‘How I Met Your Mother’ to Reveal the Mother in Season 8 Finale?

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how i met your mother season 9 mother How I Met Your Mother to Reveal the Mother in Season 8 Finale?

Ever since How I Met Your Mother began in 2005, audiences have been patiently waiting to find out who will ultimately become Ted’s wife. But now that the series has been renewed for one more season, the question has now become when. Could the mother be revealed sooner than anyone expected? Perhaps in the season 8 finale?

While speaking with TV Guide about the upcoming final season, series co-creator Craig Thomas brought up how How I Met Your Mother season 9 would be noticeably different than the previous seasons. And this “difference” is where there potential mother clue lies.

Here’s what Thomas had to say:

“You’re never going to mistake a Season 9 episode from one of the previous eight.”

Now, this very brief statement could very well mean anything, from a change to the actual episodic look to the way each episode and/or story arc is formatted. However, since long-running series very rarely adjust aspects of the show that audiences have become familiar with (which could turn some longtime viewers off), the one way you’ll absolutely never mistake an episode of season 9 from one of the previous seasons would be to add something very distinct to the series. Like, say, the mother. But there’s more than just a single line from the show’s creator that indicates a potential mother could appear in the season 8 finale.

how i met your mother season 9 mother umbrella How I Met Your Mother to Reveal the Mother in Season 8 Finale?

For the past few seasons, Ted’s pre-marital adventures continue to inch closer and closer to the revealing the moment that he actually meets his future wife and mother of his children. In the season 8 premiere, however, the series burned through all its (sometimes) logical storytelling delays, as the mother is revealed in Barney’s future to be mere feet away from him, with yellow umbrella in tow. This is the very same future that has been used to bookend the premieres and finales for season 6 and 7. But again, there’s more.

Putting the need to finally deliver on the Barney’s future wedding after three years aside, How I Met Your Mother season 8 was developed with a “Plan A” and a “Plan B,” in case the series wasn’t renewed and/or the cast decided not to return. If the series was supposed to end this year, “Plan B” would require the reveal of the mother at Barney’s wedding sometime in season 8. In order for this to occur, “Plan A” would need to be able to seamlessly transition into “Plan B” if the current season turned out to be the last.

Considering the entire cast (namely Jason Segal) just warmed to the idea of returning for How I Met Your Mother season 9 in December 2012, when production on episode 17 (of 24) had already been completed, steps had to have been taken to make sure that the seven remaining episodes of season 8 could fall in to either “Plan A” or “Plan B.” No matter which plan was actually followed, a mother would eventually be required.

how i met your mother original cast How I Met Your Mother to Reveal the Mother in Season 8 Finale?

But now that How I Met Your Mother has an entire ninth season to appropriately bring an end to Ted’s tale, producers can step away from simply revealing the mother and actually allow audiences to get to know her. After all, this mystery woman has always been the missing member of the group. In order for audiences to actually warm to her, they’ll need to spend time with the character.

If, by chance, the mother appears in the season 8 finale, revealing herself and uttering but a few words (or not), it would leave audiences with an extremely strong cliffhanger going into season 9. During the break between season 8 and 9, producers would be able to work on perfecting the mother role, helping to make sure that audiences as well as the cast will actually believe she fits in with Ted’s group. If, however, the mother reveal is left until the season 9 premiere, audiences will have to meet and instantly accept this person – which means that audiences have but seven days to completely accept her for the important character she’s supposed to be. The latter is not nearly accommodating enough for today’s modern (read: picky) viewers.

While we’ll have to wait and see exactly when the mother actually reveals herself, fans of the series can rest easy in knowing that the moment they’ve been waiting seven years for is finally happening. After that, the only thing you can do is hope that you’ll like her as much as Ted says you’re supposed to.

Let’s just hope that turns out to be true.


How I Met Your Mother airs @8pm on CBS

Source: TV Guide

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  1. ehhhhhh little proof.

  2. Never watched this show before, meh i’m sure that i am not missing much.

    • why are you on this page then?

    • Yes why are you taking time to read and comment on something you have no interest in? Feel the need to leave your two cents?

    • You are MISSING OUT!!!!!

      Love this show!!!

  3. “as the mother is revealed in Barney’s future to be mere feet from him, yellow umbrella in tow.”

    I think you meant to say Ted, not Barney.

  4. The mother and Ted wife should be Megan Fox She young beautiful and everybody would like to see that here in Rio Grande Valley Viewers.

    • Megan fox doesnt have blonde hair

      • She could dye it or wear a wig.

        • The show is filled with talented comedic acting nobody wants that hack. Far more beautiful women than her.

          • please God not Fox…let it be a really good actress whose wholesome…girl next door type

      • The mother doesn’t have blonde hair, Ted tells his kids if she was a blonde, they’d have blonde hair.

  5. I vote for Alice Eve.

  6. This article pretty much summed up what i have been thinking for months. Show the mother at the end of S8, then we have all of S9 to get to know her. If they just showed her then it ended a few episodes later, it would never give us a chance to know/love the character. I really hope that this happens.

  7. Just please stick a fork in it.

  8. Ok this has got to be one of the most useless articles I read here on screenrant.All this is speculation based on the concept that the writers have some sort of idea how they will finish the story.While you would think that they know I am not convinced that they have a clue themselves.Lost is a good example of that.They were telling the story per episode.After all the buildup and promise the stories became too big for them solve so they threw in a solution that I could barely stomach because it did gave some closure.Same goes for Battlestar Galactica.Only a few writers/creators write according to plan like J. Michael Straczynski did with Babylon 5.I highly doubt that the writers from How I met your mother have a plan especially if I compare the latest episodes I have seen to the early ones.The writing has become worse and worse.The concept for this show was a very nice one.But it’s a concept that can’t be dragged on too long before one loses interest.

    • One of the FEW things we do know for SURE is that the writers had the finale in mind since day ONE of the show. They repeatedly asserted that they knew what the ending was going to be from the start of the show, they had to throw in a lot of fluff here and there to fill in some episodes, but they REPEATEDLY told us they knew what the ending would be…

      • Repeatedly telling is not the same as executing.You can see that in later seasons they strayed away from Ted’s storyline.So not convinced.

        • well the show has more viewers than ever right now so perhaps they are finally executing. i have watched the show from the beginning and i will admit it isn’t as good i am still very much interested in finally getting answers about the mother

    • Agreed. This show has been dragged out for too long. Season 5 was the last purely good season. I am behind, so I haven’t seen any of S8, but I am watching S7 on Netflix and it is making me cringe. There are a few funny moments… I hope it gets better. It’s insane how long they have let some of the gags run.

  9. I started to write a script for a HIMYM/Big Bang Theory crossover a while back. I turns out that Penny is the mother of the kids, Raj takes ‘pick up chicks’-lessons from Barney and becomes a major womanizer, Howard and Bernadette move to New York and become celebrities (after his “space adventure” which he wrote a book about), Barney and Robin are getting married, etc.

    • Sounds like a cool crossover.But how come you made it cross with The Big Bang Theory?

      • I´m a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. And I thought it´d be funny if the nerds met with the guys from NY, because they´re crazy as well, but in a more sophisticated, grown up way.
        Sheldon can also hear old Ted´s voice over in his head, while the others can´t. There´s one scene where they arrive at Grand Central Station (because Sheldon wants to go by train), and old Ted (voice over) says:
        “That was the day we met some of the weirdest people ever. And the strangest of them was Sheldon Cooper.”
        And Sheldon says “What? Who said that?”

        • ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

        • I love the Big Bang as well,but personally I think the styles of both shows don’t really blend.HIMYM falls more in the Friends category and The Big Bang theory is more Seinfeld like.In theory it sounds great.

          • It actually works. The BBT guys are in New York, because George Lucas shoots his last film there before his retirement, and he saw Penny in that hemorrhoids commercial (Sehldon quote: “He liked your acting in that commercial? That letter is really from Lucas.”) and offered her the lead role. The movie set is right in front of the McLaren´s pub and that´s where the guys meet. Barney and Marshall discuss Star Wars and Robin says that it´s pathetic arguing over “such stupid films”. And Barney says “It´s not we´re like super-nerds, arguing over who would win in a fight, Superman or the Hulk.” And that´s where Sheldon turns around (the BBT guys are sitting in the booth behind the HIMYM guys) and participates in the conversation in his own special way.

            • sounds awesome but wait? where can we read it? Do you have a blog where you post it or anything? :D

              • Oh sounds good I love both shows but my only ? Is u never mention lenard and lilly whats up with that lol

              • Oh sounds good I love both shows but my only ? Is you never mention lenard and lilly whats up with that lol

        • Wicked!!’

    • YES! YES! Those two shows combined… You sir, make me happy.

  10. Finally….

  11. havent his kids long since died from starvation from listening to a 8 season long story about how dad met mom. The premiss of the show is flawed, who in there right mind would start by saying hey kids want to know how I met your mother and then go on to tell them about the dozens of unrelated women he’s slept with 8 years before meeting their mom

    • ha ha Good point,that would not happen in a million years.
      Like kids want to know about their father’s courting adventures.

    • Isn’t that, you know, the core concept of the series?

    • `I remember in on of the episodes ted tells his dad that he is going to tell his kids everything about his life so they will learn from him. I cant remember what episode it is exactly it is the one where teds parents tell him that they got a divorce.

  12. I love this show, but I just had a terrible idea… what if they decide to make a spin-off called “How I Met Your Father”, telling the same story of how they met, from the perspective of Ted’s wife :o

    …Moving on, I’m certain we’ll be seeing the mother at the end of the season – they always end a season with a cliffhanger/bombshell, so finally revealing who she is can only be it.

    • That’s great! They could have a season of us getting to know her before she meets Ted and co. Really hope that’s it!

  13. I’m sorry I haven’t watched this regularly because every time I catch an episode it’s pretty funny, but I don’t think I’d rent the dvds.
    I vote Elaine.

  14. It’s not really picky to want the wife to appear in the finale of season 8, it’d be annoying to go eight seasons into a show and THEN have a character randomly appear. I’ve got a strong feeling the finale to How I Met Your Mother is going to be quite bad.

  15. The mother should be an unknown.

    And she also can’t be just the “perfect” fit for the group. We love conflict.

    I really hope they reveal her at the end of Season 8. It would be hilarious if they didn’t hit it off at first, and it takes the group to get them together.

  16. I think they will just show us her face at the very end of the season 8 finale and we will get to know all about her throughout the 9th season

  17. The mother should be shown at the end of the season. I’m sure they probably might have it filmed already. They seem to use a lot of flashback/fast forward scenes. They can do that in the 9th season. Kind of go back to some events in her point of view.

  18. It should be Victoria, the cupcake girl!!! :D

    • No that would be terrible. She has a lazy eye and it’s so distracting watching the episodes she is in.

  19. I thought of a perfect thing CBS could have done for the mother … they could have started a comedy set in the NYC area with a likeable female lead. If the show was a success, they could take that character and make her being the mother. Of course, this would be a major blindside, and a first in television history. The other show wouldn’t be a spin off per say. I used to think that Kat Dennings character on Two Broke Girls would be a good character, but not so much now.

    On another note, I am hoping they do introduce the mother this season, and gives us Season 9 to get to know here. The show should end with a wedding, and the last scenes should be the mom coming into future Ted telling the kid’s the story, and saying something to the affect of “you are still telling them that story?” the end end scene should be them walking out of the room and meeting up with Future Barney and Robin, Future Lilly and Marshall, and their kids, and all of them going somewhere together …

  20. In one of the earlier seasons Barney set ted up with a hooker but she actually turned out to be a paralegal. the episode is called “marry the paralegal I really liked her and she really likes star wars :)

  21. I think amy adams should be ted’s wife.

  22. I love the show….!!!! Love…. Love….it!! :)

  23. I just hope it does’nt end like : ‘Kids, u dont have a mother.. u are adopted!!…’ lol!! :D

    and FYI: I love HIMYM.. <3 Its the best show ever!! :)

  24. What about Emilly Addison as the mother!!!

  25. I just hope that it does not drag on too long, because if my maths is right the kids would be the oldest looking 16 year olds in 2030.

  26. How come the producers have never taken the viewers in to the new GNB building, they need to get the show back on Ted and off of Barney. Don’t get me wrong Barney is funny but he aint the main character

  27. I don’t know if any of you don’t know that ben kingsley is not mandarin. He is just playing a role as an actor.

  28. this show has been dead for many seasons now. i dont get why people are still watching it, i dont get why it hasnt been canceled. i used to be a huge fun but now i feel like its the worst thing that has ever been produced. it sucks and when you think it cant suck anymore you see the next episode and its sucks even more!

  29. I love this show. Love the concept and each episode has comedy and touching moments. Want to know who the mother is tho, and develop the rest of the season around her…