‘House’ Series Finale – A Fitting Farewell?

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house series finale fitting farewell House Series Finale   A Fitting Farewell?

The final chapter of House has been closed with the series finale, and the fate of Dr. Gregory House revealed. After eight years on the air (177 episodes), do you believe that this was a fitting end for television’s famed diagnostician?

Trapped in a burning building, House’s final battle for survival was played out in front of our eyes. With appearances from some familiar faces, both living and dead, it was left up to the famed diagnostician to save himself.

Reliving his final case in his conscience, House made the decision to save himself. Unfortunately, as Wilson and Foreman approached the building, House was engulfed in the flames – OR SO WE THOUGHT.

Taking a note from Sherlock Holmes, it was eventually revealed that House had actually faked his own death. Escaping from the back of the building, House wanted to spend the last remaining months of Wilson’s life with him.

Certainly an interesting ending, though one I doubt many saw coming. With the House series finale preceding a beautiful series retrospective, hopes were high that the series would be ended appropriately – but has it?

house series finale House Series Finale   A Fitting Farewell?

While certainly the happiest of endings anyone could have imagined for the series, there will certainly be quite a few fans who were looking for more closure than was actually provided. While House certainly grew as this final season came to a close, it could be said that the character didn’t evolve to such a level that a motorcycle ride would be a fitting ending for what we see of the character.

Though the debate my continue for days, there’s only one question left to ask: Was this a fitting end to House?

Carpe diem!

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  1. /sigh. Is any end truly fitting? I enjoyed it but considering I still liked the show, I have a hard time saying it was a worthy ending.

    When the floor fell in, apparently killing House, I had a couple of thoughts like the irony that the moment he actually resolves to change, karma snuffs him out. How appropriate was that?

    I then thought about possibly flash forwarding to Wilson’s funeral and at the end, having House greeting Wilson as spirits watching the ceremony and they walk off in the light together. A bit corny and bro-mancy? Possibly but it was just what I thought at the time.

  2. I didn’t much care for anything prior to House’s apparent death. But from that point forward I thought it was great. House had me fooled. Nearly had me tearing up at the funeral. House faking his death was very House appropriate. I would have liked more, but over all I think him riding off and spending these last 5 months with Wilson, the one person he cared about most, was a really fitting end.

  3. Very sad that Wilson is dying, happy that House will spend time with him till the end. Just shows that real friendship can go a long way. But I didn’t want the show to end. Maybe they’ll find a cure in the amazon, and decide to stay there & give back to the tribe & maybe, find their mates there & have a family, and be themselves all over again.

  4. I loved it, House had to give us that little extra! But what else did we expect IT HOUSE

  5. House slipped out the back, but whose body was pulled out of the building? House told Wilson he switched his dental records with the victim’s, which means he knew the victim and planted the body in the burning building and maybe set the fire himself. Or… the body belonged to the heroin addict who felll asleep or od’d in an abandoned building with a lit cigarette. Guess House was there with the guy just tripping on smack the whole time and sobered up just before the building caved in.

    • Didn’t you watch the episode? It was the ‘addict’ patient from the episode…so yeah, he knew the person and had access to his medical records. Seems like someone would have seen him sneaking around the hospital…but I’m willing to suspend disbelief a bit.

      Funny how until the retrospective before the finale I had never put together the Holmes/Watson and House/Wilson connection.

      I also loved the “Dead Poet’s Society” reference (Robert Sean Leonard aka Wilson connection). Surprised that was the first time they did that. I half expected them to both yell “NUWANDA!” in the last scene.

  6. I just waited to say as a HUGE House fan that I’m very disappointing in the ending for this series finale and the season finale of Season 7(ramming his car into Cuddy’s house).

    Sure it’s great that he get’s to live out Wilson’s last months together, but in my opinion he doesn’t deserve it and the ending was a little corny.

    Faking dead was the best that they could come up it? really?

    It is almost like the writers knew everyone was expecting him to die and tried a haha we fooled you. my biggest gripe is that his bad behavior just keeps getting rewarded again and again, true Hollywood style.

    He should be died, not in a burning building, but in the vicodin filled tears of sorrow that everyone who ever loved him shed trying to get him to turn his life around.

  7. House pulled a Sherlock. :/

    Okay, so the “fake” part of the death was pretty much twist-less for me. I mean, I teared up during the funeral speeches, alright, but even before that, the moment they pulled out the body in my head I was going “Haha. That’s the Heroine guy! House faked his death. *huge grin* ”

    Of course I couldn’t be sure, it was only me assuming, but if it was an “actual” death, they probably would’ve treated it more heavily. Everyone’s reaction seemed a little feeble, so…

    That aside, happy ending so YAY! It wasn’t the best ending, I mean, a lot of threads just remained hanging and it wasn’t even clear if House remembered all the details of the fire. And uh, fire HOW?

    I like the ending from a House-Wilson point of view- even if kinda corny. :P It didn’t really pack the punch you’d expect after all these 8 seasons of genius and Vicodin- but then, that people were expecting the punch and didn’t find it, was probably the biggest punch. Okay, overused the word. :|

    Sigh. I’m grinning like an idiot at the last bike scene…still, House is really truly over. It’ll take some time to sink in. And then, there’ll be re-runs. :D

  8. Right story and conclusion (after the 2nd last episode, running away with Wilson was the only way to end this), but very poorly told unfortunately. A heroin addict he just met? A plan to burn down an entire building with himself in it? Imaginary co-workers? The ‘blaze of glory’/’road less travelled’ metaphors?


    But the bromance between himself and Wilson was always the key element to this show and the last few episodes focusing on this was the most appropriate examination. Perhaps had it been a two hour finale I could’ve accepted the structure, story and ‘I wanna live!!’ with more conviction. But it was too rushed for anyone to buy it with conviction. Shame.

    And I never for one moment believed he was dead. In the overall scheme of things, faking his death was correct so that saved the finale. Everything after that brought a smile (although I could’ve done without the illogical realisation scene of Foreman ‘getting it’).

  9. So odd that this “devise” came one night after the Sherlock Holmes season finale. As soon as the floor caved in, my wife and I looked at each other and said, “Sherlock Holmes.”

    I’d love to know if the production team knew about the Sherlock episode. I don’t mean to suggest they lifted it, not at all. Given that House is obviously patterned off the Holmes/Watson relationship, I imagine a number of viewers watch both series, and I’m more just interested in knowing whether they knew that that particular episode of SH would appear the night before House, essentially stealing the thunder from that plot twist.

    • I think the thunder was stolen over 100 years ago when the original story was written about Sherlock Holmes faking his death. *rolls eyes*

      • Fine. You tell me, what’s higher: Number of fans who watched both Sherlock Holmes on BBC and House, or the number of people who watched House and read Conan Doyle’s short stories?

        But please. Keep rolling your eyes if it makes you feel awesome.

  10. If nothing else, the ending proves that Lisa Edelstein, herself, is worse than the worse of the character House. It would have been nothing for Lisa Edelstein to have showed up at House’s funeral, since a dead House is of no threat to Cuddy or her daughter.

    With House and Wilson in tux’s for the retrospect, I was thinking that the two got married in a Boston Legal type of ending. No, I don’t mean they were gay, but being married would give House LEGAL authority over Wilson’s care in Wilson’s final days.

  11. I kind’a won!

    In a post elsewhere, I thought the ending should have been House and Wilson deciding; ‘Let’s try another hospital!’ And they ride off, somehow, into the sunset together.

    Well, they rode off together.

  12. I thought it was a fitting end to a show that was at times painful to watch given the main character – Dr. Gregory M. House, M.D. – a complicated, complex, bitter, pessimistic, brilliant man, often times completely unprofessional and disdainful … literally one of the best television characters in my opinion of all time.

    When you consider all that the supporting cast has sacrificed in past seasons to protect the great Dr. House, it is impossible to ignore Wilson being the reigning champion, sacrificing the most. And how House has repaid in kind, with interest, to the only person he actually cares about – Wilson. It was perfect!

    “Bros before hoes, man.”

  13. I thought the finale and its PRECEDING (you have that backwards in the article) retrospective were excellent and VERY appropriate for “House”. I will definitely miss the show. Sigh…

  14. I am beginning to understand many other’s comments, that House did indeed die in the fire.

    Near the end, when Wilson finds House sitting on the steps, House’s condition is a bit too perfect. No burns. No soot. Not one hair singed. And most of all, no cane! Seems to me, that House was more of an after-life, coming back to guide Wilson to his own end.

    • Ummm, no, that was really House. They weren’t trying to be mystical with the very ending. They were simply providing closure. I think you might have read a bit too much into it.

    • I’m sorry, have you followed House for 8 entire seasons?

      A mystical beyond death ending, for House himself no less, would be nothing short of travesty. I don’t think the the creators would spring something bogus like that. I mean, everything is open to interpretation- yes, but that’s taking the against-the-grain reading a bit to far.

      P.S- House was sitting- the scene never showed him getting up. He wouldn’t really need a cane for that. And he CAN walk without it, if not as efficiently.

    • Maybe House did die in the fire, and Wilson at the end met him in the afterlife, where they could have nothing standing between them and their loyal friendship.

      You never see House in a hospital or switching the dental records. Also, when he explains that he escaped out the back door, you expect that it is not a metaphor for taking a 180 degree turn in his outlook on life rather than him, a known cripple, racing to the other end of a big, burning building and somehow diving out just in time before the building collapsed.

      • Cripes…this is threatening to become as ridiculous as some of the pages on the “Inception” discussion thread. We didn’t see the characters each going to the restroom either…Would you, then, assume they held it in for that many days???

        • By your own logic, I have not seen your brain and therefore cannot assume that it exists. You have no class and no creative vision and only see things in the most literal sense.

          Dan’s comments from today (May 22) three hours ago (5:44pm ET and immediately after my alternative ending suggestion) describing flaws and things that “doesn’t” make the ending satisfactory to him describes a lot of plot holes in the faking the death scenario.

          Aside from the fact that a crippled man hobbled to the back of an Oxygen poor, large, flame engulfed, collapsing building and got out alive without anyone noticing to later have ZERO signs of injury or trauma from the event is way more farfetched than he died first then met up with Wilson in heaven and told a little that he “switched the dental records” to make him laugh.

          During the episode, House mentioned that his patient would be a better person in death than he ever was alive (when the patient volunteered to take the blame for House’s prank). Is it just a coincidence that he has suddenly turned into a saint after the fire? Or do you think that in death, without the distractions and entanglements of life, that he could realize what was important and become a better person for the rest of his existence?

          • So, you’re insulting my intelligence but telling me I have no class? How crass. I merely pointed out that those who are reading something mystical or spiritual into House’s reunion with Wilson and subsequent ride might be overanalyzing the finale. The show simply gave House and his show closure. When the show HAS had double entendres metaphors, a touch of the mystical/spiritual, etc., I assure you that I have understood.

            You might consider the interior of your own head before you next open your big virtual mouth.

            • That was not meant to insult your intelligence. I only used your flawed logic against you to show how insane you sound. If you don’t like how your own logic sounds, then abandon it and stop acting like a jerk.

              Yes most of us believe that the groundbreaking, innovative, and extremely well written House show had a complex and meaningful ending. If it is just “everyone lives but House suddenly becomes a saint” for an ending, then it flies in the face of everything the show stood for during its entire run on television and breaks every cardinal rule of script writing.

              Also, you can’t tell me what to say, think, or do. I will shut my “big virtual mouth” if you stop being a “big virtual douche bag” by being nicer to people.

              • OK, kids, don’t make me pull this web page over. Chill out.


              • I had no flawed logic. I am the only one of the two of us who actually used logic instead of reading A LOT into a simple and very appropriate ending to a beloved show.

                That is all I will say on this particular matter, as Vic has given his warning.

      • The “known cripple” was able to move around without the aid of a cane while he was on methadone, so heroine would do the same for him. And he has shown that he can run in a live and death situation, as shown in season 2 episode 21, where he starts running to save a baby from being smothered by his mother.

        In addition not the whole building collapsed, just the ceiling(s) and the roof came down. I would assume this didn’t happen all at once, but piece by piece as the fire progressed. Also we don’t know how much the fire has progessed towards the back of the builging by the time House went there.

        So, yeah, I think he could have gotten out and being unharmed to boot.

        As for the batch and the swithched dental records, those were done of camera, as were othere things, like Foreman changing clothes to go to the funeral and than change again for getting to the office.

        He obiously isn’t dirty when he meets Wilson because he had time enough to shower, change clothes and even to get some sleep as the funeral would hardly have taken place on the day he supposedly died.

        There are several explanations why he doesn’t have the cane on the stairs with him. He could be on heroine (methadone)and doesn’t need it. He could be feeling good enough he doesn’t have much or any pain as most of it was psycologically (otherwise he wouldn’t have made it 2 years on ibuprophen). He could have his bike nearby and the cane is strapped to it.

    • That doesn’t work because Foreman knows he’s alive.

      • Foreman found the ID tag, but that does not mean that House was still alive. Maybe Foreman was laughing because House found a way to screw with him even after death.

  15. worst ending it could have possibly had. I think the show ended horribly.. the finale was definitely NOT fit for a show like House. I was expecting something way more epic. The ending with House and Wilson was cheesy, the hallucinations of Kutner and Amber only worked in season 5.. now they just felt irrelevant. I expected to see more of 13, a bit of Cuddy and some more Dominika-House too. A very, VERY disappointing ending!

    • Okay…How would YOU have ended it?

  16. Wilson should have gotten better and THEN he and House ride off into the sunset. This was just sad. What happens to House when Wilson dies and he can;t even practice medicine anymore. Wilson should have lived!!!!!

    • Yeah, House should have had a “House” moment, take out a needle, declare it the cure for cancer, heal Wilson, then summon two unicorns and fly off into the sunset.

      Even though it was way too sudden, House finally accepted he was going to change, without the help of Wilson. So instead of being miserable for the next 5 months he decided to spend it with his best friend, the best possible way, living life to its fullest, and when his friend passes away, he’ll start to change his life. He’s technically been given a second chance so he intends to take advantage of it.

      Personally, I thought they could have told the ending better but it’s whatever. House had a great run and I’m glad he didn’t die. He’s actually deserved to be happy in the end.

  17. Here is how I wish it would have ended.

    [Open to House convincing Foreman to give him eight new cases and lie to the parole officer to avoid jail time. An emotional plea from House is initially rejected by Foreman until House breaks down into tears and mentions that he wants all of this to spend the maximum amount of time with Wilson as possible.

    Seeing that House is not actually playing him, Foreman agrees to give House a stay of execution as long as he is able to solve all eight cases assigned to him. That way, even if Foreman thinks that he is being lied to, more good can result from keeping House out of jail.

    A mega case solving marathon begins, which results in 7/8 cases being solved rather quickly through a combination of his sheer determination and help from his team. The only thing standing between House and exactly what he wants now is this last case.

    With precious time elapsing, House is torn between the puzzle and the time left with Wilson. Forever intrigued by the mystery, House keeps hammering away until he finally solves the case and treats his last patient through a final stroke of brilliance.

    House then spends his last days with Wilson simply being his friend. Eventually Wilson dies, and later characters give glowing eulogies of Wilson. Overwhelmed by new found feelings of loss and grief, House goes back to his apartment and falls asleep.

    Then, you hear the voices of his team in pitch black darkness describing a male patient and his symptoms. As the list continues, the viewer and House's subconscious realize that the person being described is actually House himself.

    You hear House's subconscious try to solve the most difficult puzzle, which is the enigma that constitutes his life. Simultaneously in the background we hear Dr. Chase saying that he is going into cardiac arrest. The last thing you hear is the sound of his heart rate flat lining.

    Final picture is Cuddy holding flowers over his tombstone, and then his inscription is shown to the world.

    Dr. Gregory House
    A beacon of light in a dark world, whose love for those around him drove his every action.]

    A fitting ending that the man, who adopted logic and cold behavior his whole life, would die of a heart attack caused by the loss of his best friend. That all of his actions could be seen in retrospect as derived from a place of respect and love for those around him. House living forever in the minds of his colleagues and fans as an example of how to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world.

    • So, you wanted a seven-hour finale?

      • No I want you to be a little bit respectful of me and my ideas and actually read what I typed first and foremost.

        Secondly, I wanted there to be closure for us fans, who stuck with the show even during the weirder seasons. It had to be in line with the story lines form the previous seasons also.

        Next, they could have used that hour long cry-fest before the hour finale as time to shoot a satisfying ending. The huge case load gets solved in my scenario because he actually RELIES ON HIS TEAM, which would be part of the long awaited change in House for the better. (Thus he would only solve the last case that the others could not on their own)

        Finally, I think that the writers and cast really phoned it in for the last episode. It is hard to blame the actors because they only perform the material given to them, but it just did not deliver anything epic or worthy of ending the series. Seeing the dead people for 40 minutes then faking a death, which I speculate was not actually faked at all, to run off with Wilson is such a cheap cop out. Why not have him jump the shark like the Fonz?

        My suggested ending was in line with all of the seasons and offered reason for evoking emotions from him (Wilson’s death), an evolution in his character, a little mystery behind the man (House analyzing his actions and mortality), and left people wishing there was more (with the death of House and Cuddy resurgence). Additionally, it conveyed an appropriate ending to the series while maintaining an artistic style of the show (both in writing and filming style).

        You think that my suggestion might be too long, but have you actually seen the size of scripts for hour long shows? In case you haven’t, they are hundreds and most times thousands of pages in length. My suggestion could have been realized within the hour and certainly within the TWO hours given to the show by FOX.

        Most importantly, if you don’t like their ending (like most of us) or my ending, then feel free to suggest how you wanted the show to end. Just don’t complain and whine about everything without giving any valuable input. If we disagree on the ending or artistic vision, then that is fine. Just don’t act like a jerk to me or anyone else while you try to understand what you are reading.

        • You really might want to think about who is being a jerk. Your idea as stated would have made for a very long finale…much longer than the effectively succinct one we got. I did not attack you or your idea…just its practicality as a series-ender, especially since they were not going to forego the retrospective which people OTHER than you enjoyed.

          • A finale to one of the greatest tv shows ever is not supposed to be “succinct”, it is supposed to be meaningful, deep, able to tie up loose ends, and a rewarding experience for the viewer. It is sad that you think that “practicality” makes a series finale great, and even more sad that the show boasted doing outrageously impractical things like building full scale replicas of pirate ships and using rotating stages and CGI to simulate bus crashes (etc). This show was great for its effects and ability to tell a captivating story with stunning camera work.

            If you think that my ideas could not have been shot for a 1 hour show, then I disagree. But even if you were right, I guarantee that they could have shot it in the 2 hours allotted by FOX for the finale. They chose to have hour 1 be a bleeding heart reflection not even worthy of DVD extras instead of producing a quality ending.

            Just the fact that you are still not producing any suggestions for an ending and are still being rude to me (and others on this site) proves that you are a trouble maker and a jerk. I’m not afraid of you, and all I said was contribute rather than nay say or you will look like a jerk.

            Man you really need to READ what I type before flying off the handle. Also, don’t add subtext to my responses just so that you can get offended by your own mind run amok.

            • This is perfect! Sorry, I don’t mean to extract fun out of two people head-butting but this is so House. Even in departure, he has left people bickering and arguing- like he did with his team.

              This is poetic. Good ending or not,the effect is just…well, nostalgic. I bet “House” would smile if he could see this… :P

              • How true…Heh-heh.

            • Check who’s “flying off the handle”. I am not the one constantly calling someone a jerk or insulting said person’s intelligence…or getting mad.

              I have not offered any suggestions for how to end the show because I liked how the show ended. I am not the one frothing at the mouth for changes.

              Things you should consider along with switching to decaf…

  18. This finale does and doesn’t do for me.

    Doesn’t: So, House planted the evidence as an “out” for himself, before he was tripping on drugs and hallucinating on dead co-workers again, honestly contemplating life or death? If that was the case, then he never intended to die or give up in the first place. Did he transport the druggie patient back to this building just to “set him up” as his (dead) body double? I get that burnt bodies sometimes will become unrecognizable, but is the patient really the same height, build, with a stubby face? Did he set the fire on himself? And a disabled guy on a cane could swiftly exit in the back of the building after it partially caved in? Dominika or House’s mom didn’t “confirm” the body? Man all these seemed pretty far fetch …

    Also, I agree with a commentator here, that after popping so much pills and being an arrogant ass for so long, his final reward was that he became a free man? Andy in the Shawshank Redemption was worthy of such freedom and ending, but House, not by a 1000 miles. Perhaps a fitting end would be that he watches Wilson die at his bed side, contemplating how much of a better friend he could have been to Wilson, instead of using him as a jail-free card even up until the last episode (trying to ask him take the fall for the toilet prank). Or that House dies from a Vicodin OD (karma, or his misdeeds finally catching up to him). Because, everybody dies right?

    Does: It was a fitting end in a sense that House demonstrated love. The final episodes include “un-House-like” words such as “Thank You” or “I Need You.” He has progressed to actually caring a human being besides himself, and doing so in an un-narcissistic way (firing 13 so she can enjoy life, butting heads with Chase to prep him to become the next great diagnostic doctor …) … so he can spend the last 5 months with Wilson. And that, medical puzzles are no longer important to him as compared to the time he’s got left with the 1 person he truly cares about.

    • Hey, no you have it all wrong. House didn’t concoct this thing ahead of time. He was indeed ready to just kill himself. It seems most likely that he came up with the idea after escaping from the warehouse. He had to go back to the hospital to do two things: 1) place his ID in Foreman’s office under the table leg so he’d find it and know he was alive and 2) switch dental records (another ridiculous crappy move Shore threw in there).

  19. yeah I agree with the other person, who wrote if House couldn;t cure Wilsons cancer, then showing them together in Heaven would have been sweet. Sappy I know but I would have liked it.

    Way better than the crappy ending they had!

    • LOL House never would have made it to Heaven!

      • LOL Well……He was a sinner……

  20. The fire…didn’t House say to the heroine addict when he first came in that he had burn marks due to falling asleep with a cigarette? Stands to reason the same thing happened and caused the fire? Either way, I was glad he lived and rode off with Wilson. I loved their relationship…

  21. I liked it, it wasn’t the best House episode of all time, but it was still pretty good.

    The conclusion I think House came to in the finale is that he has not figured out the greatest mystery of all: Life.

    His entire existance has been about solving the puzzle to the point where it essentially became his life. But through the disscussion with his subconcious, he realized that life itself is one big puzzle that he has yet to face. So if he killed himself, then it would be the cowardly way out. This comes apparent when he “talks” to Cameron, and then he finally realizes that he can change (which is a big step because House normally does not believe people can change). So then instead of killing himself to end it all, House fakes his death to start a new. Very clever writing if you ask me.

    House now has the world as his oyster. He has given himself the ultimate second chance; to face Life and to try and solve this ultimate puzzle. Most importantly though, he will have to do it without Wilson. House is on his own, more than ever before. How and if he can get through it is unknown, but the episode made it clear that House beleives he is capable and believing in my opinion is have the battle. If one day House can love and be loved (another huge theme this episode), I think he will be ok.

    As for everything else:

    I really like that Chase is the new House, they were definitly setting him up for that this season, and I think they did a good job of it.

    I really liked the funeral and everybody talking about House. It was well done and captured many of House’s characteristics. I especially liked Wilson calling House an ass.

    Did Foreman figure out that House was still alive? Is that what we were suppossed to get from his last scene?

    The song at the end was a great choice.

    • Yep, Foreman knows. Remember the early scene where Foreman was trying to fix the wobbly table in his office? House mocked him for it. Later after the funeral Foreman goes in and notices something under the table leg keeping it steady, it’s House’s ID card. Obviously only one person could have put it there, hence the smile on Foreman’s face. I loved that part!

  22. I think it’s a nice open end.

  23. I had mixed feelings.

    Looking only at the moment it ended, it was kinda cool, but, i cannot help to think about of what will happen, after Wilson actually dies, what House will do?

    Go to another country, get a fake id?…it’s a uncertain future, i usually like endings that give me the feeling of resolution, and not uncertainty.

  24. I think he died in the fire. Nothing indicated he was together enough to get from a window in the front to the back of a burning building stoned.
    No one else was ever really there in the burning building ergo the body
    was Houses.The spirit of House dreamed a happy ending where he would
    interrupt his own funeral drop the misery and reunite with Wilson whom he
    said in the fire was dead. The surreal beauty scene of them happy biking
    down the road was some kind of afterlife scene.
    He’s dead.
    He was the patient he couldn’t save.
    Like Warre’n Zevon he’s dead.
    Sorry thats my Sherlockian interpretation

    • “No one else was ever really there in the burning building ergo the body
      was Houses.” ??

      Seriously, how is that a Sherlockian interpretation? It’s a silly overlooking of facts at best. Unless you slept through the entire first half of the episode, you’d know that the Heroine junkie was lying right next to House for the most part.

      Like someone in the comment said, it was probably his cigarette that set off the fire- there’s no other logical explanation.Go back and watch the episode again.

      P.S- If you’re implying that all of it was a hallucination and that the drug patient was also a figment of House’s imagination, I think someone should officially ban over-analyzing at this point. Better still, why not just leave everything real at the end of season 5? Let all of season 6 through 8 be in House’s head- all that we’ve been watching are a tripping man’s delusions. Yay. :|

  25. Yeah. Fake death knew it. They pulled 1 body out. Series 2 good to end my opinion they coulda made more money just doing what they doing ya kno. Last episode? Not 2 bad ofc its going to be about dying friend which is cool. just wish didnt end

  26. House is cool.he needs to get with his boss shes a pretty lady .i watch it every thursday night reruns are starting to get old!

  27. I know it was kind of sloppy the way they did it and whatever other criticisms you could say about it, but I’m very happy with the ending. Mainly because for once, House is finally happy, and so is Wilson for his last days on earth. I know they are fake, but I always see characters in shows and movies I enjoy as being “real” and I was happy to see them riding off in the ending. I kind of imagine them doing fun and crazy things together, most likely involving hookers, lol. And after Wilson is gone, I’m pretty sure House is smart enough to know how to steal a dead person’s identity to start his life over. Heck, he can probably practice medicine again as long as it’s in a different state where it’s not likely someone will recognize him. I see him maybe trying to find his “wife” to get back with her as well. I imagine him trolling his ex-coworkers, especially Chase, with weird cryptic messages to their emails or something that would make them think it’s him but also make them think twice since he’s supposed to be dead, lol.

    I actually think there’s room to continue the series where Chase is the head of the diagnostic division and House kind of sneaks into the story every now and then, perhaps even coming out to his ex coworkers that he’s still alive and they can conference with him over the phone to solve cases. I know it won’t happen, but the idea in my head kind of makes me smile to think that his hijinks could continue even after his “death.”

    I’m a bit sad that it’s over though, the show was so clever and every episode left me wanting to watch the next one… Maybe one day I’ll watch it all over from the first episode.

    And call me an emotional wuss, but I actually got a little choked up when Cameron was looking at that old photo of them in a Christmas party. House actually looked pretty happy and I really loved the old team of Cameron, Chase (with his long hair, lmao), House, and Foreman.

    And Foreman definitely knew at the end that House was still alive. He had that “Wow, why am I not surprised” expression when he processed how the ID badge got there. I’m sad that Wilson will die though, he was always the good guy. And they never solved who was House’s real father… Or whether Chase and Park will get together, lol.

    • And yes, I know I’m digging up an old article, I didn’t get to watch the last 2 seasons as they aired, I just finally got the time to watch them on Netflix, lol.

  28. But okay look at this: It’s based on Sherlock Holmes, right? Sherlock was pushed off that ledge by his arch-nemesis, Moriarty. House’s ‘death’, however, cannot be blamed on anyobe but himself. He is his own arch-nemesis, his own worst enemy. His only worthy opponent was himself.