CBS Orders Pilot for ‘How I Met Your Dad’ Spin-Off Series

Published 1 year ago by , Updated March 31st, 2014 at 7:18 pm,

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Reaction CBS Orders Pilot for How I Met Your Dad Spin Off Series

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Despite their often maligned reputation, television spin-off series are not always cynical or low-quality affairs. Cheers gave way to the long-running Frasier; Buffy the Vampire Slayer birthed the well-liked Angel; and Happy Days left behind the fondly remembered Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy.

That said, news of a beloved series planning to spin off into another property is still greeted with trepidation. Such was the case when the Internet caught wind of a planned How I Met Your Mother spin-off, set to trace the story from the perspective of the titular mother. Now, How I Met Your Dad has been confirmed to be in the works – no doubt the television-watching community on the Web will have some choice commentary.

THR reports that CBS has officially ordered a pilot episode of How I Met Your Dad, with a possible series dependent on the pilot’s success when it airs in the fall of 2014. The pilot script will be written by Emily Spivey (Up All Night) along with current How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas (Da Ali G Show) and Carter Bays (The Goodwin Games).

As previously hinted, How I Met Your Dad will feature an entirely new cast of characters and will center on the mother hinted at in the central premise of the previous series. Of course, the new show will take place in the same “universe” as How I Met Your Mother, so it seems likely that the two will cross over at some point during the series’ (currently hypothetical) run.

How I Met Your Mother Tip One Back CBS Orders Pilot for How I Met Your Dad Spin Off Series

It’s difficult to argue that the decision to green-light How I Met Your Dad comes from anything but CBS’s anxiety over losing one of its major ratings anchors when How I Met Your Mother finally comes to a close. Over the years, How I Met Your Mother has assembled a great comedic ensemble with an impressive chemistry. After sweeping all that away, how will its successor be able lure Mother’s audience back for another round?

Of course, the creators behind How I Met Your Dad are both talented and so closely related to the original production that a sense of continuity between the two will be guaranteed. Additionally, a completely new cast and storyline offer just as many opportunities for success as they do pitfalls.

It remains to be seen whether How I Met Your Dad will be come into its own and linger in the social consciousness like The Jeffersons, or fade into an obscure curio such as Joey. What are your thoughts, Screen Rant readers? Will you be watching?


How I Met Your Dad will likely air on CBS in late 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. Please, no more… Make it stop!!!!!

  2. I am most bothered by the fact that it’s called “How I Met Your Dad” and not “How I Met Your FATHER.” Does that bother anyone else?

    • i am hahah

    • yea, it should be called “How I Met Your Father”

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought.

    • How I Met Your Baby Daddy

      • LOL :) :)

    • lol! me too

    • Now it does.

      This tv show is going to fail so freaking hard… DOA. I wonder how people that decided this find jobs in that world.

    • That makes a lot of sense.

    • I like film ” Batman vs Superman “

  3. Screenrant should an article on the best spin-offs in television history. It would be interesting to see the list of popular shows that were spin offs of other previous shows.

    • With all of the spin-offs coming up (“Girl Meets World”, “Better Call Saul”, “The Walking Dead” spin-off, now this one), that seems like it would be a fantastic idea. I second it!

  4. It’s gonna be, Awe………(wait for it)……………………ful.

    • even with the pause to correct your error, you still managed to spell that wrong. Kudos, it’s hard to reach that level of stupid

      • Is it at all possible they spelled it that way so for even a fraction of a second it was thought they would end it with “som” making it Awesome. Evn not how is one entire letter entering a “hard to reach level of stupid” like there are worse things in the world than one extra letter I mean dear god man we may have another show that goes on far too long

        • You are correct. It was suppose to appear to be Awesome. G/J.

          • Using “suppose to” rather than “supposed to” doesn’t help your case. Nor does it make us believe you had any notion of the “awesome” point until the other person commented giving you a way out.

            • @Brian, that makes absolutely no sense what you just said. Just because he wrote “suppose to” rather than “supposed to”? Really? Seriously, do yourself a favor and stop using the Internet.

              @Shamose, calling someone else stupid on the Internet for no reason at all – plus for not being able to think outside the freaking box – makes you the most stupid person in my book.

      • That’s a little harsh for a little spelling error.

      • Shamose. This isn’t junior high school where spelling and punctuation matter. It’s the internet, dude, anything goes. Get a life….

  5. It the podcast you said it’d be a new mother? Is that not now the case?

    • @Ben – that’s what I wondered too. SR Underground update time!

  6. sh*t. Done!

  7. I’d be on board with this. Even if its only the one season. The Mother is a delightful character so far and I would like to see more of her

    • Even with the audacity to chastise that guy before about his spelling error, you still forgot to put a contraction into it’s; you also wrote two fragmented sentences and just dropped the word optimistic in there needlessly. It must be REALLY hard to reach that level of stupid.

  8. so . . . they actually showed who the mom was?

  9. Neil Patrick Harris and Colbie Smulders are arguably bigger draws than Ted himself. This new series is going to suffer greatly from a lack of the Barney Stinson character and risks appearing to “chase the dragon” if it tries to recreate him.

    • Adam Sandler needs to jump on board as the brother of the Mother, so there would be an actual Uncle when the story is told and not a friend who is referred to as an Uncle.

      At least this way, you have a big name that can draw in the crowd. Everyone else could be no names but with Sandler, it can work.

      • Or a brother from another mother.

    • Absolutely

  10. It’s not a spin off if none of the orginal characters aren’t in it and your repeating the premise of the showing your spinning off from. A remake is more accurate dont you think?

    • Supposedly it will star the Mother from the original series, and it will be set within the same universe. So yeah, it’s a spin-off.

      • No, NOT the “original” mother that we have just met.
        An entirely new group of people.
        The only original character would be McLaren’s bar.

        • Yeah, what Michael said. This article is wrong. It’s gonna be a completely new cast. The Mother won’t be in it. It’s just the same premise as How I Met Your Mother except this time the Ted-esque character is a girl.

          • Yeah, the main character will be Tedwena.
            Her friends are the very promiscuous Barbie, college friend Marsha, and her husband Lyle.
            In New York, they meet Robert, a Television reporter from Canada, who has a deep dark secret. He was in Spark, a Canadian boy band. Hilarity ensues.
            Should be fun. Unique, and nothing like it on TV.

            • :) :)

            • Wheres the poop robin…………….

    • Could not disagree with you more on this season. While I still find it amusing (as long as the Mother isn’t on screen sucking the life out of it like Jennifer Morrison also did), the idea of dragging on a wedding over a whole season just shows how tired the writers are (and how unwilling to bring in new talent to the show).

      The show should have ended two years ago on a high, but these days, networks drag on shows for years and years past their creative freshness date (witness poor CSI still carrying on 10 years after its creative death!)

  11. I don’t mind watching the new show as long as it has the quality of the first five seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Otherwise – no, thank you.

  12. Doesn’t anyone have an original idea anymore all get is sequels, prequels, reboots, and now a lot of spin offs. Can’t someone do some creative thinking on their own.

    • There are LOTS of original ideas in Hollywood.

      The studios and networks don’t want them. They HATE anything remotely original with a passion only matched by their eagerness to declare to any journalist listening how they crave to create original content.

      In other words: they do remakes because they won’t be fired when they fail. The “geniuses” running the corporations would fire them if their original shows failed but give them bonuses to make bad remakes.

  13. I do feel that this is milking How I Met Your Mother but only time will tell having it based in the same universe and the possible crossover that could occur could be fun and while the orginality is not there it could still be entertaining and I would give it a watch.

  14. Cobie in that coat got me to click on this article. ;)

  15. Spinoffs didn’t have a horrible reputation back a few years ago (merely a bad one) because we hadn’t been subjected to the oddles of hideous spinoff/remake/adaptations we have these days.

    To be fair, most current new shows are so awful, they make shows I used to think of as mediocre look brilliant in comparison.

    That said, CBS is now in full meltdown, trying hard to do all the stupid things that have killed NBC, FOX and ABC’s ratings (CW never had any ratings worth speaking about).

  16. Given how the quality of “How I met your mother” has dipped….I am really not looking forward to it.

    “Finding who the mother was”…was a great carrot stick, but had a great storyline and comedy to keep it going. The last 3 seasons have been very painful to watch.

    • Same here. I don’t think even the most die-hard fans of the series will even watch the pilot.

  17. “How I Met Your Dad will feature an entirely new cast of characters and will center on the mother hinted at in the central premise of the previous series”

    Kyle and the rest of SR, you guys realize that the spinoff isn’t going to be from the titular Mother’s perspective, right? It’s gonna be an ENTIRELY NEW cast, the only connection the old one being McLarens pub. The spinoff will be from a female perspective, but not Ted’s wife’s (the titular mother). It’ll be a new female.

  18. Why don’t they just do the final—or second to final—episode of HIMYM from the mother’s point of view or something? Let her finish the story.

  19. So all the screenwriters have to do is find and replace “Mother” with “Father” in the scripts press print and have a whole new series… 5 minutes work and $$$$$$$$ for nothing… Creative!!!! Not.

    • That’s the sad thing about TV today. CBS was the last network not to do stuff like that, but sadly it’s become as brain-dead as ABC, FOX, NBC and CW now that Les Moonves has given the reins to Nina Tassler.

      • The network with 12 versions of CSI and NCIS was the last to make spinoffs? I believe CBS is the Grandfather of this trend.

        • Yeah…
          It has been so long that people have forgotten that NCIS was a spinoff of JAG.

          • I came online just to tell you that I was not aware that NCIS was a JAG spinoff. Beyond them both being Navy, I would have never seen the connection.

            I’m not being sarcastic, this is honestly news to me.

            • I didn’t know that either. However, I’m not an avid viewer of either of those shows.

          • Very true, although NCIS was only a spinoff because CBS did not want to pay for a real pilot.

            NCIS has really nothing in common with JAG (except the Navy part) and is in many ways more like “Navy CSI”.

            I’m not saying there was a halcyon days of perfect creativity, but look at NCIS and it has more creativity and craft than all the new shows of this season put together (and if the new shows keep shedding viewers, it will also have more viewers… almost ;).

            • Going back, a better explanation of my point in context may be that CBS was doing spin-offs of thriving hits, not of OK-rated shows like HIMYM that had already fallen on hard creative times. It would be like waiting 8 years to spin CSI off after it had lost its mojo.

        • That’s an interesting point, but CBS did pich JAG up when nobody wanted it and picked CSI after ABC rejected it so I give them a pass on a lot of it.

          Also, those spinoffs were successful, unlike the current crop.

  20. If this is from the perspective of the mother from HIMYM, will they set it 9 years ago because that’s where Ted started his story. Everyone would have flip phones instead of smart phones…etc.

    It would make more sense to use brand new characters and have the story start in this day and age instead of almost a decade ago. I barely remember the fads, trends, and pop culture references from last year let alone from ten years ago.

  21. ill get it a shot i didnt like himym at frist but it grew on me i think it might be a hit but i hobestly think you should do from the mothers side and yes cross into the old one at times

    • honestly sorry

  22. Nope!!! im done. ive done my waiting! 10 years of it! in Azkaban… I mean at home in front of my tv.

  23. A good one may be on final how i met your dad the father would be marvin wait for it
    eriksen or the mother his future sister

  24. I cant believe they are not giving a season 10 for himym

    • I have to disagree with you. They long ago ran out of ideas. This season is essentially a double episode stretched to a whole season (with a ridiculous amounts of flashbacks).

      CBS should have decided to end it at season 7 (and then if only Jennifer Morrison hadn’t killed half of the episodes the season she was on), this wold have been a consistently good show.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it to a degree but it’s very far from what it used to be.


  26. I am so excited! I’m so happy to finally meet the mother and now I want to know more about her! I just learned yesterday that their doing a spin off and I’m so happy. I think it’s going to be awesome! There’s so much potential for this show, I’m excited to see times they almost crossed paths from her perspective or even ways the storylines almost cross paths and maybe further explain a piece of a story line untold from a different perspective. I think this shows going to be awesome, but I do agree it should be called how I met your father, but I’d watch no matter what they called it!

  27. Dear Creators of How I Met Your Mother and he creators of How I Met Your Dad,

    I am only twelve but I truly appreciate How I Met Your Mother. It has gotten me through hard times… Like when my Grandmother died. I love this show. I can quote most if not all lines from the series. This might sound bad… But it’s true. I love this show. Please try your hardest to keep the spirit alive. How I Met Your Mother is my “go to show” no matter what. When I’m sad… How I Met Your Mother. When I’m happy… How I Met Your Mother. When I’m angry… How I Met Your Mother. I idolize Ted Mosby. He is just so perfect in his own way. I love all the cast and characters. Really what I’m trying to ask… Is can you please keep this feeling of How I Met Your Mother alive for a twelve year old boy. That is all that I want. For the Legend of this show to live on. I know it’s a bunch of pressure, but I think it is totally possible. If you pull this off it will be Legend-Wait-For-It… Dary. Legendary!

    ~Cole Dugan~

    P.S. This was really hard to type because I’m doing it on an IPad. Just sayin.