How About Two Joker Posters? Plus, Trailer Update!

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jokersmall How About Two Joker Posters?  Plus, Trailer Update!One of the The Dark Knight/Joker posters is almost a book-end to the fantastic Batman poster Vic revealed earlier, the other is probably the best poster I’ve seen in a long time. Both feature the Joker, and I just watched the bootleg of the trailer (since yanked), and it looked incredible!

Though Iron Man is my favorite character (I’m very pumped up for the movie), Batman is tied with Captain America for my second favorite. Considering Batman Begins has become one of my all-time favorite characters, I’m excited for the sequel. So far, things are looking great.

So, what about an official, non-YouTube-recorded-off-a-cell-phone version of the new trailer, which can be seen in theatres attached to I Am Legend? (With the six minute prologue attached to the IMAX version of I Am Legend.) Ain’t It Cool News is reporting it may be found on yet another viral site, found at (Note: There’s several quotes in Batman Begins about theatricality.) We’ll know perhaps by Sunday night!

Like Paramount’s strategy for the second Cloverfield second trailer attached to Beowulf, I think Warner Bros. is waiting for the first weekend box office for I Am Legend to pass before premiering the trailer online, thus forcing us fans to see the Will Smith-starrer to catch the trailer, thus putting more cash in the studios’ bank accounts. Clever, huh? (They did something similar with The Phantom Menace’s first trailer when Fox attached it to the horrible Wing Commander movie.)

Larger versions after the jump.

TDK joker onesheet whysoserious How About Two Joker Posters?  Plus, Trailer Update!

thedarkknightjoker How About Two Joker Posters?  Plus, Trailer Update!

Source: Superhero Hype! and Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Yeah I was thinking Christina Ricci for Harley,,if she could pull off the NY accent she’s the perfect look.
    Spidey 3, loved the battles I like all the Spiderman films even with the burden of this love story that is the (mary-jane) factor.
    Once you except that factor the film is enjoyable.
    Of course they introduced the Venom goooo a little differently then in the comics.
    I was upset about that. I expected to see the Spaceshuttle crash that occured in the comics.
    Also Eddie Brocks character was introduced wrong from the start. But overall I liked the way it came together at the end.
    I’m thinking the next Vilian should be Carnage. Seeing how Peters colledge professor still has some of that goo left over.
    But since this strike is ongoing we prob won’t see Spiderman 4 for years. :(

  2. Steve Adams wrote:
    >>Seeing how Peters college professor still has some of that goo left over.<

    Please, please, no more goo!

    Dr. Connors is THE LIZARD! I’ve been waiting for the Lizard to show up since the first appearance of Doc Connors. He is missing an arm and in the comics, is experimenting with regeneration to grow it back. A true Dr. Jeckly and Scaly Hide story!

    I trust CGI is at a point where they can depict a kickass version of this baddie.

  3. «The Lizard». Ok but id rather see the red version of Venom “Carnage”.
    And of course “Sandman” could return ?
    Have them with Electro, and I’m there!!
    Unfortunity I fear the worst right now and I don’t think there will be a Spiderman 4, for years. Maybe 5 years from now.

  4. Unfrickenbelievable.^
    I can’t believe Spiderman is going to get the reboot.
    WTF is going on in this business????!!!
    Seems like this strike is JUST KILLING our favorite shows and films. I’m wondering Conspiracy??!!
    Sheesh. I can’t wait to run that by a few of my friends at the comic store… Holly crap there gonna freak!
    They make a Spiderman film reboot and I bet it won’t do the biz these last 3 did.
    Hugh mistake Sony!
    On Fantastic 4 yes that franchise needs more action and more villians. If any film should have had 3 villians in it, it should have been F4.
    And the romance and Things one liners are bogging down the films.
    I also didn’t like the way they did Galactis in the last one.
    Also, have the exteneded cut dvd because I never saw the first one in theatres. Not bad…:)
    Ghessgh this started as a Batman post. Now look what we’ve done.

  5. LOL dude! I guess it did start as a Batman post didn’t it? And here we are talking about characters from another comix company entirely! :-D

    If the next Spider-Man film don’t come out till about 10 or so years from now,then a “reboot” isn’t a bad idea,IMO. I mean,honestly,someday they’re gonna have to start fresh eventually,right? Cuz in the future I’m sure there will always be more Spider-Man movies,just as there will always be more Superman and Batman movies.

    Speaking of the future,do any of you think that the regular movie going crowd is eventually going to get tired of the superhero movie genre? With so many superflicks coming out within the next 3 years (not that I’m complaining,as long as they aren’t crap it’s gonna be AWESOME!!), is anyone wonrried that the superhero might go the way of the western? There was a time when westerns were EXTREMELY popular and studios produced hundreds of them,but where are they today? People got sick of them. So is that what’s in the superhero genre’s future,maybe? Just something to ponder. ;-)

    Yeah,new villains in the F4 movies would be GREAT!! Something they can actually clobber and fight would be REALLY GOOD,IMO. Galactus was one of my problems with F4 2,but if you listen to the commentary on the DVD they said they didn’t want to show much of the big G cuz they didn’t know what he was gonna look like in the upcoming Silver Surfer film and they wanted to save all the Galactus action for the SS movie. So I don’t really know what to expect with the Silver Surfer film,which takes place after F4 2 but is an origin story for SS. Hopefully it will be good.

  6. Kel,

    What you said about Spider-Man 4 being a reboot–I take it as your personal conjecture or your understanding of some unofficial rumors.

    A reboot would be fine with me. Especially if they give MJ the boot. Tobey always looks like he’s gonna bust out into tears. Pete’s supposed to be a college student–Tobey looks too chickified. They could recast it and not lose me at all–as long as they keep the Spidey stuntman.

    I liked the treatment of Galactus. Is it just me, or did a shadow of the comic book classic headgear appear in the cloud, at the very end? Maybe the guy who saw the Iron Man toy “goober” saw this also?

  7. Yes,Jim,I saw Galactus’ comix style outlining quite a lot throughout his scenes in the movie. So you’re not crazy! :-D (I don’t think)

    The Spidey reboot thing is based on what I’ve read through various news sites and Wizard Magazine,dude.

  8. Wow a Silver Surfer film,, that’s cool. I hope they stay true to that comic story. He gets basically transformed in the Surfer from Galactis then becomes his Harold of destruction.
    Also on Galactis I heard that the Production had 5 different versions of him, and they went with the cloud (to play it safe) another Wtf moment if I ever saw one!
    And Yes Jim I as well saw the clasic prongs of his helmet in the cloud as it was headed toward earth.
    If there gonna do that they should have just made a huge Galactis. Come on,,, big letdown I thought.

  9. I actually liked the treatment of Galactus. I don’t think that horn-rimmed helmet (TM) would translate well onto the big screen. True fans knew what was up. On the other hand, the swirling energy clouds and voice are something that did well on screen, but wouldn’t translate well to the comics. The movies capture the *spirit* of the comics, they aren’t a point by point translation.

    For the older fans: Wasn’t the Watcher integral to the first F4 story with Galactus? (I was hoping the huge-headed moonbeing wouldn’t appear in Rise…although I looked for hints of his lunar hideout as the Surfer went past the moon!) Didn’t Reed have to go through all sorts of wormhole stuff to find a cosmic nullifier to threaten Galactus? What an edge-of-the-seat comic adventure! I loved when Reed stretched the weapon up into Galactus’ face…

    Galactus was like, “you’re bluffing.” Reed was like, “Just try me, mogger of worlds dude–I’m from the country that dropped the first nukes!”

  10. Sounds good to me Jim.
    Your much more up on your Galactus then me. :)

  11. ummmmm….. i dont really know what to say but all i gotta say iz dat im only 15 so ya joker is coo