‘How I Met Your Dad’ Not Getting Picked Up by CBS

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greta gerwig how i met your dad How I Met Your Dad Not Getting Picked Up by CBS

The Flash – CW’s spinoff for its successful DC superhero TV series, Arrow – received a series order and will begin airing during the Fall 2014 television season; the other developing spinoffs of established TV shows, however, have not been so fortunate thus far. Just last week, the CW said no to the Supernatural spinoff Supernatural: Bloodlines – and today brings word that CBS is passing on the proposed How I Met Your Mother spinoff program.

The Mother spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, takes place in the same sitcom “universe” as How I Met Your Mother, yet it’s overall more standalone in nature than the aforementioned spinoffs. To be exact, the new show focuses on an entirely different set of characters, headed by Sally: a woman who is dealing with the challenges that come with young adulthood, which include her messy love life and arrested development.

It would be more than a bit of an exaggeration to claim that the initial news about How I Met Your Dad moving ahead was received with open arms – even by dedicated fans of How I Met Your Mother (mind you, that happened before the latter show’s polarizing series finale aired). However, when indie film star Greta Gerwig – who has played similar “female Peter Pan” types in such movies as Greenberg and Frances Ha, to general critical acclaim – boarded the project to play Sally (followed by Meg Ryan being recruited to narrate the series), it did give the show a booster shot of goodwill. Not enough to win over CBS executives, it would seem.

CBS’ decision to pass on How I Met Your Dad – according to the report by THR – stems from the network having issues with the current version of the show’s pilot, which was scripted by Emily Spivey (Up All Night) along with How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. CBS head Nina Tassler also issued a statement on the decision, in which she mentions that “We tried to work out about redoing the pilot. That’s not happening right now… I’m heartsick; we loved this brand and we love the producers but it didn’t work out.”

how i met your mother spinoff How I Met Your Dad Not Getting Picked Up by CBS

Reshooting a pilot isn’t exactly an uncommon practice for television; even a runaway hit sitcom like Big Bang Theory saw its original pilot undergo some major changes, before it was picked up. However, 20th Century Fox and the producers behind How I Met Your Dad were reportedly looking to get a series order commitment, in return for reshooting the pilot – something that CBS wouldn’t agree to, for better or worse. Fox is now expected to shop the show around to other networks.

Spinoffs of popular TV shows definitely have a mixed track record; for every Frasier (a spinoff of Cheers) and Angel (the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff) that carves out a legacy of its own, there’s at least one Joey (the Friends spinoff) – which never fully escapes the shadow of its predecessor. Could How I Met Your Mother stand apart from the show that “birthed” it? Maybe, but until further notice, it looks as though we may never find out for certain either way.


We’ll let you know if How I Met Your Dad gets picked up by another network.

Source: THR

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  1. Had a feeling this would happen. I doubt ppl want another 10 years told from totally new angle.

  2. my guess is that the pilot was better than expected and CBS didn’t know what to do with it since they only have awful lowest-common-denominator comedies on their network.

    • Those CBS guys have no souls. They killed Golden Boy, never aired Beverly Hills Cop, and squanderd our last chance to see Tony Shaloub. I say the producers should set up shop at NBC. This would go good with Undateable.

  3. Not surprising considering the backlash that the station recieved after the final season and finale of HIMYM. There were soo many people just upset about the finale and final season that many called it the worse final season they have seen since Dexter and that wasn’t a good sign. I feel bad for the people casted for the show but the outcome is not at all surprising.

  4. Thank gawd! Tired of seeing those uber ridiculous plots being thrown around again and again. CBS finally showed them the highway.

  5. Curious, what were the major ochanges to The Big Bang Theory’s original pilot?

  6. Thanks. It definitely turned out for the better!

    • Nothing was wrong with it, Matt. People be crazy.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why the HIMYM finale was so bad?

    • DThe perfect ending you wanted for the super romantic main character was that his adorable wife got sick and died. The entire last season leading up to the wedding of barney and robin had a finale in which they got divorced with ten minutes, barney devolved into an even worse person than he started out as, and ted asked out robin years after his wife died which no one in the world wanted and the show had gone out of its way to show how they didn’t work as a couple so often that there was no way they should be together. It was awful.

      • I guess that makes sense if you’re a negative person…

        • not really. the ending was flat out bad, negative person or not. completely marginalized the mother character and undid years of character development.

          • Except it didn’t undo any character development at all.

            I always knew the show would be about Robin. He met the mother, they had kids but the real story was Ted’s love for Robin. Sure, they broke up a few times but maybe it just wasn’t the right time for them to date each other?

            The finale was perfect and I think anyone who thought it was horrible is just an overall bad person with no concept on what love really is.

            • Why exactly? Love isn’t something that is set in stone. I’m not bashing your opinion, but love is the most undefinable thing. People love each other for different reasons. Thats why it’s possible to fall in and out of love because we as humans change, for better or for worse, which in turn affects who we fall in love with. I’m not saying whether the show was right or wrong, don’t really watch it myself. People just want the happy ending because thats what most people want, even if it’s not realistic.

            • Err, but it did. Barney spent the whole of season 9 removing Robin’s doubts about him one by one, and the series as a whole spent like two to three seasons convincing us that Robin-Barney could work out – then after a whole season of their wedding, they’re divorced within 15 minutes and Barney’s back to his old ways. And then he becomes a mature guy again when he gets a kid. He regressed and then grew up again, which is confusing. It’s not that him divorcing Robin is necessarily a bad plot point, but it was bad execution to have that come after you spent a whole season getting your audience invested in the idea that that relationship could work. I don’t see the point.

              As for Ted, yes, I’d agree it didn’t stunt his character. The thing with him going back to Robin is that, once again, I think it’s actually a not-bad idea (although my first reaction was much more negative) which had bad execution. Once again, they spent the whole season building up the Mother and getting the audience invested in her, only for her to become irrelevant in the final minutes of the show. Now, the idea of Ted being able to move on from his first wife’s death and find happiness is actually a pretty nice (and somewhat real) issue to tackle, but did they really have to introduce it like 3 minutes before the end? He may have had time to get over Tracy but the audience didn’t – I think that’s where the issue lies.

              Also it annoyed the heck out of me because it seems so fan-fic-like, as though Carter and Bays were trawling the forums and looking at all the Ted-Robin shippers who just couldn’t give up – and now they were validated. Of course, there IS the fact that the ending was planned as far back as season two so you could say they put themselves into a bit of a corner. I think history will be slightly kinder to the finale, but I can totally see why people were so pissed.

              • I think that the viewers that didn’t like it just have unrealistic expectations. It’s a TV show, so everyone wanted a perfect fantasy ending. That’s not how things work in real life. Throughout the entire series, we see how powerful love can be whether it be for better or worse. It was great to see Ted with Tracy because she was perfect for him. It was great to finally see who she was after hearing so much about her (something that makes the writing great). Ted is a ‘lover’. Throughout the series, he was had so many loves and that is all that he wants. Robin is one of those loves. She always has been. Barney has always been the opposite. He cannot settle down and love one person, which is why him and Robin did not work out. Ted and Robin have always loved each other deep down, and Robin even tells Lily she thinks Ted is the right guy. Them getting together was bound to happen and Barney did change for the better after the love for his daughter came before everything else.

                The final season taking place at the Wedding is also important. It is a moment in the whole gang’s life where everything is changing. Lily and Marshall are moving out of the apartment, having kids, getting jobs; Robin and Barney are finally getting together; and Ted is moving on to Chicago to get over Robin. Ted also MEETS THE MOTHER AT THE WEDDING, so the wedding is pretty important overall. We do not really need to know too much about Ted and Tracy’s life. We knew it was going to take until the Finale to see the mother, so why do people expect to see their entire life. We spent 9 seasons getting invested in 5 other characters. I think it was a perfect ending for the series and I will never understand people who say otherwise…

                (But i do appreciate other people’s opinions. Don’t wanna start a fight over HIMYM…)

                • My issue was more about how they did the final season. The way they approached the final season didn’t match to the finale. Had they done ½ the season on the wedding scene and the other half on what happened after then people wouldn’t have been soo upset about the ending of Ted ending up with Robin. I think everyone knew that Ted would eventually end up with Robin but the way they approached it was just not greatly done. It made it seem more like there were about 18-20 filler episodes with about 3-5 episodes that actually provided something to the storyline.

                  • My complaint exactly! It’s not that the ending they chose is bad in and of itself, but it got such a backlash in part because fans were led completely the other way. So much happens in that finale that in terms of scale/screen time, it just didn’t feel like they did that part of the story justice by having the whole season playing out the way it did and the rest in less than an hour.

      • @patrick
        Thanks dude, you summed it all up very well.
        My girlfriend and me were so bummed after watching that finale. Feels like we wasted 9 years
        Somebody should slap the scriptwriters

  8. Joey? That show got two seasons. Why not mention the Dukes of Hazard spin-off…Enos!

  9. Or Highlander The Raven.

    • I’ve never heard of that one. SEE SR! Much better choices out there as failed spin-offs.

  10. While I can’t stand any of the crappy CBS sitcoms,I would have watched this show if not for only one reason.Greta Gerwig.I’ve had a thing for her ever since I saw her in No Strings Attached.

    I would have liked to see her get more exposure and become more of a mainstream actress,but on the other hand,I’m glad that she’s not going to be on yet another derivative show.