‘Man of Steel’ Gillette TV Spot & Expert Videos Answer: ‘How Does Superman Shave’?

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Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is quickly becoming one of the most-anticipated films of summer 2013. Plenty of fans were initially skeptical of the Superman reboot but for nearly two years Warner Bros. has been releasing one carefully crafted piece of marketing after another – starting with the official reveal of Henry Cavill in the redesigned Supersuit. Since that time, moviegoers have been treated to everything from full length Man of Steel trailers, behind the scenes photos, to a recent Hardee’s fast food commercial.

While comic book fans often roll their eyes at tie-in marketing, the recent hamburger TV spot struck a successful balance, delivering forgivable in-your-face advertising thanks to a humorous concept, a charming reaction from the Man of Steel himself, and some slick CGI landing and flying. Now, the Warner Bros. ad gurus hope to turn one of the most-talked-about questions from the Man of Steel trailer and turn it into an engaging tie-in marketing campaign. So, how exactly does Superman shave his beard?

Nearly every Man of Steel trailer features Henry Cavill shirtless on an oil rig – with a full-on super beard. Of course, this isn’t the only time that fans of the comic book series have seen a bearded or stubbled Superman but, given the promise that Man of Steel will sport a “believable” story, Clark Kent’s beard became a major point of speculation and contention.

Man of Steel Beard How Does Superman Shave Man of Steel Gillette TV Spot & Expert Videos Answer: How Does Superman Shave?

In fact, the beard was enough to throw fan-favorite comedian, Conan O’Brien into a full-on geek rant – with the late night talk show host swearing off the movie (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) entirely. Here’s what O’Brien had to say, following the release of the second Man of Steel trailer:

In an effort to poke fun at the absurdity of the Superman shaving routine conundrum, Warner Bros. has partnered with razor blade company Gillette in order to offer a range of potential answers to the question.

You can see the Gillette TV spot (which includes new Man of Steel footage) at the top of the page, then check out the “expert” testimonials below – including director/comic book fan Kevin Smith, TV personality/mechanical engineer Bill Nye, actress/neuroscientist Miyam Bialik, as well as Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage :




It’s unlikely that Zack Snyder bothers to address the shaving question in the actual Man of Steel film, so in an effort to deliver a “definitive” answer, Gillette has set-up a web portal where Superman fans can vote on which of the above four explanations is their favorite – so head-over to HowDoesHeShave.com to weigh-in. That said, to find out the favorite among Screen Rant readers, vote in our poll below!

[poll id="612"]

Man of Steel New Suit Close Up Man of Steel Gillette TV Spot & Expert Videos Answer: How Does Superman Shave?

The Gillette website also features a section where fans can add their own theories – or discuss the various opinions from the panel of “experts.” Though, if you’re planning on spouting off the popular “he’d burn the hairs using a mirror to reflect his own heat vision” theory, keep in mind that this “grounded” Superman’s heat vision would melt terrestrial materials used to form aluminium glass mirrors (and their housing). That is unless he used the Kryptonian glass from his spaceship to protect the aluminum backing – and successfully reflect the heat-vision! Does Kal-El’s Man of Steel spaceship have windows? If not, Zod’s Black Zero certainly does!

What is your Man of Steel/Superman beard shaving theory?


Man of Steel will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Gillette [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. They solve that question in Smallville ><

    • I don’t remember seeing that… and I just finished all 10 seasons a month ago?

  2. His beard would be as strong as any hair on his body. His hair must be cut at some point through his life or else he’d have a pony tail. I’m sure Ma and Pa Kent have figured it out already or else he’d be burly.

    My suggestion is a custom made bathroom in the FoS. Instead of normal light bulbs, it has ones that emit radiation similar to a red sun. Thus allows Superman to be as vulnerable as a human. He can then do human things. But none of that explains my thought process above.

  3. One plausible way was shown in the movie Hancock. Where the titular character basically used his fingernails to scrape his skin.

  4. My first theory is that his Kryptonian birth parents provided all that he needed to grow up with and groom himself in his rocket. This would be very sensible, as Jor’el seemed to have plenty of time to design and build the rocket, and chose Earth long before Krypton was destroyed (or nearly destroyed), and knew of the abilities his son would have on Earth. I’ll call this the “Good Parent unavailable” theory,
    My second theory is that Superman has mental powers to look the way he wants, such as control over hair growth and length. Its not like Superman (or Clark Kent) can just walk into a barber shop or hair stylist and get his hair cut. This could be something he does subconsciously. In other words, we humans have given him a perceived look because we raised him (well, the Kents raised him) like a human. For this reason, when he’s doing the dangerous fishing job, he looks like a fisherman…and then when he’s suddenly the Hero we need, he looks heroic, but he still has what he thinks he looks like, which we all see. I’ll call this the Asimov theory, based from the book “The Martian Chronicles” (It was a chapter where an alien kid found some elderly humans on Mars, and took on the persona and character of the elderly’s long lost kid….later the alien kid gets lost in a city because humans started seeing him as their lost loved ones and he uncontrolably kept changing into them until his body gave out and died).

  5. I like someone’s theory about the red sun room inside of FoS. He’s a specific bathroom in there that emits the same patterns as the red sun or there is an actual, artificial mini red sun in there which renders him basically like a human and shaves like that. I think all these other theories are just getting wayy too complicated and although it’s fine in the comics, I find the whole ‘heat vision/mirror’ idea quite ridiculous. How the ‘red sun room’ theory would apply to him as a child, I haven’t the slightest clue. Find someone smarter to figure that one out

  6. My theory is based on one assumption. Zack Snyder has based his Superman’s powers on exposure to our sun. Therefore, to “power down” to human level, all Clark Kent would have to do is avoid sunlight and/or work off excess stored energy. Then he could shave and cut his hair. I’d also assume his parents eventually figured this out, allowing them some way to cut his hair as a child.

    • @Javier

      Most plausible sense. People seldom forget, that Superman is basically a battery.

      He would be vulnerable at night, or outside our Solar System.

    • Actualy this is false info. This time he has his invulnerability and strength along with ability to move fast and flight from the gravity differences. Yellow star just gave him more powers(including heat vision, x-ray, super hearing) and is basically food to him. It does empowering him but its not like he is your average Joe without it.

  7. simply, shaver blade mixed with blue kryptonite which takes away his powers without hurting him, same as when he has sex…

  8. He simply withstood the pain and pulled them off ><

  9. He doesn’t shave at all. As superman he simply vibrates at a certain frequency which allows the follicles to retract back into his skin. He also wears a mankini under his suit so he can use his other alter ego, Borat.

  10. Here’s the true answer…He goes to Black Lightning or Cpt. Marvel to have one of them shave it off…

  11. So, I decided to let my wife read the post and watch the review.

    Katee-Lynn is a Neurosurgeon by trade. So her medical knowledge comes into play, more so her understanding of Biology.

    “Superman, regardless of where he is. His hair is just like an ordinary Human’s hair. Once it breaks the epidermis layer of the skin, it is officially dead. Keratin, which is the protein that comproise hair, skin and nails effectively dies everyday. Flaky Skin = Dead Cells, Long Hair = Dead Hair, Nails=Dead Nails.

    He uses his heat/laser vision to accelrate the decaying process. As we all know, when exposed to heat, Road Kill decays faster.

    • I think it’s the “mirror” thing that is far-fetched. I believe he can burn his own hairs. I don’t believe there is a reflective surface that will allow a beam of heat to bounce off of.

      • How does your car vents re direct heat?

        • I don’t get it lol

    • I would agree with your wife if Superman was human. But he is not. He
      Is an alien. His genetics do not match ours.

      • No, his genetics do match ours. Outside a yellow sun, he is equal.

        Which begs the question.

        What is a human on krypton?

        • So under a yellow sun, how does he shave? That’s the question we are all asking.

        • Dead.

          • +1

      • When the Yellow Sun was filtered to emit Red Sun energy, Superman got handed to him.

        Superman II still technically a Kryptonian, he gave up his powers for Lois Lane, and became Human.

        So, his genetics are not that dissimilar from a human.

        • @Jeff W

          Your wife is amazing. I like that theory but you know what’s crazy/ The fact we have two pages of discussion on this subject.

          Lets hope Lois isn’t into total male grooming. I don’t even wanna imagine the possible pain he’d go through if she was.

          • @Jeff W
            I agree with your wife’s point and yours as well. if he can give up his powers, then his genetics should not be that dissimilar from a human.

  12. What about magic? He’s vulnerable to magic. So magic razors? Magic shaving cream? They aren’t including Kryptonite in this movie so that’s out. As much as Jeff W wants to argue the laser/heat vision theory, that’s not possible either. I’m going with a red sun bathroom or a magic razor.

  13. How does Superman shave his beard? Easy, Chuck Norris.

    • haha, nice…

    • How…. how could we have been so blind?!
      You sir, are a genius!

    • Been waiting for someone to suggest this!

    • Until last week, I would have bought Chuck Norris, but when Chuck Norris came out and said Tim Tebow was a great quarterback…Chuck Norris became…Normal.

      ACTUALLY always has been Normal.

      Bruce Lee proved that.

  14. He shaves with a regular razor but under the lights that mimic the red sun of Krypton…duh…

  15. I’ve always thought he uses his heat vision and a mirror to shave/burn the hair off his face.
    Kevin Smith’s theory also sounds plausible though…

  16. I never want to see the word “grounded” applied to a super hero movie. Especially Superman.

    This shaving issue only proves how impossible Superman really is. Basic High School physics is all you need to see this fact.

    Clever marketing on Gillette’s part, I must admit.

    • Superman: Grounded was a cb series that had Supes voluntarily walk across America, trying to answer the question of if he should do what he does. He still zooms off to the rescue when needed but spends his downtime walking and meeting the ‘common man’. Along the way he realises that his focus has been ‘off’, and he reaffirms his sense of what is necessary. Better than it sounds :)

  17. Why can’y Superman shave with a ordinary razor?

    • The individual hairs on his face are harder than the razor would be, so the razor gets blunted and he still has a beard.

  18. This raises other puberty related issues like how many died when he popped his first pimple? Teenage body odour? And I know what you’re all really asking yourselves. I’ll leave it alone but there are a lot of ‘firsts’ during puberty!

  19. Superman asks Chuck Norris the secret of how HE shaves, and then copies Chuck.

  20. This was already shown in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The mirror and heat vision combo. Superman can increase or decrease the power of his heat vision, so he uses just enough to shave and not destroy the mirror. Or else he could have used some other object with a reflective surface stronger than a mirror.

  21. According to the comics, Superman is unable to even grow a beard due to the sun’s rays. Showing Clark Kent with a beard goes against the original character’s concept. If this is the only fault of the film, there’s no big deal and could be overlooked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on his one and hope this is one great film, instead of the previous crap we’ve been fed by Warner Brothers.

  22. The problem is larger than that. Why doesn’t he have ridiculously long hair growing up? the problem would of been solved by Ma and Pa Kent, removing all of the theories given so far, as i don’t think Ma Kent would of taken a belt sander to her 3 year old’s head. Superman always has such nice hair, salon level movie quality super hair. I think Jor-El had to of sent a basic toiletry kit with their son, any mother would of demanded it.

  23. Everyone is overthinking this.It’s rather simple if you think about it.

    Superman doesn’t shave.He has retractable facial hair!

  24. The answer to this is established in the comics. He uses mirror and his heat vision to shave his beard. This also was presented in both the Lois and Clark as well as Superman: The Animated Series.

  25. Superman uses Chuck Norris to shave

  26. heres the thing.. Pa Kent is abit of a genius.. after realising that marthas scissors didnt exactly work on the alien child.. hegot a good ole circular saw and grinded it down till the blade was as thin sharp as possible &gave that to martha to aid in cutting his hair…
    which though many times tougher than normal human hair is nowhere near indestructable.

    another theory for Clarks shaving habit is also pretty simple &was solved by Hancock of all things.. pluck a strand of his own hairuse it flossliek along the surface of his skin or use his fingernails… theres a million (well maybe not a million) ways he can maintain grooming in a practical fashion.

  27. Maybe Superman’s hair is not AS strong or temperature-resistant as his skin. I know for sure my hair is not strong or resistant to temperature as my skin. Superman is biologically a more advance human. He is not much different physiology or biology aside from his abilities that the film will seek to answer using science-fiction- or the application of theoretical science. So, in a more advanced way, his body would mirror humans.

    So considering the type of material can affect his hair as normal razor would for us. I think it all depends on the molecular level.

  28. does Superman shave the laser,and even if he doesn’t I believe he does shave with some kind of Kryptonian metal

  29. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.