‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Finale: The Mother Revealed!

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how i met your mother season 9 mother1 How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Finale: The Mother Revealed!

Update: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Twist Ending Revealed – Good or Bad?

It may have been a long time coming, but the How I Met Your Mother season 8 finale accomplished the inevitable: it revealed the Mother!

Broadway actress Cristin Milioti, who famously played “Girl” in the stage adaptation of Once, will be filling the role of the series’ title character (above). But her reveal came at the end of the episode. Before that, many important things happened to Ted, Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Barney. Well, mostly to Marshall.

How I Met Your Mother is always at its best when it makes an earnest effort to progress the life stories of its characters and, as expected, the season finale doesn’t disappoint. Ted, who was briefly struggling with his feelings towards Robin, decided that selling his dream house and moving to Chicago would be his best option. After all, Lilly and Marshall are moving to Rome, and Robin – who he may or may not still have feelings for – is marrying Barney. Fortunately, there are a few twists to this finale tale that make sure everyone’s favorite group remains intact.

Marshall, who was away visiting his mother in Minnesota, received an important phone call that will force a change to his and Lilly’s plans to move to Rome in season 9. After previously having submitted himself to become a judge, Marshall received a call to welcome him to the last remaining spot available for a bench seat. Marshall is going to be a judge! That is, unless Lilly nixes the idea. Meanwhile, Barney and Robin hurt, then help, an obnoxious couple’s relationship – and that’s pretty much all that occurs with them; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

how i met your mother season 8 finale1 How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Finale: The Mother Revealed!

Even though Barney and Robin didn’t receive that much play in this season’s finale, the many episodes that came before it complimented their story nicely, even though a few felt a bit old and familiar. To present the Mother, the producers made use of the strength that Marshall and Lilly’s story holds, to help welcome in the long-awaited, eventually-will-be bride of Ted. After Ted’s emotional conundrum set the stage for some welcomed reflection, Marshall’s joyous news kicked in before everything felt, again, a bit too old a familiar. And then, as if given her own storyline, a familiar yellow umbrella at a NY train station tips viewers off to the Mother’s upcoming arrival. And as the episode comes to a close, the Mother steps up to buy her ticket: “Hi. One ticket to Farhampton, please.”

Though the How I Met Your Mother season 8 finale did feel like it ended a bit abruptly given many stories – and obstacles – at hand, the journey was fulfilling and the Mother was, finally, revealed. Now, producers will have time over the course of their off-season to help craft a tale for viewers to fall in love with this mysterious woman who Ted will eventually ask to be his wife. And that, it seems, is where the real challenge lies.


How I Met Your Mother season 9 premieres in September on CBS

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was excited about the reveal. What a reveal!

  2. I skipped the boring stuff.. aka the last 4 seasons. Glad they finally revealed the mother, was beginning to think she was imaginary – kinda wish she was.

  3. I’m so unbelievably happy right now… practically jumped out of my seat when they revealed her cause I was so excited

  4. i can’t stand the Ted and Robin drama. It was cute at first but after the first break up i was done with them. We’ve known she is not the mother from the first episode. Why do they insist on dragging this sub plot out for so damn long.

    Also, it would be interesting to see what Ted does when he meets the mother, having to leave the city only a few hours later. I heard a rumor that season 9 will be done in the style of “24″ as in the 20(ish) episodes will all take place within the 2 days prior to the wedding and the immediate day after.

    I hope they go on for a bit after. I would like to see Marshall and Lily adjust to Italy (meeting Italian Ted, Barney and Robin (whose would be actually Swiss as a joke on her being Canadian) And i want to know what the hell makes this new girl different from the literally scores of women Ted dated in the past. I would hate to have her in 1-2 episodes and leave it at that. I want her to be a full fleshed out character.

    • Not suprised to see robin and ted dragged out. its much like ross and rachel on friends.

      • Friends? You actually WATCHED FRIENDS?….. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • It’s nothing like Ross and Rachel on Friends, because on Friends there was a point to it; they end up together. With HIMYM it’s obvious that Robin isn’t the mother, so I agree that the Ted/Robin subplot is ridiculously worn-out. I think the only reason they’ve drawn it out this long is to try to make the audience stay on pins and needles about the result of the upcoming wedding.

        • Agreed. But, in reply to nowhereman136, Marshall may not even be going to Rome with Lily because of the job offer as a judge.

        • you have to remember that, yes we know that it isnt robin but they dont. It hasnt been drawn out at all. Ted was never going to let go of robin until she gets married and so he will finally let go so he can meet the “mother” of his children

  5. I was a little disappointed with the mother. She is KINDA cute but… I mean, it has been 8 seasons, 8 years that we’ve been looking for this moment and we’ve got a… Simple girl.

    It is not a problem to have a simple girl, I want to know how they will make she interact with Ted. But, I didn’t feel a chemistry between she, Ted and the Series as much I felt when seeing Ted moving out for Robin.

    Well… The really crappy thing is that now we’ve got to wait until next year to see what will happen :(

    • Yes. She’s simple. Because she’s special. See?
      First of all, she’s above average. And she’s adorable.

      The thing that singles her out is her personality, not her looks. She’s quirky and sweet, and not just another Stella- who was a pretty face with zero personality.

      I won’t go on, but I think she’s perfect for the part.

  6. i posted this on facebook and i’ll say it again here. I called it 2 years ago, it’s the girl he bumped into at the bar on st patricks day. lawyer’d!

    • Every person who is a committed How I Met Your Mother fan has called that at some point. It’s a VERY OLD theory. And it’s also wrong because it’s not the same girl..

      • Bumped into; not the married girl he was hitting on. I don’t recall her actually being shown just told she was there.

    • Well you’re wrong so… LAWYERED!

      • Hilarious!

    • Lol and I thought I was the only one who thought that!

    • Nope. Although, I will say, Bump Girl is much hotter than the actual Mother.

    • No, he doesn’t bump into her. He just says that she was there at the club but they did not meet. She was also in the economics class he thought was his class.

  7. I would have rather the mother been played by lyndsy fonseca but she works. Lol

    I hope they don’t drag it out I wanna see Ted ad this girl get married and maybe even the birth of leia.

    • you realize lyndsy fonseca plays his daughter right?

      • @ bob

        Yup I do realize that and that’s part of why I think she’d be perfect. The mother is never gonna be in the same room with the kids and the kids filmed their reaction scenes years ago during season 2. And she’s mid 20s. I think she’s be great. She’s likable and very attractive. Why not.

        • “Why not?”
          …dude… No… just, no.

          • yeah what he said. dude. she plays his daughter.

            • Still think shed be great lol just my opinion. She’s a great actress and she’s the perfect age now. So again. Why not. Lol

              • Dude STOP SAYING WHY NOT. Lyndsy Fonseca CANNOT play the mother because she IS the daughter!

    • I see where you’re coming from, but without her appearance being altered heavily, it would just be plain weird. Her looks haven’t changed so much that you could possibly think her current self and the clips of her as the daughter were two different people.

  8. Aside from the awesome (and overdue) reveal, I kinda felt that the episode was a bit underwhelming. Not because the moments in it weren’t well-done, but because it didn’t feel like a season finale. Geez, how long have they been dragging out this wedding thing?

    I thought they’d at least bring us to the scene of the wedding, rather than just end with it not starting yet. Sigh. This whole season was a drag-fest, honestly speaking. I’m pretty sure they could’ve just as easily compressed Season 8 and Season 9 together. There were an awful lot of filler episodes, and it wasn’t nearly as funny as the last few seasons.

    So how’s this going to work… is he gonna meet her in the Season 9 premiere? Because it would be beyond ridiculous for them to only meet at the wedding at the end of the season, given that we are now 56 hours away from that wedding.

    • I thought the finale was going to be an hour long. Aside from the Mother tag at the end, the ending felt a bit forced.

  9. Boring scenes of ted and robin. Not worth watching anymore. It lost its appeal way back. Hope this is the mother and not just another girl who comes and goes.

    • If you think she’s “just another girl who comes and goes” then you either haven’t been watching the show the past few years, or you weren’t paying attention when important facts about the mother were revealed.

      She IS the “mother”. Now it’s up to season 9 to show how she and Ted finally meet and what makes her so special to him…

  10. How are people disappointed with her? She’s literally had one line so far and people are judging.
    Fair enough that people have their own ideas and assumptions of who the mother might be but let’s wait til next season when she gets to interact with Ted before we judge.

    And for the record, she’s pretty cute.

    • It’s mostly due to all of the build up of 8 seasons wondering who she might be. But you also said it; she’s only just “pretty cute”. I know I was expecting someone that would make Robin, Stella, and Victoria look simple or just “cute”.

  11. omg, IT WAS GREAT. CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 9. the writers have done a great job with the show, and I think season 9 will be boss of all shows. well, not really, but its still a great series, nowhere near walking dead, NCIS, or falling skies. but it ranks in the top 5 of my all time favorites. I’m thinking the mother plays an important roll in season 9. thats why she was introduced in season 8 finale.

  12. I loved the season finale. After a pretty mediocre 8th season, this was a great way to put all it all behind them.

    The big “reveal” felt a little underwhelming though. I really thought the reveal would take place at the wedding. Instead, the scene just looked like a normal (kinda cute) girl, walking up to a normal ticket booth and buying a normal ticket to a normal town – like any normal person would.
    After 8 seasons, I was kind of expecting something more than normal.
    I’m not saying the mother is average or anything (it’s impossible to say so after just a few seconds of footage), but it’s just that after so much build up, one would expect the reveal to feel more special.

    • ^This.

  13. I dropped the series months ago until I heard that the mom finally showed up. I guess I would be picking up season 9, and end it once and for all.

  14. Oh. My. Gosh. OH MY GOSH THEY DID IT! They revealed the mother!!! Question: What is “How i Met Your Mother”?

  15. The season 8 finale was disappointing. While i was watching the last episode it didn’t even occur to me that IT IS THE LAST EPISODE for season 8. Yeah it’s special because there’s a lot of big happenings such as (SPOILER) Marshall who’s going to be a judge, Ted moving to Chicago, etc. but there’s something missing. It didn’t seem special except the part where the mother was revealed.

    Though the mother revealed wasn’t the one who I was expecting, first impressions don’t last. I just hope they make her likable in the next season. They’ve got a whole season to show how different she is with the other girls Ted had dated. *FINGERS CROSSED*

  16. I was immediately annoyed by the Ted/Robin drama still dragged out on Ted’s part, but finally revealing the Mother made it worth it.

    I think she looks great. She’s not supposed to be some rock-bodied goddess. Ted always wanted a simple life, and this girl looks perfect. I just wonder how they’re going to play out this romance over an entire season.

  17. The first thing that struck me is how much Cristin Milioti looks like Lily. Her whole facial structure and smile is the same. Are they going to peg her as Lily’s unknown sister? I hope not.

  18. Isn’t the mother blond? You guys remembered right?

    • Yep, that’s the first thing that crossed my mind…then the bar girl thing.

  19. I liked the S8 finale. I am glad the mother was revealed but also felt like this season was dragged out a little too much. I was at least expecting to see the wedding in the finale but now we will have to wait until next season. Also I will be highly upset if next season it only goes into the Barney & Robin wedding and the whole thing ends with the mother only having a couple of episodes with not going into detail as far as how they hit if off. I want to see what makes her different and want to see it head to the Ted and mother wedding with the kids being born. Hopefully the writers can actually pull off an epic series finale

  20. Two words: SLAP BET!

  21. Oh, and I agree with Leonardo. She was kinda plain and “simple” looking. After 8 seasons of anticipation, I was expecting gorgeous, or at least hotter than Robin.

  22. My goodness, who were y’all expecting? Beyonce? Jessica Alba? She’s very cute. And, the show’s storyline next season doesn’t have to make her attractive enough for Ted, who looks like a mole. The goal is to make her patient enough to put up with his obnoxious, know-it-all persona. … Besides, as well all know after 8 years, the one who REALLY matters is Lily! :-)

  23. what the hell is wrong with some people, how can people be so rude to say shes ugly, I bet those of u that have said that are not particularly attractive and somehow find the confidence to be extremely rude about another persons appearance, whilst hiding behind your laptop!! shame on you!!! I think shes gorgeous and I love the fact that she looks a bit like lilly, it makes it all fit together nicely :)
    but seriously- shame on you!!!!

  24. Who is the mother?????

  25. For her looks we should remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholoder. – As long as “Ted” finds her attractive what does our opinion matter?
    What I’m looking forward to is seeing how this girl is able to interact with the group dynamic. I’ve long been disappointed that the character of “Victoria” was written out of the show as I thought she interacted well with others and would allow for sub-plots.I wish the writers well in their endeavours.

  26. Maybe I’m wrong, but the moment I saw her, I actually thought she was going to be robin’s younger sister…

  27. you SUCK i hate you all you just wreaked the whole series i thought the mother was BLONDE WTAF

  28. Hi! I think you’re right, she must be the Mother (of the two “kids” to whom Ted is telling the story of “how I met YOUR mother”), but is it really necessary that she is also Ted’s wife? I mean: have the kids ever called Ted “father” or “dad”? Has Ted ever called them “sons”, “son”, “daughter”? I think it would have been a great mistake to reveal the Mother AND Ted’s wife at the end of season 8, if the authors do not have the intention to turn things around in season 9 with a greater surprise, namely: Ted is telling the “kids” the story of how he met THEIR mother, but Ted is only their uncle, as Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily are. This leaves open the chance for Ted, for instance, to marry Robin at the end of the series and, since they cannot have children, Ted is just playing the role of the “good uncle” with the children of his NEW FRIEND, the Mother revealed at the end of season 8. This is, I think, the only plausible alternative to a season 9 where we are just going to see how Ted and “the Mother” will eventually get married. So, stay tuned, and don’t think everything’s already over!

  29. Somehow guess I wished it would be him and robin!!! But whatever,show is hilarious !