‘House’ Season 8 Premiere Promo Reveals House’s Prison Life

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house season 8 premiere House Season 8 Premiere Promo Reveals Houses Prison Life

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With a little over a month before House season 8 is set to premiere, Fox released the first promo from the highly-anticipated upcoming season (well, not so highly anticipated to some) showing everyone’s favorite diagnostician dealing with his new-found life behind bars.

When we last left the famed physician in the House season 7 finale, his break up with Cuddy and a return to Vicodin elicited a malevolent side of House that had yet to appear in the many years the series has been on the air. With a full tank of gas and generous application of the gas pedal, House decided to drive his car through Cuddy’s living room.

As the final shot of the season finale revealed House relaxing on an unknown beach, it appeared that the cane wielding MD had skirted the authorities once again. Jumping ahead 12 months – which is what the season premiere is set to do – we find House serving out a prison sentence for his ill-attempt at expressing his feelings to Cuddy through the use of a vehicular crash.

From the quick glimpses of House’s prison life that’s revealed in the promo (see below), it appears that everyone’s favorite master manipulator may have met his match. Even though the promo is only 20 seconds long, two separate altercations are revealed – and House is at the receiving end of both (including a stint in solitary confinement).

You can view the promo below:

While it’s generally accepted that the House season 7 finale, like much of that season, wasn’t exactly up to par with what one expects from a series with such a wonderful track record, it’s hard to deny the fact that the House season 8 premiere looks good – really good.

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Even though House (as a series) typically doesn’t fare well outside of the familiar settings that commonly grace each episode, the inclusion of a prison environment – and all the altercations that can possibly occur – presents an interesting premise.

Since one can appropriately assume that the producers are attempting to lift themselves out of the proverbial hole that they dug themselves in with awkwardly executed episodes, ridiculous storylines, and the unfortunate loss of Lisa Edelstein as Cuddy, it’s going to take more than a patient of the week and an order of Interferon to turn things around. And, from the looks of it, this opening prison plotline just might do it.

house season 7 cuddy house House Season 8 Premiere Promo Reveals Houses Prison Life

Of course, even if the season premiere does look good (remember, the House season 7 premiere was also great), a flurry of questions still arise regarding House’s ability (and the logic behind it) to return to Princeton-Plainsboro after being released from prison, how the writers are going to explain the loss of Edelstein, and what direction the series is looking to take with this upcoming season.

Naturally, all of those questions will have to wait to be answered until the series premieres this October. For all the fans wondering whether or not they should give the series another chance, one can easily say that the promo is a sign of good things to come. Hopefully.


House season 8 premieres October 3 on Fox

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  1. Reminds me somewhat of the amazing season 6 premier. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though, I kind of hope they don’t do something similar.

  2. If Cuddy is gone, it would be easy to get House back to Princeton-Plainsboro in a # of interesting possible ways: Someone he knows takes over her position (likes or hates house? could be interesting — perhaps his Moriarty – someone who wants him to fail in a grand way); Someone even more logic prone is in charge and sees Houses good as outweighing his bad — but House must now deal with someone who is now logically more adept and cares even less for people than House that is calling the shots.

  3. Even at its worst, House is still better than other shows going at their best. I just hope the writers know when to call it quits.

    • I feel the same way!

    • Breaking Bad on its worst day is better than House on its best day. House is good, but definitely not the best.

  4. I don’t think they are going to hook House up with anyone. Technically because this could be kept as a class C misdemeanor and not a felony, “note”: they “could” make it a misdemeanor, he could be allowed to get his medical license restored.
    I also think they have an avenue to work with here that could allow Mr. Laurie to shine, but if they are not going to probe House a little deeper, and all we get is the sarcastic, pill-popping, misanthrope back with no soul-searching this will never make it.
    Mr. Laurie is amazing as Dr. House and all that makes him who he is, but even if they show his thought process in moments with House alone they have to go forward with this character. “You can’t go backward”, and they will not succeed if they move in that direction

  5. I wouldn’t call the loss of Cuddy unfortunate. I’m glad she’s gone, more than glad. And I really don’t care how they explain it, it’s time to move on. Can’t wait for season 8, the promo looks amazing!

  6. Spoilers for older seasons in the description….

    awesome. Thanks.

  7. I want House back saving patients, arguing with Wilson, mocking Foreman, playing his piano or guitar, and doing Clinic Duty.
    I DON’T want House involved with any other woman unless it’s Stacy, don’t want him overdosing on Vicodin or doing any more harm to himself.
    That would make me very, very happy! I love [H]OUSE and HUGH LAURIE.

    • Amen. Stacy would fit perfectly at this point of the show. Producers have to bring her back ! She is the only one who can get House out of that balck whole (and I don’t mean the prision. in a metaphorical way – you know, his dark life. but now that I think about it, she is a lawyer, she can handle his case. WOHOO ! ♥)

  8. Sometimes this show is hard to watch. It’s hard to care about a character as miserable as House. His self-destructive behavior seems to be driving away people around him, as well as viewers.

  9. I loved House for the intriguing medical dilemmas they brought forth every week.

    When they turned House into a soap opera, they lost me as a viewer.

  10. Dr. Crankypants finally meets his match. Bring it on!

  11. I haven’t had the time to watch the most recent two seasons. What the hell happened? :S

  12. Please, plase, get rid of that “prison” spoiler in the topic!

  13. I get aggravated when I read crap like that. The author of this article assumes everyone thinks of Season 7 as a bad season. I for one thought it better than 5 or 6. So, for the record, we don’t all look down on #7.

    On a related note, I love me some Martha Masters.

  14. yeah…I just don’t know. I’ve been watching this series faithfully for the past seven season’s and I just don’t know, what more the writers could do to breath life back into this show. Hugh Laurie is a wonderful actor as are his co-workers and the writers, but it’s hard maintaining a fan base for this long while coming up with interesting story lines. Maintaining a hit show is a ton of hard work so, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray for a miracle to appear.

  15. I’m so in love with this show, I always wait for the season to come out on dvd and then buy, watch it all in one week, I’m dying to know what the new season is going to bring! I feel that the show is losing viewers and it bothers me be because I don’t want it to get cancel or something, this show has EVERYTHING, makes you laugh, cry, think, etc. I don’t feel any other show has the spunk and creativity House does, even though it is a “medical” show no other compares to it at all…

  16. If Thirteen won’t be in every episode or at least all 21 then I am not going to watch House any more. Im sorry but it is not my fault that Cuddy had to quit and make everything difficult for everybody else on House and the producers and directors and etc. This wouldnt happen if she quit. Then my favorite character Thirteen might not even be in 2 of the episodes which I hope that is not true. I won’t everything to be normal and the same. Thirteen be in all and Cuddy its your fault!!!! X(

  17. hopefully house will be working for princeton, perhaps under the management of his former psychiatrist. Should make this season much more interesting. Lets just hope he doesn’t get out of prison and end up in charge of his old team, popping pills and belittling his best friend.

  18. I think they need a super-duper plotline, not just the disease of the week scenario–hey how about someone turns up from House’s past and he finds out he is a Dad–that is an idea I like, that would give him something to think about.

  19. I love house and would hate to see it go down the drain. But this season being about his life in prison, i think it will do exactaly that. It will become repetitive and boring unless they find something interesting other then him secretly helping the medic this is not gonna end well.

  20. Lots of needed avenues unexplored here: Houses’s family of origin issues should have been tackled much earlier using his shrink from the rehab clinic. Everybody hounded him to “grow up” but nobody directed him to the obvious assistance he required to visualize how to unlearn what he knew and replace with constructive interpersonal habits.

    Cuddy simply wasn’t smart enough or creative enough for either managing the hospital or being House’s mate. She was a negative, critical person who expected HIM to make all the changes and accommodations, when in fact she was a poor manager of her own life and career. She should have had support staff at the hospital instead of running around over-stressed, convinced she was irresplaceable. Then she would have been relaxed enough to have emotional space for a relationship, and maybe able to appreciate his ability to be childlike and have fun.

    She expected House to babysit as though he was a stay-at-home spouse, which he did to win her favor. She was playing power games in their personal relationship. Where was the love? She was toxic for him, even though he did major things for her and her daughter. Good riddance.