CBS Orders Pilot for ‘How I Met Your Dad’ Spin-Off Series

Published 1 year ago by , Updated March 31st, 2014 at 7:18 pm,

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Reaction CBS Orders Pilot for How I Met Your Dad Spin Off Series

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Despite their often maligned reputation, television spin-off series are not always cynical or low-quality affairs. Cheers gave way to the long-running Frasier; Buffy the Vampire Slayer birthed the well-liked Angel; and Happy Days left behind the fondly remembered Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy.

That said, news of a beloved series planning to spin off into another property is still greeted with trepidation. Such was the case when the Internet caught wind of a planned How I Met Your Mother spin-off, set to trace the story from the perspective of the titular mother. Now, How I Met Your Dad has been confirmed to be in the works – no doubt the television-watching community on the Web will have some choice commentary.

THR reports that CBS has officially ordered a pilot episode of How I Met Your Dad, with a possible series dependent on the pilot’s success when it airs in the fall of 2014. The pilot script will be written by Emily Spivey (Up All Night) along with current How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas (Da Ali G Show) and Carter Bays (The Goodwin Games).

As previously hinted, How I Met Your Dad will feature an entirely new cast of characters and will center on the mother hinted at in the central premise of the previous series. Of course, the new show will take place in the same “universe” as How I Met Your Mother, so it seems likely that the two will cross over at some point during the series’ (currently hypothetical) run.

How I Met Your Mother Tip One Back CBS Orders Pilot for How I Met Your Dad Spin Off Series

It’s difficult to argue that the decision to green-light How I Met Your Dad comes from anything but CBS’s anxiety over losing one of its major ratings anchors when How I Met Your Mother finally comes to a close. Over the years, How I Met Your Mother has assembled a great comedic ensemble with an impressive chemistry. After sweeping all that away, how will its successor be able lure Mother’s audience back for another round?

Of course, the creators behind How I Met Your Dad are both talented and so closely related to the original production that a sense of continuity between the two will be guaranteed. Additionally, a completely new cast and storyline offer just as many opportunities for success as they do pitfalls.

It remains to be seen whether How I Met Your Dad will be come into its own and linger in the social consciousness like The Jeffersons, or fade into an obscure curio such as Joey. What are your thoughts, Screen Rant readers? Will you be watching?


How I Met Your Dad will likely air on CBS in late 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. Lets give it a chance. Although, I can’t help thinking that is going to ends like Joey.

    • Or That 80s Show?

      • Haha I didn’t even remember that one! I think my memory just deleted it to make space haha.

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  4. I initially thought this was ridiculous, but if it doesn’t become too “commercially funny” and if it creates its own style of humor like HIMYM and Big Bang have done, it could have a chance. Plus, continuity would be important because tying in to plot lines of HIMYM and giving them another perspective would be very interesting

    • The HIMYM creators are already out of stories. They’ve been rehashing old storylines for the past two years. I thought they were going to do a remake unrelated to the original show. At least it may have had original characters and situations, but connecting it to the show that’s already made is just boring.

      CBS under Nina Tassler is sadly becoming like all the other networks: devoid of any creativity or common sense.

      PS: Free idea for Kevin Reilly – a New Girl spinoff called New Guy – if it gets 100% of the New Girl audience it will be yet another mega-flop to add to the collection.

  5. Cristin Milioti is awful. I turned off the episode a couple weeks ago when it became clear she was going to be in every scene.

    If they REALLY want to do that , it will be a complete failure.

    Why don’t they get the creators to do a few pilots and pick the best one out of the lot (their last attempt at a series was quite disappointing but it’s not like they’ve become talentless suddenly!)

    • you are out of your mind, she was the perfect choice for Ted’s wife and she was great!

      • I am clearly out of my mind, it’s no news to me, but it still doesn’t make Cristin Milioti a competent actress. ;)

    • I totally agree. She was the only disappointing thing in the whole series. She is boring and cannot act. To do a spin off based on her is awful!.

      • Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed…

      • To be honest, I think the casting of HIMYM was a happy accident.

        see how they cast the mom, Barney’s stripper fiance (and then cast her as the lead of their next show), or hired Jennifer Morrison… Let’s just be glad they go one right. :)

  6. Also, as much as I used to love HIMYM (until season 7) it’s never been a “rating anchor”. CBS almost canceled it after one season and it’s been consistently renewed with consistently mediocre ratings, although I think it will do well in syndication as, unlike say Modern Family which had identically mediocre ratings, it hasn’t been hyped and thus has a reservoir of potential new audience.

    • yes but, modern family isnt funny. yet it still wins the emmy for best comedy. how does that work? it was the same for malcom in the middle and woeful king of the hill (mike judge should have kept beavis and butthead going)

      • People will howl and be mad at me but the way it works is simple: The show with the biggest PR push wins. It’s as simple as that.

        We think of award panels as being “experts” and dispassionate, but in reality, they are eager to please and to be able to say they supported the “right” show to their buddies. How do they know which shows are “great”? Easy. They read it in the press and on Emmy (and Oscar and whatever other meaningless award) ads.

        It’s a popularity contest and one that is actually not that expensive.

        FX pioneered it in the modern era when it bought Emmys for the ever-awful The Shield, a show most people found unwatchable and had pitiful ratings.

        I remember when FX pioneered the billboard Emmy campaign for little cable shows nobody watched and it worked! Ever since buying awards has been the norm (it may have been before but it was more discreet).

      • you have no sense of humour, Modern Family is a great show and hilarious! It wins so many awards for a reason. Not to mention how relatable the characters are.

        • Frankly I couldn’t know if it were hilarious or not. I physically can’t watch it. 90 seconds of zoom-zoom-shake-shake and I get a headache. Five minutes and I’m sea sick.

          It’s also highly incompetent “directing” (not worthy of the name) and thus a horrible show on a very basic level.

          I bet you most people who “watch it” do it while doing something else and really only listen to it.

          The fact it’s not very good is shown in the ratings which keep going down after each re-launch and the syndication ratings which were so awful they even made the news (boy was USA wrong not to actually watch the show before buying the re-runs…)

      • King of the Hill was one of the greatest shows ever animated or not

  7. I definitely want to watch this. How I Met Your Mother has been my favourite series and I really hope How I Met Your Dad is confirmed for an entire series.

  8. I’m a huge fan of how I met your mother but I would not watch the new series of how I met your dad. The reason why I would not want to watch how I met your dad because i how met your mother has its own meaning. How I met your mother is special. The fact that Ted was around his wife without him knowing is special and meaningful. They should not make how I met your dad because it will ruin the whole illusion of unexpectancy. How I met your mother is a show that show be made only once. Why make another one if we know what can happen towards the end. The whole idea of having both shows won’t be that meaningful.

  9. Love the idea of the spin off from the mothers point of view. Hate the idea if having an entirely new cast. To me, a huge How I Met Your Mother Fan, it seems like they have a good idea that could turn into multiple seasons but shot themselves in the foot, but that is just one fans opinion.

    • The problem with keeping the old cast is the age of all of them. I agree that they shouldn’t use an entirely different cast because the show should not be made. I think if anything, they should do a sequel to the show. Show Barneys life with his child and the life of the gang after Ted and Robin officially get together.

  10. Do not worry, us fans will be with you all the way! It can’t be that bad.. Though the absence of Barney Stinson will change everything

  11. i can’t help but think that it’s going to end like Joey. How I Met Your Mother, just like Friends, worked so well because of the characters’ great chemistry with each other. Also, people have already become attached to the original characters. And I don’t know about other people, but for me, when I get attached to the original characters, I find it hard to like a spin off with an all NEW cast. its heartbreaking. I feel betrayed. But that’s just my own opinion.

    • I think you’re entirely right Jill.

      First of all, HIMYM’s ratings have dipped a lot in recent months (pretty much every time they give screen time to Cristin Milioti) and the series has been creatively dead for two years (at this point I’ll watch the last two eps with my finger on Fast-forward).

      It’s too back because had they cast a good actress for the Mom and ended he series two years ago, it would have remained an untainted great show. Now, it’s like most other modern shows. “I liked it until season X”…

      Why remake the same show?!!!!?

      • I agree with you except for the part of cristin milioti, I thought she was the perfect choice to play Ted’s wife and fit perfectly with the rest of the gang. The problem wasn’t her in the last season, it was the fact that they stretched out barney and robin’s wedding to the whole season and 95% of the scenes were in the Farhampton Inn. There were no new bar scenes, not to mention Marshal was away from the gang the entire season. They just did a horrible job with the last season and even more so with the last episode. It would have been a lot better showing the wedding and then spending most of the time having Ted meet the mother and getting to know the mother and Ted and Tracy as a couple, as well as integrating her into the gang and ending the series not killing off Tracy and not making Barney and Robin get divorced and the last scene should have been the 6 of them in the future on the front porch like Lily dreamed. That would have been the perfect ending to the show.

        • The show is titled How I Met Your Mother, not how I met and got to know your mother. Once we all found out how they met, the story was over.

        • Gotta agree with you about the porch scene. But only with the five of them!!!

          I actually liked the ending as it made sense of the whole show, which was always – or at least at the beginning – centered on Ted and Robin.

          I’m not sure about the death plot twist but people would have complained the writing wasn’t consistent if the mother had been Robin.

          I entirely agree with you about the last season. It’s clear they never thought they’d be renewed and couldn’t come up with anything that would work (frankly season 8 was also stretched out and not very good IMO).

          That’s the problem when a show aims at a set ending. When you keep renewing it, it become thinner and thinner story-wise.

          Sadly that’s what they do these days. Most of the shows I enjoy last way beyond their “best by” date and now I almost always say I love “show XYZ” until season N….

  12. I can’t see this taking off- himym is a great show but every show has to end. I can’t see the large fan base enjoying a different plot with the same ending

  13. No, this can’t happen, under any circumstances. How I met your mother is a show that a lot of people love, seeing it again will destroy the illusion of the show. It will be a complete failure, there is. O need to create another show, It will ruin everything, I love how I met your mother but having a how I met you father will just not be right!

  14. I have a feeling the dad in tbe spin off will be Barney. It makes sense. His “Mother” isn’t revealed.

  15. HIMYD would be an interesting show. It wouldnt be the same without Barney Stinson though.

  16. As much as I loved HIMYM since season 1, including season 9 (apart from the appalling finale), I think that HIMYD is not the way to go. It seems as though they have already milked the cash cow way too much.
    Also, spin off’s like this never, in my mind and the minds of many others, never seem to work.
    The Friends spin off ‘Joey’ was mentioned in the article, which was awful.

    I compare HIMYD to Joey and Scrubs 2.0/Season 9. Both terrible spin off’s, no matter how many or how few characters from the original show you include.

  17. I want to give it a chance, but i cant understand one thing >SPOILER ALERT>

    In the Finale, the kids says that the mother died 6 years ago, so how is she going to tell the story when she is dead?

    • What if her story is told in a journal she left behind?

    • She just simply tells her story years eaarlier than Ted does. However, that brings up the issue of the kids already knowing how the parents met. So why would Ted even tell the story in the first place? As a huge HIMYM fan, I think that this spin off is a horrendous idea.

      • The title “how I met your mother” was more of a hook to keep you watching. She show is truly about the person ted had to become before meeting Tracy. If they did a spin off with Tracy it would give the show a chance to tell Tracy’s story before ted. It would tell about max, her cause of death, her friends, and where she was at during all of those years. They left a lot of vital information out about the mother and I don’t think it was an accident.

  18. I have read that the spinoff will be the story from Tracy’s perspective and the pilot should be released this fall.

  19. I will only watch it if its a brand new cast and they show the dad in the show a lot so we can guess who it is but not just introduce us to him at the final season.

  20. If they plan to use the actress they revealed to be the mom on HIMYM, then no thank you! That was the only disappointing thing about the show. To do a spin off from the one bad part of the show is awful.

    • Stop it! ;) People are going to start to think I’m posting under two different names… :)

  21. Re: How I met your father…
    I wish it all the luck. However I don’t know what happened with the last season of how I met you mother but it was the eorst season ever. Maybe they had different writters or didn’t know what to do for the last season. I only watched because I wanted to see what was going to happen.

    I hope this new show is more lije any season other than the last season of HIMYM

  22. I don’t think this us going to be a good idea if anything they should have brought back Cristin milioti as the mom

    • Well, hiring bad actors to play leads is what we do in Hollywood these days…

  23. ^^^ i don’t know about Cristin milioti but i think that Greta Gerwig is a mistake for the leading actress, guess will see if it’s good or bad, i just hope that i won’t get to like the show just to see it getting canceled like for ex. Firefly. still can’t forgive FOX for that although they had a steady 4 mill. viewers \ episode when on the other side supernatural have nowadays just 2 mill. viewers and still rolling.

    • If that makes you feel any better, Supernatural is also a flop. CW keeps renewing it, not because it’s doing well, but because it gives them something to say if someone actually notices they still exist and questions why they’ve never had a show that wasn’t a major flop.

      How they chose it? Who knows? Slightly less awful ratings than other shows? Buddy producing the show? A combination of those?

      Unsurprisingly, the press just won’t ask those questions anyway.

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