‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 DVD to Feature Alternate ‘Happy’ Ending

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[NOTE: The following post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the How I Met Your Mother series finale.]

It’s no question that the How I Met Your Mother series finale was controversial among watchers and critics. Not since Lost has a finale episode spawned so much debate (side note: a majority of Screen Rant readers thought that the Lost finale was awesome but nearly 49% hated the HIMYM finale). It’s a bit surprising, however, considering that most hotly debated finales are those of drama series – while this outrage is over a sitcom.

It’s understandable though; has always packed an emotional punch. But the finale’s wallop made some feel more like suckers. Audiences spent 9 seasons watching Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) grow up and out of his childish fantasies to find the woman he was really meant for only to have her die from some unnamed illness so that, year’s later, Ted could regress back to his 20s and end up with Robin (Cobie Smulders). Nevertheless, it appears there’s a bit of light on the horizon.

According to a report over at Deadline, the Season 9 DVD set will include an alternate “happy” ending. Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had apparently contemplated a different conclusion during the run which will make its way onto the DVD as an extra. The adjusted end won’t involve any additional footage, but will instead work everything they’d shot into a different turnout. Producers and 20th Century Fox TV declined to comment on any specifics but the source described this alternate conclusion as a “happy ending.”

From what was presented in the finale, this means that Ted’s alternate reality could go a couple of different ways. One could be that the mother still dies, but Ted considers Tracey the love of his life and remains a widower forever, which isn’t very happy at all. Or, Tracey lives happily ever with Ted and their kids. Of course, those are just the two most obvious possibilities – and it’ll be interesting to see what the producers consider “happy” in their alternate conclusion.

how i met your mother series finale old ted 570x294 How I Met Your Mother Season 9 DVD to Feature Alternate Happy Ending

For some, and depending on what is actually in the alternative ending, this move could be seen as a total cop-out. Bays and Thomas went with the plot they had in mind since the beginning of the show, even going so far as to shoot the scenes of Ted’s kids telling him to go for it with Robin way back in Season 2. Yet, what they didn’t anticipate was how much audiences would love Cristin Milioti as Tracey, how funny she would be and how well she’d meshed with the rest of the cast (especially Ted). They also didn’t appreciate how long fans have been waiting for Ted to get over his childish obsession with Robin. As a result, it might have been better to embrace the Radnor/Milioti chemistry and change the ending altogether.

Now, however, they may have seen the error of their ways – and are attempting to appease fans who were frustrated by the ending – while making an extra buck on DVD sales while they are at it. Of course, the scenes will probably be online within minutes of release.

Still, even if fans get what they want (no guarantees that’s what this “happy ending” entails) and Tracey is saved from an early death, will seeing the alternate take actually make a difference – given that the one that aired is still the primary ending? Sure it’d be fun to see Ted and Tracey grow grey together but won’t the “true” ending always be in the back of our minds?

What would you like to see in the alternate How I Met Your Mother ending?


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There is no official release date set for the How I met Your Mother Season 9 DVD set, so keep checking back for updates.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Meh, a fitting end to a forgettable season was the aired finale, IMO. I could say that this series should have ended a few seasons ago, but I thought up until this last season, the series was good, predictable at some points, but what sitcom isn’t?

    • The end was perfect. The execution could have been better – too much time devoted to the wedding. The outrage is not that Barney and Robin divorced, but that they ever got married to begin with. They did not fit, for me. Also, it has always been obvious that the mother was dead, and that Ted and Robin would find their way back to each other. The story was how he MET their mother…presumably the kids knew the rest of the story of their lives together when she was alive. Furthermore, if you had ever buried your spouse, trust me, you would understand that if you were ready to move on, at that age, to do so with someone that you already love and have a history with would be ideal.

      • Well said. My thoughts exactly.

  2. I wasn’t happy with the ending but I wasn’t unhappy either. I think they did TOO good a job with the mother’s character and Robin and Barney’s relationship. The whole way through the series knowing Robin wasn’t the mother kept me from getting invested in their relationship, and Tracy was just so perfect for Ted, the build up to meeting her, the glimpses of their relationship, she was the “happily ever after” I wanted to see.

  3. Translation for this article: the creators f-cked up and f-cked up big time, potentially killing the gravy train that is future dvd and syndicated/streaming sales for the series to the point of making the show radioactive, costing the owners of the show HUGE revenue down the road. So they are being made to create a new alternate ending (out of existing footage; the ultimate passive agressive f-you the creators could have for being made to create a new ending) and more than likely, not only will the original finale be edited to include the new ending (since doing an alternate ending as a stand-alone giving this situation makes no sense; they HAVE TO include the option of basically letting fans watch the finale with the new ending attached to it with the offending crap axed from the body like a cancerous limb) but I would not be shocked if they flat out ONLY syndicate the fixed episode with the new ending, effectively condemning the bullsh-t version that the show’s creators produced to oblivion.

    Hell, completely purging the broadcast ending from existence save for pirated torrrents would give them the perfect hook to sell the finale season DVD, which the creators have rendered radioactive and unsellable as far as making people buy the DVD to get the real ending, at least before it shows up in syndication

    • Not sure I would go to that extreme, but yeah, the finale kinda blew big time. Slappa da bass!!

    • @jesse baker

  4. I absolutley loved the ending. I get why people are upset but it is so fitting. It makes sense. The show was always about Robin. The finale made sense. Everyone did what they had to do in order to get what they wanted. Marshall had to go to Rome for Lily so one day he could crawl through the fire once again to become Fudge Supreme. Barney had to marry and divorce Robin to learn that he could commit. it led him to his daughter. The love of his life. Robin had to marry and divorce Barney to realize that she wanted a life like that. She had to experience the time alone to truly see the gang is the love of her life and Ted just makes her better. BArney and Robin were the same person essentially so I really dont see that working. Ted had to let Robin go in order to meet Tracey and have the family he always wanted. Robin cant get pregnant. at the time she didnt want what Ted wanted. Ted got everything he ever wanted essentially. It took him 9 years though. It starts with him wanting to find someone to marry and it took 9 years. He had to work hard to get to where he ended up.

    I love this ending.

    • Your points are relevant, but that would have worked so much better if the finale season was done differently.
      They should have made the entire season be about the 17 years between 2013 and 2030, instead of just the last two episodes.
      All the big moments in the future could have been 1-4 episodes worth, we could have seen Ted and the mother together, experienced the grief with him after her death and watched him fall in love with Robin once again.
      Then the finale would have been fitting.

      • I totally agree with you !!

    • Look, i like that he ended up with robin 6 years after tracy died, but it was executed horribly in the episode. The series wasnt about robin, it was supposed to be about tracy and how he found the woman of his dreams. Remember that ‘Time Travelers’ episode where ted breaks down at the end and starts begging the mother for the extra 41 days? thats the kind of emotion i was expecting from the finale because since that episode i was sure she was gonna die, which i was fine with because i thought it would make for an emotional send off for the show, but they simply glossed over her death in a sentence and then ted finishes his story, only for his kids to instantly say “its clear you love robin, go get her”. For them it had been 6 years since her death but it had no weight for us, and essentially felt like the mother was just thrown out in the last 5 minutes :/

      • You are right on that. It seems almost like the creators got a studio order to do a 9th season, but the studio rejected what they wanted to do with the show (ie the future items) for the whole season. So instead, they worked as much of a future view into the season as the studio let them get away with, then tried to cram everything into the finale. I loved the ending but I agree it was horrendously rushed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the alternate ending was in fact an extended ending of like 30 minutes of extra material they filmed that couldn’t fit into the 42 minute broadcast that they were adhered to.

    • I love the ending to How I met your Step Mother too.

    • wrong. since season 4 barney and robin have been in love with each other, they were a love story. barney almost got engaged, got engaged, then got engaged and married robin, theeeeeeen reverted back to a dirty sexaholic banging 31 women in 31 days. ted and the mother were a love story, theeeeeeen she died and he reverted to chasing robin again. horrible ending, the only episode i’ve ever hated.

  5. Am I the only one that was 99% sure that somehow, someway Ted and Robin would end up together when everything was said and done??

    There has been such a negative reaction to last weeks finale and I really enjoyed it. Tracy was the mother, Barney got to be a father, Robin got to travel the world and when all was said and done and the mother passed away (which I was so upset about, I really loved the mother despite her short run on the show) everyone ended up happy.

    • Well, except for the stone dead mother, the kids (who lost said stone dead mother) and Barney.

      Oh, and most of the viewers.

  6. Talk about too little, too late. This backlash could have been avoided if the producers & creators had gone from Ted first talking to Tracey with the train rolling by to Ted saying that’s how I met your Mother to the credits. Then their ending could have been used as a special edition to sell dvds. The producers were warned by Josh Radner that perhaps they should change the ending but they ignored him. People like these producers need to realize that why legally the show or movie belongs to them they are answering to the fans thus they need to make the fans happy. It’s a shame they’ve realized that in this case too late.

    • More than that, they answer to the wallets of people that fronted the money for the whole project. As JesseBaker noted, the ending could be a terminal blow to the long term health of the series in both syndicated and DVD markets, thus actually costing them real money down the line.

  7. They’ll probably just copy the fan made alternate ending

  8. I hear so many people crying about the ending to this show. Really? I don’t even watch it and I knew from the moment I heard about the concept what the ending was. I mean, seriously, common sense people. “Oh yah, let me sit you guys down and tell you this whole long-winded story about how I met your mother, that’s right here beside us because she’s still alive.” Um, hello McFly??

  9. I am a longtime admirer of the show and it’s characters. Even in the last few seasons, when things had gotten pretty poor I kept watching for one main reason. The buildup to meeting the mother, starting late in season 8, was matched and even exceeded by the scenes of the actual meeting. That scene under the yellow umbrella was a beautiful way to tie everything together, and perhaps that’s where the writers should have kept it. I loved the Ted Robin chemistry in the early going but by the end there was no way that they could reunite without me feeling like the characters had learned nothing. And you know that Ted Robin isn’t going to work out in the end because they simply aren’t right for each other

  10. It was a crappy ending to a series full of inconsistencies. Most of all, Ted’s character; never before have a seen such an obnoxious character in a TV series as this one.

    Someone mentioned this before, the producers found out they screw it big time and now they think they can salvage this mess with an alternate ending. “you see kids, this is what happens when you think you are too smart”.

  11. If there is anything worse than a bad ending, it’s that they know it’s a bad ending and still don’t change it. As if an alternative ending would make anyone happy with how this turned out.

  12. It wasn’t just about Ted. They pissed everyone else with how they handled Barney and Robin’s stories too.

    • Agreed, i feel like through through the growth Barney mad as a person right out the window. Robin was perfect for him like the mother was for Ted

      • throw*

  13. Everything went down south, when Barney and Robin divorced.

  14. “side note: a majority of Screen Rant readers thought that the Lost finale was awesome”

    Looking at the poll, it says 33% thought it was awesome. Since when is that a majority?

  15. Clearly they had this ending in mind from the start. They shot the scene when the kids tell Ted his story is about Robin, not the Mother years ago. But I don’t think they told the story properly for that ending to be fitting. Ted got over her already. He grew up as a person. He met the right one, had children, married her, and loved her ’till she died. And he’s entitled to pursue other love interests 6 years after her death. But this is a TV show, not real life. Having him go back to Robin makes the Mother nothing but a surrogate to have the children Robin couldn’t give him. They totally took a dump on the Mother as a character and the whole journey to find her.

  16. “They also didn’t appreciate how long fans have been waiting for Ted to get over his childish obsession with Robin.”

    I have to say to this, once you know you truly love someone, you’re going to obsess over them for the rest of your life and look at that person as the only person you ever really cared about.

    I haven’t seen the finale yet (we’re still midway through the final season in the UK) but I read the ending and thought it was the perfect way to end it due to Ted’s ongoing love for Robin. He must have felt horrible when she married Barney but the way he went after Robin at the end to me signals that the ending we got was the “happy” ending. You’d have to be a heartless, completely unemotional and devoid of a soul being to think otherwise.

    The others seem like “what if?” endings that I personally will ignore and pretend never existed.

    • It’s the American audience. They love having everything end with a nice shiny bow. I thought the ending was as realistic as possible without compromising the tone and the integrity of the show. Sure, Ted could have ended up happily ever after with Tracey, but that would have been SO predictable and boring. The show got the perfect ending in my opinion.

      • I liked the ending.

      • I’m part of the “American Audience” and I assumed the mother was gonna die and it didn’t bother me. From the beginning I assumed it was gonna be an on again off again plot device type of relationship. I would not mind for robin to end up with ted they already knew each other and had an established relationship. I liked how barney ended up having a daughter and even though it seems like he went back to his old ways to me he seems like he changed because he tells the girls at the bar that they should be ashamed of themselves and they make it seem like he will be a good father. The only thing i didn’t like was that they took a whole season to get barney and robin married and then divorce them in 3 minutes and the same thing with ted even though 6 years past in the tv show it was no time at all to the viewers and it felt like they just threw Tracey away after she was so perfect for ted and got along so well with the group. They can keep the story the same they should have just spent less time telling the wedding story and more episodes with ted and the mother and of ted grieving so the viewers could have some insight and context into the situation and make the viewers naturally gravitate towards ted going back with roin instead of just tossing the story together in one episode.

  17. I was really disappointed with the depressing ending to what has been one of my favorite shows of all times. First, they made us get attached to Tracy and made us believe how Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. and then, they just simply threw all this out the window, they killed Tracy; and Barney and Robin got divorced. All the time they spent showing how Barney had grown as person after he started dating robin and not to mention the legen-dary way in which he proposed to her and the way Ted let go of Robin and met the love of his life ,its like it was all a waste. The ending was a complete opposite of what it should have been.

  18. I was really disappointed with the depressing ending to what has been one of my favorite shows of all times. First, they made us get attached to Tracy and
    made us believe how Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. And then, they just simply threw all this out the window, they killed Tracy;
    and Barney and Robin got divorced. All the time they spent showing how Barney had grown as person after he started dating robin and not to mention the
    legen-dary way in which he proposed to her and the way Ted let go of Robin and met the love of his life ,its like it was all a waste.
    The ending was the complete opposite of what it should have been.

  19. I thought the ending was perfect. Because Thats what happens in life, People pass away, friends grow apart, people start families and then sometimes people find there way back to one another. The ending made a series I was annoyed with something special.

    • What about the show has been about reality though? The premise is true love. They spent so much time showing that Ted and Robin were wrong for each other and Robin and Barney worked in their own crazy way. Then they throw it all away, because that’s reality? This is the same finale with a ring-bear…

      • You’re right, this isn’t reality. If the show had finished after 3 or 4 seasons I could buy the ending, but after 9 seasons of showing us how the Ted Robin ending wasn’t going to work and building up the Mother so much the ending that the writers envisaged, the ending didn’t fit the show.

  20. I really don’t understand the idea of making that origional ending.
    With that ending the creators didn’t just ruin many fans opinion about the show and the whole point of the show, they also ruined any possible success of a show they’ll create in the future:
    If lets say that in the future a new show of “How I Met Your Father” will be designed. how can it have major ratings after viewers remember that those same creators made a crappy ending to the last show they’ve created??

    The alternate ending might be different, but don’t expect to see in it new scenes.
    The actors already confirmed that they didn’t shot any multiply endings. I guess this whole other ending is just a work of editing nothing more…

  21. I’m from Argentina, and lots of fans from here don’t like the finale, so is not just the Americans.

    Reading lots of complains in twitter and in another pages, the most annoying thing was that Robin and Barney didn’t end up together. The creators made us love their couple, since season five, and they are really cute. We’ve seen that Robin really loves Barney, and she said it in an episode in season 8. Barney changes a lot because of her, and she did lots of things. Also, they dedicated all the last season in their wedding, and they separated them in only ten minutes. And then, Barney returned back to season one and had a child with an unknown, that was awful! And I think that there were lots of Barney and Robin shipers, and lots of fans of Barney Stinson, so I think this was the worst problem. Also, the end of Tracy was not the best.

    But, I think the alternative ending is a change in the edition, so I don’t think they could change this things.

    Sorry for the grammatic, but I’m from Argentina.

  22. Dindn’t they do a focus group study the alternate endings?
    It’s too late now.

    In the 9 years the characters have just been inconsistently going back and forth. Marshall between corporate law and environmental law. Barney between a womanizer and growing up, Ted being or getting over Robin,
    Robin deciding between love and career. In the end, I was not convinced that a baby is enough to change barney. And I was not convinced that the blue french horn is the start of a happy ending for the Two of them.

  23. okay so the ending was s*** really s*** everyone regressed to there former selves for like 17 years before they become the people they were in season 8 friends who were ready to move on and become real adults i think the ending was a big mistake the shows creators had a good idea to film an ending early on incase it got cancelled but underestimating the reaction to the mother and the relation ship i mean come on you filmed that ending during season2 it was clear you needed to update it because the show has grown and the characters have grown now someone has already beat you to an alternate ending because one of the fans download the episode in hd and reedited the footage to be a “happy” ending as you would say which is the same thing your trying to do know no wonder cvs passed on how i met your dad every one was so excited before the ending about a possible spinoff but know with this no one would want to go though this again

    • sorry cbs and the alternate ending is on youtube

  24. I haven’t sen the final season yet, but I do know how it ends. Knowing the ending and going back to re-watch the series, it’s clear the mother is dead, especially when you get to the episode in season 8 where Ted says he wishes he could go to the Mother’s apartment to have the extra 45 days with her. I don’t think his relationship with Robin is childish, I think it’s just one of those where the only thing keeping you apart is life goals, that being Ted wanting a family and Robin wanting a career and no kids. Otherwise their relationship was perfect so to speak. So when the mother dies, why not return to the other woman you loved, just as much, when your lives match up better? They were right for each other, but when they first met they weren’t ready for each other, they moved on, but life gave them another opportunity when they were ready. It’s hard to walk away from something that works. I like that they had this chance and it makes revisiting the show that much sweeter.

  25. I hated the ending. The whole show was about Ted trying to find the one person that was right for him. I loved Tracey and thought that the fact she dies so early reined the point of the whole show. Instead she and Ted should have had many happy years together and the ending should have shown their grandchildren. I also felt bad for Barney and hoped that he and Robin would somehow make it work.