‘House’ Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

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house season 91 House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

The continuation of television’s one-time hit series House is in jeopardy, as FOX recently revealed that the network is actively avoiding any programming decisions related House season 9.

While speaking at the TCA 2011 Winter Press Tour, FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said, “We’ve done a good job of avoiding some of these big decisions.” Continuing, Reilly commented that there are some positives to deciding the future (or end) of television’s former ratings juggernaut: “I do feel fortunate that we have some high-class problems.”

Fortunately, even if Fox decides to cancel House, Reilly stated that the series would, “absolutely have a satisfying conclusion. … It’s not going have an unceremonious finish.Well, as satisfying a conclusion as you can have from forcing the producers to develop an ending to the series mid-season.

That being said, it’s likely that the writers have been tossing around ideas for the end of House for a while now.

This news shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to fans of the famed diagnostician, as the decision to continue with the currently-running House season 8 came at the last possible minute because of a feud between FOX (the broadcasting network) and NBC (the studio that produces the show).

house season 8 premiere prison riot House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

FOX and NBC were in a disagreement over the cost of producing the series – a feud that lasted for over 5 months. With ratings on the decline, FOX was looking to pay NBC less for House episodes than they previously were when the series was at a ratings high. Finally coming to a decision last May, the eventual agreement between FOX and NBC allowed House to continue for an eighth season – but the delay in contract renewals for the cast also resulted in an enormous loss for the series: Appropriately unhappy with the pay decrease that came from having her number of episodes cut, Princeton-Plainsboro lost their Dean of Medicine, Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Starting out the season as House’s newfound love, no one thought that the eventual coupling of House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy would conclude with Cuddy no longer being a part of the series. To be fair, no one thought that House would drive his car through Cuddy’s living room – but hey, that happened.

house season 7 finale wilson House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

Following the disjointed and confusing journey was House season 7, House season 8 has always been looked at as a second chance for the series to redeem itself with new and inventive story-arcs that would allow the series to descend gracefully to its conclusion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

After receiving its lowest rating in the history of the series during November sweeps with 6.63 million viewers (similar to Fringe season 2 numbers), it’s hard not to notice the drastic decline of the world’s most popular television show in 2009 (81.8 million viewers in 66 countries, representing a potential 1.6 billion viewers).

While FOX could likely drag out the decision to renew House for season 9 until late spring, it’s likely that FOX will reveal their decision in the coming months.

house season 7 finale house2 House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

Despite FOX stating that they’re still discussing the possible future of House with series creator David Shore, there is a sense that their “discussion” is more of an earned formality based on longtime relationship, rather than an earnest attempt at continuing the show.

But perhaps it’s for the best. House is certainly not the series it once was – and its age is beginning to show in the presented storylines. While it’s highly unlikely for the series to continue for another season, it may be best to hope for some type of logical conclusion to the series’ many characters in the promised “satisfying” fashion.

We’ll have to wait and see if “satisfying” turns out to be code forLisa Edelstein. Because as anyone who has watched House will tell you, there can be no conclusion without Cuddy.

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House returns Monday, January 23 on Fox

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  1. House was ruined when they brought in olivia wilde. She is a horrible actress.

    • ~I absolutely agree with you! They shouldn’t have changed House’s team in the first place

      • I disagree. I think she’s a great actress and she has brought something fresh and new. Besides, if they kept the original team it would get waaay too boring.

      • Like when cutner died/: sucks.

  2. If I was NBC(the broadcasting network), I would pick up ‘House’ just as soon as FOX cancels it. Also bring back Cuddy.

    • YES bring back cuddy

  3. I hope Anthony got in some decent final words when he went down with his ship. The importance of Cuddy is being bolstered hard here.

  4. But, what’s show you are watching? House died after season 3, last years are simply unwatchable, million away from the clever and successful show start at the beginning.

    • More:
      I am disappointed by Anthony Ocasio because it is an incorrect way of writing an article..”Cuddy was fundamental” (WHAT? When House was a big, well-written and successful show, Cuddy was totally irrilevant characters) And LE ”quits for money” is horrible and selfish, she loves just money, another stupid actress with million of dollars but without heart and brain. She don’t deserve to be in seasons finale at all. This woman don’t have any classy.

      The core of House was patients, medical mysteries, moral debates and not a worst soap opera.

      • Cuddy played a pivotal role in the development of House’s character. And in my opinion that’s all the show was ever about. House is one of the most fascinating characters TV has ever produced and when Cuddy left a part of house did, too. The core of House was the tragedy that was his life. The tortured, narcissistic, self destructive, lonely genius to which nobody could understand or relate. Cuddy and the medical mysteries allowed the writers to explore this extraordinary persona. At least that’s why I continued throughout the seasons to watch this show. Sorry to rant but to say that Cuddy was an irrelevant character is nothing short of insanity.

      • ~Yes Lisa did seem like she was greedy and only cared for the money and its funny every time when I watched House when it was still new I always hated Cuddy and I sadly had a feeling that they would somehow get together

  5. With “fans” like you guys, it’s no wonder good shows get canceled.

    • Same goes for yourself.


    • i agree with you on that one!

  6. I LOVE HOUSE!!!! How the hell are they thinking about canceling it!!! WTF???? house is the best, a natural, a symbolic series, a house hold name(HAHAHAH) RENEW THE SEASON PLUS GIVE THEM A PAY RAISE!!! BUNCH OF NOOBS WHO CRITICISE (SPELL CHECK) TOO MUCH

  7. So you pick its lowest rating instead of the average? they Averaged about 10.5 million viewers. That’s still good. Somewhere after season 3 and 4 though, the viewers did drop off some. Who knows what it was. Despite that, I personally love the series. If Hugh wants to do another series and FOX is into it, I say why not. There is nothing wrong with that. You also have to look at the actors. Where will they go from there? Some of them may never be in something that big, so if it is enjoyable to them, why stop now? I am sure they can come up with new ideas. Who cares about the what if’s and the should’s. Let them do what they want and the viewers will still be here and they will still make their money.

  8. As a long time fan of the series, I would hate to see it end at the conclusion of this season. In my opinion, season 8 has been the best season in quite a few years. The recovery of the series after LE left has been successful. Her days were numbered from the time they put House nd Cuddy together. It was flawed from the start, only partly from the writers.
    However, if this is the last season, and the ending is rushed, why not have the season finale (possibly 2-3 episodes) end at House’s funeral? With tonights episode’s little twist, why not have the angered Dr. poison House, and the rest of the team trying futaly to try and save their boss? Funeral finale is one of the few fitting endings to the series I can think of. Because c’mon, if there’s one thing the show has taught us, it’s that Dr. House can’t be happy for long, and it’s one of the few series that would actually NOT prosper from a happy ending.

    • The reason house is losing viewers is because of the internet, over the past 3 years alone MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of more people are discovering websites like sidereel and torrent downloads. Most of the younger generation that watch house now watch it on the internet for free where their view is not counted as part of the ratings.

      Who watches TV anymore unless its to pop in a blue-ray or a dvd from red-box because were just to lazy or impatient to download it for free.

  9. February 6th’s episode proves that House can still be a great show, unfortunately the creators can keep up the pace for an entire season anymore. As someone who has watched from the start, it’s obvious it is not the same show it once was, but it is still better than the majority of the crap thrown at television. Seriously, it is used to be my favorite show on television, and now? I put it (well) behind Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, & right there with Boardwalk Empire & Burn Notice. That’s not an insult whatsoever.

    Also, this article missed something very important. Fox is waiting to see how Touch and Alcatraz does on Monday Nights while House is on a break in a few weeks. They want to see if they do the same or better than House. Frankly, Touch sounds god awful, and while I do enjoy Alcatraz, I don’t feel like its a show ready to overthrow House. Which is why it leaves me feeling confident that House will be back for Season 9, although that will probably be it.

    As for ratings? The ratings system is laughable at this point. I got better things to do than sit at home in front of my TV on Monday, and there’s plenty of people with the same thought process. I can’t remember the last time I watched House during its 1st airing. Usually, it’s always the next afternoon.

    • I know right, I love house and I have never watched it on TV, hell I didn’t even know FOX was the one airing it because I hate FOX.

      I watch it on sidereel mostly. The only show I have had to gone looking for a “live stream” over the net for when it was being aired on TV.. is THE WALKING DEAD. Now that was an awesome show for first 2 seasons.. kind of sucked a little lately but its getting better for the finale.

  10. House has been and always will be the most unique show on TV
    and is the only weekly program that I tape.
    Most television is nauseous and boring.
    The only negative aspect of the show, in my opinion, has been the revolving cast.
    People get attached to characters and dislike having them leave.
    The greatest strength of the show is Hugh Laurie, who is such a remarkable actor, with skills many others can only wish that they had, just consider his ability to overcome his accent.
    There are very few programs out there with the vocabulary and intelligence that House has always had.
    When/if it is cancelled, there will be an impossible void to fill.

  11. House is the best show on TV, cancel That WTF …. they just can’t do that.
    I just do care which direction they go in the show, house is house once they don’t change the actors.

  12. If house is cancelled than tv is over!!!

  13. House needs moar Cuddy and less stupid.

  14. The seasons that had Kel Penn were by far my favorite his return to the show would be the up left the show need but they kill him off which I thought was always a big mistake on the house team of writers.

  15. Okay so I’ve seen all the episodes, all of the comments, and all of the suggestions for the season finale. Ending this mind-boggling and best TV series I’ve ever seen should end on the big screen. The only thing that i would suggest (and im adding on to an idea that i saw in a previous post) is that it should end in a twist ending. I have the perfect idea for the way it should end by house being killed off (death is still being debated in my mind) and then at his funeral every single doctor (Foreman, Chase, Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, 13, Taub, Adams, Park, and the rest from Princeton Plainsboro, Every Family member of houses, and EVERY SINGLE patient still living that house have saved their lives. It would be the perfect horrible but great ending to the perfect season of all time.

    • ~If House died then House the tv show itself goes with him…House cannot die! He’s too smart for death and he seems to cheat death every time!

  16. I think House got worse once Cuddy, Chase and Thirteen all quit and they tried to replace what once was a comical drama with the perfect actors and actresses with newbies who studder and dont even show an interest in those classic sarcastic remarks, like Dr. House. If the series must end, so be it. But remember NBC was also the cause of the horrible series cancelation of My Name Is Earl, my second favourite show. I STILL show no respect to NBC for that.. ;)

  17. i never watched house, looks good may get all the seasons on dvd, is it a good show?

    • It is an awesome show totally worth watching!

  18. hey i love house i was sad when i brother said they were going to cancel
    house please dont it the only show i watch ive watch every singel session even the latest one as well so please everyone vote for house its so so nice

  19. hey i love house i was sad when my brother said they were going to cancel
    house please dont it the only show i watch ive watch every singel session even the latest one as well so please everyone vote for house its so so nice

  20. please let there be more season of house, let there be season 9 10 11 12

  21. i love watching house and most people i work with and friends love it too.
    the reason movie ratings are down is truely because of internet viewing because its more comfortable that you can watch it anytime rather than watching on TV on regular hours.
    I just hope they will still continue airing house, season 9 please.

  22. Dont ruin my joy god damn you !! Love watching it and never got tired and never left fuking comments for any movies before. Keep the House, WE need HIM !!!!!!!

  23. house would only be destroyed if wilson quits. cuddy not so important.
    otherwise it is a show i could never forget

  24. bring back Cuddy, I miss that BOOTY

  25. I have watched a ton of tv series in my day and nothing comes close to House. It had all the aspects of a great show. One of my favorites being the intelligent humor. Too many people enjoy the dry and stupid funny type of humor nowadays. Hugh Laurie played the PERFECT likeable a** hole. I will never forget some of the crazy stuff he said and did. Im terribly upset that they are not planning on a season 9. I really wish House would never end! What an amazing show!

  26. I love the season 8 ending, but cried my eyes out to know that they probably wouldn’t be running a season 9. House has been my favorite show since it started. I am in love with all the characters. I truly wish that they would bring it back, although I’m not sure how they could since he faked his death….??? :’(

    • Come on, dude. Some people haven’t caught up on their Season 8 viewing yet.

  27. this show ended on a horrible note. House off to jail and Wilson dying??? It ended with everything open