‘House’ Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

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house season 91 House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

The continuation of television’s one-time hit series House is in jeopardy, as FOX recently revealed that the network is actively avoiding any programming decisions related House season 9.

While speaking at the TCA 2011 Winter Press Tour, FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said, “We’ve done a good job of avoiding some of these big decisions.” Continuing, Reilly commented that there are some positives to deciding the future (or end) of television’s former ratings juggernaut: “I do feel fortunate that we have some high-class problems.”

Fortunately, even if Fox decides to cancel House, Reilly stated that the series would, “absolutely have a satisfying conclusion. … It’s not going have an unceremonious finish.Well, as satisfying a conclusion as you can have from forcing the producers to develop an ending to the series mid-season.

That being said, it’s likely that the writers have been tossing around ideas for the end of House for a while now.

This news shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to fans of the famed diagnostician, as the decision to continue with the currently-running House season 8 came at the last possible minute because of a feud between FOX (the broadcasting network) and NBC (the studio that produces the show).

house season 8 premiere prison riot House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

FOX and NBC were in a disagreement over the cost of producing the series – a feud that lasted for over 5 months. With ratings on the decline, FOX was looking to pay NBC less for House episodes than they previously were when the series was at a ratings high. Finally coming to a decision last May, the eventual agreement between FOX and NBC allowed House to continue for an eighth season – but the delay in contract renewals for the cast also resulted in an enormous loss for the series: Appropriately unhappy with the pay decrease that came from having her number of episodes cut, Princeton-Plainsboro lost their Dean of Medicine, Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Starting out the season as House’s newfound love, no one thought that the eventual coupling of House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy would conclude with Cuddy no longer being a part of the series. To be fair, no one thought that House would drive his car through Cuddy’s living room – but hey, that happened.

house season 7 finale wilson House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

Following the disjointed and confusing journey was House season 7, House season 8 has always been looked at as a second chance for the series to redeem itself with new and inventive story-arcs that would allow the series to descend gracefully to its conclusion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

After receiving its lowest rating in the history of the series during November sweeps with 6.63 million viewers (similar to Fringe season 2 numbers), it’s hard not to notice the drastic decline of the world’s most popular television show in 2009 (81.8 million viewers in 66 countries, representing a potential 1.6 billion viewers).

While FOX could likely drag out the decision to renew House for season 9 until late spring, it’s likely that FOX will reveal their decision in the coming months.

house season 7 finale house2 House Season 9 Renewal Unlikely

Despite FOX stating that they’re still discussing the possible future of House with series creator David Shore, there is a sense that their “discussion” is more of an earned formality based on longtime relationship, rather than an earnest attempt at continuing the show.

But perhaps it’s for the best. House is certainly not the series it once was – and its age is beginning to show in the presented storylines. While it’s highly unlikely for the series to continue for another season, it may be best to hope for some type of logical conclusion to the series’ many characters in the promised “satisfying” fashion.

We’ll have to wait and see if “satisfying” turns out to be code forLisa Edelstein. Because as anyone who has watched House will tell you, there can be no conclusion without Cuddy.

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House returns Monday, January 23 on Fox

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  1. House lost it after Cameron left, house was fantastic until then. I haven’t seen the past two seasons…

  2. I love house but they need to handle the show better and i think the last two seasons were the best so far

  3. Still a great show, but it’s time to end it. Maybe a happy ending for the doctor.

  4. I started watching House from the pilot until the 4th or 5th episode this season. I believe it is the first show that I gave up on after watching for so many years. Most often I continue watching a series until its series finale or cancellation because I’ve invested so much time into it and want to see where the characters go on their journey. I’d be happy to see it cancelled because Hugh Laurie needs to move on to better things.

  5. Aww, anthony you can`t write an article without your overwhelming LE love. She left the series without grace & loyalty to the people who supported her and made her rich & famous.
    The House Cuddy relationship was an entire nightmare in lots of ways as the entire season7 and seriously i don`t miss Cuddy at all.

    I like season8 and slowly warmed up with the new cast addition and wouldn`t mind a season9. The ratings went down allready last season, so LE exit is most certainly not the only factor why the ratings decreased and if i have a closer look on all the other Fox shows i see that they are all struggling…and so on

    So boy, do your research before writing an article with the only purpose to support your own personal bias.

    • Dear “tara”,

      Please let people who supported Lisa Edelstein to decide how exactly she “betrayed” them. You are clearly not one of them. As to the House-Cuddy relationship – that’s your own opinion, please don’t pass it as an absolute truth, which is a logical absurdity.

      And boy, get a life, before spreading bitter hate with the only purpose to support your own personal bias.

      • Lol, I´m not bitter & don`t hate LE ( i just don`t like the way she handled her exit) and I don`t like articles who write not objective about a serious and complicated subject, like a series renewal of a fairly popular show. Miss Edelstein wasn`t that important to the show like this author or most of her fans want to give credit for.
        She had during the great House days only 2min screentime and in the moment she was pushed/forced in the forefront the ratings went down. I don`t say it happen because of her but this argument wouldn´t be invalid either and would follow the same logic the author of this article has and unfortunately most of her fans.

  6. They said the show would end if House was happy too quick, so if this is the end house should be at least content and there should indeed be an ending with Cuddy!

  7. Casual viewers don’t vote in polls and don’t write on message boards. House’s ratings have never plummeted before in such an overwhelming fashion, age has nothing to do with it. So, Mr. Ocasio, I suspect you are right on the money – the mistake of letting Lisa Edelstein go has cost Fox/NBCU a show.

    • Together with lazy/bad writting and lousy decisions/lack of vision on DS´s part.

    • No one let her go; she quit.

    • ”House’s ratings have never plummeted before in such an overwhelming fashion”

      Are you kidding? Do you now House loss 10 millions of viewers after all stupid choice in season 4? The BIG loss was between season 4 and season 5, the show and ratings has never been the same after..

  8. Did they even explain where the Cuddy character went? It’s as if she never existed. Weird.

    • Nope. No mention of her whatsoever. She just poofed.

      At least with Lawrence Kutner, they explained why he was gone. But with Cuddy? It’s like she was never even there.

      • Not true, there was a mention, indeed several, the last two episodes dealt pretty about how house feels about Cuddy/the loss of Cuddy & how he wants to move on. You remember the patients` destiny mirrors the issues of the main-character or sometimes the supporting characters. It was allways that way on House but after LE exit her fans & Mr Ocasio don`t want to see it anymore.

  9. Funny, I thought this was definitely going to be the final season, wasn’t aware there would even be a possibility of a 9th season. I think that would annoy me. This season certainly isn’t nearly as good as past seasons, but then again, not the worst thing on TV right now. Frankly, I was happy to watch it just so I could get to the end and see how it turns out. And while this season has been somewhat subdued in almost every way, I kind of hoped it’d end soon.

  10. This essay is a discerning and accurate portrait of the disasterous decline of the once-great “House.” The selfish bickering between NBCU and Fox resulted in deep spite-your-own-face budget cuts for the show. Lisa Edelstein was absolutely right in deciding that her intelligent and loyal service to the show deserved better treatment. Why should she be forced to accept a lower per-episode salary and a cut in episodes too?

    Without a doubt, the departure of Cuddy from the PPTH family has been disasterous for the creative dynamic of the show. Without a female foil for House the show lacks dramatic tension, logic, and purpose. It makes absolutely no sense — bureaucratically, legally, or morally — that House would be the one to return to the hospital while Cuddy, the victim of his outrageous vehicular assault, is exiled in off-screen limbo.

    The result of Cuddy’s absence has been tumbling ratings and stultifyingly dull storylines in season eight. No examination of House’s reaction to Cuddy’s leaving the hospital? Unbelievable, and frankly cowardly on the part of David Shore and his writers.

    I have watched and loved this show since the premiere episode, and I have continued to watch every episode this season. I am discouraged, tired, and bored of the show’s aimless wandering now. I hope that Fox gives Shore the decision soon and that House can be brought to a dramatically and emotionally satisfying conclusion, one that does not involve infantile indulgence in explosions, crashes, hookers, or drug binges.

  11. Show has gone downhill since Cuddy left. The strong male-female chemistry is gone and so is the sexy banter. I´m still watching but there is no way i´ll enjoy the show again in the way i used to.

    • It went downhill long before when they replaced the original team. The lack of Cuddy only makes me enjoy the show a bit more again, because it’s no longer Huddy MD but back to House MD.

      • Oh, Liz… All you really need to do is post your name. We’ll all just assume you’re going to bash Cuddy +/or Huddy. This could be a great time-saver for you.

        • At least liz is not a troll at least as many of you with multiple names as many of you. And I’m not a troll too, I am writing in this forum since 2006 http://drhousemd.forumfree.it/?f=4533782
          So I’m a real person with one name.

      • Sally we know you are a Jennifer Morrison fanatic. Sadly Cameron was universaly hated in the first seasons. Those were the best seasons, no doubt about that but they weren´t that good because of her, they were good IN SPITE OF HER and every review of that time and any fan forum it´s a clear proof that she was disliked so please stop with this nonsense because she is not coming back and if she did it would be to make things even more unwatchable so…

        • Yeah strike i waited for these words to pop up. Everytime i read this quote (multiple times with the exact same wording) i`m ridiculous giggling because it is so much not the truth. Wishful thinking of the LE fans,Lol. Cameron and the House/cameron ship was fairly popular in the first three seasons if you want to believe it or not. Of course there were critics who hated her but they were also critics who liked her as had Cuddy her haters and lovers. So come on STFU, girl!

          • Agree.
            Cameron was very popular in the first seasons, she have more screentime of the others (except house of course) and hameron was the main ship, she was very important for the success of the show at the beginning. Bryan Singer have a good taste and great talent, if you see his movies you know that the first series ”style” and hameron ship were his creation, on the contrary KJ reign was terrible, her horrible taste are evident when you see her movies! Paul Attanasio ”copy” medical mistery idea from other network (really!) but was Bryan Singer to give the style to the series and charachters and choise che actors, so he is the real creator, in fact after he left House md simply collapsed. SO SAD.

  12. I don;t know about you guys but I’m not fanatic ..I haven’t seen season 1 and 7 at all but season 8 its really good and the ratings are not so low LOL OK 6 mil was not good but series has an average of 7-8 mil …good enough for an 8 years old drama … I don’t want to end especially now that season 8 is really good

  13. Ratings when Cuddy had barely few seconds for episode and before the whole huddy nonsense: more than 20 millions
    Ratings during the huddy/Cuddy season: an average of 10 millions

    So, yes, Cuddy and huddy really ruined House

    • So true!!!

    • Ratings when Cuddy is not there anymore: an average of 7-7,5 millions
      If really viewers left House because of Cuddy and huddy, they should have returned in crowds now that Lisa Edelstein has left. On the contrary, the show is now getting its worst ratings since S1.

      • Season 1 the ratings had been growing steadily and closed at 19,52 million (1.22)
        Season 1 was a big success.

        • Season 1 started with very bad ratings (around 6-7 million viewers), then they moved it after American Idol and as you say numbers started to grow and it became a huge success.
          But before that, episode 1×2 had only 6.1 million viewers, ie it’s the lowest rated episode of the series. The second lowest rated is ep. 1×3 with 6.3M. Then we have episodes 8×4 and 8×6 with 6.6 millions.

    • They pulled those rating after getting American Idol as their lead in. Before that, in season , they were hardly making 6-7 millions. So Cuddy has nothing to do with it. If House hadn´t gotten the huge help of American Idol it would have been cancelled in its first season.

  14. No. Just no!

    • You’re holding onto a sinking ship. I’m sure in a months to two months time it will be cancelled.

  15. I agree on a lot of this article, that this will probably be the last year even though Fox has yet to make the decision. and since thats the case is there still enough time to end it correctly?

    I can see it getting renewed for maybe 10 or 8 eps and go out this fall. That way they have House incase all of their new dramas fail and they could still put together an ending.

    I 1000000 % agree that “We’ll have to wait and see if “satisfying” turns out to be code for Lisa Edelstein. Because as anyone who has watched House will tell you, there can be no conclusion without Cuddy.”

    Couldn`t have said it better myself. but then again I`ve lost all my trust when it comes to TPTB.

  16. HOUSE for 2011 Season (tvbytyhenumbers) to cancel House they better be sure they have something that will produce these kind of numbers. Still going strong

    Top 20 series among Adults 18-34, Men 18-49/18-34/25-54 and Women 18-34

    Top 10 drama among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Teens, Women 18-34 and Men 18-49, and is

    #1 among Men 18-34

    • But are those #s just this year or last year during 2011? I noticed this year is when ratings took a big drop.

    • I read something recently that Fox has two or three shows that won’t premiere till mid-season and that would be very telling for any renewal. If the shows do well Fox can survive without House but if they flail then they may have to count on House to save the network. At one time House was Fox’s biggest show wasn’t it?

      I’m wondering where Hugh stands on all this. They can talk about renewal all they want but if he doesn’t re-sign, nobody’s renewing anything. Seems to me his real passion at this time of his life is his music and God Bless him, he’s so good at it. From everything I’ve seen and heard from him, he’s really ready to embark on a new phase of his life and that’s his music. It’s his true love, his passion. I can’t even imagine him being tied down to grueling 15-hour days for yet another season.

  17. It’s time for House to go. Actually it’s long overdue.

    As far as the ratings go, seems they were fine right up until post Huddy and House was turned into a cruel, heartless, violent, pathetic excuse for a man. Ratings have been on a steep decline since then, certainly losing Lisa Edelstein and pretending Cuddy never existed hasn’t helped.

  18. I thought your piece was well-written. House was once one of the best shows ever aired on television. We’ve seen great writing, directing, and superior acting. I have been in love with that series since day one because it reeled me in every single week with riveting stories and characters I simply couldn’t get enough of. That’s why it pains me to see it having gone in the direction it has because the show deserved better. No former hit TV show that has drawn millions around the world to it, should go out the way this show is going out. IMO it should have ended at the end of Season 6. That it even went to an 8th season just boggles my mind.

    I certainly can’t imagine a series conclusion without Cuddy being a part of it. I would have liked to see some positive closure for her and House before the series end but frankly I don’t trust TPTB to do this pair justice and get it right. Hey, whether people liked her or not, she was an important part of his life and the show and they deserved better. The chemistry was great on screen because those two endured a good friendship not to mention they worked so well together. They were awesome on screen together and had I known TPTB were going to blow the relationship up like they did, I never would have been for getting them together. I would have rather they kept the couple as friends/colleagues with the sexual tension and banter as it always was. I miss the old relationship between those two characters very much.

    I just want to mention a few additional things here. First, on the subject of Lisa Edelstein, the only thing I don’t think anyone will ever know is what the “specific” reasons were her departure, though, we can say in general terms “failed negotiations” is probably likely. Whatever those “failed negotiations” were really aren’t our business. It’s her life, her contract and I respect that. Enough of the speculation!

    One final thought. I’m really tired of people blaming Hugh Laurie for Lisa’s departure, and for the way the series has gone. He’s being blamed because he “allegedly” didn’t do more to keep Lisa Edelstein on the show. He’s being blamed because he “allegedly” didn’t do more to keep the show from sinking. Actually we do not know what he did or didn’t do. We’re not privy to that. So why all the assumptions and bashing? Hugh Laurie as an egomaniac? Self-serving? Selfish? Please! If anything, I find the man humble. He still can’t believe after all these years, that he’s a success, nor does he get why people like him. Just let the man be!

    Finally I’ll say this, House was great in its day. I just prefer to remember the good times.

    • I disagree, Cuddy was a irrilevan charachter in the golden years.

  19. Its odd that they had one whole year to decide and yet they havent made up their mind about a season 9. Whichever is the shows destiny, hopefully Cuddy will have something to do, she was a huge part of the show, regardless of what some may think.

  20. This used to be a great show but it isn’t any longer and has grown stale and it is time to call it quits.

    God Bless Hugh Laurie, the show lasted 7 seasons and 8 episodes longer than if he wasn’t the lead. I will definitely follow his path wherever he will lead me but would like him to hang it up with this show He can do much better.

    As far as Cuddy, I would like to see her in the final episode so House and Cuddy have proper closure. It is only right and fitting for a couple that had wonderful chemistry together.

    Interesting that you think Fox will non-renew but not revealing it to the public out of respect for David Shore.

  21. I really hope against hope that they will not cancel HOUSE till the end of S. 9 if then. I realize that this is unlikely, but it would be so much better for a “satisfying” conclusion to the series. I love this show. It’s smart, deep, clear, brilliant… HL is one of the great actors of his time. He really deserves the Emmy he has never received for this work.
    I would love to see Lisa E. come back for the conclusion, though not necessarily as a “Huddy” fan. Just think it should end with all the people it began with– Jennifer Morrison, too.
    And I hope that the end will be in some way transcendent of the things House believes– that no one changes, that life is terrible, etc. I think he should “heal himself” and become, not a different person, but the higher octave of himself as one can find him in the music he plays (thanks again to HL’s rather remarkable set of talents. I love the Blues album and I am not a big Blues fan).

    This is the only good show Fox has, IMHO. I really would avoid the network’s other offerings but, like many, am truly devoted to House. I’d watch it for 20 years, if it could go on that long.

    • Your comment is the best :)

  22. House is not the same without Cuddy… period. And even thought I could see the signs of an aging show (weaker storylines, the inability of the writers to properly write House&Cuddy as a couple and effectively killing the spark that fueled so many good scenes between them) I hung on b/c I simply adore the chemistry between House, Cuddy and Wilson. When Lisa E left the “holy trinity” was no more. Now, the show is just not the same for me. I’ve seen this happen time and time again in several series and most do not recover. The only decent ending for the show would be for Lisa E to return and for the writers to somehow fix the awful Season 7 ending. Maybe it could all be a dream…lord knows they’ve used ever other trick in the book on this show.

  23. I would very much like another season so that [H]OUSE can end in a satisfying way and not rushed. I don’t care to see Cuddy come back, in fact, I blame Huddy for the decline of the series. Notice I didn’t say Lisa, but her character, and I blame the writers for that.
    I have seen every episode of [H]OUSE and I adore Hugh Laurie. I hate the thought of not seeing him weekly anymore. However, if Hugh wants to leave, I will accept that. If he wouldn’t mind staying, I would love another season or two. The ratings are NOT bad, just not as high as they used to be. Isn’t that usual for every series?? God Bless Hugh Laurie and THANK YOU for your AMAZING work on [H]OUSE no matter what happens. I will miss you very much.
    Anthony, SHAME on you!

  24. I couldn’t care less if LE ever comes back or if Cuddy makes a final appearance. Huddy was awful enough as it was, this pairing doesn’t need a revival. I like the show as it is now. It’s not as amazing as it was in the first three seasons, but this season is 1000 times better than the Huddy crap that ruined season 6 and 7. I wonder where people see chemistry between HL and LE, but well… Hugh is amazing enough to have chemistry with a pile of crap, so maybe that’s it (and I don’t want to imply that LE actually is a pile of crap, I’m just using a metaphor)

  25. I totally agree with Anthony’s article.
    House was once a great series, but now IMO it’s definitely past its prime, and I think Hugh Laurie will make better use of his huge talents once the show is over.

  26. I don’t think the all House/Cuddy romance ruined the show, but I’m convinced the way it was handled (bad) made the difference.
    In my opinion it’s time for the show to go, and I really would like to see a dramatic finale, for the way House character was portrayed all this years, I can’t imagine an happy ending for him.

  27. I think there is still plenty of mileage for a Season 9, if Hugh wants to do it. I really hope that you are wrong and there is one!
    And I’m afraid I enjoy the show much more without Cuddy, it became too much like Huddy/Cuddy MD for me.
    But if she returned for a few episodes to conclude the story I could just about live with it.

  28. What seems to resonate among so many House fans is that it wasn’t the performance of Lisa Edelstein that ruined the Cuddy character, it was the way she was written. Lisa Edelstein was terrific in that role, she always put forth her best. She and her character deserved better in the end. I believe the way her character was portrayed could have ultimately contributed to the “failed negotiations” I mentioned in my earlier comment.

    Also, what ruined the House-Cuddy thing wasn’t the way the actors portrayed their roles in the romantic relationship but the way they were written. The thing about acting is that actors like to push boundaries and go over the limits, that’s what separates good actors from great actors. This is why even in Season 7, though I hated what TPTB did to the House-Cuddy friendship/relationship, I loved the acting (even in the finale, I hated the plot, loved how Hugh handled it!). The actors give us the “how” but the producers, directors, writers, give us the “what” and for me that was seriously lacking in Season 7 and worse into Season 8.

    The show seemed to sink after House and Cuddy got together and worse after they broke up. Why? Not the acting, but the plots. From the beginning we felt the tension between those two characters, we were led to believe they were moving towards something. In the end, it feels like we were all deceived, even the actors, because what we were given was essentially nothing. Somewhere along the line in S6 or S7, TPTB got the idea to change the relationship and turn it into a simple arc. A simple arc? After all those years? Are you kidding me? It’s like TPTB just threw consistency and continuity in character right out the window.

    We would have been better off if A) TPTB had left House and Cuddy as colleagues having sex for the hell of it with no romantic entanglement or B) TPTB just leaving the relationship as it was mid-series, with the banter, sexual tension and all that good stuff we enjoyed. I was severely disappointed we didn’t get more out of them being together and I’m not talking about sex either, rather there was so much more that could have been done. Instead it was almost as if at the last minute they were thrown together. It seemed every episode in S7 focused on House and Cuddy, like it was being forced on us. I hardly remember more than a few POTW cases from that season because all I can recall is the “trauma” of the House-Cuddy relationship. Instead the relationship should have been in the background, keeping the POTW and the usual stuff in the forefront. What happened to the balance?

    I ask myself where they went wrong in the series. At what point did TPTB just decide to screw things up completely? When did they get lazy and decide to take the easy way out? At what point did they decide that strong women were not an important element of the show? It sure as heck seemed like the easy way out to break House and Cuddy up, throw House back on hookers and vicodin, and have him go back to being his old nasty self. Come on! The House character deserved a more challenging storyline! We all deserved better!

    And speaking of deserving better…

    Recently a fan tweeted House Exec Producer Greg Yaitanes that “#House fans really deserve better than wishy-washy fence straddling” to which he replied “I disagree, No one ‘deserves’ anything”.

    That’s where he’s wrong. Yes, TPTB have absolute control over how and what they do, and they need to be creative and not try to cater the wants and needs of every fan but the reason any television show exists is because of the fans. If people love it, it stays around a long time, if people like it, it sticks around awhile, if people hate it, it goes by the wayside. It’s probably a great challenge to maintain a delicate balance of character consistency, strong plots, and challenging storylines but TPTB have done it in the past and because they have done it so well, we expected it to continue! That’s all we wanted!!!

    Yaitanes has consistently been rude and obnoxious to fans who are upset at not only how the House-Cuddy relationship was handled, but the direction the show has taken. Yes I know some people have tweeted him and been nasty about the way things went down but the majority of fans have not acted in such a manner that they deserved to be treated rudely by him. We are just perplexed as to how we got “from there to here.” How did such a great show fall apart in just one season?

    I know that advertising financially supports this show but the bottom line is that without fans, there IS no show. So yes, in my opinion, the fans deserved better.

  29. There won’t be a 9th season. When Hugh Laurie appeared on Conan last year he basically said that it was time to end the show.