How ‘The Flash’ TV Show Will Differ from ‘Arrow’

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Ernie Hudson Joins The Flash as Detective West How The Flash TV Show Will Differ from Arrow

With Arrow in its second season and only growing in popularity, the time is ripe for DC to capitalize and add to their burgeoning TV universe. Late last summer, it was announced Arrow producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim were developing a new series for The CW based on The Flash, with the intention being to introduce him on Arrow season 2 before he appears in his own series next fall.

Barry Allen made his debut (played by Grant Gustin) in the Arrow season 2 two-episode arc – “The Scientist” and “Three Ghosts – and CW execs were so happy with it that they scrapped plans for a backdoor pilot and gave the go ahead for a full pilot instead. Since then, we’ve seen a bunch of casting announcements (Reverse-Flash, Iris West, Vibe, etc.) and now we’re hearing from the showrunner about what we can expect from the new superhero series.Talking with Digital Spy, showrunner Berlanti talked about how The Flash will differ from Arrow by contrasting the series’ stars:

“Barry is different from Oliver (Stephen Amell). He’s a man of science and has more of a sci-fi bent, whereas Arrow has a bit more of a crime bent.

“We often talk about how Oliver comes off like a pessimist, but deep down he’s an optimist and has hope. Barry lost his mother at a very young age, his father was sent to prison for murdering his mom, he went through a lot of stuff – on the surface he’s bubbly and upbeat and seems like an optimist, but deep down maybe there’s no hope left.

“So they’re a really nice contrast to each other and the show functions in that way, I think. Certainly in the pilot script Barry has an effervescence and a lightness, but there’s still a dark well beneath that.”

Barry and Oliver were a bit at odds during their first meeting. Mostly because Oliver didn’t find Barry serious enough for crime work and didn’t approve of the flirtatiousness between him and Felicity (whom Oliver has grown very protective of).

Arrow Stephen Amell with Grant Gustin How The Flash TV Show Will Differ from Arrow

There’s been no official word on whether or not we’ll see Barry appear again on Arrow before season 2 is through or if Oliver will guest star on The Flash. Though seeing as how they want to build these series into a shared universe, having characters travel back and forth between Starling City and Central City seems a given.

From the beginning, Arrow was meant to be a more grounded look at DC’s emerald archer, and for the most part, super powers have been used in a limited capacity. The Flash series, however, will have super powers in play from the get go.

Berlanti hints at S.T.A.R. Labs playing a larger role in The Flash:

“We’ve talked a lot on ‘Arrow’ about the particle collider and Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs and so you’ll see S.T.A.R. Labs as an active part of the show.”

Might they be the source of the growing population of superpowered heroes and villains?

grant gustin the flash How The Flash TV Show Will Differ from Arrow

Whether The Flash gets picked up for a series or not, Gustin will remain Barry Allen for Berlanti:

“Fingers crossed we don’t screw it up and he gets his own show! If he didn’t, I don’t think we would ever want to let Grant go. He’s too valuable. That would be our hope, I think – no matter what, to keep Barry part of the universe.”

It took almost the entirety of Arrow‘s first season for fans to warm up and accept Stephen Amell’s more modern spin on Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, but Gustin seemed to win over audiences pretty quickly. Hopefully that excitement over seeing Barry Allen on Arrow will spill over to when Gustin first appears as the crimson speedster on his own series.

How did you feel about Gustin’s portrayal of Barry on Arrow? Did it make you more or less excited for The Flash getting his own series on the CW? And how do you think the more sci-fi Flash series will stack up against the more crime-oriented Arrow? Let us know in the comments below.


The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I am going to remain reserved on my judgement for this show. I know nothing about Gustin other than these 2 episodes and there is no way in hell I am going to watch an episode of Glee.

    Let’s wait and see.

    But I have complete faith in WB/DC/CW/NBC and whatever other station has picked up material of theirs.

    • I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say I have faith in WB and DC, especially NBC lol. However I do understand your point. Not ever watching Glee myself I can see your “on the fritz” take on Grant Gustin being The Flash. However like you, I have seen his 2 appearances on Arrow and have to say I was a tad disappointed. The few reasons for feeling this way are they complete physical difference portrayed from comic vs The Flash show not being the proper age, build, and no blonde hair. I will say his acting ability isn’t the worst but its nothing I would say is off the charts, also this is something I’ve noticed from the very first line he spoke, he reminds me of a carbon copy of Andrew Garfield of The Amazing Spider-man, from the way he acts, talks, walks, everything. Again, thats my only issues lol, with him.

      • I couldn´t put my finger on it but the comparison to Andie Garfield nailed it! I hope the show doesn´t try to be too funny.

      • @ Tyler +1

    • I have seen Glee (all of it), and I would say, if you want a good image of how you think Grant Gustin will be on The Flash, or a look at how well he would portray the character… Glee is NOT the place to go (his character is a butch homosexual and an a**hole). I think he did a movie for Lifetime last year, and while I didn’t see it, I think it would be more of what you’re be looking for in terms of his acting ability and personality. Or even his 8 episodes of the 90210 reboot.

      After all that, I’m looking forward to the series. The Flash has been my favorite hero since I was 2 and I could say loads about the subject of a Flash series, but I’ll let it go. And even though I see Grant Gustin as more of a Wally West Flash, I think he will do Barry and the show justice.

  2. Sounds good to me. I like how they are taking superpowers head on with this series instead of trying to make things “grounded”. Realism works for Arrow but I’m glad they are actually attempting something that takes superpowers head on.

    If they can make the effects work I have no problem with Gustin being a flash in a movie universe.

  3. So once and for all .. Does the second season worth the suffering of watching the first one??? ( I saw until episode 3 Thought it had potential but really didn’t like it.)

    • Yep, totally in my opinion. Then again, I loved the show from episode 1 of the first season. It has a little teen melodrama in places early on (which I despise and was a major reason I hated Smallville) but that aspect lessens as the season goes on.

      Season 2 has been just fantastic so far (can’t speak for episodes after The Flash makes his appearances yet though but people have continued to rave about episode 10 onwards in the US and Canada so sounds even better) and probably the only good superhero show since Batman: The Animated Series back in the early 90s.

    • I felt the same way. But a friend told me it got way better. So I streamed the first season and couldn’t wait for the second season to start.

    • YES! Continue watching it! It definitely seems like they learned from every single mistake they learned in season one and fixed them in season two.

    • As others have said, the first season improves significantly as it progresses. It probably took about 10 episodes to really hit its stride. So you should definitely consider revisiting Season 1.

      • I wouldn’t agree with the “10 episodes” thing because for me, I make up my mind in a third of that amount of episodes, otherwise it’d be a complete waste of my time (something I don’t really tolerate is anything wasting my time).

    • The 2nd half of the first season is much better than the first half.

      Season 2 has been fantastic. They figured out what worked and focused on those aspects. It is definitely my favorite show on TV right now…something I couldn’t say in season 1.

    • Tnx everybody already at episode 5 :)

    • It absolutely is worth the watch. For the first 3/4 of the first season Arrow feels like a self-hating comic show, as there are many changes done for seemingly no reason than to distance itself from the comics. As the show continued it seemed to shed that off a bit and embrace the comic heritage more and more. By season two, I’ll go so far as to say this is a great show. You may not agree with all the changes (I certainly don’t) but some of them work quite well and either way, the show makes its own path, largely for the good.

    • I usually give shows about 5 episodes. By the 5th episode I already saw some potential in the show and it started to improve in each episode that by the end of season 1 I was surprised on how good it was. With Season 2 it’s been just amazing. Every episode so far has been just great. Yes, there are some issues here and there but they are soo minor that it doesn’t take away from the experience.

  4. If they make this, I will watch. I quite enjoy Arrow and liked the Barry Allen story arc.

  5. knowing dc… he probably wont have a costume like the comic… it will probably be either a red lether jacket or a red hoodie.

    • Knowing DC? Ha, funny. This isn’t Smallville. Barry Allen suggest a mask for Oliver to hide his identity instead using the green paint and Barry “made” one for him. I doubt they’ll go the Smallville route. Grant said something about The Flash’s traditional costume a while back. The question is, can The Flash’s costume fits in the Arrow universe without looking ridiculous?

      • Absolutely yes it can look just fine. Otherwise how could people like Green Lantern, Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, Batman, and Iron Man, just to name a few, dare to go out in public in their costumes? What…would some people want them all to wear nothing but dull black leather costumes? That defines nothing good. They’d just look like your run-of-the-mill regular dude on the street. They might as well be naked and call it “Birthday-suit Man” if they can’t have their comics costumes, right down to the last detail!

    • “knowing dc… he probably wont have a costume like the comic… it will probably be either a red lether jacket or a red hoodie.”

      Let me translate this for the real comic book fans here.

      “Since Marvel didnt make it, Im not even going to give it a chance and just post snarky comments about it. Arent I clever?”

      It is, in FACT, possibel to enjoy both Marvel AND DC. You dont HAVE to pick one or the other. Same goes for Star Wars and Star Trek, AC and DC, Penut Butter and Jelly, Football (USA) and Football (everywhere else,) and all manner of symbiotic things. Like it or not, Marvel copied DC who was copying Marvel who had already copied DC who is going to keep copying Marvel while they continue to copy DC. The difference is mostly in your “need for exclusion” mind.

  6. I’m really excited to see the pilot episode. Without a doubt, The CW will ordered a full season for The Flash. Since we have flashbacks on Arrow to show Oliver developing into the hero he is, I want to see a flashback where Barry as a kid and witness the death of his mother. It’d be cool to see Thawne’s point of view at some point.

  7. Hope the CW/ WB will make the Arrow & Flash universe a shared one.
    That way audience can have cross-over episodes & guest-starring one another in the future.
    Just don’t change the Flash costume too drastically.

    • That would be ideal! I’d like to see Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane, maybe even Clark Kent make cameos or be referenced.

      • Those three, very unlikely, especially Bruce Wayne.

    • I think you will see them in some cross over episodes but the question will be if it will be like for a 5 minute appearance or for a full episode. The cross over episodes for VM and TO was okay but very minimal

  8. I’m excited to see how the costume will look.

  9. I hope the costume isn’t as bad as DOFP Quicksilver’s costume is.

    • If he can pull off Gordon’s badass ‘stache, then I’m game.

  10. What you guys think about Ben McKenzie playing Jim Gordon?

    • I’m happy with his casting.

      • No complaints.

    • I’m good with it. I think the guy can pull off a good Gordon. I am more worried about the storyline aspect of the show but since it’s FOX TV it should be fine. Hopefully they will surprise on how great it is like they did with Sleepy Hollow this year. Also, can I just say The Following so far is soo much better than S1. S1 was good but it was just too predictable

  11. I wonder if his costume will fit in his ring

    • That’s right…he carried it in his ring, good memory! Some people can’t even pack a suitcase right, but he sure did a compact job there.

      I am glad to see Reverse-Flash (Professor Zoom) first and foremost as a villain. I wonder if we will eventually see Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror-Master…some of the=ose old classic Flash nemesis-types?

      • Lol, Flash has the worst rouges gallery…

  12. Don’t F this up, Berlanti. You got one hit (Arrow), and two misses (Tomorrow People, No Ordinary Family). Batting < 50% ain't good.

    Grant's OK, but I reserve judgement until after a couple of episodes. And, he better have the traditional red speedster costume (don't do the Smallville thing like they did with Welling/Clark).

    At least they're embracing superpowers/going the scifi route, which is a good thing.

    • I dunno, I enjoyed No Ordinary Family and both myself and my brother were annoyed that US viewers couldn’t be bothered to keep watching and got it cancelled.

      Likewise, we both watch and enjoy The Tomorrow People after it proved with episode 1 that it wasn’t going to be a terrible teeny drama like most things my brother watches (Nashville and 90210 for example). Only 5 episodes in so far but it’s been pretty cool and now Sleepy Hollow’s returned with that golem episode plus season 8 of The Office, Wednesdays are pretty good viewing.

      • I’ve enjoyed The Tomorrow People as well. It’s certainly no Arrow, but it’s certainly not terrible either, as it mostly avoids the “teeny drama”. Kind of a poor man’s X-Men. With Revolution, which has improved considerably since season 1, my Wednesdays are pretty good as well.

      • I guess we’re seeing different things, which is cool.

        I could never get into No Ordinary Family (I’m not into family based dramas), and the Tomorrow People has been hit and miss with me since the beginning (I started watching because of the original show in the 70s; turns out to be another sci-fi based show for teens).

    • I actually enjoy The Tomorrow People. It feels like it’s a continuation of Jumpers. Yes, the show has it’s problems but it has dramatically improved with every episode

  13. Arrow is a hit because of casting, all the chics are hot and Oliver is knocking all of them down. Tomorrow People is ok, but it needs to step its bird game up. More models, and get rid of the chics that have bad teeth.

    Once they announced Flash was some lame from Glee, I was out, they would have to cast Lily Carter as his love interest to get me to watch that show.

    • LOL. Pretty people didn,t make good series, good script make good series. However most people watch CW for the pretty people.

      • Actually, Arrow is better than Porn. Porn producers have yet to find a way to effectively incorporate kryptonite arrows and invisible jets into any of their story lines, but when that happens we’ll all be watching porn.

  14. i’m really curious how they do his costume…also if they do flashbacks which i like how they tie Arrow together with his origin story

  15. How would it not have more of a Sci-Fi feel when the lead characters whole gimmick is running really, really fast ?

    • Not just fast running. His mind, vibrate through solid objects, time travel, make wind vortex, and much much more.

      • Yeah, he vibrated an entire plane’s molecules so that it moved through a bridge and prevented hundreds of lives being lost in The New 52’s first Flash volume.

  16. I think grant posted up a picture of the pre finished costume on his twitter.

  17. I love arrow and I’ll definitely be watching the Flash. I just hope they’ve figured out a way to do the super speed effects without looking like that crap on smallville

  18. The worst episode of Arrow SEason 1 is better than the best episode of Agents of Shield . Yes, I believe in DC/WB with TV and they have a great track record for genre shows ( except Birds of Prey, which I actually liked)The Flash will be a HUGE hit especially if they pair it with Arrow on WEds.

  19. Can’t wait! Flash is my favorite superhero, so, I’ll watch this show!

  20. Since Arrow scratched Smallville out of the universe, I’m guessing we’ll inevitably see another Superman on TV. You can’t just have a DC TV universe without Supes. Still sad, that Smallvile, after ten years, is being rebooted.

    • I’d prefer to see the big heroes like Superman in movies only and use TV to explore lesser known heroes.

      Besides, I’d be glad Smallville will be ignored. Such a horrible and cheesy show. Came into it early in season 8, caught up with episodes and seasons I’d missed (thanks to E4 showing the new episodes and SyFy repeating it from the very first season daily) and found the first 7 seasons to be utter crap. I only stuck around because of the nods towards the comics, the teen melodrama, bad writing and equally bad acting were a huge turn off.

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  22. I wouldn’t mind some changes from the comics. First of all slow him down. No speed force and traveling at near light speed. What villain could stand against him? They couldn’t even see him.

    Running up the side of buildings and running on water? Iffy. Be hard to make it look right. Vibrating through things? I like it but in telling a story it makes it difficult to put the Flash in any danger. You can’t trap him in any way cause he can just vibrate out of it.

    As for the costume. I never really liked the ear pieces. Just as I never liked Captain Americas wings or Thors helmet wings. They just look kinda hokey and in live action awkward and cumbersome.

    I actually like the Kid Flash face mask better than the Flash mask but Flashs mask probably hides the identity better.

    • Couldn’t they just devise ways for villains to trap him after investigating him and the nature of his powers thoroughly beforehand? This could provide a means for the rather ridiculous rogue gallery to be taken more seriously. Put a gritty spin on them and haven them work together to outsmart The Flash since they wouldn’t stand a chance in a direct confrontation.

      • I was thinking with the vibrating through stuff they could make it a slow difficult process. He’d need to concentrate and not be distracted. Maybe even make it painful. Also he couldn’t carry someone when he does it. Just him and his specially treated costume could do it. That would put enough restrictions on it that it wouldn’t make him unbeatable.