost of sitcoms, where the lead-up to the end was far more satisfying than the actual conclusion. Sure the sizzle is great, but the steak can be tasty as well, right? Series creator Carter bays promises this ninth and final season “will tell the epic story of the longest wedding weekend ever.” It will likely be the longest amount of screentime any wedding has been given, aside from a royal one.

How I Met Your Mother returns on CBS this fall for season 9.

Source: TV Line

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  1. oh dear god, end this already, they have been beating this dead horse for WAY to long……

    • They are ending it, after season 9, which is what we are talking about.

  2. This could work out really well, or be really tiresome. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this idea was abandoned part-way through the season.

  3. I’ve always loved the “24” concept and wished that more shows would do something like that. This could be very interesting.

  4. I kind of like the idea of the entire season only being one weekend long, but I definitely would have liked to see more of Teds future wife. We will get a full season of her, but only one weekend.

  5. This is a show that I didn’t care for at first, then after watching awhile, became pretty invested in all of the characters. That is saying a lot, as I don’t really watch much TV. Especially sitcoms.
    For me, one of the strong points is how they re-tell a story from each person’s point of view.
    I think it would be funny if for the final season, as Ted tells the tale to the kids, the mother interrupts, and says, no Ted, it was…
    And then gives us her point of view.

    • That would be great, good thinking.

    • 1Great post….
      “I think it would be funny if for the final season, as Ted tells the tale to the kids, the mother interrupts, and says, no Ted, it was…
      And then gives us her point of view”

      HOW I MET YOUR FATHER………A whole new series!!!
      Then they can do something along the lines of LIFE WITH THE MOSBY’S
      Its a shame they are ending the series, the got tons of viewers

  6. I saw an episode of this show and I must say it just wasn’t funny at all. It felt held back like the catholic church was trying to be hip by producing a “sitcom” that the whole family could watch and be hip

    • Yes, nothing says “produced by the church” like a show that has a singular character who brags about bedding and discarding women in just about every episode. /sarcasm

      We’re not watching the same show.

      • Baggins did say he only watched one episode. Take that opinion with a salt shaker.

        • Good point, traps

    • Your bad luck mate.. I only saw 1 episode here in India, and liked it so much that bought the DVDs of all of the seasons. Mind you, we do get many serials from the US aired here, and I hardly watch TV!

  7. So next season is going to cram years worth of dating into 20 episodes. Ted is kind of long winded so I know he and the mother broke up a couple of times before the got it right.

  8. Not sure how I feel about a seasoning 3 days. We will see…I am glad they are finally ending it. It’s got a little tiresome, but I am invested enough to want to see it through.

    • *season

  9. So 3 days is 24 episodes and that equals out to 8 episodes for a day. Just my reasonable opinion.

  10. The end of LOST not as satisfying as the conclusion? Says freaking you.

    • Agreed – absolutely brilliant. And the fact that so many people still don’t get it and/or hate it to this day, just goes to show you how the average American is not nearly educated enough to grasp the complexities and singular beauty of the final movements of this symphony.

      • Had the purgatory thing figured out way before the show ended. It was still absolute s***, though. I like how all the “enlightened” Lost fans claim that anyone who realized what a crap show it was just “didn’t get it.” *rolls eyes*

        • people claimed the purgatory thing in season 1. Only half of the last season had anything to do with purgatory

  11. Honestly what are people expecting? You don’t want an expected ending and you don’t want an unexpected less explained one. You really want the whole point of the show to be a punchline at the end? Isn’t the point of investing 200 plus hours the fact that its a journey for these characters?

  12. I know the show is called How I Met… but I would’ve liked to see their relationship up till Ted proposes or something. Ted has dated a lot of girls and has done some pretty romantic things for them. And they weren’t even his soulmate. I wanna see why this girl is so different from the rest

  13. (A) I was very satisfied by the ending of Lost. Please refrain from generalizing based on your opinion.

    (B) This showing ending in any other way than “… and that, kids, is how I how met your mother” would be stupid. The show is based around how he met her, not his life afterwards.

    (C) How can they stretch three days in 24 episodes? No one seemed to care when 24 stretched one day into 24 episodes for eight freakin’ seasons! You’re telling me people can’t put up with one season taking place over 72 hours?

    • Well said my friend!

    • they are going to do a “24” style season complete with a time clock.

      what would jack bauer do?

  14. I’m kind of thinking that while the whole season is supposed to take place in just 3 days, the actual episodes will include flashbacks. The other characters probably met the mother in other situations prior to the wedding weekend. That way, the character of the mother can get fleshed out more. Remember that season 8 started by it being the day of the wedding and stories branching out from events that happened during the day. At least it started out that way.

    Just an opinion. :)

  15. Two seasons ago I’d have said this is the sort of idea the writers could pull off, but Season 8 really sank a lot of my confidence in them. Save for the proposal episode, and maybe the first one or two of the season, practically none of it was as good as most of the previous seasons. Don’t get me wrong, this could still go well, but I’m saying it felt like they were padding Season 8 despite having a lot to work with – now they have only one weekend, which they’ll have to cover in 24 episodes. You could say 24 worked, but you could also say that it seemed ridiculous in hindsight.

    My opinion? Just have Ted meet her in the premiere, then let them develop and get married by the end. For all the people whining – “But the show’s titled How I Met Your Mother! It has to end with the meeting!” – so what? Yes, let’s risk the quality of the show just to keep strictly to the stupid title, rather than stretch that a bit and have a more satisfying ending.

    But since it’s clear this won’t happen – I seriously pray that the writers had this planned way back, and that Season 8 was just stretched out because they wanted more seasons.

  16. While 24 episodes set in the span of three days seems like overkill, it would seem that based on th format of the show, there are going to be a number of flashforwards depicting important events of Ted and the mother’s relationship. The wedding, while a major part of the final season, is going to serve as a springboard for the flashforwards, much in the same way that Ted’s original story to his kids has been the springboard for the past 8 years. The writers aren’t going to wait to the end of the season and have Ted introduce himself at Farhampton train station, without any development of the relationship. The hope is that they do meet in the final scene, but when they do, we will all know exactly how the relationship will play out based on the flashforwards. Just one man’s thoughts though.

    • I agree. One way or another, by the end of 24 episodes, we will know why she is the girl for Ted and how their relationship will go.

    • That would be much better. The meeting isn’t really meaningful unless we know what happens after too. Think you’ve hit it right on the head.

    • I like your idea a lot,that will let us know her and their relationship while the series ending on how they met.

  17. To stretch the title, it could end when he proposes. That way it’s how he met the “mother” and it’s not some girl he’s just dating. It doesn’t have to be when they actually meet each other.

  18. I love this show deeply and have been a loyal watcher all these past 8 years (seasons), but … uhmm … HUH??? This new direction for season 9 just doesn’t make any sense to me, yet. Maybe my opinion will change a few episodes in.

    But I say again … HUH???

  19. this probably wont end up being entirely accurate. there will be lots of others stories and time periods, they might just refer back to that weekend a lot. but they also need to show her and teds story.

  20. Final scene will be Ted and future wife’s first kiss.

  21. Ya’ll are trippin. Who cares if it’s done within 3 days of the wedding weekend. Ya’ll people are stupid. Its a good show. Stop complaining. If ya’ll want to complain, just stop watching it.

  22. I love it when people say how HIMYM is boring, beaten and milked. Being a fan from the pilot I’ve never once thought of it like that, truly lovable show that could easily go on.

    Sad to see it end.

  23. Interesting concept, however as someone said above a 24 episode season would mean 8 episodes per day. How many twists and turns can you have in 3 days?

    Before this I always thought Season 9 would see Ted proposing at the mid season break and the ending being Ted’s wedding. We’ve seen Marshall & Lily’s wedding and we’re going to see Barney & Robin’s. Think it should be right that we see Ted’s as well.

    If they do want to have a long wedding I could see them spending maybe 6-8 episodes on it, 2 episodes or so for each day. Have the first half of the season last 13/14 episodes so it gives 6-8 episodes for after the wedding.

  24. I would have hoped that after 8 seasons of the show the producers/writers would have a little more creativity. To spread a pivotal moment of meeting the wife and having it dragged out only to end the series with the Barney wedding with Ted meeting the girl is just lazy. I would have thought they would at least dig deep into the season to show why Ted and this girl was soo good for each other and what set her apart from all the other girls. I also would have liked for it to end with the Ted wedding and maybe if they had time the birth of his kids. To spend an entire season of 23 or so episodes on details of a weekend is just disappointing. I hope this series doesn’t fall into traps of lame series ending finales(Lost, Friends, among others).

  25. If there are 24 episodes of 3 days of time. They are going to jam pack 3 hours of each day of a character or 18 hours of all characters into 23 minutes.

  26. I gave up on the show after season 6, I just could not take it anymore, I will however, watch the final season. But if after 9 seasons of him explaining how he met their mother, that b**** better be dead. After 9 seasons, she didn’t chime in one time on any of his stories (to my knowledge, like I said, I gave up after 6) so I believe she is dead, & died when their kids were really young. So Ted is telling them all these stories.

    Just my opinion.

  27. Pretty much ALL of you seem to be forgetting one important thing – a weekend is TWO days, not THREE.

    • This is true. The season ended 56 hours before the wedding though. We’re going to see the time leading up to it, then the wedding and the reception most likely. I’d say the season would take place over about 60 hours.

  28. Here’s a thought. After season 9, a spin-off series could be made called “How I Met Your Father”. It would follow the mother and her life in… wherever, doesn’t necessarily have to be New York, have her quirky friends as main characters, basically the same as HIMYM. Then in the final season she meets Ted.

    It could work, right? Silly idea really, but sounds exactly like the sort of thing that CBS would greenlight.

    • I’ve heard that idea before, wonder how a female Barney would go down on TV….

  29. I love HIMYM but don’t you think it has gone on too long. I live in the uk and our seasons are 13 episodes long and the gaps between seasons can be up to 2 years and will only be 4 or 5 seasons long so for a series like HIMYM to stretch on for soo long it kinda gets boring and they ruined the surprise by showing us the mother who is not that different to the rest of the cast, the show is also sarcastic since Ted was the only one that was searching for someone he could settle down with he was the one that gets married last.