CBS Looking to Reboot ‘How I Met Your Mother’ with Spinoff Series – Will You Watch?

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how i met your mother spinoff 570x294 CBS Looking to Reboot How I Met Your Mother with Spinoff Series   Will You Watch?

Though Ted has still yet to fulfill the promise in the show’s title, CBS is already looking to spin-off How I Met Your Mother into an entirely new series, this time focusing on a mother telling her children the tale of how she met their father. After 9 years and 190 episodes, are audiences ready to start things all over again?

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox Television (the studio that makes the show) is currently in talks with creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator Emily Spivey to helm the new series that’s been referred to as How I Met Your Father. The spinoff series would introduce a new group of friends from New York and this time focus on quest for love from the female perspective. Though nothing has yet been made official, if the spinoff series does moves forward, the new cast could be introduced in the How I Met Your Mother series finale.

When it comes to television spinoffs, it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not it will strike the same with note with audiences that the original did – though How I Met Your Father does have a few things going for it. Aside from familiar settings, like New York and (possibly) MacLaren’s Pub, still part of the franchise, there’s something inherently compelling about using How I Met Your Mother’s structure to explore the journey to marriage from the female perspective.

Of course, when one beings to talk about spinoffs, comparisons to the original are inevitable, but in How I Met Your Father’s case, that could very well be a death knell. After so many years of unanswered questions, missed encounters and awkward conversations about sleeping with everyone except the Mother, will the series’ dedicated following give the spinoff a chance – will they even want to?

how i met your mother spinoff 2 570x294 CBS Looking to Reboot How I Met Your Mother with Spinoff Series   Will You Watch?

Even if How I Met Your Father creates a great story and casts a terrific group of friends, the series will still have to deal with fans comparing the spinoff to the original. When you toss in the familiar New York setting and the (possible) return of MacLaren’s Pub, the comparisons grow even more – so much so that it’s no longer seen by viewers as a spin-off but, at worst, a version of the series that may have come from an alternative universe (something just doesn’t seem right.)

Still, at its core, How I Met Your Mother is a modern tale of friendship and love, and there’s no doubt that How I Met Your Father will attempt to be the same, this time from the female perspective. So even though the original series, at times, may wander from what audiences would like to see, it has consistently provided earnest entertainment, at such a consistently high caliber, for longer than most shows on the air. Whether or not audiences give the new series a chance – or if the series will even make it to air – is another question.

No word on whether or not Barney’s Bro Code will make the move to the new series.

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How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays @8pm on CBS

Source: Deadline

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  1. I would watch this. From a females perspective. Absolutely. Sounds funny and why not keep the pub. I think it’s be cool. I’d at least give it a shot.

    • I think we would be better off with them making a new tv show instead of a spin off. Look at the show weeds. I loved it but any show has only so many seasons. That show ended and now we got orange is the new black. just like the shield and sopranos ending led to sons of anarchy. I think the ppl who made it could make a way better new show then a spin off.

      • “just like the shield and sopranos ending led to sons of anarchy”

        Hmmm,this seems more than a little off.

        I know that Kurt Sutter wrote more than a few episodes of The Shield,and was a character also,but I don’t think those two are any way connected,especially since The Shield was Shawn Ryan’s baby.

        Don’t even know where The Sopranos comparison comes in.

        On topic,I think this isn’t a very good idea,unless they are committed to somehow crossing over the show so that the two characters meet in the end,but by that time,HIMYM will be even more long in the tooth than it already is,thus this probably should have happened about 5 years ago.

  2. wtf Hollywood? really?

  3. How I Banged Your Mother

  4. I feel like they would be making this for the wrong reasons.

    I like the mother, cant remember her name but I know her face and that she’s from the broadway scene and stuff. She’s talented but I dunno if she could carry a show just like Jason Segal, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan, and most importantly (wait for it… hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the last member of this cast is le-ge) Neil Patrick Harris. The chemistry they have as a cast would be something pretty difficult to replicate.

    • It’s not gonna be starring the ‘mother’ from How I met Your Mother, it will be a new group of friends, with a seperate story, characters, but in New York like the first series. Read the article

      • Hmmm I reread it and it still seems unclear.

        The first time I read:

        “CBS is already looking to spin-off How I Met Your Mother into an entirely new series, this time focusing on the mother telling her children the tale of how she met their father.”

        When it actually reads: “a mother”

        I could have misinterpreted it but its weird that they would pick some random person when they could just focus on THE mother aka Ted’s wife which would allow for crossovers of old characters and the like.

  5. No more – and I say this as a huge fan and someone who’s really enjoying the current season.
    The show’s run it’s course. I also feel that they’d be making it for the wrong reasons.

    Just let the show end on a high note and leave it there. It’s been 9 years… NINE YEARS.

    • completely agree with you there

    • I’m with you Avenger. I have watched this series since episode one. I have stuck with the show through the ups and downs, bad and good seasons. I cannot wait for the pay-off in the finale. I can admit to being intrigued by the concept of following the mother in her quest to meet Ted (assuming) that is the concept. Seeing Ted “teach” that first class from her perspective. Having one of her friends come to the bar complaining about some dude named Lorenzo von Matterhorn.

      However, I think a spin-off would be doomed to fail. It would become more about the cameos and the winks towards HIMYM fans. People would be playing a wheres waldo game looking for the original cast members or sets. I think the format should be done after this series. I do not think fans would be as patient to meet the father as they have to meet the mother. All my opinion of course.

  6. The Mother does not need to carry the show, Ted is the “main character” of HIMYM and he is the weakest link. As long as they surround her with good characters/actors the show could be good.
    As long as they don’t do cookie cutter characters that are supposed to be equal to the characters we already know but different(the Barney, the adorable couple that has been together forever,the Tomboy etc…).
    Plus it would be kinda of cool for the show to become a period piece. I assume that the show would be set back when HIMYM was first launched so @ early 2000′s? You could have young versions of the HIMYM cast digitally inserted in the background during scenes.

    • @ Justin

      You’re right she wouldn’t have to “carry the show” so to speak but she would be the shows anchor and/or centerpiece.

      You also touch on my point that she would need to be surrounded by a stellar supporting cast for the spinoff to be anything close to the original. The HIMYM 5 main cast members work great together. You get through most of the bad episodes of the series just because you’re in love with their group and they make you laugh just because you’re so attached to them. THAT appeal and instant relatability that the HIMYM characters have will be difficult to make from scratch. I highly doubt they could make a group as awesome as Marshall/Lily, Barney, Ted & Robin. That’s what I meant to say in the previous comment.

      That being said it would be awesome to see Barney sleep with all the mothers friends haha

  7. I think someone needs to learn the meaning of “reboot.” A spin-off is not a reboot, and a reboot is not a spin-off.

  8. If it wasn’t for NPH, this show wouldn’t have lasted. The Ted Mosby character is practically a female already, I don’t see much deviation from the original.

  9. Uh, this show is good DESPITE its terrible and downright creepy premise.

    “Hey Kids, let me tell you about all the girls I banged before I met your mother! Your Aunt Robin… totally hit that.”

  10. I think it would be really hard to make a show about “the quest for love from a female perspective” that is not either Sex and the City or just a girl basically living her life until The Father asks her out pretty much randomly. If you wrote a genuinely hopeless romantic like Ted as a female it would be a boring rather standard female tv trope, aaand the show would be railed against by feminists.

  11. They just need to let it be its own entity. The show was great, then it was okay, and now it seems to be finishing up strong. CBS should let it go and show some creativity by doing something new.

  12. I’m not even watching Mother anymore. Two eps in this season I just suddenly lost interest.

    I can’t believe people would invest all that time in a new series, knowing how long it would take to spin down…On the other hand, if it’s funny, why not. I guess chicks need their own version of a story…On the other hand. THis show was primarily directed by a woman, and has two strong female leads. So it’s a solid chick show anyways.

  13. I don’t really watch the hsow and am unsure how the concept has lasted 9 seasons.

    All I do know is that Cobie is still as hot as ever, especially as Maria Hill.

  14. “How I Killed Your Father” CSI-style forensic sit-com anyone?

    • I’d watch it

  15. My brother’s a huge fan of the show. Just told him this spin-off news and his reaction was “Why? What’s the point?”

  16. How I killed your Father starring Bryan Cranston.

  17. This spin-off is going to be LEGEN….wait for it……keep waiting….I’m not going to finish the phrase because I do not believe in this project…or do I…DARY!!!

    This could work. How I Met Your Mother is a classic sitcom storyline about a group of friends and a spin-off could easily work especially if they don’t incorporate any existing characters for more than cameo roles. It’ll be a brand new sitcom about friends with implications of being related to HIMYM. Plus, she’s in a band…think of the stories!

  18. depends entirely on the cast

  19. I will settle for a cast of six Neil Patric harris’s

  20. Only if it follows The Mother from before she met Ted.

  21. I don’t think there should be a spin-off (some things are better left alone) But if CBS is insistent on making this a reality, rather than a lame spin-off with completely new characters, why not actually tell the story from the Mother’s perspective using the same kids who now have to sit and listen to the mother’s life leading up to Farmhampton. They would obviously have to cast and build a show around Cristin Milioti’s character but they could also bring back Rachel Bilson who would reprise her role as Cindy and there could potentially be opportunities down the road for Josh Radnor and the rest of the gang we know and love to reprise their roles in guest appearances. In fact, I love this idea.

  22. I still don’t see where they say the story will focus on the mother

    • It’s a spin-off. That implies it is based on an existing character. The mother would be the obvious choice since they’ve already covered how Robin met Barney and Lily met Marshall and Ted met the Mother. But who knows, maybe it’s about how Falguni met Ranjit. Or maybe it picks up with Quinn after her and Barney split up. Actually, the Quinn idea might work that way they can keep it in present day.

  23. Isn’t How I Met Your Mother being dragged on long enough? I still think it should’ve finished by the 3rd season.

  24. I don’t know if I would watch another 9 seasons of a show to find out how a couple met. Maybe if they change it up and call it, “How I met your Father and Lost him to a Zombie Apocalypse.”

  25. As long as they don’t mimic the character arcs yknow? Like I don’t want Barney-type, Robin-type, and Marshall and Lily-type characters to be in her friend group, I would want totally new characters

  26. I may check out the pilot, but I am not all hyped about it. Plus this is basically just the Mother telling the story, but since taking that route will mean repeating the entire nine seasons of HIMYM, they will make new characters to tell the likely story of how the Mother found her Ted instead (?).
    Unless this IS the Mother’s story and Cristin is the star (and likely Rachel Bilson will be part of this and Josh will be a recurring character) but still, am not really excited about it because w/ HIMYM we don’t know the endgame. If this IS the Mother’s story prior to Ted, then whatever the series finale of HIMYM will be will also be HIMYF. So… yes, what’s the point?

    Plus, if they really do want to extend this story, then why not make a spinoff of like ‘The Mosbys’ or something? At least let us have more of Ted x The Mother (and by that, I shamelessly do mean more of Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti).

  27. If the quality in writing, humour of the last few seasons is any indication of what the spin off would be. No thank you.

  28. This show should have ended about 6 seasons ago. Without NPH this show would have ended 6 years ago. The spin off is a bad idea.

  29. I would give it a shot, but how many more ideas can they possibly have to make another show rather than just slapping on the same things they had in HIMYM.